tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Public Adventures of Mark

The Public Adventures of Mark


Mark was very nervous as they parked the car in the mall parking lot. It was a very cold evening as the sun was getting ready to set. He had always thought about being publicly humiliated, and found the thought so exciting, but as they pulled in and parked the car, the excitement of the fantasy became a fear of reality.

Mark looked at Cindy as she shut off the car. She met his eyes with hers and smiled.

"Ready for a little public humiliation Mark" she said giving him a smile.

"I don't know. I'm getting cold feet" said looking around as if everyone knew his situation.

"Oh no you don't. You're going out there, and your doing this. I'm sure you will have cold feet seeing how it's 36 degrees outside" she grinned as she said it.

Mark had never been outside the house in women's clothes before. He had gotten comfortable dressing around Cindy over the last six months. Mark was a young twenty three year old, who liked mature women. Cindy was a friend of Mark's mothers and she was in her early forties. Their relationship had started off quietly, with nobody knowing about the two of them but slowly had leaked out with time, Cindy had found out about Mark's dressing desires and had been very sympathetic to him. She would help dress him up and listen to him talk of fantasies of giggling girls looking at him or shocked women forming opinions of him based on what they saw. She was the type that wanted to bring some reality to his fantasies, even surprising him at times, but keeping him safe.

Cindy opened the door and stepped out. She had to go around and open his car door as he sit there having second thoughts.

"C'mon Mark. Let's go." she said helping him stand up.

Mark was wearing a dark blue sweat pants and sweat shirt set. The hood on the sweat shirt pulled up over his head. He also had on a pair of dark sun glasses. His feet had a pair of white tennis shoes. He stood up and took the large plastic bag that said Dillards on it, and began walking to the store with Cindy. They passed several people on the way and not a single one lifted an eye at Mark. They walked up to the main sidewalk and detoured to the side of the store behind a wall where the dumpsters were located.

Cindy took the bag and pulled Mark over by the wall. She smiled and looked into his eyes and kissed him.

"It's time." she said reaching up to take off Mark's sunglasses. Mark's eyes were madeup with dark shadows, and he wore false eyelashes with dark mascara and eyeliner. She smiled as she looked at the uneasiness in his body language. She undid the drawstring for the hood and opened it and pulled it off his head to reveal his hair was in perfect rows of 1" brush curlers. The pink pins were perfectly placed to make a straight line over the the top and up the sides of his head. Mark hung his head embarrassed. Cindy cupped his chin and raised his eyes to meet hers. She took a pair of gold hoop clipon earrings and attached them to his lobes. They contrasted with necklace he was already wearing.

Cindy took a tube of red lipstick and began applying it to his lips said, "Are you feeling it yet? A little nervous are we? Embarrassed? Afraid for someone else to see what a sissy you are?" she smiled. " They will laugh at you when they see you, you know." she said finishing his lipstick. Mark said nothing as she unzipped his sweat top and pulled off, followed by the breakaway sweat pants. Mark stood there wearing a white summer dress, with bright red and yellow floral print. It had an elastic waist that showed his contours. He was also wearing a c-cup padded bra that gave him a pronounced bustline as the dress was a tight fit in that area. Mark's legs were bare and shaved. Cindy took a pair of 4" white, high heel sandals out of the bag and Mark slipped them on. His bright red toenails were in sharp contrast and very prominent. Mark hung his head as Cindy removed his gloves to reveal his long red fingernails and rings on his fingers.

"There" Cindy said stepping back and admiring him. She put all his stuff in the Dillards bag. She put a shoulder purse on him, and handed him the bag.

"You ready?" she laughed.

"Cindy. I can't be seen like this."

"Sure you can. I told you the first time it will be a simple recognition. The person will not know you and you will never see them again anyway right? So what does it matter what they think." she said in the comfort of her coat. mark was shivering wearing summer clothes in the 30 degree weather.

"I'm cold Cindy" he said shuffling his feet around.

Cindy slid her warm hand under Mark's skirt and began massaging his semi erect penis. He wore no panties, and Cindy looked him in the eye with a smile as she caused him to become more and more erect. She looked across the parking lot at two cars that had just pulled in.

"I think those two women would like to see you Mark." she said grinning.

"I can't. Can we be a little less obvious." he tried to bargain with her.

"No Mark. The rollers and summer dress in freezing weather is to guarantee you are observed. I doubt they will just walk by a young lady dressed as you are without wondering about her appearance." she smiled still stroking him. "And when they realize you're a man and not a woman, who has been shopping in a department store, well I'm sure they will have some sort of reaction." she looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "I know I would."

