tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTracy Goes to the Principal's

Tracy Goes to the Principal's


"Hello, Mrs. Willows." I say smiling at you as you enter my office, your purse held in your hands as you glance around, seeing the different awards and citations hanging on my wall. A large gold one proclaiming, Principal of the Year 2002, is hung directly behind my desk, the gold letters seeming to form a halo behind my head as I sit down. "I'm glad you could make it today, I know it was hard for you to get away from work but I think it was necessary." I say with a smile as I motion towards the chair in front of my desk. "Please have a seat."

"What did you want to see me about, Mr. Cash?" You ask as you sit in the hard wooden chair, crossing your legs demurely as you set your purse on the edge of my desk. "Your secretary said it was urgent. My kids aren't... they aren't in any trouble, are they?"

"No, at least not yet, Mrs. Willows." I tell you reassuringly, leaning forward to rest my hands on my desk, my eyes running quickly over your bare legs below your dark skirt. "Your son however has been running with a rough crowd," I tell you, "and we had a bit of an incident yesterday."

"What did he do?" You ask worriedly. "Was it serious?"

"Well, we have no proof your son committed the act but we have suspicion to believe he was involved. And it's very serious, Mrs. Willows, if we had proof we'd be calling the police."

"What... what do you want from me?" you ask as you reach for your purse. Not paying attention to where your hand is you knock your purse over, spilling the contents all over my floor. Swearing softly to yourself you slide out of your chair, squatting down on the floor as you try to gather up your scattered belongings.

"Well, Mrs. Willows," I start to say as I stand up and move around to lean against the front of my desk, looking down at you as you squat in front of me. "I'm going to ask a favor of you in exchange for my silence to the police." I tell you as my eyes admire the smooth skin of your thighs, your dark skirt hiked up on your legs as you begin to pick up your belongings and push them into your purse.

"What sort of favor?" You ask as you reach behind you slightly to pick up your lipstick that has rolled across the floor, the motion causing your thighs to spread slightly wider forcing your skirt higher on your legs. I can now see the white cotton crotch of your panties as you continue to focus on cleaning up your purse, unaware that you are inadvertently exposing yourself to me. "Mr. Cash? What sort of a favor?" You ask again, curious as to why I haven't answered you glance up at me, your eyes following my gaze to your exposed panties. "Mr. Cash?" You ask again, your face flushing in embarrassment as you look away, avoiding my gaze.

"You are a very attractive woman, Tracy." I tell you softly, smiling as you make no motion to close your legs. "I noticed you first at the PTA meeting last month and I've been waiting to get to know you more ever since." I tell you; stepping closer to you I kneel down so that our knees are almost touching. "I've been waiting for an opportunity just like this." I almost whisper to you as my hands rest lightly on your knees, pushing them outwards spreading your legs wider, forcing your skirt up until it is bunched around your waist exposing all of your white French cut panties.

"Please..." You say in a small voice as you turn your head farther from me, your hair falling down to cover your face as you feel my gaze on your conservative underwear.

"You don't want your son arrested do you, Mrs. Willows?" I ask as my eyes trace the contour of your pussy through your panties. "It would ruin his future," I tell you as my hand moves up to cup your chin, turning your face so that you are looking at me. "We wouldn't want that would we, Tracy?" I ask smiling at you as my other hand glides up your leg, my fingers running along the lace at the leg of your panties.

"Please, Mr. Cash..." You start to plead with me, your eyes large and filled with shame as my fingers slide along the soft cotton fabric, running gently over the mound of your pussy as you tremble under my touch.

"Shhh, Mrs. Willows." I hush you as my hand moves down, cupping your sex in the palm of my hand, gently squeezing your pussy through your panties. My forefinger and ring finger move to outer edges of your pussy, my middle finger curving slightly as I run my fingertip along the cleft of your pussy, pushing the soft cotton between the tight lips of your cunt. "You don't want to endanger your son's future do you?"

You bite your lip, trying to turn your head away from my penetrating gaze as I continue to stroke you through your underwear. My hand falls from holding your chin to rest on your shoulder, massaging you through the dark blazer you are wearing.

"Stand up, Mrs. Willows." I instruct you, standing up, my hand in your crotch almost lifting you to your feet. "Turn around, Tracy," I tell you softly pointing behind you with one hand. You glance in the indicated direction, your cheeks flushing a bright crimson as your eyes fall on the full length mirror hanging on the back of the door. Your eyes run over your reflection, your dark skirt still hiked up over your hips exposing your light blue panties.

