tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Prize Ch. 05

The Prize Ch. 05


Teel lay beside the Black Rogue thinking of ways to free her people. If she did free them where would they go? So far the Black Rogue had not sold any of them into slavery and as far as she was aware her mother would be given space to meet with her people. There would be no problem communicating the plan, she just needed to come up with one. She tried to inch away from the Black Rogue, but his hand tightened on her hip in his sleep. Teel subsided with great displeasure. Even in his sleep he wanted to control her.

How to escape? They didn't have any means of traversing the ocean unless they stole a ship. That could be arranged if they found a way to distract the men on the pier, but then again these men were highly sexed so it wouldn't take too much effort to distract them.

Teel smiled to herself as a plan began to form. She would inform her mother on the morrow.

* * * * *

Teel awoke to the Black Rogue stroking her clit. It was pointless to try and deny the raging fire that he had stoked to life in her sleep. Besides, it would probably be best not to refuse him anything so long as she was in the process of carrying out her plan. The last thing she needed was to be locked away from her people. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs for him. He immediately stopped.

"Why did you spread your legs," he questioned warily.

"Didn't you want me to," she answered obtusely.

"Of course I wanted you to, but you never do what I want without me using force. Why did you spread your legs," he asked again.

"I just wanted to," she prevaricated. "I want the pleasure. Is that so hard to believe," she fronted, not understanding why he was questioning her, but not wanting him to get suspicious. If he wanted her to fight him then she would.

"Yes, it is," he answered and began stroking her clit again.

Teel closed her legs around his hand, preventing any movement on his part. He raised an eyebrow questioning this latest move, which was in direct contrast with her claim of a minute ago that she wanted the pleasure.

"You apparently prefer it when you have to take things from me, so I am giving you the opportunity to do so," she explained.

"Actually, I prefer it when you act naturally. This is not a play that you need to contrive your actions to," he rebuked.

Teel opened her legs, pushed his hand from between them and rolled away from him. "Is that natural enough for you? I was sleeping until you woke me up, so I'd be willing to bet I could get back to sleep if you left me alone."

The Black Rogue pulled her back over towards him, kissing her lips and chuckling.

"Get up. I have a surprise for you," he promised before rolling out of bed. "We will wash together and afterwards we will go see your surprise."

"Will you have sex with me while we're washing," she asked impudently.

"Do you want me to," he asked with mild interest.

"No. I don't," she lied.

"Then I will have to convince you otherwise," he parried. "Lets go."

Teel followed mutinously after him, defiance shining from every line of her body. She hadn't forgiven or forgotten what he had done to her mother. It took him only minutes to melt through her resistance and in less than an hour he had possessed and redressed her. Teel was led through several winding corridors and out one of the side entrances. They headed in the direction of a gleaming white building shaded by acres of forest.

"Your mother's new home," he informed her, waving her through the entrance. She was pleasantly surprised to see all the elderly and children assembled before her mother. He had honored his word. Teel felt a twinge of regret that she would have to betray his trust, but the needs of her people must always come first. Her chin tilted up a notch as she mentally reaffirmed her dedication.

"There are separate rooms for all the inhabitants and they will live here indefinitely as you requested. Except your mother."

Teel turned questioning eyes up to him. She knew before he spoke that his father had something to do with the arrangement

"My father wishes her presence in his bed at night."

Teel couldn't smother the scoff that escaped her or the murmured, "Why am I not surprised?"

He didn't bother to respond to her provocation and instead kissed her cheek as he left her to convene with her people. "I will expect you back before dark."

"As you wish," she demurred, tongue in cheek with a tiny bow. The Black Rogue wandered off smiling.

Teel cornered her mother as soon as she had the opportunity. She wasted no time in releasing the details of her plan to Lanie.

"You are as bright as your father could have wished," Lanie complimented. Teel lowered her head in humility, showing herself worthy of leadership and accepting the compliment at the same time. "But you cannot possibly leave," her mother continued. "He would come for you, and in so doing find us all. If we are to have any chance at all, you must stay behind."

