tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Prostate Exam Pt. 06

The Prostate Exam Pt. 06


"Just as it should be, now walk to quickly to the Langham hotel. Make sure you keep the bag out in full view, for all to see, it cannot go in your back pack. I want anyone who sees you to know what a slut you are.."

"Go straight to the bar and order a triple G&T and 3 shots of good tequila. If the bar man asks you what you're doing you will tell him that you're getting ready for your Master, now leave Skype running so I can hear your every word, you have 7 minutes and it's 6 minute walk so I suggest you get a move on."

Sissy quickly typed in the address to her G maps app and started walking following the directions. As she arrived to the beautiful building she was very excited that Master V was going to possibly use her the Langham, how exciting would that be.

The intense buzzing of the vibrator made it very difficult to walk quickly but she made it just in time, entering the bar.

A rather old guy fully decked out in waistcoat and bow tie, asked her what she wanted.

She ordered, putting the bag on the bar next to her and seeing his eyes widen at both the order and what appeared to be in the bag.

"A triple and 3 shots, you have friends joining you or are you getting ready for a party tonight Sir."

"In a way I am, I'm getting ready to be used by my Master."

"Ohh wow that's more information than I expected Sir."

"Sorry I was instructed to tell you that if you asked me." Sissy smiled at the barman as she did this, funnily no cravings or lascivious thoughts for this guy, put simple he wasn't an Alpha male, that was for sure.

"And you always do what exactly what your Master instructs?"

"I do yes."

Master V was listening in and loving the fact that as such an elegant salubrious establishment, that his little Sissy slut was still prepared to follow his instructions and to be revealed as a dirty little whore. He thought it boded well for the coming couple of days, as he intended to stretch her boundaries quite literally.

A text came through "Drink the first tequila in one."

She did so.

"Now the next."

Again Sissy followed suit, what with the poppers and nothing in her stomach, the tequila was going straight to her head, just as Master V planned. She was already feeling woozy but also very happy and increasingly horny.

Another text "Now you have ten minutes to enjoy the G&T Sissy and to consider what is to come then to pay, before I'll text your next destination. Once you receive that text down the last tequila and leave."

As she sat there on the high chair, her legs crossed as a woman would, she longed to see Master V's cock once again and to get intimate with it. She hoped that tonight would be a really intimate night as well as an exciting one. The last time they had met he had wanted an almost loving relationship so hopefully he'd be firm yet loving with her tonight. She had no idea of what was actually in store for her, really no idea whatsoever.

She was close to finishing the last of the G&T when the text came through.

"Finish the last of the drinks then get out side."

She did as she was told, then said thanks to the barman and walked out into the bright sunshine very unsteady on her feet.

The text came through and the vibrator went onto the next level almost making her legs give way.

"Get to the Tournament car park, go to level 3 then block A. You have 3 minutes.

Again the app and she set off as quickly as she could, reached the carpark and pressed the button for the lift, but time was ticking by.

Shit she thought I'll be late and so set off up the stairs making her feel even more light headed.

She reached level 3 and walked into it grateful to be in block A, the block Master V had specified.

"Look straight ahead and you'll see a black Minivan, can you see it slut?"

"yes Master V, I can see it."

"Now walk towards it, the side door will be open, put your bags in the back and follow the instructions on the paper in the back of the minivan. Do it quickly bitch."

Suddenly Master V's tone had changed, he was far more dominant as the time for them to finally touch drew closer. This made Sissy more nervous but so much more excited, she wanted to be taken by him as soon as possible, to be his slut properly in person.

Sissy walked as quickly as she could to the minivan, not able to take long strides as the vibrator was now on its highest level and her head was completely spinning, she felt as though she might faint at any moment. He breathing was getting shorter and shorter, she was more and more light headed, but also so fucking horny, desperate to please.

She stood in front on the minivan door, hesitated for a few seconds and then Masters voice on the phone."

"Open it bitch and get on with it." She should have realized that he was watching her, but in her current state couldn't possibly put 2 and 2 together.

She reached forward opening the sliding door and saw a sheet of paper with typed instructions.