She put his skirt down now, and his erection pushed gently against it giving a slight tent effect. She then nudged him forward.

"Cindy, wait. I'm not ready to do this." he looked at her as he tottled forward in his heels.

"What's that Mark? To be publicly humiliated? Embarrassed? Laughed at by others over your passion?" she laughed. "You'll never be ready for that." she pushed into the open. "Go on. Walk back to the car passed those two women who just parked. Let them see you as you walk by. I'll meet you at the car." she kissed him on the cheek. He walked out onto the sidewalk and looked back with a unsure look.

"I'll give you a blowjob once we're back in the car. Now go show what a sissy or faggot or whatever they will think you are." she waved him off to his humiliation.

Mark stepped into the parking lot and started walking. He saw the first woman had already gotten out of her car and was walking toward the mall. Mark had his Dillards bag and his purse. A slight breeze was causing his bare arms, feet, and legs to chill even faster. Not to mention he wore nothing under his skirt. He became more excited as he approached the woman his erection now a concern for him as he noticed it pushing his skirt out even more. He breathed heavily as he walked himself into his inevitable humiliation. What would she say? What would she think of his appearance? his mind was racing.

As they approached each other they made eye contact from a distance and she smiled. She hadn't noticed him he thought. Maybe the curlers were what caught her eye. Didn't see women in major department stores with curlers in their hair, especially the way his hair was set.

She gave him a puzzled look and said, "Aren't you cold?" looking him up and down.

"I'm freezing." he said in his male voice. She gave an indifferent smile as she gave him a quick up and down look at the realization he was a man. Mark thought her eyes seemed to turn away from him as she saw his skirt. Was it his erection against his skirt she had noticed? She continued walking without another word.

Mark felt so humiliated as he had no idea what that woman must be thinking. He kept walking as a the two young girls who had just gotten out of their car were now headed his way. As he approached him they both seemed to figure him quickly. With big grins on their faces the stood very stiffly as they walked very fast. As they got up to him they both looked out the corners of their eyes and gave a quick wave and said "Hi" as they walked by. Mark responded with "hello". They passed him and one of them gushed out uncontrolled.

"Oh my god, that was a guy." they both laughed. "He had curlers in his hair." he could still hear some of the remarks as the distance became greater he could only hear the outburst off laughter that continued to happen. He didn't look back and wanted to get in the car, as he walked faster now the show he was required to perform was over.

As he approached the car he looked back and Cindy was standing in front of the store talking and having a laugh with the first woman he had passed. He turned and was surprised by another woman who was just finishing putting things away in her car next to the one he was riding in. She was a thirtyish attractive woman. He stopped abruptly. She glanced up at him and said,

"You need to get some more clothes on. It's freezing out here." she smiled and then a puzzled looked overtook her face. She looked him over from his curlers to red toenails.

"Been doing some shopping?" she said with a slight smile.

"Just got a few things." he said trying to move on.

"You're a man. Why are you dressed like that?" she looked as if she was expecting an explanation that would make sense to her.

"I....uhm......I just need to do some shopping." he studdered.

"Needed to dress like a girl to do your shopping?" she looked at his hair. "I'm sure those curlers didn't cause any unwanted attention." she looked him over as she talked.

Mark was very nervous now. He had not expected to have to have a conversation. He was just to walk by a couple of suspecting women and move on.

"Nobody said anything to you in the store while you were shopping?" she asked.

"No. I don't think anybody really noticed."

"Honey, if you walked in the store looking like that, everybody noticed." she looked him over again.

"I'm very cold. I think I need to go and warm up." he said with a slight laugh of nerves.

"You should have dressed properly for the evening. You're dressed for July. Your toes have turned red and I'm not talking about your painted toenails." she tilted her head. "Do your parents know you dress like this and go shopping?" she asked sounding pushy.

"I just dressed like this to come to the store." he began to make overly simple statements that were almost silly.

"Is this some kind of dare, or initiation? I mean know you had help. You could not have done those curlers like that by yourself." she followed him now.

"Um.......I, had my hair curled by a friend. I'm just dressed for the evening for fun." he looked away.

"Oh. OK. So you are a transvestite out for a little public frolic. Enjoying the outing?" she smiled.

"I would like to get in the car now." he said as he got to the car.

"You put yourself in front of me. For my amusement. I didn't force you to prance around in women's clothes. You know, I have a dick in my pants too. I'm a guy just like you are." she struck a suggestive pose and winked at him.

She looked so feminine. Mark was really stunned at this.

"Are you really?" he said eyes open in amazement.

"No!" she said and began laughing as she walked away.

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