tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Prostate Exam Pt. 07

The Prostate Exam Pt. 07


Please do not read on unless extreme sissification and forced gay and bi scenes, watersports and cum eating, really flick your switches. I don't want to offend anyone so thought this comment might help.


It'd all started with a routine visit to his Doc for a simple prostate exam. After he'd given away his naturally submissive tendencies by pushing back against her finger, his Dominant female doctor had decided to test just how submissive he was. She gave him the option to back out and leave the room if he didn't want to go any further, but she told him that if he did want to go further, then he'd have to admit his true submissive nature and his dirtiest fantasies.

From there the spiral had started until Sissy found herself in her current predicament, hypnotized to yearn for Alpha male cocks and cum. Her face glazed with cum, here distended belly full of piss, her nipples on fire as the little teeth of the breast forms gripped and chewed on them with her every miniscule movement.

Sissy had been released from the urinal gag and was still kneeling impaled on the 12 inch cock, her hands cuffed to her ankles. Her face covered in cum and her Mistress has just orgasmed from watching the exploits of her newly trained and broken sissy on cam.

Master V stepped forward and scooped up Sissy's cum from the floor and talking directly into the camera said "Megan just look at how compliant she is now and this is just the beginning."

Megan watched as her Sissy, kneeling butt cheeks on the floor, impaled balls deep on the 12 inch horse cock, greedily licked and sucked Master V's fingers clean, drinking down every last drop. Not just drinking it but frantically searching out every morsel of cum to satisfy her sissy hunger. The triggers in her mind had deep roots now, thanks to his training methods.

"Megan now I want to show you what she is really capable of, we have released the inner slut to be as depraved as she's always secretly desired. The man who was inside is now gone forever, replaced by this cock hungry sissy whore, just for you. Watch this."

Miss Megan was captivated by the scene which she saw unfolding on screen, as turned on as she'd ever been. She also had a slight twinge of disappointment that Master V, not her, was taking her Sissy slut so far. She felt she was missing out a little. She couldn't deny that his methods, however extreme, did seem to be getting very quick and seriously exciting results.

Master V unlocked Sissy's cuffs from her ankles and lifted her up off the horse cock gently, rising inch by inch. Sissy could barely stand and needed support after so long kneeling combined with the towering high heels padlocked to her slutty stockinged legs. As she was lifted inch by inch from the Stallion cock she exhaled as she felt the enormity of it leaving her slut pussy. She finally stood up completely leaving the cock behind, her sore pussy gaping wide open as she felt the air rushing into her slut hole. She nearly fell as she felt so lightheaded and her knees threatened to give way.

Clyde came into support one arm and Master V the other. Master V asked a guy standing close by to pick up the camera from the tripod and to follow them into the club keeping the camera on Sissy so Miss Megan wouldn't miss any of the debauchery and training of her slut.

Clyde then bent down and deflated the Foley catheter and gently removed it from Sissy's soft cock. Sissy let out a long moan as it was withdrawn slowly.

What she hadn't seen was that he had a miniscule metal cock cage hidden in his hand. First a locking metal collar with teeth was tighty fitted to his small clit and then Clyde pulled the foreskin back hard and once it was fully retracted, but before the head had any chance to swell, he fitted the head of the cock cage, sliding a two inch long urethral plug into the centre hole of Sissy's clit, then clicked the head of the cage into the locking mechanism on the shaft of Sissy's clit.

All that showed of Sissy's manhood was the steadily engorging head in its metal cage which was all of 1 inch long. The two inch long urethral plug meant she felt the plug intimately inside her body and also felt every small movement.

The purple head of her cock strained against the bars of the miniscule cage, bulging between them angrily, obviously hungry to grow. The foreskin was fully retracted and held tightly under the rim of her cock head. Once the head expanded, there was no way for the foreskin to re-cover the cock head, ensuring it remained as sensitive as possible in its' steel prison. The urethral plug enhanced the look of the bright purple, angry, turgid head.

Her shaved Sissy balls remained hidden deep in her body, still taped in place with the flesh coloured athletic tape so that in the dim light, no one could even tell they had ever been there.

