tagBDSMThe Prodigy's Wife Ch. 05

The Prodigy's Wife Ch. 05


His dick was softer than when they left him but still not fully deflated. Jess dumped all their purchases at the foot of the bed and dug through until she found the hair wax. She went downstairs and warmed it in the microwave then brought it back up.

"While we got him in the right position let's do some deforestation on that hairy ass he's got."

"Have you ever done this before?"

"No, but I get it done on myself every few months and I am a quick study." She was stirring the melted wax as she spoke. "You ready for this Keith? I am going to clean up your nether regions for you. After that I expect you to keep it in the same condition. Nobody deserves a mouthful of your gross ass and dick hair when they go down on you. Especially your beautiful wife."

"Get on with it. It's going to hurt right?"

"A lot more if I start now. I am waiting for the wax to cool. I want it to hurt but I don't want it to blister your skin."

"How very considerate of you. Any chance I can take a piss before we start?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Of course. You mean I should just piss in my own face right?"

"Or don't, but I am not untying you anytime soon."

"Perfect. Because me pissing in my own face will somehow make me a better lover."

"I doubt it. This is not about making you a better lover, it is about convenience. I don't want to go to all the trouble of untying you then retying you."

"What if I told you that you don't have to tie me up at all? I am resigned to this. Do whatever you want to me."

"We are too new in our relationship Keith. You have not earned my trust yet. When this hot wax hits your ass, and especially when I snatch the hair out of your flesh, you are going to want to not be here. Those ties will make sure you are."

"How is hurting me going to make me a better lover?"

"Oh, the pain is punitive. That's a legal term that means getting you back for being an inconsiderate lover to my best friend for three whole fucking years."

"Punitive," Keith repeated and chuckled.

He was trying to hold onto some dignity by being sarcastic. Which sounded silly and out of place considering the very vulnerable position he was in. His tone said this was all ridiculous and Vivica feared for him. Jess would not put up with much of that. Vivica was not sure how she knew this, but she was fairly sure that Jess wanted to break Keith. Not physically, but mentally. Not break him mentally like as to make him a crazy person, but to eradicate from him his will to resist at all. Like someone might break a wild horse. She wanted to domesticate him, make him submit. Vivica hoped this would not destroy in him what made him so good at everything else.

He was spread wide open, all his most private spots were on display and easy access. Vivica walked over to the foot of the bed, climbed up, and crawled up to look down at her husband's face from between his legs. She put her hands on his ass. She could feel his bones. Were they his pelvic bones? Probably the tops of his femurs where they attached to his pelvis. She could feel them bulging through his skin. He didn't have much muscle tone. Between her brown hands on his pale white ass was the angry tangle of red hair that filled his ass crack and covered his balls.

His balls were very big. The size of billiard balls. Two big balls crammed into his tight sack. Were they always this big or were they swollen from the beating Jess gave them? He was looking up at her between his legs. His dick hung just inches from his face. His expression was hard to read. He was angry, that part was easy to read, but there was also shame, sadness, and humiliation. She felt her cunt throb. Why? She did not like it that this turned her on.

"Want me to suck you?" she whispered and the words were out before she realized she was going to say them. He didn't answer.

Her right hand slid over to cup his balls. The bag was tight around its big load but not so tight that both balls couldn't be seen where they pressed against his skin individually. She gently squeezed and moved the balls around. She gathered them up and wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of his scrotum and pulled up gently. This made his big nuts stretch the skin of his sack tight around them. She wanted to lick them, like this, big and tight, she wanted to suck them into her mouth, and she was about to because he could not stop her, but Jess took over again.

"Perfect," she said as she knelt on the bed next to Vivica. "We'll start right there. Keep holding them."

Vivica watched as Jess smeared the sticky wax onto his bulging scrotum with a wooden tongue depressor. If it was too hot Keith was able to take it without reacting. Vivica held the balls up and skin taut as she did it. Then Jess covered the waxed area with the paper and waited a few seconds. Without a word of warning she grabbed a corner of the paper that was stuck to the wax and snatched it off. Keith's whole frame tensed and he let out a whoosh of air, but he did not cry out. Vivica looked down and saw his scrotum, the bottom of it which was the top of it right now because of the position he was in, was now smooth and hairless. The expression on his face was frantic and she knew he was waiting for the pain to subside and trembling. Vivica bent down and took his his hairless balls into her mouth and tried to suck the pain away for him.