A single tear rolled down Teel's cheek, but she accepted her mother's wisdom without question. "Then I will do as you say and stay behind."

Lanie pulled her daughter close in a comforting embrace knowing the sorrow and pain Teel must be feeling. It was never easy to make sacrifices for one's people, but if it was necessary a true leader would do so.

Teel withdrew from her mother's embrace after a time, gathering herself together to do what must be done. "I must return to him now mother, but pass on these plans to those who need to know. Tell no one the final coordinates except the captains. And any who wishes to stay behind may do so, but at risk to himself."

"All will be well daughter." Lanie offered her daughter's hand a reassuring squeeze before releasing her out to the night.

Teel did not immediately go in search of the Black Rogue. Instead she returned to her room trying to calm her chaotic thoughts. She sat there for an endless time trying to come to grips with her destiny, but finally losing the battle and falling in a heap of tears on the bed. Her misery was so great she didn't notice the Black Rogue standing by the door watching her, wondering at what had caused her unhappiness, but he knew it would hurt her further for him to catch her crying so he quietly retreated, leaving her in peace.

When she had no more tears to cry, Teel rose from the bed tired, drained, and full of cold purpose. She repaired the damage to her face before calling one of the servants to assist her with reassembling her hair. She dressed carefully for dinner that evening ensuring that none of the signs of her distress showed. She sat beside the Black Rogue quietly at dinner and then overcompensated for her reticence with her performance in bed.

The Black Rogue didn't know what to make of her as he held her sleeping form in his arms. He brushed gentle kisses along her brow and the curve of her cheek trying to project his strength into her. No matter how hard he tried to please her, what he gave her, she didn't seem to be getting any happier. He had dressed her in the finest cloths and precious jewels when she had arrived and she had raged at him that night. He had given her mother the dwelling she had requested and she cried her eyes out. Perhaps he would speak to her mother and see if she could help.

With that small spark of hope glistening on the horizon, the Black Rogue fell into a fitful sleep and awoke well before dawn leaving Teel to continue sleeping. He paced restlessly in the courtyard until he finally saw Lanie crossing to her new home.

"Good morning," he greeted.

Lanie glanced over in surprise? "Good morning," she greeted somewhat hesitantly. What could have brought him here?

"I was hoping to have a word with you about your daughter."

"Oh," Lanie flushed with shame. Here they were planning an escape and he was full of concern for the woman who wanted nothing more than to be free of him. "Please come in," she invited.

He wasted no time in making his reasons for visiting known. "Your daughter is growing more restless and unhappy each day. What can I do to help her?"

Lanie lowered her head. Life could be so unfair. She sighed deeply and looked over at the powerful man who had had no other option than to come to her. A woman, who for all intents and purposes, was little more than a love slave. To his father, but a love slave all the same. She knew it hurt his pride to come to her thus. She could only surmise that his need was great. At least she didn't have to add lying to all her others sins; the truth would do well enough in the circumstances.

"My daughter has been given freedom since she was born and she feels stifled by your presence and your culture. She doesn't enjoy feeling like a possession and she is not happy having to kow tow to you."

He recoiled from the unkindness in her words and more so from the tinges of truth littered all throughout.

"I will marry your daughter," he promised.

"It makes little difference if you continue to treat her in the same manner as you have done," she gently scolded. "Can you not let her go," she entreated gently. "That is the easiest and surest way to ensure her happiness."

"Never." His answer was vehement and prompt. He didn't need to think about the possibilities. He would never willingly let her go.

Lanie shuddered at the possessiveness in his voice and knew she had told Teel truly when she had said he would follow her.

"Well then there is nothing else I can suggest to help you. I'm sorry," Lanie apologized, her voice laced with regret. She rose from her seat and turned away from the Black Rogue. He felt her block him out and knew he would get no further help from her. Lanie's only concern was for her daughter and he had condemned himself in her eyes by refusing Teel the only thing that could make her happy. He left without another word bristling that she had made him feel guilty.

He found Teel in the gardens digging up poppy root and chamomile plants. "Cooking tonight," he drawled lazily, smiling at the picture she made with smudges of dirt on her cheek.