"There you go Sissy, the only evidence that you were once a man is your little purple engorged clit in its clit cage. As I said to you earlier the man you once were, is gone. What are you? Tell your Mistress now."

Sissy looked up from the floor, her piss panties still unzipped, her pussy gaping wide open, her glazed face, swollen lips, smeared lipstick and running mascara making her look like a whore who'd been in a hard core movie. Her cute little black bob hair streaked with a few creamy ropes of Alpha male cum through it, she looked such a slutty sight with her cum highlights.

The long deep red nail extensions had suffered a little damage from her hands being cuffed to her ankles, but still looked beautiful.

As she tottered on her heels she looked deep into the camera lens and said-

"Mistress Megan I am your faggot Sissy, your cock sucking, gay slut with an absolute desire to do as I am told and the service all the cocks you and Master V choose for me. I am your Sissy whore Miss, desperate for every Alpha cock I can serve."

As Sissy said it, she looked into the camera swaying slightly the light headedness hitting her harder with each passing moment.

Miss Megan responded to Sissy "Sissy you know that Master V has my absolute blessing for all of the training you're undergoing, remember that. I want you to be the very best Sissy and cock sucker you can be, make sure you make me proud slut or there will be hell to pay."

"Yes Miss Megan I will do everything I can to be the best Sissy cock whore I can be for you."

"That's my girl, well done, now do exactly what Master V says."

"Now slut we need to top your poppers up a little, to release your true inner slut. But before we do let's just back you up over this urinal bowl as I think that when you have poppers, the pints of piss you have consumed will start to flow from your clit as you lose control of your bladder, thanks to these poppers."

They backed her up so that on her high heels she was straddling the end of the urinal bowl her caged clit pointing straight down into the urinal, Master V held two bottles of the strongest poppers up to Sissy's nose, one for each nostril.

"Now breathe, breathe in deeply my slut, you will need as much of your Sissy juice as you can get for what lies ahead, for the count of ten Slut, it's time to get you in the mood for some very big cocks".

As Sissy began to breathe in slowly, pulling in every last sniff she could up to the count of ten, her light-headedness got more and more pronounced. If they hadn't been holding her up she would have fainted. The tottering heels, an empty stomach, the only sustenance she'd had for hours being a pint and a half of Alpha cum and more piss than anyone should ever have to drink.

All of this and then on top of that a tight corset and then the poppers meant she was away with the fairies. Incapable of rational thought, the hypnosis triggers planted in her brain, sparking over and over, "I need to service big cocks, I want to suck big cocks, the bigger the better, I need Alpha male cum."

She now completely associated the smell and effect of poppers with cum and cocks. The connection of breathing in and being a whore was well underway, just as Master V had planned.

As Master V had said, the poppers had the effect not only of making her ass pussy gape wider and relax, as it twitched longing to be filled once more. But also her bladder gave up the slight level of control it had, the piss began to flow from her clit, pint after pint down the urinal she was standing bow legged over. With the cage on the splashing was inevitable but merely made her look more of a slut as far as Master V was concerned.

Not only could she not control it, she was almost oblivious to the flow. The onlookers in the mens room, regarded Sissy with looks of hunger, the predators that they were looking longingly at their prey. The piss flowing and her dishevelled appearance seemed to be making more cocks harden at the thought of using Sissy's mouth and throat.

Master V had her, in exactly the state he wanted her to be in, from the very start. His extreme training and long term planning was now coming to fruition, the man she had been, was now only a distant fading memory, all that was left in her bimbo brain was an abiding, all-consuming need to feed on Alpha cocks as the Sissy whore she had become.

The flow of piss finally trickled to a halt, her corset now significantly looser, as her distended piss stomach, relaxed and shrunk. Clyde wiped piss from her legs left the pussy panty zip open at the rear ready for pussy action as required and the upper zip framed her clit head in its perfect prison. The black shiny PVC front and back making her 1 inch clit head all the more obscene, as it was the only thing showing outside her tight black shiny outfit.

For good measure he also moved her away from the urinal and reached behind her, undid the corset strings and putting his knee into Sissy's lower back he tightened the corset strings to pull tight over her newly flat stomach. He pulled so tightly her every breath was once again laboured and her nipples cried out in pain as the little teeth reminded her of their presence.