She looked into his eyes as her tongue licked over the bare spot. A tear escaped from the corner of his right eye and Vivica hoped Jess didn't see that. She would ridicule him for it and add to his shame. Vivica reached down and wiped the tear away for him. When she brought her hand back up she grabbed his half-hard cock and pulled it up and pushed it into her mouth. She sucked as much of it in as she could in the awkward position he was in. She wanted to give him some pleasure. If he was crying over the first patch she did, he was in trouble, because he had a lot more hair to remove.

Jess smeared more wax into the crack of his ass then jammed the paper strip in there to smooth it out. When she snatched it out Keith's discipline broke and he wailed in pain. Vivica tried to get more of his cock into her mouth but now she was hindering Jess's efforts and she was gently nudged aside.

Jess mercilessly applied more wax and ripped out more hair. She did the skin around his asshole, the sides of his scrotum, the base of his dick. Vivica was employed to streth the various patches of skin taught and hold them when Jess tore the hair out. Between patches, as the pain flooded him, Keith tried to jerk free of the ties and contort his body. He was tied down to well and held in place to effectively avoid the treatment.

They untied his legs and dropped them down to retie them so he was now spread eagle on the bed. More wax was applied and then his hard pubis was bare. When she was done his genitals and the skin around them were smooth. He had a crazed look in his eyes, was crying openly, and was hoarse from yelling. It hurt her to see him like this, but it still aroused her as well.

"Alright," Jess said and grinned. "Nice job tough guy, but what happened to your dick?"

His cock was fully soft now. The head was recessed back into his foreskin so it looked like a fat little peanut. His bare balls hung heavily between his wide spread legs.

"We are going to have to get that little soldier back up and standing at attention," Jess said. "Or, maybe we cage it instead. What do you think Viv?"

"Cage it?"

"Yeah, you never asked me what CD was on the list. It's a Chastity Device, for men. It's a little dick shaped cage with a lock and key so he can't get off, can't even get hard, without you." Jess rooted through the purchases until she came up with the package she wanted and held it up. It was a contraption made of chrome, thick rings that looked to go around the base of his cock, a chrome cage that was dick shaped curved away downward from the thick rings. There was a gap in the cage bars at the tip. "His cock is in the perfect condition to put it on right now."

"What's the end game here?" Keith asked as he looked at the contraption. He said it in a whine and Vivica's pussy throbbed at the utter defeat in his voice. His face still wore a prolonged, if not permanent, wince from the pain of the waxing. "I thought the point of the exercise was to teach me to control my orgasm not prevent me from getting excited."

"Well, we can't let you go sneak off and rub one out and we can't be around you twenty-four seven. You will wear this whenever you are not in our presence to prevent you from touching yourself."

Vivica watched as Jess climbed up on the bed between her husband's legs and knelt. She tore away the packaging and set the tiny padlock with a tiny key on a chain aside and examined the cock cage. The thick ring had a hinge at the bottom so they opened up like a claw. Jess opened them and slid them under Keith's scrotum then closed the ring over the top of the base of his dick. She then pushed his soft dick into the curved cage and attached the base of the cage to ring around his cock and balls. She slipped in the padlock and clicked it locked. Now her husbands cock, looking as sad and defeated as him, was in a little prison without much room to move about.

"That looks awesome." She looked over her shoulder at Vivica. "Let's test it out."


"Let's get him hard and see what happens. Get naked."

Jess did not wait for Vivica to answer and peeled her shirt off to let her breasts bounce into view. She stood up and slid her little shorts off her ass along with her thong. She then laid down next to her bound husband, on her side, squashed her firm breasts against his ribs, and nuzzled at his neck while draping her sexy left thigh across his abdomen. "Come on Viv," she said impatiently. "You get on his right side." Vivica pulled her sun dress off again and climbed to lay on her side next to her husband. She pressed her breasts against him, rubbed his chest, and kissed him. He craned his neck up to kiss her back ravenously, from his tied down position, and she felt her pussy flood again.

