The Professor and the Co-ed


The thoughts took a back seat to a rising passion. His hands were exploring her body, mature hands, experienced hands, hands that weren't in the least afraid to touch her. She loved his touch! A small part of her was nervous. She knew her body, while in excellent shape for being in her forties, didn't hold a candle to JJ or Danny -- especially to Danny. But he showed no pause, no second thoughts, no wishing to be anywhere but where he was. His lips found her nipple as his hands fondled her ass and pulled her closer.

She pulled at his still buttoned shirt, yanking it over his head, and . . . and it got stuck! They both couldn't help it, they started laughing. The laughter felt amazing, almost cathartic. By the time they got appropriately naked, they were both much more in sync with each other.

She pulled him to his feet, slipped into his arms and the two of them started dancing to a gentle tune no one else could hear. At the end of the mental song, he guided her back onto the bed and lay on top of her, slipping inside easily. The dance continued, although this one more earthy than ethereal. She hooked her legs behind his knees, and her arms pulled him down on her. She needed to feel him, not have him on his elbows.

The dance got faster, her breathing matched his. They kissed deeply and then she cried out in an orgasm, just a precursor. The next shock traveled through her body and she felt so incredible, so alive. The third shock caught her by surprise and her scream echoed around the room. She felt him convulse slightly and she pushed off him, rolling over under his arms. His slick cock rested in between her ass cheeks and he came on her back. She rubbed her clit as the first cum hit her skin, a warmth she loved! By the time he was done, she orgasmed a fourth time, and the aftershocks rumbled through her body.

He was also a considerate lover, getting a towel from the bathroom down the hall, where he met Danny.

"Hi Professor."

He felt strange being called 'Professor' by a naked girl while he was naked himself, so he said so.

"No! Until you are properly divorced JJ or I may be required to testify. So until then, you are strictly 'Professor', Professor."

"And Jayne?"

"Jayne won't have to testify, we have the recording for that." Then she stepped against him, taking his cock in her hand. "It will be challenging, especially for JJ, she wants you in the worst way. So you just think about that until you get through any hearings. The carrot at the end of that stick is JJ, Jayne, and I in your bed at the same time."

She kissed his neck and felt his cock respond. Then she licked her hand. "Don't miss out, Jayne is delicious too."

. . .

Six months later Professor Thomas R. Trung, dressed in his newest suit, sat on one side of the courtroom in his divorce hearing. Try as he might, his soon-to-be ex-wife wouldn't agree to anything in the way of a settlement. He started off as fairly as he could, but nothing was ever enough. Today was the result. He originally tried to just end things, but when she refused settlement after settlement he found himself losing any sympathy for her at all! At one time he would have hated what he was about to do, but she proved herself worthy of nothing less!

"State your name."

The small blond professionally dressed woman looked much older than Tom had ever seen her. She replied, "Jessica J. Swartmoor."

Tom glanced at his soon-to-be-ex as JJ answered the next question.

"Where are you employed?"

"I am a licensed and bonded private investigator working for the WIN Investigative Service."

At that announcement Tom saw his soon-to-be look at JJ in surprise. Then she started whispering wildly to her current boyfriend, also known as her divorce attorney. Little did she realize it was too late for that!

"And what is WIN?"

"WIN is the "Women In Need" Investigative Service. We assist women in various situations extricate themselves before something permanent happens."

"Something permanent?"

"For example a woman in an abusive relationship, we assist them in getting out of it, preferably with their dignity and appropriate support levels intact. We do our best to get them about before any further abuse or deaths result."

"You're Honor!" Tom smiled to himself as the shoe finally hit the floor and her attorney tried to interrupt.

"Yes, Counselor?"

"We would like the request a continuance to properly prepare for this witness."

The judge looked down at his papers for a moment. "I'm sorry Counselor, but this witness has been on the list since the papers were filed. You have received all the continuances you have asked for before we began, I am not inclined to give you time to do something you should have taken care of by now. So your request is denied, unless you have some extenuating circumstances."

"Your Honor, my client has just revealed some information about this witness she hadn't associated with this particular person."

The judge again looked at his paperwork. "I'm sorry Counselor, all the witness did was state her name and the company she works for, that information was on the witness list. If there is something your client failed to disclose to you that is an issue between you two. I am not wasting this courts time because of it. If something comes to light and I feel you need more time, I will consider a continuance at that point."

"But you're Honor . . ."

