The Pro


For Idyll.


"You're a professional," she said. "I feel I need a pro."

On the screen our two avatars were snuggled against each other on the bed after a quick session of sex. It had to be quick, her husband could be home any minute.

"I want to know what I may have been missing. I want to know how good it could be."

Our avatars were in Virtual World where we met and where we became lovers. Virtual lovers that is. Our lovemaking has been through words (well, ok, a few times it was through voice chat) and watching two little figures go through all the motions. Not that we weren't busy in real life. The wad of tissue with my cum was still lying on my desk. I wasn't in a rush to clean it up. My wife wasn't due home soon. I wondered how she would react if I left it there. She probably wouldn't notice as we both hardly notice anything about the other anymore. Ours was a lonely marriage.

"You know I had a few lovers before Greg. I think everyone's been an amateur compared to you. I enjoyed all the sex I had, but now I feel something was missing. Maybe they didn't know too well what they were doing. Or maybe they cared more about getting their own rocks off. Even with Greg. And now even that is gone with him. I told you he doesn't even care to touch me any more. I don't know what it is. We still love each other, but the sex is gone"

I knew that. I even tried to help her when we first met. I thought about what I would like and told her to try it on Greg. She did. She went into the bedroom after showering, wearing only that thin pink robe she only bought recently, loosely belted, slightly parted, revealing the curves of her lovely breasts. I know her breasts are lovely. It may have been bad of me, but I asked her to send me a picture of how she would look before she tried it on Greg. It took a while, but she finally did, reluctantly. Anyway, she went to him and held him, kissing him good night, wrapping her arms around him. She always kissed him good night, but this wasn't going to be a quick one if she could help it. She never told me what happened, not in detail. All I know is that it ended up like all the other nights in her recent past with both going quickly to sleep. Still, he bought her flowers the next day.

"Phone," she typed and I waited, looking at the two of us, the two avatars. We were spooned, her back against my chest, my arm around her. The world was in night and the only glow was that from the fireplace and the only noise was the crackling of the fire. Peaceful. But I wanted more. I wanted her again. I wanted her to cum again.

"Greg has to work late," she typed. "He won't be home until 10." I saw the words on the screen, spoken by her avatar and I looked at the time. It was only 6, but could I convince her?

I typed rapidly.

"Stroking your hair. Its wildness after a fuck. Its softness. Our bodies still coated with sweat. My arm pulls you closer against me. Your smell. Your sex smell lingeringly drifting in the room."

I clicked on the bed, bringing up the menu, quickly finding what I wanted. My avatar shifted a little, hand now between her legs, stroking her.

"My hand reaches to cup your breast, feeling its fullness, taking your nipple between my fingers to squeeze it, then tugging gently."

"Then lower, between your legs, cupping your mound. My fingers lightly press your slit and feel your moisture and my cum."

"You're getting me horny again," she typed.

"Let me call you, Di. Let me hear your voice. Let me hear you being fucked."

I waited, watching my avatar's arm move between her legs, imagining our cum coating my finger.

"Ok," she finally replied.

I put on my headset and dialed her number. Her voice came over, a soft "Hello".

"Hello, Di," I said a little uncertainly. We hadn't done voice much and I know she preferred writing so it was always hard for me to think of how to start when we did talk. I wasn't sure how to continue now actually. Might as well plunge right into it.

"Even after just fucking you Di I need you again. I need to feel your pussy lips between my fingers." I paused. "Did you pulled your jeans back on?"

A "yes" came so low I barely heard it.

"Unzipper them," I whispered. "Slide your hand under. Under your panties. Hand flat against your pussy. That's how you like it, isn't it? Your panties pressing your hand against your pussy, trapping it."

A small sigh. "Yes."

"Rub yourself. Slowly. Get yourself ready for my cock."

I leaned back in my chair, the beginning of desire stirring in me, but not in my cock. No problem. I wanted to hear her and I did. Soft moans now, barely heard. So sweet.

"Are you ready to take my cock, Di?" A demand more than a question.

"Please," she whispered. "Please."

"What is it, Di? What are you asking for?"

"Oh, please. Your cock. I need your cock."

"Take your vibe now. Turn it on, slide it under your panties. Hold it between your pussy lips."

I brought up the menu again and switched our avatar's positions. They were doing it doggie style now.

"Press down on it. Part your pussy lips with the tip of the vibe. Keep it there."