"That's working."

Vivica paused kissing her husband and looked down at his cock in it's cage. It was plumping up and filling the empty space in the cage. She watched as Jess slid down the bed, dragging her breasts across her husband's torso, then climbed over his left leg to lay between his legs facing his caged cock. Her face was inches away from it. Vivica watched, paralyzed, as her best friend's lips parted and she lowered her mouth over her husband's cock. She dropped her head all the way down and Vivica watched Jess's tongue shoot out and take a swipe at Keiths smooth, hairless, ball sack. She blew her hot breath through the cage to bath her husband's cock in warm air.

When she lifted her head off Keith's dick it was evident the mission was accomplished. Keith's dick was hard and completely filled the cage. The head was pressed tightly to the end of the cage and forced to bend down the way the cage curved. In between the chrome bars of the cage his cock flesh ballooned out like overflowing pale play-do.

"Does it hurt?" Jess asked as she tapped on his chrome restricted dick.

"It's pretty uncomfortable," Keith said and she could hear the wince in his voice. Vivica tore her eyes away from her husband's straining cock and looked at his face. He was looking down his pale body at his hairless pubis and his caged cock.

The force of the erection lifted the cage and his balls. His dick head pressed against the tip of the cage so hard that it pulled the thick ring at the base up his cock shaft about an inch and a half. The rest of his cock was forced to coil inside the cage. Jess stroked the flesh of his cock that ballooned out between the bars, she leaned in and licked it, then stroked the outside of the cage like she was giving him a hand job. Vivica knew it was an optical illusion but, with all his hair gone, his dick looked to have doubled in size.

"Does that feel good?"

"Relatively," he replied and Vivica giggled. It was such a Keith response.

"Do you think you could come from it?"

"No, there isn't enough contact."

"Good, but let's test that theory. Climb on Viv." Jess rose up and walked on her knees up Keith's torso.

"Climb on?"

"Yeah, straddle him and get that cage inside your puss. See if you can get him off while he's wearing it."

"Okay, what are you doing?"

"I am going to sit on his face and see how awful he is at eating pussy."

"Wait, wait, wait, we have to draw the line somewhere. Viv? Are you cool with me eating her pussy?" he asked angrily. "She put my dick in her pussy, in her mouth, and now she is about to sit on my face? What are we swingers now Viv? I love you Viv. I want to get better at making love to you, Viv, my wife, but this has gone far enough. What's it going to be like between us once she is gone? How are we going to face each other knowing what transpired between your best friend and me?"

Viv had no idea what to say. She was too turned on to think clearly. She half understood what he was saying. She was supposed to not want her husband to eat out her best friend, but, she wanted him to. She couldn't wait to watch him do it while trying to stuff a cold, hard, curved foreign metal object jammed full of her husband's cock into her cunt. In her mind they crossed a line when he got naked in front of Jess. At this point her pussy demanded they find out how far beyond the line they could get.

"Do as she says," Viv whispered and Jess chuckled.

"You heard her stud. Eat my pussy."

Vivica slung her leg over her husband's small frame and slid back until she could feel the cold metal device digging at her pussy lips. She watched as her best friend spread her thighs and lowered her pussy onto her husband's face. After a long second she watched his tongue exit his mouth and jab into her wet core. Jess grabbed the headboard and let her head fall back. Her long black hair almost reached her perfect ass. From behind Vivica could see the sides of her huge boobs on each side of her lean frame. It was the sexiest thing she ever saw and she needed stimulation.

She reached down and grabbed her husband cock. It was surrounded by the device and it curved down so she had to pull way up on the device which hoisted his fat ball sack. She pressed his imprisoned cock against his abdomen so the curved cage was sticking up now. She slid forward and slid the tip of the cage into her. This pressed his balls firmly against her ass. She was afraid of hurting him but she needed more penetration and she pulled on the dangling padlock to lift his device covered cock into her. She could see her wetness coating the device and the parts of his skin that managed to protrude between the bars of his cage. Her juices made it all, the chrome and his cock flesh, shiny. She ground down on his cock and the device and rocked her hips in a circular motion. Her hand dropped down and her fingers circled her hard clit. As her orgasm started to build she watched her husband eat Jess's pussy.