"Please, Mr. Cash..." You plead softly, turning your head from the embarrassing image of yourself in the mirror.

"Look at yourself, Mrs. Willows." I command you gently as I step up behind you, my hand cupping your chin and turning your head back towards the mirror. "I want you to watch this," I tell you, my voice a soft whisper in your ear as I press my body tight against yours. You tremble in shame as you see the two of us together in the mirror, my hand dropping from your face to slide down the lapel of your blazer. You inhale sharply as my hand slides lightly over the mound of your breast, your back arching slightly.

"You enjoy this, don't you, Tracy?" I ask, my fingers slowly unbuttoning your blazer one button at a time, your eyes focusing on my fingers in the mirror. "You like having a man take control of you, of your body and using it for his pleasure. Isn't that right, Mrs. Willows?"

"No... I'm married... please..." You gasp, your body trembling as my fingers push your blazer open, my hand sliding across the soft silk of your blouse. You gasp, your stomach seeming to convulse as my fingers move to the bottom button of your blouse, undoing it quickly. "Please, Mr. Cash..." You almost sob as my fingers spread your blouse open, exposing a small portion of your soft stomach, my fingertips just grazing your skin as my hand moves up to the next button. You can't take your eyes from my hand as I slowly undo each button of your blouse, my fingers sliding up until just the top button remains, your blouse gaping open to reveal brief glimpses of your stomach and bra. "Please, I'm married..." You protest weakly as my fingers undo the last button of your blouse, trying to turn your head away despite my hand on your chin holding it in place.

"I know you're married, Mrs. Willows." I breathe in your ear as my fingers spread your blouse open to reveal your breasts encased in the light blue bra. "That's what makes you so desirable; you are someone's wife and mother." My hand trails lightly over your bare stomach, tracing small designs on your soft skin. "You are a respected business woman with a good family, Tracy," I whisper in your ear as my hand slides up to cover one of your breasts, "and that's why I'm going to make you my personal fuck toy." I chuckle as you gasp at my words, your face flushing in renewed embarrassment as my fingers rub against the hard nugget of your nipple.

"Please don't, Mr. Cash..." You beg as my hand roughly fondles your heaving breast, your eyes never leaving the mirror, watching the reflection of my hand as my finger pulls the cup of your bra aside exposing your nipple to the chill air in my office. "Oh.... Don't..."

"You look like a slut, Mrs. Willows." I say with a nasty laugh as I look at your reflection in the mirror, your blouse and blazer open to expose your bra while your skirt is hiked up over your hips. Your light blue panties are pressed deep into your pussy, displaying the cleft of your sex as my hand toys with your hard nipple. "You look like you are begging to be fucked, Tracy, dressed like this. You're a slut aren't you?"

"No..." You shake your head slightly, ashamed of the way your body is displayed as my words echo hotly in your mind. "I'm a good wife and mother," You say, "not a... not a slut." You almost whisper the last word, embarrassed to even say it.

"I don't believe you, Mrs. Willows." I tell you, my hand leaving your breast to slide down your stomach to rest on your skirt, my fingers just brushing against the soft mound of your pussy. "I think you're a slut, and I'm going to prove it." My hand slides across the front of your panties, feeling the heat radiating out from between your legs. "Squat down and spread your legs, Tracy." I instruct you, smiling as you wordlessly obey me. Your position causes your panties to stretch tight across your crotch, the thin cotton displaying almost every detail of your pussy as you look at yourself in the mirror.

"This is so humiliating," you say almost to yourself as I kneel behind you, my body pressed tight against yours, my chin resting on your shoulder. "Please stop, Mr. Cash."

"I don't think so, Mrs. Willows." I tell you, smiling at the image of the two of us reflected in the mirror. "I want to see something first," I say as my hand sliding along one of your bare thighs, caressing the soft flesh. As my hand nears your crotch I release your chin from my other hand, dropping it to your knee as I slowly spread your legs wider.

You inhale sharply, feeling the muscles in your legs stretch as your legs are spread as wide as possible, as your eyes fall on the sight of your panties stretched taut over your pussy. My fingers slide down your leg, running over the lace edge of your panties as you watch my hands intently, seeing them slowly nearing your pussy. "Oh." You gasp softly in embarrassment as my fingers curve, gripping the crotch of your panties and pull them aside to expose your puffy nether lips. You bite your lip as you start to turn your head away, embarrassed at the open display of your most intimate area.