"Read the instructions and do exactly as they say, make sure you read them all first, do it now Sissy, or this finishes for you. You have 5 minutes, starting now."

She didn't want this to end, she needed him deep in her pussy, deep down her throat, to taste his seed, to feed from his magnificent Alpha Male cock, she needed to empty Master V's balls and in the course of that to please her Miss Megan too.

She picked up the paper and quickly read all of the instructions.

1.Take your jacket off and put with your bags, remove your shoes and socks. 2.Pick up the ankle cuffs and put them tightly on your ankles, padlock them in place. 3.On all fours get onto the floor of the minivan. 4.Slam the door of the minivan. 5.Cuff your hands and again padlock them in place. 6.Take the hood and place it over your head pulling the drawstring tight, make sure the ball gag and headphones are in front of you. 7.Put the gag on and buckle in place. 8.Put the headphones on. 9.Finally hook the snap lock between your wrist cuffs to the d ring on the floor behind the front seats. 10.Breathe deeply and await your Master and your fate Sissy slut.

She removed her shoes and socks then picked up the cuffs and locked the two on her ankles in a few seconds, then got on all fours into the van facing the back of the front seats. She slammed the door so the light was now very dim with the tinted windows.

She locked the wrist cuffs in place, she made sure that the ball gag and headphones were easily to hand and pulled the hood over her head, it was tight with no eye holes but a bulge where the nose would be and a hole for the mouth. She found out why the bulge was there, as it was soaked with poppers, and fitted directly over her nose. So her intake of the poppers increased immediately.

She gagged herself and then the headphones were put on, to hear the same sissy hypno she'd listened to so many times.

If she had been capable of rational thought she would have realized that her Master must be close as poppers evaporate so quickly, she simply wasn't capable of such thought though, she was already descending deep into sub space.

Finally after a little struggle she managed to snap the lock between the cuffs onto the d ring. Once it snapped in place she could not undo it. She was now on all fours locked in place. Her sight, her sense of smell, her hearing all taken away from her. Or given away by her in this case.

Then it did dawn on her, what if this wasn't Master V, she had just given herself as a prisoner to whoever's car it was, Master V could have sold her.

She rested her head on the floor and concentrated on breathing in her blessed poppers to take her deeper into sub space. The vibrator continued too fuck her remorselessly, her pussy was sore and stretched by now, just as it would need to be.

Then the back doors opened, but she couldn't hear, as Mistress Stella's voice told her to worship Alpha cocks through the noise cancelling earphones.

She sensed that someone was behind her, then her ankles were moved outwards to two other D rings and snap locks put on both ankles, now she was restrained whilst kneeling on all fours. Nothing to do but breathe and soak her sissy slut mind with poppers.

As she heard the hypno tell her "Hard cock is the most delicious thing you've ever tasted, hard cock is addictive, it makes your little clitty tingle." She felt the back door close and the engine vibrations as it started up.

The next few minutes lasted what felt like an age but must have been about 15 minutes as the hypno loop was coming to an end as the van came to a halt. She felt rather than heard the side door open and her ankles and wrists were unlocked but the cuffs left in place, with her suit trousers being pulled from under the ankle cuffs.

Strong pair of hands helped her stand up, covering her head so she didn't bang it on getting out of the car. She stood in bare feet on the cold concrete, then she was guided up a few and steps and then down a full flight of steps.

She was standing up as her suit trousers were unbuckled and dropped to her ankles, before the hands picked up her feet one by one remove them from the trousers.

Next her shirt was unbuttoned and removed from her so that she stood only in in her pussy panties which were still locked in place, as they had been since she left Miss Megan's the night before. She finally noticed that at some point the vibrator had been stopped. The headphones stopped her from hearing anything and her popper hood and ball gag were still in place.

She felt the saliva dripping from her gagged mouth drip down her chest. As she stood now she was completely woozy having had her head on the floor for a while combined with the effects of the poppers and completely empty stomach.

Then a pair of what turned out to be Japanese clover clamps were fitted to her erect nipples with a weight obviously on the chain distending her nipples.