Master V still had her with one arm around her corseted waist, his other hand holding the bottle of extra strong poppers to Sissy's nostril who continued to take long breaths for her Master. He began to lead her forward into the darkened club, the guy followed with the tripod and camera as Clyde picked up the few things from the floor and followed.

As Sissy's eyes became used to the lower light level she saw men all around the outside of the dance floor, a raised circular platform in the middle of the floor was empty. She also saw a number of Sissies on their knees pleasuring mens cocks, she felt a painful stab of jealousy.

Master V then said "Now Sissy it's time to FALL again, to FALL and remember your hypno training."

As he said the trigger word of FALL a number of messages began again on a loop in Sissy's brain.

"Being a slave to cock makes you feel like a sensuous girl, sets your inner sissy free, tasting cock sets your inner slut free."

"Cum is your drug, your ultimate goal when sucking large cocks, when your face is covered in cum, it feels like sissy heaven. The more your tease, lick and suck a real man's balls the more cum he'll produce and the sweeter it will taste."

"Alpha males produce more cum than other males. It's thick, tasty and potent, you will actively seek out these types of men while hunting for your next cum fix. FALL. Deeper now cock slave."

"Every time you see a man with a large bulge you will instantly become aroused, you will salivate, your heart will flutter, your clitty will twitch, you'll feel weakness and submission flow through your body. Your pussy will long to be filled itching for use."

"You were born to worship large hard cocks. Your baby sized clitty cannot hope to compare, you will never satisfy a woman. Real men with giant cocks rule your world Sissy, accept it, embrace it and FALL."

She scanned the room staring at the bulges in their trousers searching for the largest ones, her clit visibly twitching in its cage. She needed to taste, to suck, to be face fucked, to drink Alpha cream and to be fucked.

Master V stopped feeding her the poppers.

"Is it time now Sissy?"

"Yes Master V, please let me taste some cock."

"Not so fast Sissy, you have to earn that right. First I suggest you take your rubber cock from Clyde over to the platform and use it as a prop to sell yourself to the men here, flirt with them, attract them with your display, this is your mating ritual if you truly want Alpha men to give you their cum."

Sissy didn't notice but now Clyde had the camera and was recording this conversation.

She replied "Yes Master V, thank you to you and Miss Megan for allowing me to do this, may I go and sell myself now please Master V."

"You may my dear, you have our blessing, go get fed." He passed her one of the bottles of poppers, knowing that for many dominant men the sight of a Sissy on her knees heavily sniffing on poppers would get them hard knowing they could use the slut as hard as they liked.

Clyde stepped forward "lets reapply your lipstick Sissy, it's important you look your whorish best tonight.

Sissy was now oblivious to any form of embarrassment or horror at the situation, she took the long black rubber cock that Clyde proffered to her and realized that she simply needed cock and cum. She began to walk as carefully as she could on the heels, nearly falling every few steps, but then it dawned on her hazy brain that she needed to sell herself not just to walk.

She began to sway as suggestively and sluttily as she could in her heels to try to attract the males around the room.

She was also gloriously aware that almost every pair of eyes were following her progress. Now they wanted her, she was a real submissive woman lusted after by real Alpha men. At least that's how she felt.

She carefully bent down from the waist, legs apart, making sure she showed her gaping pussy to half of the room and began to lick the bottom suction cup of the dildo as lasciviously as she could. As she began to press it down to hold it in place she took tiny side steps so that she circled the platform making sure as many men as possible saw her raw pussy.

She felt this was what they needed to see and then realized that if she wanted cum she'd have to up her game. She could see the other sissies on their knees working on a number of beautiful cocks around the room, that cum was hers not theirs, she'd have to show the men that they were missing out on something better than the blow jobs they were receiving.

To that end she took another three massive hits of poppers in alternate nostrils topping up her levels to the max and then began to squat over the massive cock head.

This time as she lowered her ass pussy over the head she groaned with pleasure like the tramp she now was, she took another hit of poppers and sank 4 inches onto the cock, then another 4 inches.