"Don't look away, Mrs. Willows." I instruct you softly, shifting my weight slightly so that you can feel the hardness of my erection pressing against your ass through my pants. "I want you to see your pussy. I want you to inspect your slutty little cunt as it betrays you, Tracy."

"What do you mean... betray?" You ask looking back at the mirror almost against your will, seeing my hand slide over the bare lips of your sex, my light touch sending shivers through your body.

"You deny being a slut, Mrs. Willows, but your body betrays you. It makes a lie of your words," I tell you, my fingers running over the smooth skin, tracing the contours of your pussy. "Your pussy knows you're a slut," I chuckle as my fingers spread your labia to expose the bright pink inner flesh glistening with your juices. "You see, Tracy, your slutty pussy knows it's about to be fucked. You are flooded down here," I tell you as my hand caresses your spread pussy. "Only a true slut would be this wet," I tell you as I hold my hand up in front of your face, my fingers glistening with moisture.

"I'm... I'm not a slut." You deny, almost sobbing in shame as you see your pussy juice shining on my hands. "I'm a respected woman. I'm a good mother." You say, although you're not sure who you're trying to convince more, me or yourself.

"Of course you are, Mrs. Willows." I say with a smile as I stand up, my hand sliding out of your crotch as your panties fall back to cover your flooded pussy. "I want you to go around my desk and lean over it." I instruct you, my hand caressing your leg as you stand and silently follow my directions. Standing in front of my chair you bend from the waist, your hands flat against the dark wood as your hips rest against the edge of the desk. "Hmm, very good, Tracy." I tell you as I move behind you, sitting down in my large leather chair and pulling it up close behind you. My hands rest lightly on your thighs, caressing your toned flesh for a few seconds before I start to lift your skirt, hiking it up over your hips to expose your ass to my hungry gaze. "Very good," I murmur in approval as I admire your rounded ass in your panties as you bend over my desk, your face red in shame. My hands slide over your ass, roughly caressing and squeezing the soft flesh before my hand slides down between your spread legs. My fingers find and trace along your pussy lips, my thumb brushing against the hard little nugget of your clit as I lean down, my face close to your panty covered crotch. My nose is pressed against the cotton as I inhale your most personal scent. "Mmm, your pussy even smells good, Tracy." I compliment, knowing that my words only serve to embarrass you further. "I can't wait to taste it," I chuckle as my tongue stretches out to lick the length of your cunt, pushing the fabric of your panties between your pussy lips with the tip of my tongue. I continue to lick you, my thumb still circling around your hard clit as my other hand gently slaps your soft ass, not hard enough to hurt but the sound of flesh hitting flesh fills my quiet office.

"You are a good mother, aren't you Tracy?" I ask as my fingers grip the saliva wet crotch of your panties, pulling it aside to expose the bare lips of your pussy to my lecherous gaze. "Sacrificing your body for your son's future," I tell you as my tongue licks lightly along your pussy, teasing you with the tip of my tongue for a few seconds before spreading your pussy open with two fingers and licking the soft pink inner flesh. My tongue licks the length of your pussy, circling the tight opening of your vagina for a few seconds as my fingers continue to stroke your erect clit.

"God, you taste good, Mrs. Willows." I announce as I lift my lips from your pussy, your juices coating my mouth as I stand up. "Turn over, Tracy, and sit up."

You slowly roll over, your face red as you try to avoid my gaze. You move around until you are sitting on the edge of my desk, your legs spread wide as I sit between your knees. Your head is bowed slightly, your long blonde hair falling down around your face as my hands reach up and gently push your blouse and blazer down off your shoulders, leaving you sitting there in only your light blue bra, skirt and panties. "You're a good little fuck toy, aren't you, Mrs. Willows?" I ask as my hands slide down off your shoulders, tracing the straps of your bra down to the rounded globes of your breasts.

"I'm... I'm not a..." You start to refuse only to be silenced as I press my mouth hard against yours, kissing your forcefully, my tongue forcing it's way between your lips as you try to push me away. Your hands press against my chest as you suddenly realize that you can taste yourself on my lips, your own pussy juice coating your mouth as I kiss you.