"No," she replied, "Her calm and cool attitude of days before restored in all its glamour. "I am preparing to treat the illnesses of my people. I am a skilled herbalist amongst other things."

"And the chamomile is for..." he prompted her.

"This is a strange land. Some of the women have trouble sleeping. It is also good for pain, which I'm sure many of the pleasure slaves must be suffering, such as Ashli." She raised her left eyebrow as she said 'Ashli' reminding him of her hot displeasure that the girl was being used harshly by her owner. "It can also be used for--"

The Black Rogue listened as her voice continued to drone on in the same informative tone, but something about her sent warning bells ringing in his head. The answer finally clicked after a moment. Poison.

"Chamomile can also be deadly when mixed with disproportionate amounts of poppy seed, or weren't you going to mention that," he asked, cutting her off.

"I would need more than you have here to poison everyone, wouldn't I?"

"Maybe you only want to poison me," he construed.

"If I wanted to kill you Rogue," a sweet smile lighting her face, " I would just slide a blade between your ribs while you slept."

"Yes, I've wondered why you haven't already."

"It hasn't suited my purposes just yet."

"See that it never does," he warned.

"I'll see what I can do," she promised, insolence dripping from every word.

Grasping her chin in a punishing grip he brought Teel's eyes around to meet his. "Do not defy me Teel."

"I wouldn't dream of it." Teel refused to let her eyes flinch away from his despite the aggression she could feel coming from him. She was through being bullied. In few days she wouldn't have to worry about what hold he had over her and then she would show him the real Teel. The one he had met that first day on the ship. Her mouth remained shut but her eyes made the promise her lips longed to yell. Just you wait.

Before he knew his own mind, he had her tipped on her back, her dress around her waist and was buried deep inside her. Teel turned her face away, trying with every breath to deny the instantaneous pleasure that only he could arouse.

"If you killed me Teel, who would pleasure you like this, hmm?" he questioned, ripping her top from shoulder to waist and watching her breast jiggle each time he reared into her sweet flesh.

Teel melted all around him, her hands digging into his shoulder, her legs wrapped tight around his waist, but her heart never thawed. "This proves nothing other than that you're a good lover. You'll never have control of me."

Her insolent words were the last straw. The Black Rogue withdrew from her abruptly and dragged her to her feet, half carrying her, half dragging her to their room. "Everyone out," he yelled, depositing her on the bed and securing her wrists and ankles before she could do more than aim a few misplaced kicks and punches. Teel squirmed and wriggled on the bed, more angry than she could ever remember being. Every cell in her body demanding a fight.

The Black Rogue left the room for a second and reappeared with a chalice in his hand. He opened a drawer beside the bed and removed a brush, which he swirled in the chalice.

"My beautiful defiant Teel." He laughed. Teel's hand itched with the desire to slap his handsome face, but she was powerless to do more than glare her hatred at him. He began to stroke the brush over her body, starting at her toes. Covering each body part with a thin layer of the syrupy liquid.

Teel felt a sickening languor began to fall over her everywhere the brush touched and she feared what he would do to her. He covered her body up to her neck and then began again at her toes. Teel shuddered, her body going up in flames from the inside. Her thighs rubbed restlessly together as she tried to assuage the growing restless pulse.

"Untie me," she bid him, her head lolling from side to side.

"In due time," he promised. He continued brushing the liquid over her until she was covered in several coats. At last he dipped the handle of the brush in the liquid and pushed it between her thighs into her lush folds. Teel bucked against the motion; the resulting pleasure stole her breath away. Finally Rogue put the brush down and traced one finger down her arm. Everywhere his finger touched was laced with a hot fire of pleasure so intense it bordered on pain.

"What do you think would happen if I touched your nipple," he asked pseudo questioningly. They both knew he knew. They both knew what would happen.

His long fingers brushed the side of her breast and Teel's back arched under the intensity of pleasure that touch evoked. God, he was killing her. She saw his hand reach out again and tried to flinch away from it, afraid of the agony and pleasure it would bring. He laughed that same mocking laugh and moved away from her, again reaching into the drawer beside the bed. This time he pulled out a cloth.