Now she was kneeling with 8 inches of thick black horse cock in her pussy, impaled but not cuffed or padlocked in place. This time everyone could see she had chosen this, worse than that, she was doing this to attract multiple mates. She had become the true Sissy Pig and Miss Megan revelled at the transformation.

It wasn't three weeks ago since this Sissy slut had first walked into her Examination room and kneeled on all fours as Dr Megan began the digital inspection. How simply she had fallen for the finger up the ass of the prostate exam, she showed the subtle promise of the slut she had become even then.

Now here was her Sissy Slut part way through her training with a 2 inch wide rubber cock 8 inches deep in her slut pussy. As Miss Megan continued with the Hitachi wand on her clit as she watched the debauchery unfolding, she came for the 4th time that hour. A shuddering all-consuming orgasm, fuck she wanted to do things to her Sissy, which she'd only fantasized about before. Now she could have real fun in her small home town.

Sissy continued to sniff every few seconds and began her show, riding up and down the cock, raising herself up fully on her knees and then rocking forward until only the head of the cock held her pussy agape. She'd then go a little further until her pussy lips were closing a little over the head then rock back down and take six inches of cock in one stroke.

She tossed her cum streaked black bob back as she rocked to and fro, moaning and gasping like the girly slut she now was, licking her lips as lewdly as she could. Straining her head back with the sole intention of showing off her leather choker with the immortal words in silver of CUM WHORE. She wanted them all to know what and who she now was.

"Look at her Megan, did you think we could do this to her, it's a fantastic transformation I think."

Megan was nodding into her camera to Master V. "Fuck yes V, it's remarkable, we are going to have so much fun with this one."

Sissy was now riding the cock for all she was worth, her clit raging hard in its prison. He ass pussy so well lubed up it left a white snail trail coating on the black dildo, showing the number of inches she was taking. She was nearing her own sissygasm as one of the men stood from their stool.

A powerful black guy, 250lbs of muscle, simply dressed in jeans and a shirt, but with a truly impressive solid, thick 8 inch cock, bobbing up and down as he walked.

He walked so confidently, almost arrogantly, he was a true Alpha Male with his stunning cock jutting from his trousers, the circumcised head glistening with spit from the sissy who had been sucking him off.

The sissy who had been worshipping his cock was left kneeling at the stool, lipstick and mascara smeared. She looked upset that he had not seen fit to let her finish him off, that his cream was going to the whore riding the cock in the middle of the room.

As Sissy watched this man she thought how nice of the other sissy on her knees, to have worked as a fluffer to prepare this God of an Alpha male for her to finish. She knew this was her role, what she had been freed to be, a perfect sissy cock worshiper.

Her head tilted up, smiling mouth wide open her bright burgundy lipstick such a welcoming hole for a cock. As she took another deep pull on her poppers, still riding the cock for him. How she needed his cock in her mouth, how she craved his Alpha cum.

Her heart was fluttering, her clittie straining against its cage, she was salivating. Now she needed and craved cum, she hoped those big beautiful, black, balls she could see were full to bursting with Black Alpha spunk, to breed her mouth with.

He towered over here, looking deep into her blue eyes with his piercing dark brooding eyes. She could see the hunger in his eyes and also the danger, this was not a man to be trifled with. His innate superiority to her was on show for all to see. She was simply two holes to be fucked and used and abuse as the whore she had become. A white Sissy bitch in her proper place.

He placed both hands on the back of her head and his cockhead into her mouth. She tasted the other sissies saliva, mixed with a little piss and the most manly taste of cock head. She knew her clit would taste more like a pussy now and have none of the amazing tastes and aromas of this real Alpha male in front of her.

It wasn't cock sucking this time, it was brutal face fucking. He pulled her face onto him inch by inch. She began to gag viciously at 5 inches and he simply pulled her another inch on as she retched onto his shaft.

He seemed to not only care, but get more and more turned on by her discomfort. Another inch, she still trying to breath somehow and then he relented and let her off the shaft for a second.

Stupidly she thought he had taken pity on her, but it was simply to get a better grip on her head. He then pulled her forward and thrust his crotch forward at the same time until she felt his pubes on her nose.

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