I closed my eyes and listened to her breathing, shallow, sharp, quick. I saw her with her head rolled back, eyes closed, her hand caught in her panties, the vibe glistening a little from her moistness.

"I need your cock in me. Fuck me, Rick."

"Ok, put the vibe in you now, sliding it slowly. You're taking my cock. Take it inside your cunt. Fuck yourself with it. Hard now. Hard and deep. Fuck yourself Di."

Moans still soft, but coming faster now.

"Hard, Di! I'm taking you. I'm taking your cunt with my cock. You need it and you're getting it. Spread your legs wider. Open yourself wide for me. Spread them, Di."

"Fuck me, Rick. Please, please fuck me," she started pleading.

"Feel my cock, Di, ramming hard into you, filling your pussy. Pushing your body forward as I shove it in deep."

Her moans were running together now. Her breathing soft but heavy. I heard it building. And building. Her gasps louder now. I imagined her rotating her pelvis, working that vibe in, feelng my hard cock.

Then she came. It was a long, rolling one, her moans soft and urgent. Then silence before a giggle. I switched the avatars so they cuddled each other.

"Twice today," she said. "I told you you're a pro."

I felt happy. I was going to play the sound of her voice, the sound of her fucking herself in my head later, when my cock could get hard again.

"Rick?" she asked. "I'm serious. You've made me feel so good. My body never felt this. I want to know what I missed. Look, I'll be in your town for a business trip next month. I'll need to stay overnight. Come to me. Show me. I need to know before I'll never be able to know."

I sat there, staring at the screen. Then I typed, "We'll see."

She didn't have to see for long. A month flew by and we were seated in a local restaurant, a place my wife and I have never been, one of oh so many.

The clinking of the silverware and the drone of the diner's conversation provided a soft symphony filling the night. The lights were dim, but not enough to dim the glow coming from the other side of the table. I thought the meeting would be awkward and stilted, but we began talking right away just as we always did in Virtual World. Dinner passed in a rush. Desert and coffee passed in a rush and now we were sitting there, idly chatting, waiting.

"Are you staring at me, Rick?" she asked.

I was. I was staring at her smile and I was caught. I could only give an awkward smile in return.

Her hand reached over and clasped mine. I leaned forward to brush away a strand of her hair from her eye.

"My hair," she sighed. "I can't control it. It sticks out all ways no matter what I do."

I leaned forward again and brushed my fingers in her hair, feeling its softness, playing with small strands. My fingers couldn't let go.

"Perhaps we should go?" she whispered.

I nodded and looked for the waiter, signaling for the check when I saw him.

We walked to my car. It was a warm night and the air felt like a lover's caress. As I went to her side to open the door for her, her hand went around my head, pulling it down, our lips meeting in a gentle kiss. Such soft lips.

Driving to her hotel, I had to constantly remind myself not to speed. At every stop at a red light, my hand went to touch her hair, to feel the curve of her shoulder, her arm. It wasn't a long drive to the hotel, but it was a long drive.

As soon as the door to her room closed, her hand went around my head again, pulling it down again. A soft kiss turned into a deep one. My hands flowed along her back, flowed down, grasping her soft ass, pushing her tighter against me.

Her hand released and she slid down to her knees.

"No, Di. You don't need to."

"Yes, Rick. I want to see if I'd like it with you."

She unzipped my jeans and tugged on them, pulling them to my thighs, then pulling my underwear down, exposing my cock, still soft. She moved her head and I felt her warm mouth surrounding it. She didn't like to do it so didn't do it a lot and I could tell she felt awkward. But my cock got harder and she began moving her head back and forth, making little slurping sounds. I looked down to see her sucking on me. Her lovely mouth taking my cock glistening with her saliva. I pulled back, freeing my cock and grabbed her hair, pushing it against my wet cock, rubbing her face with it, getting her face wet with her own spit. Her eyes were closed and she opened her face to my rubbing cock.

I pulled her up and kissed her again, tasting my cock on her mouth.

"I do like it with you, Rick," she whispered.

"Let me undress you," I said gently.

And slowly I did. I unbuttoned her shirt, taking my time with each button, then the button on her sleeves. Slipping her shirt off, I reached back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall. Moving to be behind her, my lips brushed her neck, my hands cupped her breasts, squeezing gently, thumbs rubbing her nipples, getting them hard. I couldn't get enough of how they felt and I stayed pressed against her back, kissing her neck, playing with her soft breasts. Her eyes were half shut and I felt her tremble.