Finally her gag was removed then the headphones and finally her hood. Her eyes took some time adjusting to the lighting with a bright light behind the man standing in front of her silhouetting his manly physique. He was a good 4 inches taller than her and had a classic swimmers body. She knew it was definitely Master V before he spoke. Finally she was with her Master after all the preparations, now she could serve him.

He reached his head forward, put his hand behind her neck and pulled her into fierce kiss. She melted into his arms, loving the fact she was his, she was going to enjoy the whole of her time with him, or so she thought in her naivety. She thought the time to be on her knees might be soon but he held her firmly as he kissed her.

As he broke the kiss he said.

"Good Sissy, you've done well, now sit down on the chair and I'll start getting you ready for tonight."

"Yes Master V, thankyou Master."

"Turn around and bend over the back of the chair, time to take your plug out slut, I bet you've enjoyed this little baby haven't you."

As she turned without the bright light in her face she could see she was in a dungeon, completely black with D rings attached to the walls and floor, hooks, ropes and a suspension set in the corner, benches and a whole range of BDSM equipment hanging from the walls. She was so happy that she'd be serving Master V here in this really well equipped dungeon, it always worked to help get her into sub space.

"I have Sir although it's been very intense."

"Not really compared to what you're going to experience tonight Sissy, this was just to start to prepare you for what is to come."

This confused Sissy even more, how could it get more intense just serving Master V, but she thought better not to question him.

He snipped the two plastic padlocks off and unzipped the crotch zip between Sissy's pussy cheeks.

"Ohh my this has worked its way right into you pussy slut, reach back and pull your cheeks wide apart for me, oh and don't fall over."

Sissy did as he instructed the weight on the nipple clamps swinging and making her gasp out loud, she pulled her large ass cheeks out to the side making the zip gape wide open.

Master V reached in pulled the pee tube attached to sissy's clit to one side and tucked that out of one leg of the panties and then reached for the base of the plug and pulled it steadily out eliciting a moan from his sissy.

"Now one of the other great things about the panties is we can leave them on whilst we get your pussy completely clean again, go over to the toilet in the corner and empty your bowels and bladder, take this bottle of poppers and sniff hard for me constantly, that will help you relax and to really open that pussy of yours up completely.

She hadn't noticed the low childs size toilet without a toilet seat in the corner, again all intended to add to the humiliation for subs who had to use it, in front of Master. Sissy walked unsteadily to the toilet and sat down on the cold porcelain, pulling her cheeks apart and pulling the sides of her precious panties to the side to keep them from getting splashed.

She bore down to try to take a shit, but with no solid food for 24 hours all that came out was a very small drizzle of liquid. Master V then reached under her clit and pushed a small tube into Sissy's pussy and turned a tap to let water in.

"Now clench and hold this in Sissy, you're pretty clean, so well done on that. I'm pleased with you."

Sissy blushed, so happy to have pleased Master. The process was finished in a few minutes, the water expelled and Master let Sissy sit there to ensure all the water was out, her clit still held tightly up by the pee tube through the trouser leg.

"Back over here Sissy, sit on the towel on the chair in case any more leaks out of your slut pussy."

Sissy did as she was told and sat carefully on the seat trying not to make the weights on her nipples swing too much.

"Well that's good, the nipples have been stretched a little and will be more sensitive." He said as he pulled hard on the chain almost pulling them off. Now they really were tender. For good measure he flicked them again and then picked up some surgical glue and smeared that around Sissy's little titties before picking up a pair of very realistic breast forms with large nipples.

Master V studied the inside of the breast forms and carefully placed the centre of them over Sissy's nipples.

"The lovely thing about these breast forms chosen by Miss Megan sent up in your toybag is that they actually have little teeth inside the breast which fit right over your own nipple and are caused to clench together if the false nipple is pressed hard. So if I or anyone else play with your nipples on the breast forms, your own nipples will feel it intensely, pain and pleasure in equal measure."

"You need to remember as a Sissy, your main pleasure now comes from serving Alpha males, being fed real mens cum and piss and your pussy being fucked and your nipples ravaged. Your clit is no longer a source of pleasure, only pain.

He massaged them tightly onto Sissy's chest to make sure that the glue was evenly spread and held them tightly for a few minutes.