"Sit down Counselor."

He sat down; there was little he could do.

No one noticed the woman in the back of the courtroom who intensely watched as Tom's wife, whom she privately thought of as "the Harpy," start whispering again.

Now Miss Swartmoor, are you acquainted with either of the principles in this case?"

Before she could answer the attorney interrupted again. "Your Honor, I have just been informed that my client now wishes to settle for the last offer made by her husband."

Again the judge looked down at his papers. "I'm sorry once again Counselor. When your client refused that offer, it was taken off the table. Unless Professor Trung wishes to make that offer again, you cannot accept it. Mrs. Jamison," the judge addressed Tom's lawyer," does your client wish to make that settlement offer to Mrs. Trung again?"

Tom and his attorney spoke for a moment. His attorney replied. "No Your Honor, that offer is off the table. However he will make an offer. When Professor Trung made his first settlement offer, Mrs. Trung replied with a counter offer, one she described as 'perfectly acceptable and fair'. The Professor is now making her that identical offer."

The judge replied before Mrs. Trung's lawyer had a chance. "As I recall that offer was quite inferior to the ones offered by your client."

"It was, and in the interest in saving the Court time, he will willing to make that offer back to her, since it was she who originated it. When she made that offer she described it as "perfectly acceptable and fair".

The judge turned toward Mrs. Trung and her lawyer. "Counselor, there is an offer for settlement; one which you should already be familiar with the details. Does your client wish to accept that offer, or shall the hearing continue?"

"That is an unreasonable offer, Your Honor."

"It may be unreasonable to you, but when Professor Trung made an offer of pretty much a 50% spilt, your client responded with this offer, which was much closer to a 90-10 spilt. Your client did call it acceptable and fair and claimed it was perfectly adequate to live on. Now you have that same offer in front of you and no others. Let's not go back through the whole history. You may have 15 minutes to confer with your client. Before you go confer, I find it very interesting that WIN, a group that always sides with women is appearing here on behalf of Professor Trung. Advise your client of that." He hit his gavel and announced a 15 minute recess.

The 15 minutes went very quickly. When they came back in everyone notices the flush to Mrs. Trung's face and the obvious anger in her lawyer's.

After the court was called back into session, "Counselor, your client's decision?"

"Against my advice my client is asking one more time for the previous last offer made by her husband."

"Already rejected, your Honor!" Announced Tom's lawyer.

Her lawyer sat down and when Ms. Jamison stood to begin questioning JJ again, Mrs. Rung called out that she would take the offer. For a second everyone in the courtroom froze, even the Judge.

"Mr. Jewison, please advise your client the consequences of her statement."

They confer and he stands. "She accepts the settlement offer."

The judge looks at her, then over at JJ. Then while making an apparent glance over the courtroom he pauses ever so slightly on the woman sitting in the back. Then he hits his gavel one more time. "Then we are adjourned. Don't screw this up. The offer was made and accepted. If either of you change your mind I will be a very unhappy Judge!"

An hour later Tom Trung sat in the same Courtroom with only his lawyer, JJ, and the judge. Mrs. Trung and her lawyer/boyfriend left in a hurry. He to prepare the appropriate paperwork freeing Tom of his wife and the look on his face boded ill for their continued relationship. The only other person in the courtroom was one woman, sitting in the back, in dark glasses and a hat covering her hair.

"Jayne, don't think I didn't see you hiding in the back. Those glasses and that crummy hat can't hide you." The judge called out. "All of you, in my chambers now!"

In a much more relaxed setting, the Judge shook his head as he watched the DVD of Mrs. Trung lie through her teeth to Jayne. "I can see why she capitulated so quickly. I would have ruled much more heavily against her, and even thought about libel/slander charges against her. I have to assume by your presence and your agent here that the Professor is none of the things indicated?"

"You're right! JJ here tried her best, and even went a little overboard in my opinion. And while our cameras showed how tempted he was, Tom here stayed the course."

"Tom is it? That explains what you are doing here."

Jayne blushed at that.

"Professor, when I saw Jayne come in, I figured which way this was going to go. You aren't the first husband to try and get railroaded in a divorce. But you got lucky. Jayne and her WIN group are honest! If your wife had gone to other places, they might have just walked away or even tried to fabricate evidence.

"So now I have one question for you, Tom."

"Yes, you're Honor?"

"Once your divorce is final are you going to make an honest woman out of my daughter?"

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