I moved my hands lower then, brushing them against her stomach, unsnapping her jeans, moving under them. My fingers found more hair to love. This time coarser and not as smooth. They ran over her pubic hair, relishing the feel of each strand as my hand pressed lower. Feeling the edge of her slit, I pressed against it with my palm. Her hand pressed against mine over her jeans and she moved her hand forcing my hand to move along with it.

"That's right, Di. Show me. Show me how you like to do it," I whispered into her ear.

She used my hand - pressing hard against it, moving it quickly, making me rub against her. One of my fingers parted her pussy lips and lay against her slit. She pressed one of her fingers against it and pushed my finger in, into her pussy which was beginning to get moist. With my other hand I pushed her jeans and undies down, brushing her hand aside ,and began finger fucking her. One finger, then two, fucking her cunt, getting coated with her pussy juices which were running now. My hand felt the wetness which ran down her legs.

Her hands reached up, clasping around my neck, holding herself up as I fucked her with my two fingers. Gentle, wet squishy noises filled the room as she moved her hips to meet my fingers. I nibbled on her ear, kissed her neck and looked at her face, seeing it lost in the feeling she was feeling in her cunt.

Gently taking her hands off of my neck, I knelt down and pull her pants the rest of the way off, lifting one foot off the floor then the other. I could smell her.

I twirled her around and lifted myself up a little, desperate for that taste of her. My tongue dug into her slit tasting, wanting more. Then it flicked against her clit, teasing it with oh so light flicks. Her hand grabbed my head and pushed. She rotated her pelvis, grinding herself against my mouth, my tongue. My face was soaked with her pussy juice. All I could smell was her. My mouth found her clit and I sucked on it, taking that little hardness into my mouth, nipping at it with my teeth.

Now I needed her. I stood up and pulled her toward the bed, gently pushing her on it. As she lay on her back, I took her legs and spread them, pulling them up over my shoulders. I leaned downwards.

"Guide me in Di. Take my cock."

Her hand wrapped around my cock and held it as I pushed forward slowly into her. I wanted this feeling, this moment to last, but all too soon I was deep in her. Her eyes looked down between her bent legs to see and I started fucking her. Slowly. Gently. My cock moving in long, steady strokes as she watched herself being fucked.

I leaned forward some more, pushing her knees close to her chest and kissed her. Deep kisses and deep strokes. My balls wet. My pubic hair wet. Then a little harder. My thrusts pushing her into the bed. I lifted myself up, holding her feet with my hands, keeping her legs spread wide for me. A soft moan escaped from her and she looked down again between her legs. Her hands crossed against her breasts, hugging herself, as I fucked her hard now, ramming her into the bed every time my cock pushed deep into her pussy.

Her eyes looked into mine, not seeing, only showing her need for more.

I pounded hard. My balls slapped against her ass, the wet noises of her being fucked loud in the room. Her mouth opened in a moan, the more moans coming close together, then a wail. Her body shivered. And shivered. Her eyes slowly cleared and she looked at me.

"Cum in me, RIck," she said in a moan.

I tried to push my cock into her even deeper wanting to take her soul. I tried not to cum. I wanted it to last all night. I wanted to be in her all night. But I couldn't hold it back. My eyes closed and I gasped as I felt my cock jerk and my cum mingle with hers. Violent spasms in my cock as I came which slowly died down.

I let her legs down and covered her body with mine, staying in her as long as I could. Then I laid by her side, soft, my arms around her as she closed her eyes. We soon drifted off into a light sleep. She woke later that night and we fucked again and even after that, I still wanted her.

Morning was harsh. The light too bright and we were too tired. The neon lights in the restaurant where we had breakfast hurt our eyes. Still, she grabbed my hand across the table and couldn't stop smiling. The taxi taking her to the airport was coming for her shortly after breakfast. I carried her suitcase down and we stood in the front waiting.

"Thank you, Rick," she murmured. "I know now."

Her cellphone rang.

"It's Greg. He must be worried that I didn't call last night" and she walked off to talk.

I stared into the distance trying to focus on what was in front of me. The only sound I could hear was the soft murmur of her voice talking to Greg. Then she stopped and walked back.

Before she could say anything the taxi pulled up. I opened the door for her and as she got in she said, "A pro, RIck. You're a pro" and brushed her lips against my cheek.

I watched the taxi pull away, getting smaller and smaller until it was gone.

I stood there staring into the distance, unable to move, not sure if I could ever move again.

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