tagBDSMThe Public Sex Slave Ch. 03

The Public Sex Slave Ch. 03


Chapter 03: Slave Initiation

After arriving at the dungeon I had been stripped naked, humiliated in front of several unfamiliar Mistresses, and subjected to light physical torture during what appeared to be some kind of slave training. But I had a feeling that this was just the beginning.

"Look at you, slave," Mistress said as she led me out of the private dungeon room into the corridor, "Being paraded naked down the hallway so everyone can see you!"

Despite being blindfolded, ball-gagged, and handcuffed, I thought I knew more about where I was and which way I was going than Mistress's tone led one to believe. As I walked as slow as possible, being led by Mistress's metal leash, I could hear the snickering of the other Mistresses, indicating to me that they were still there, following us.

Then I suddenly bumped into someone, evidently my Mistress who had stopped walking.

"You weren't paying attention, slave!" Mistress exclaimed, slapping me across the face again. "I don't think you're ready to be our slave just yet. I think if we were to present you to our guests now they would be very displeased."

What guests? I wondered. What exactly was she talking about?

"Looks like we're going to have to train you a little more," she said as she grabbed the leash close to my neck and pulled me around a corner.

Then I bumped into something else - what I quickly realised to be the inside of a cage. I heard the door slam behind me. I turned around to face Mistress, despite being blindfolded.

"In order to be a good slave for us and our guests later on you're going to have to pay more attention," she said angrily.

With that, I felt a zap to my right hip as Mistress struck me with the violet wand through the cage. I yelped and jumped away instinctively, banging my shoulder against the cage.

"You're going to have to follow orders unconditionally."

I felt another zap, this time on my shoulder. I tried to turn away.

"And you're going to have to enjoy whatever we decide to do you."

I felt a zap on my arse.

"Do you understand, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress," I responded, but as I spoke I found I could barley utter the words as my throat was so dry, and all that came out was a small choking sound.

"Awww, is my slave thirsty?" she asked patronisingly. The other Mistresses had been relatively quiet for a while.

I nodded this time.

"Mistress, can you bring my slave some water, please?"

As the Mistress's footsteps disappeared down the hallway my Mistress reached through the cage and gently pulled me towards her, my front was pressing against the cage bars and I could feel she was standing very close. She whispered into my ear.

"It's ok, slave. I'll look after you."

As she said this she gently stroked the back of my neck and shoulders and as I stood there in that moment I felt an ironic comfort that I had never felt before. I knew that what was going to happen to me from then on was going to be more brutal than I ever imagined, but I knew that I was going to follow orders and enjoy it all because my Mistress was in charge. Already I felt a little closer to becoming her slave.

The other Mistress returned and my Mistress let go.

"Here you go," she returned somewhat to her previous commanding tone. She placed the water on the floor of the cage and took out my ball-gag. "Drink," she commanded.

By the fact I was still handcuffed, I figured that the water was in a bowl on the ground and that I was meant to drink it like a dog. I slowly kneeled down to the ground and when I landed I felt the bowl with my knee. I shuffled back and leant forward, hoping that I find the bowl and don't start licking the floor. I couldn't find it at first and I felt so awkward, kneeling over helplessly. I turned slowly and suddenly felt the bowl with my face and started licking up the water. Once again I felt so beneath the other Mistresses.

Just as my throat started to feel more normal, my Mistress gave me a forceful shove with her foot.

"Ok, stand up!"

As I stood up, some loud music started playing.

"Show us your dance moves, slave!" Mistress cried out.

I stood there stunned. I was not expecting this and I was completely embarrassed. But I wanted to serve Mistress well so I started slowly dancing by stepping to the beat without moving the rest of my body.

"Shake that arse!" Another Mistress yelled, somehow spanking me through the cage.

I started swaying my hips from side to side along with the beat. I wasn't a terrible dancer, but I was still handcuffed and I felt that the type of music required arm movement; nevertheless I felt like a total idiot.

"Oh my god, you're hopeless," exclaimed Mistress. "Thrust your hips forwards and back."

I did so, and as the image of what I must've looked like suddenly popped into my head I felt my penis start to harden.

"Faster!" they yelled.

With every swing, my penis grew a little more and in moments it was fully erect.The Mistresses started cheering and clapping their hands to the beat as I kept dancing naked in my cage, thrusting my pelvis and shaking my penis while they watched. It felt good to entertain them with my body in this way, and once again I felt some pre-cum fall out.

"Woo! Keep going, sexy!" They cheered. They must've either not noticed or didn't care anymore.

I kept shaking my hard penis, whilst feeling the most embarrassed that I could ever remember being until eventually the music stopped and I caught my breath. My penis was still hard and someone suddenly clasped their hand around it.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" Mistress said, pulling me by my penis towards her. She pulled me right up to the cage bars so that our faces were touching. "You are nothing but my slave, do you understand?" She said slowly and sincerely.

I was too scared to move.

"You are mine now. I own you."

Then she kissed me aggressively, sticking her tongue in my mouth as if she were licking her ice cream. With a rough tug she let go of my penis and wiped off the pre-cum.

"And easily aroused."

She shoved her hand in my face and I knew what I was meant to do. I licked my pre-cum clean off her hand.

"Good." She said, impressed.

Then she took off my blindfold and undid my handcuffs. I noticed the other Mistresses were standing by. I was free to see, speak and move my arms, but I didn't care. I waited for my Mistress's instructions.

"Down on the floor now."

I got on my knees again. Mistress stuck her leg in through the cage and stood on my penis. It was painful. I could feel it not only being squashed by the sole of her shoe but also being poked with the heel. I cringed but dared not make a sound.

