tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Prize Ch. 01

The Prize Ch. 01


Teel struggled against her bonds, trying to think of a way to set herself free, to set her people free. It had happened unexpectedly in the middle of the night. An attack from the Black Rogue. Their coast had been plagued with pillaging and raids for over three years, but never had her village been attacked. Gradually they had relaxed their guard, apparently too soon.

Teel had been out having her nightly nude swim. Engaging in the luxurious coolness of the water in light of the previous hot day. She had just exited the water and put on her white cover up when she was grabbed from behind. She was dragged onto the awaiting ship without even having a chance to warn anyone or fight for her life. In the ensuing hours her village had been destroyed. Each building burned to the ground and all their precious possessions taken. Luckily only a few had died; the rest had been taken as slaves and captives to be sold or kept. The future seemed uncertain. All the survivors were bound in some manner or another and awaiting the Black Rogue on the deck. The pirates surrounding Teel were loud and vulgar placing bets as to who would get which slave. Teel continued to fiddle with the ropes binding her when suddenly a hush fell over the deck.

Teel's eyes traced their way up a pair of thick muscular calves and thighs to a flat hard stomach. Her roving gaze continued north to find a long corded neck connecting the beautiful face of Satan to the coldest pair of gray eyes she had ever seen. Teel gave an involuntary shudder at the look of cruelty and hardness she saw in those eyes. The Black Rogue stepped forward and began to tell them of their fate. The men would be sold into slavery, unless one of the crew members wanted them for physical labor. Some of the women would be given to chosen men for their hard work, while others would work as servants. Those too young or too old to be put to work would be sold into slavery. Teel listened in growing rage as he outlined the horrible fate that awaited her people. She glared hatred into his back as the Black Rogue addressed his first in command, telling him that he would receive any two slaves to pleasure him for his hard labor.

The pirates began speaking again loudly looking over the women and leering at their flesh. The Black Rogue demanded silence again, pulling up one of the captives and asking him who their leader was. Faithful Aki refused to answer him, earning a hard slap across the face as his reward. The Black Rogue asked him again. Again Aki refused to answered and was punched in the stomach for this slight. The Black Rogue released Aki and let him slide to the ground. He instead grabbed Lanië, my mother. Addressing Aki again, the Black Rogue asked who our leader was while pressing his knife harshly against Lanië's neck. Aki sought Teel's eyes, silently asking if he should say that she was their leader or not.

Enough was enough. Teel stepped forward and defiantly answered, "I am." The Black Rogue released her mother and turned to stare at Teel, taking into account that she was a woman, well endowed, with slanted green eyes and a mane of black curly hair.

"Well, well, well," the Black Rogue commented as he continued to take stock of her assets and moved increasingly closer. He reached out to stroke a strand of Teel's hair, causing her to jerk violently away in fear. As Teel looked into his cold eyes her anger surged again. Pulling in shaky breaths to try and calm herself, Teel unwittingly invited the Black Rogue's gaze to fall on her breasts, easily visible through the sheerness of her cover up.

"Don't you dare touch me, you filthy beast," Teel lamented. "You're disgusting. You come here and destroy our village for no other reason than that you can, then you think you can use my people and sell us as if we had no value. You're a despicable coward!" Teel spit out the last word as everyone began to look decidedly uncomfortable and made it a point to avoid eye contact with her certain she had signed her own death warrant.

The silence stretched on causing Teel to again consider her vulnerable position. Eventually the Black Rogue was suitably moved to look up from her breasts and into her eyes. If possible, his eyes had gotten colder, Teel thought, but refusing to back down she matched him stare for stare. "Be glad you are not a man," the Black Rogue warned, "Or I would have killed you for the foolish statement you just made."

Again his hand reached out, but this time despite her protests and struggles he forced her back until she could go no further and began squeezing her breasts and rubbing his thumbs back and forth across Teel's increasingly hardening nipples. Teel flushed at the thought that this barbarian could arouse her so. One tear cascaded down her face in light of the futility of the situation.

"You can force yourself on me if you want to," she cried, "But I will kill you the first chance I get." The Black Rogue released Teel and slapped her hard across her right cheek.

Slowly Teel raised her face and looked at the Black Rogue. With all the venom and anger she could muster, Teel whispered, "You see? Only a coward would hit a restrained woman."

The Black Rogue swiftly withdrew his knife from his belt. Fear widened Teel's eyes as she felt the icy fingers of death creeping over her spine. She had pushed him too far.

The Black Rogue grabbed her by the arm and cut the bonds from around her wrists and then slapped her again, this time across her left cheek. Teel flew at him in a rage and raised her arm to slap him back, which he quickly caught in mid air and twisted cruelly behind her back. "Why do you persist in this futile fight against me," he questioned. "I am stronger and smarter than you will ever be. You cannot hope to achieve anything but further pain and suffering for yourself and for your people."

"I will fight you for my honor and the freedom of my people," Teel offered while struggling to break free from his hold. Unexpectedly she found herself free as the Black Rogue laughed in her face at her ludicrous suggestion.

Motioning for one of his men to give her a sword, the Black Rogue withdrew his own preparing to engage in battle. "Let me make this clear," he informed Teel, "I will fight you in a combat of swords. If I win, then you come to my bed willingly and submit to me whenever I want you. And if I lose . . . " the Black Rogue stopped to laugh again, clearly amused at the prospect, "Then I'll set you and your people free, restore unto you 4 x that which was lost, and my men will rebuild your village and never bother you again."

Complete silence and stillness swept both pirates and captives alike. The terms the Black Rogue set went far beyond generosity, they were downright crazy causing all those listening to feel as though his victory was imminent.