"This glue is similar to the sort on your clit sheath and can only be taken off with the right solvent, which I have. So unless you wish to go to work with these double D beauties glued on for your meetings tomorrow, I suggest you really try very, very hard to please me."

"Yes Master V, I will." As she said this she noticed a laptop on a table facing her and presumed she was being filmed for Master V's later viewing pleasure. The real impact though was her tits the weight of them, pulling her forward. She was starting to feel much more feminine, much more of a sissy with her additions. And they were glued on now, she felt trapped in them, with the only way out to be a complete slut for her Master.

Megan was watching the transformation with absolute enjoyment, her fingers already deep in her sopping pussy, she was glad she had a break in her appointments to watch some of this live. Although the rest she'd need to watch at home that night.

She just couldn't wait to see Sissy fully dressed in all her whorish glory. This really was the next step in her sissification of this guy, to create the cum slut she'd fantasized about owning for some time. Master V was intent on stripping her manhood completely and breaking her down into a true slut, just as he'd discussed with Miss Megan.

Master V picked up the black leather corset that Sissy had bought on a work trip to the States and started to fit it over the boobs, adjusting the strings to accommodate the much bigger titties that Sissy now had. After a couple of minutes Master V had it perfectly adjusted, pushing her new boobs up and together and giving her a massive cleavage.

The nipple grips over her own nipples were digging in with the pressure of the corset and giving her that slight level of pain that she deserved. He then padlocked the laces together, so there was no way out for Sissy. Each time he closed a padlock or glued something in place, he was pushing her more and more into a position of helplessness.

He then reached in to the bag to get the black bob wig out, and once again he reached for the glue. Sissy's eyes wide open and frightened. "That's right Sissy, no way out of this either without the special solvent I have. I want to be able to pull on that hair and for you to feel the pain."

Once glued he had Sissy shake her head to see how the hair fell.

"That's better, Sissy, now time for your makeup, not my forte I'm afraid so I'll bring Clyde in who will complete your Sissy slut transformation for tonight's fun."

Shit she thought, another stranger to see her as she heard a door open behind her.

Two delicate hands stroked her shoulders from behind.

"Hi V, what have we here then, a new cock whore in the making?"

"Indeed Clyde, as we discussed I want her to be on the draggy, slutty side, heavy dark make up, a real tarts look, that sound ok?"

"Sounds like fun, as you said she'll never be passable, but she already looks the slut part, we'll just take it further, so she looks like a desperate whore for cock."

"Pass me the stockings and shoes first."

Master V reached into the toybag and passed out Sissy's 5 inch patent PVC shoes with the ankle strap which could be padlocked, along with a pair of sheer black stockings.

Clyde came around the front of Sissy between her legs, he was slight and effeminate looking.

"Ohh love the colour of your toenails bitch, that gives us the pallet of colours to work with."

Sissy had forgotten about her nail varnish, so much had happened since, Miss Megan had applied the coats of deep burgundy in her examination room.

Clyde pulled her stockings up for her and then fitted her cold feet into the high heels and strapped them tightly, finally padlocking the straps into place.

Clyde brought out a make-up case and wheeled a chair in front of Sissy. Sissy was just thinking how her pussy felt empty, instead of the relief she should have felt, she was missing being full. Again the effect of the hypno tapes taking her a little further each time she had listened, she was very suggestible in her current state.

She wouldn't have to worry about being empty for very long, quite the reverse. In fact if she'd had any clue of just how stretched she would soon be, she would have been full of trepidation.

Clyde then applied extra-long thick black eyelashes, then plucked and shaped Sissy's eyebrows, making them quite severe. Darkening them and then adding smoky black and charcoal grey eyeliner and eye shadow. The lip liner was heavy and the lipstick a deep dark burgundy, making her lips look like they were soaked in dark blood.

The final touch of mascara to accentuate the false eyelashes and then Clyde moved onto the finger nails. Nail extensions were fitted, filed and shaped and then 3 coats of deep lustrous burgundy to match the lip colour. The only touches of colour in Sissy's otherwise black slut uniform.

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