"No, no, no, better, okay right there," Jess was saying. "That little marble you are batting around with your tongue is called a clitoris. It is key to this whole operation. Memorize where it is. It is going to be in about the same spot on your wife's pussy. Sticking your tongue up my hole, licking my pussy lips, and thighs, and pubis, all that is great but categorize it all as foreplay. After a bit of foreplay it is time to get down to business, and the business center of my pussy, all pussies, is that clitoris.

"Now once you are on it you have to be delicate. It's very sensitive. Some parts of it are too sensitive to apply too much stimulation to. You have to find the right spot on the spot. On me it is about a quarter inch above where your tongue is now. Oh, fuck, good, remember where your tongue is right now. As it starts to feel better for me my hips are going to start moving, I can't help it, but you have to stay on that spot. If you lose it it is on you to find it again as quickly as possible and resume doing what you were doing to get my hips moving in the first place.

"Now what you do is as important as where you do it. Some girls like it when you flick the tip of your tongue on it super fast like hummingbird wings, others want you to suck on it like a little dick, I like it when a man covers that spot with the fat middle of his tongue and moves his tongue in a circular motion, clockwise, counter clockwise, that doesn't matter. Oh my Jesus, that's it. Keep doing that. If you stop I will punch you right in the face.

"Keep doing it. You found the spot on the spot, your technique is right, and we are on our way to O-town. Oh God, oh God, oh fuck, see my hips? That is involuntary movement. Move with it. Consistency is the key now. Okay, here we go. I am about to come all over your face."

Vivica felt her own climax reach it's apex as she watched her best friend teach her husband exactly how to get her off and then do it. The sight of Jess's body writhing on Keith's face, her muscular buttocks clenching as she ground down on his mouth, and the muscles of her back bunching as she twitched through her orgasm fueled Vivica's own pleasure.

She ground the bottom of her clit down on the small padlock as her fingers twirled around the top of it. His hard cock in the cage was sliding the cold metal device in and out of her. His fat nuts, warm and slick with her juices, pressed against her ass so hard that she was afraid she had to be hurting him. She was not so afraid for him that she could stop, and, if anything, she ground down harder on him. Her orgasm slammed into her like a freight train and her hips bucked violently back and forth on his confined cock. Her head fell back and her eyes rolled back into her head and she came even harder than she did earlier when she was fingering herself.

There was no need to be silent about it. She wailed through her orgasm as powerful waves of it crashed and ran like electricity throughout her body. Her wails mingled with Jess's. Her muscles contorted and bunched as the intense pleasure ripped through her. She fell forward and her face smacked into Jess's ass. Her hands came up to hug at Jess from behind. She continued to buck her pussy up and down on the device as she pulled Jess back against her. Her tan hands slid up from Jess's hips to her breasts and clutched at them. Somewhere, like far in the distance, she could hear Jess laughing hysterically.

"Holy shit that was awesome," Jess said and Vivica snapped her eyes open. She was still on her husband, the device with his hard cock in it was still inside her, she was laying on his chest. Her head was to the left of his head and her face was buried in the crook of his neck. Her breasts were flattened against his chest. She raised her head from the crook of his neck to look over at Jess.

Jess was laying to the left of Keith. She was rubbing Vivica's back with her left hand. Her left breast was pressed up against Vivica's ballooning right breast. She was shiny with sweat, Vivica realized she was too. She looked own at her husband and he looked dazed but there was small smile on his face. His lips and chin were glistening with what Vivica knew was her best friend's come. Vivica lowered her lips down onto her husbands and dug her tongue between his lips. He tasted like her and it was delicious. She sucked the moisture from his tongue and mouth, then licked it off his lips and chin. She went back up and resumed kissing Keith passionately and he returned her kisses with equal fervor.

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