"Maybe if you couldn't see, you would be more willing to accept my touch." Teel twisted to avoid him, but every motion of her body caused unbearable pleasure to course through her and she felt she was doing more harm than good as she felt an orgasm chase through her. It was while she was crying out her pleasure and shaking from the force of the orgasm that he managed to secure the blindfold over her eyes. But if she thought the orgasm would ease her suffering she was very much mistaken. The tremors coursing through her body brought pleasure every time her flesh moved, every time she breathed. She felt his breath between her thighs and fell into another torturous orgasm.

"My god," she cried out, twisting against the cloth holding her wrists and ankles. "Please," she begged.

He placed a light kiss against her clit, and she exploded into a million tiny pieces again. She could barely catch her breath before she fell into another wave of mind blowing pleasure.

"Mercy, Rogue. Mercy," she cried, but he refused to give any quarter and continued. Again and again he brought her to orgasm with little more than a touch, a breath, and with each one she lost a little piece of herself.

The sky outside grew dark and still he tormented her. So long as the syrupy liquid remained, Teel was uncommonly sensitive to even the slightest stimuli. Finally Teel accepted the fact that he would kill her with pleasure. She was surprised and thankful a second later when he pulled away. Teel sucked in a lung full of air praying it was over.

Rogue paced around the bed, watching her through half closed eyes. He was clearly aroused, but she was thankful he didn't push into her flesh. She probably would die from the sensations in her current state.

"I don't know what to do with you Teel," he revealed, his thoughts clearly far from settled. "I have half a mind to leave you here like this for the rest of our lives."

Teel couldn't withhold the slight whimper of dismay the thought caused.

"Yes, I imagined you wouldn't like that very much, but we both know that as soon as I release you you'll be back to the spitting tiger who loves to defy me. What should I do with you Teel?"

Her answer was immediate. "Release me."

"The same words your mother used."

Her yes widened. "You talked to my mother?"

"Yes. She advised me to let you go too, but I refused her, and I refuse you."

"You pig!" She spat. All the anxiety she felt over her escape plan evaporated in that moment. He was a selfish bastard and he didn't care who was happy so long as he was. "When you release me I'll kill you. I swear it!"

Rogue was on her so fast she didn't have time to breathe another word. He slid between her thighs with ease. She reared off the bed as the pleasure ripped through her. Every inch he slid triggered a new reaction and she thrashed wildly underneath him unable to deal with the waves of pleasure. He pressed into her relentlessly knowing her body wouldn't be able to handle the overload, furious with her for pushing him into this sort of behavior. Teel collapsed in his arms just as he knew she would. Sensory overload resulting in a black out.

He pulled out of her and retreated to wash himself. He had gotten the syrupy liquid all over himself when he had taken her body so ruthlessly and it affected him as strongly as it affected her. He returned to the bedroom less than an hour later to find her shifting about on the bed, her discomfort obvious, the reason for it obvious as well. She was on fire and he intended to keep her that way all night. Teel's eyes widened as she saw him, as she witnessed the fury still evident on his face, and his erect flesh. She feared he meant to enter her again.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, as he approached the bed.

"No you're not," he negated, "But you will be."

As she feared, he slid between her thighs and continued pumping into her. Teel fell apart in his arms so quickly she screamed. She was afraid of the intensity to his love making, the aggressiveness of it. He continued working his way in and out of her, so fast she couldn't catch her breath. She was drowning in an ocean of pleasure and he was disinclined to save her. She felt the edges of exhaustion creeping up on her as her body shuddered through another orgasm. "Rogue." She screamed his name as she blacked out again.

He pulled out of her, looking down into her serene face. He felt only slightly regretful of what he was doing to her, but he would do it again if he had the chance. She needed to be tamed. Every time he showed her mercy, she showed herself undeserving of it, and so tonight she would see what it was like not to have his mercy. Her lashes fluttered as she regained consciousness, and he slid back into her lush folds.

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