"Yes, you are." I say with a smile when I finally release you again. You look at me in astonishment as I sit back down, pulling my chair closer to the desk so that my face is close to your panty covered pussy. You don't want to look but you can't turn your head away as I lean forward, my tongue reaching out to lick along the mound of your pussy. I feel you tremble at the contact, my saliva darkening the light blue cotton as I lick you again and again, a soft moan escaping you as my hands fall to your thighs. My hand falls to the back of your right knee, lifting you leg as you lean back to keep your balance, your arms stretched out behind you on the desk as I raise your leg higher. My tongue licks along the backside of your thigh, up to your knee and back down before resuming my lapping at your pussy.

"Oh, god..." You whimper softly as I hold one leg high over your head, my mouth busy in your crotch, my other hand moving up to pull the wet panties aside as my tongue lavishes attention on your bare pussy lips. My nose is pressed firmly against your neatly trimmed bush as my mouth sucks, nibbles, and licks at your married cunt filling the office with embarrassingly loud wet slurping sounds. "Please..." You pant as your body betrays you, lifting your other leg up and wrapping it around my shoulders, pulling me closer, holding my mouth to your hot sex. "Oh, Mr. Cash!!" You scream as the building lust overwhelms you, pushing you over the edge into a crashing climax.

Your body goes stiff for a few seconds; your eyes squeezed shut as your breath comes in hot little gasps. You slump to the desk, your leg releasing its hold on my shoulders as you lay back completely spent. Raising my head from your crotch I smile at the sight of you laying across my desk, your hair plastered to your forehead by a faint sheen of sweat as you slowly open your eyes and look down at me.

"Did you enjoy that Mrs. Willows, did you enjoy being used like the slut you are?" I ask as I stand up, my hand moving to the fly of my pants. You watch me silently as I unhook my pants, reaching in to pull out my painfully erect cock. "Are you my fuck toy, Tracy?" I ask as I rest one hand on your spread thigh.

"Ye...Yes," you answer hesitantly, your gaze fixed on the swollen head of my cock, your tongue licking your lips as you trace the thick veins of my hard manhood. "I'm your slut, Mr. Cash. I'm your personal fuck toy."

"Good, Mrs. Willows. I'm glad to hear that." I say as I position myself between your legs, the underside of my cock resting lightly on your moist slit, the large head resting on your pubic hair. "Whose pussy is this?" I ask, my fingers rubbing against the swollen lips of your cunt. "Who does this pussy belong to, Mrs. Willows?"

"That pussy, like the rest of your fuck toy, belongs only to you," You answer, thrusting your hips up towards my hard cock. "Please use it as you wish," You say, your eyes fixed on mine, "Please, Master."

"Only because my slut asked so nicely," I say as I move my hips, my cock sliding between the lips of your pussy, the head resting against the tight opening of your vagina. "Does anyone else get to use my fuck toy's pussy?" I ask as I slowly thrust my hips forward, sliding my cock into you an inch at a time until I'm completely buried in the warm wet flesh of your pussy.

"Only you..." You pant, your hips gyrating against mine as I fill you completely, "No one else."

"Does your husband? Does John get to enjoy my fuck toy's pussy?" I ask as I start to fuck you slowly with long strokes.

"No. My pussy is only for you," You gasp, your hands coming up to pull my face down to yours, kissing me passionately, your tongue darting into my mouth as I continue to fuck your hot married cunt.

"That's right, my little slut." I moan when the kiss finally ends. "Turn over on your stomach, Tracy." I tell you as I pull my cock out of your tight pussy.

"Yes, master." You respond with a slight pout as your pussy suddenly feels empty without my cock buried in it. You roll over, your breasts pressed against the cold hard surface of my desk as you feel my hands sliding over the soft globes of your ass.

"Look in the mirror, Tracy." I whisper to you as I lean over you, the head of my cock poised at the entrance to your pussy. "Watch as I fuck my slut's pussy."

"Oh, god, fuck me. Fuck your nasty little slut's cunt." You breathe watching in the mirror as I thrust forward, my cock sliding deep into you again. All other words are lost in a symphony of grunts and groans as we fuck, the only other sound being the slapping of flesh hitting together as I pound into you. It doesn't take long for us both to reach orgasm, my cock bucking deep in your pussy as I shoot ribbon after ribbon of sticky cum, painting your womb with my seed.

"That was good, Mrs. Willows." I tell you after we have both had a chance to recover. I'm sitting in my chair while you are lying across my desk, your legs splayed wide as I watch a thin rivulet of semen leaking out of your well fucked pussy. "I'll expect you tomorrow at the same time." I tell you with a laugh as I get up and walk out my office.

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