"I want you to pledge your loyalty to me as my slave," Mistress explained, releasing her shoe. "Repeat what I say: I kneel before you, my eyes cast down, my head bowed in Respect,"

I repeated, and followed the actions she described.

"My hands upon my thighs, their palms upturned in offering of my submission.. my back arches lifting my chest, my thighs part, exposing myself to you.. my body totally accessible to you... my mind open to be taught, guided and directed by you... I lift my voice and ask permission to speak... I submit to you, Mistress.. to mould me into the slave I am yet to be..."

As I pledged my submissiveness to my Mistress, I felt I connected with what I was saying and at that moment I truly didn't look forward to anything else but serving her. Without saying anything she placed her hands inside the cage and held them there. I reached up and took her hands, kissing her fingers gently. She smiled and then placed her feet on the cage floor. I lowered myself to the floor and kissed her feet.

"You're almost ready to be my slave. You need to complete one other task."

"Yes, Mistress," I said willingly.

"You must pleasure me and make me orgasm. If you can't then you will be punished and you will not like it."

I swallowed hard.

Without warning, Mistress started undressing. She didn't seem to mind that the other Mistresses were still standing around watching. She unzipped her corset so that she remained in her black lingerie. I noticed however that my penis was no longer erect, of all moments! I was surprised but I realised with pride that this is what it must be like to be a slave.

Lingerie clad, Mistress opened the cage door and picked up my leash. She didn't tell me to stand so I crawled out towards her. She led me to a nearby couch where she sat down in front of me.

"When you're ready," she said.

With that, I pulled down her underwear over her stockings and I stared for a moment at her bald pussy. Other than a tiny landing strip on her pelvis, there wasn't a single strand of hair – it was very enticing. I pressed my lips against her pussy and, without opening my mouth, gave it a single long kiss. I decided that the best way to achieve my goal was to not rush into it.

I shuffled forward so that I was close and kneeled between her legs. I placed my hands around her legs, below her knees and continued to kiss her pussy softly and slowly. She made no response. I moved my head so that I was kissing her inner thigh and then moved up to her waist. As I continued to kiss her in similar regions I stroked her pussy lightly with my fingertips, running my fingers up and down the lips of her pussy. Whilst doing this I quickly glanced up at her and noticed her eyes were closed and she had a pleasant look on her face. I took this as encouragement and continued. I gently squeezed and pulled on her lips and used my other hand to grab and caress her thigh.

I moved back downwards and started kissing her pussy again and then I slowly licked the lips of her pussy. Starting at the bottom and making my way upwards I slowly licked the different outer parts of her pussy including her clitoris. I tried licking on one side at the bottom, then up over the clitoris, then back down the other side. I tried several different licking patterns and added some slow sucking. All of a sudden, she let out a soft, slow, comfortable moan. It sounded so sexy, and for an instant I wanted to have sex with her, but I reprimanded myself, knowing that such a thing was beyond the scope of my servitude.

On the realisation that I was succeeding in arousing her, I decided to focus more on her clitoris. I gave it a lick and then moved back to other areas before giving a it a gentle suck into my mouth. I continued doing this in several patterns, maintaining firmness, and she continued with her pleasurable, high-pitched moaning but more regularly. I started getting nervous and felt the pressure to give her what she wants. I didn't want to be punished, but that wasn't the reason I want to do a good job.

I then decided it was time to finger. I continued licking a sucking her clitoris and I slowly inserted two fingers inside her vagina. This caused her to suddenly gasp with pleasure. I could feel that she was highly lubricated and her juices were now all over my nose and mouth, but I liked it. I slowly moved my fingers in and out as she continued to moan and gasp. I ran my fingers around her inner vaginal walls and went on licking and caressing her clitoris. She was surely close to orgasm now. I inserted a third finger and after a few seconds I tried inserting a fourth, it was tight but it was worth it – she yelped. I stopped for a moment, unsure.

"Keep going, slave!" She screamed.

I moved my four fingers in and out while I licked.

"Faster!" She gasped.

I quickly accelerated and stopped licking as it was impossible now to do both. Vaginal fluids were coming out onto my whole hand. She made several loud, very long moans; so I went the G-spot. I turned my hand around and felt her upper wall with my fingers and found it immediately. I rubbed hard with my fingers and returned to lick her clitoris. She screamed again with intense pleasure, pushed upwards with her hips, and clamped my head in place with her legs. She reached around and pressed on the back my head hard; pushing my face as far as it would go inside her. I felt so restricted and I felt like a true pleasure slave – my comfort was not important.

I rubbed her G-spot and licked her clitoris both as quickly as possible and after ten seconds I felt her body tense up and she grabbed my hair, pulling my head away by an inch or so. At that instant I felt an unexpectedly large and warm spray of cum splash over my face. Before I closed my eyes I saw it squirt out of her pussy like a hose but chose not to turn away. The cum somehow spread across my face, dripping over my eyes, nose and into my mouth. Mistress suddenly sat up and looked at me, smiling.

"Lick it up, slave," she let go of my hair and I licked her pussy clean, sucking every last drop of cum off her. It was so warm and sticky and didn't taste like any appealing delicacy.

With the cum in my mouth, I looked at her anxiously. She looked into my eyes and, whilst still smiling, nodded sternly. I closed my eyes and swallowed the cum; it required a few attempts until I had only the taste left in my mouth. It tasted disgusting, but I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed any other food or drink.

I looked up at her again waiting either for praise or instruction. Instead she stood up silently, put her clothes back on, looked down at me and said "You're ready to be my slave."


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