Teel dipped her head in agreement and began to circle the Black Rogue. She knew he was stronger, but she doubted if he was quicker. Plus she had the advantage in that the Black Rogue had no way of knowing that she had been trained since the age of five to ride, fight, and engage swords. She was the best in her village; not even her father could beat her in the prime of his life before he died.

Teel made the first lunge expecting his quick side step. She quickly twirled and aimed a slash at his abdomen. She succeeded in catching him in his side as he moved away. The cut was deep enough to draw a stream of blood. The onlooker's eyes widened in surprise. The pirates, having never seen anyone give the Black Rogue even so much as a token scratch, were amazed at this mere slip of a woman being able to catch him on her first attack. The captives had renewed hope in Teel's ability to come out of the battle triumphant.

Teel circled again, only this time as she came in the Black Rogue was prepared for her agility and skill, catching her legs from up under her with his sword; not to hurt her, but to bring her to the ground. Teel temporarily lost her firm grip on the sword as the air left her body upon impact. Teel found the Black Rogue's sword at her throat before she could get her hands back on her sword.

Realizing her only chance would be to play on the desire he felt for her, Teel tipped the sharp point of his blade up further until it was close enough for her to lick her way up the side of it. She deliberately let the blade slide low enough to cut a slit in the front of her gown, allowing a generous view of her breast.

Teel placed one hand on his pant leg and she continued to lick his sword in a suggestive manner. Her hand traveled up his leg until it reached his swollen cock. She began to massage it with slow gentle strokes. She felt the moment his hand loosened on his sword and she pushed his sword away in the pretense of getting both hands closer to his hard flesh. As her wondering hand grew increasingly closer to his waist, Teel pulled his hunting knife out of its scabbard and leaped to her feet slashing his arm as she twirled away.

Hard and horny, the Black Rogue's anger could be felt like a fierce storm. He walked up to her slowly with no surprise moves and as she made another lunge at him aiming for his heart, he grabbed her wrist at the last moment turning her arm so that the knife was pointing at her own throat. He squeezed her wrist until she dropped the blade.

The Black Rogue ripped the cover up from her body and forced her on the floor holding both of her wrists in one hand that rested on her stomach. He forcibly spread her legs and kneeled between them licking at the slight moisture already there. He knew she desired him and he vowed to make her burn out of control and beg him so that his ownership and mastery over her would be proven in front of her people.

His licking increased in speed and he worked one finger into her tight grasping body. He began to flick her clit with his tongue, all the while working that one finger in and out of her hot body. Teel could feel the flush spreading over her, the uncontrollable pulsing between her legs, and the fire that was roaring through her blood. She tried to break away but he tightened his hold on her wrist, adding an additional two fingers to punish her for her resistance.

Teel moaned as he filled her dripping cunt with three fingers, working them in and out again and again. He abruptly stopped sucking on her clit and Teel immediately let out a moan accompanied by a "Please."

The Black Rogue smiled into her cunt as he began to lick again. "Please what?" he asked. She continued thrashing and moaning but her lips remained locked. Again he stopped licking her and removed his fingers from her body, enjoying the slight sucking sound her cunt made as he withdrew.

"No. Please don't make me," she begged.

Frustration darkened his brow at her continued resistance of what she obviously wanted. The Black Rogue released her wrists and began to French kiss and finger fuck her pussy in earnest. His lips delving again and again licking the lips, inserting and withdrawing his tongue as he caught the delicious taste of her pre-cum and sucking and licking and flicking her clit. His nimble fingers were thrusting swiftly in and out of her causing her to pant. As her breath caught in her throat he increased his efforts and sucked her clit completely in his mouth. Sucking hard and thrusting furiously, the Black Rogue forced Teel to cum hard and fast. Teel lay beneath him screaming her pleasure for all the world to hear.

The Black Rogue withdrew his fingers from Teel and began lapping up her cum. Some of it he rubbed into his penis and some into her mouth so that she could taste her own desire. The pirates watched in fascination, some of them picking their own pleasure slave at that moment to take back to their quarters, some fondled themselves as they watched. The villagers were a mixed lot, some staring at the floor, unable to watch this surrender, and others watching the techniques the Black Rogue employed with mute fascination.

While Teel was coming down from her high, the Black Rogue thrust into her causing her to scream out in pain as she finally lost her virginity. Spurred by the thought that no one had ever or would ever have her delectable body but him, the Black Rogue began to thrust furiously, not even allowing time for Teel's body to accommodate his tremendous size. Teel squirmed in pain and discomfort, but it only caused the Black Rogue to become further inflamed as her struggles pushed him deeper inside her dripping cunt.

He kissed her mouth to taste more of her sweet cum from within. His lusty hands grabbed her breasts and fondled them, causing her pussy to twitch. He could sense when her pain turned into pleasure, when her moans became of pleasure instead of pain, when she began to move with him and not against.

The onlookers knew too. They watched as Teel clawed at his back to get more of him and screamed his name and begged him to fuck her harder. They stared at his hard flesh as it disappeared into her and reappeared and disappeared again. They watched for almost 30 minutes listening to Teel scream again and again as orgasm after orgasm rocked her slim body. Never having time to come down completely from one before another began, scalloping from one orgasm to the next until Teel was an incoherent bundle of nerves.

The Black Rogue could hardly hold back his own climax as he thought of how she must look. Cum oozing down her leg, her small tight hole gaping open for the world to see that he had used her, and her neck and breast covered in bite marks. The Black Rogue came quickly, dumping load after load of cum into her hot dripping channel. Satiated, he rolled off of her. Teel lay there gasping until her heart rate returned to normal thinking of what she had just done . . .

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