The Purrfect Speciman Ch. 1


Dan turned to the bed and slowly lowered himself and her to the sheets. Her fingers/claws dug into his back, he could feel them drawing blood, but Dan had always thought that that was sexy and arousing as hell.

He pulled back to look more fully at this unexpected visitor. She gazed up at him with undisguised lust, her pink nipples hot and dark in the dimness of his bedroom. Lower, her pussy was soaked and her lips gaped, eager to receive his cock. Dan smiled and then stroked his cock with his hand, "Is this what you want my pretty?" he said aloud.

* * * * *

Malina's eyes narrowed into blue slits and her tongue licked her lips. She focused on his large cock being held in his hand and reached out, touching it tentatively, but with great curiosity. She meowed again, then continued the purr which had been a constant since she'd watched Dan jerking off. She extended a claw and scrapped her softly against the length of his cock, then circling its sensitive head.

She could understand his words clearly, but even if she couldn't, his tone, the look in his eyes, the way he caressed himself spoke volumes. He wanted her as much as she wanted him.

She crawled up onto her knees. A sensual, smooth, muscular movement that brought her up in front of him. She licked at his nipples with her raspy tongue, rubbing her body against his again, but before he could reach out and hold her, Malina turned herself around, presenting her swollen, gaping cunt for him to fill. She looked over her shoulder and growled at Dan, beckoning...pleading.

* * * * *

Dan looked at her and it was as if she could have read his mind. He let go of his cock and then reached for her body. As he touched her, she mreowed again and her purr took on a different tone, one more urging. He caressed her fur, then her tail. It was so different than anything he could have ever imagined.

Finally his hand dropped between her legs and his fingers found the hot, wet slit of her sex. She was burning up and wet as anything. Dan growled and then spread her legs with his hand. He plunged a finger in, exclaiming at the heat that he found there. She growled back at his touch and her hindquarters arose in the air, begging for attention. Dan was reminding of a cat, one who you scratched the hindquarters of. She lowered her face to the pillows and mreowed again.

Dan moved between her legs and caressed her sides. He bent over and found her breasts as they hung beneath her. He squeezed gently and she mreowed plaintively. He caressed back down her body again and then took his cock in his hand.

He rubbed his cock's head against her sex and was astounded by the heat that was generated. She moved back and his cock's head slipped into her slit. Dan moaned in ecstasy at the feeling. She was tight, wet, and very hot, he almost felt as if he could melt inside of her. But he had to be there, buried in her.

Dan took a breath and then pushed forward, plunging deeper into the feline woman in front of him. His groan of pleasure and her yowl of completeness came at the same time.

* * * * *

Malina was panting into the pillow, smothering her yowls and growls the best she could. She knew better than to make too much noise but the man's cock buried to the hilt inside her pulsing red sex was almost too much.

She pushed back against him hard and rose up higher, her knees almost coming off the bed. Her tail was sticking straight up and had curled around his neck, twitching ever so often against his ear. She rocked into him, pressing herself harder onto his cock as he pulled out, then slid back into her wetness.

* * * * *

And gods was she wet! Dan looked down at the sight of their joining. His thick cock moved in and out while her cunt swelled around him and dripped milky clear juices onto the bed. He'd never been as aroused as he was at such a sight. And her muscles.... he groaned each time he pulled out and her pussy muscles just gripped him, pulling him back in almost painfully.

He clasped her hindquarters with a firm grip, trying to hold her still, for her hips seemed to have a mind of their own, gyrating and squirming around him. He watched fascinated as her long white fingers moved back between her legs and played with her clit, the red and swollen knob protruding almost like a small cock from between her lips. Her purrs filled the room and Dan was turned on to a fever pitch at the sight and thoughts of him fucking a cat-woman in his own bed.

Dan was in another place. In his wildest dreams and strangest imaginings he would never have thought that he would be doing this right now.

She was fever-hot around his cock and his cock reveled in it. It was like this was the way fucking should be. This was how it was meant to be between a man and a woman. His cock pulled all the way out, glistening with her juices, then Dan plunged it all the way back in, the head bumping deep inside of her. Her cunt milked him, squeezing tightly as he started to pull out again. Dan heard a low animal moan and he realized that it was him making this noise. He had never been this turned on.

But he wanted more. Much more.

Dan pulled back, his cock slipping from the hot sheath of her pussy. She yowled as he left her and looked back at him with those luminous blue eyes. Their stares locked and Dan smiled. "Turn over, kitty-cat. I'm not finished yet."

Dan didn't know if it was his words or the pressure of his hands on her hips, but she did roll over. A sinuous slide that amazed Dan with her almost liquid move.

Dan and the cat-woman kept looking into each other's eyes as Dan slowly crouched in front of her. Her sex was wide open and extremely wet. The lips gaped and Dan loved the hot pink color against the short white color of her skin. Dan continued to look into her eyes, as he bent his face to lick her crotch. To gather her juices and swallow them.

The growl of pleasure from Malina was unmistakable. She wrapped her legs around his neck and Dan felt the velvet softness of her short fur against his skin. But what really turned him on even more, made him want this woman, was her taste. She smelled and tasted of honeysuckles. Dan couldn't get enough of her. His tongue cleaned her out, licking and sucking the sweet nectar that continued to flow almost in streams from her pussy. Her lips were now so swollen they resembled the fat petals of a flower opening in the spring and her clit was the stamen.

He buried his face in her essence, not being able to get close enough, drink deep enough from her. Malina was purring and mreowing, but the sounds were quickly becoming more demanding, more urgent. Her paws came down to caress his head and she ran her fingers through his hair to hold him to her tightly. Dan could feel her claws scratching his scalp. He fucked her with his tongue, pushing deep inside of her, then pulled out slowly to suck on her cunt lips, pulling them into his mouth before moving to her clit which glistened bright red.

Just when he thought he might be taking her over the edge, though, Malina pulled back. Unwrapping her legs, she pulled herself up with her arms and looked down at him, his eyes glazed with lust, his face smeared with her creamy juices. She made her wishes known. She wanted his cock back in her again. She wanted to feel it thrusting and pumping hard in her pussy. That's how she wanted to come.

* * * * *

Gently she pushed Dan over and mounted him. This was not an unknown position to her. She'd seen him using it with the other female, the redhead. And it had excited her to watch the woman moving sensuously above him. Once Dan was on his back, she straddled his hips and lowered her wide open pussy onto his engorged cock which has now dark red with his need. Slowly she slid down its length until he was nestled deep within her, all the way down to his belly. Her heat surrounded him and made him gasp, but he held on to her hips as she slowly began to move over him.

* * * * *

As she settled on to him, Dan felt as if a volcano was swallowing his cock. If anything, she was hotter than she was before. She continued to purr, and Dan could feel the rumbling deep inside of him. It was like a vibrator that surrounded his cock.

For a moment or three, Dan watched his exotic lover slide up and then back down on him. Her eyes were closed in that contented look that cats have. Like nothing else in the world could make them happier than what was happening at that moment. Dan could agree completely.

The cat-woman hunched and then stretched, arching her back and pushing her taunt breasts out. Dan took the hint and his hands caressed her hips, smoothing the short silky hair, and moved up to her tits. He cupped them with his hands and the purring of his lover grew louder. She mewed, and suddenly her pussy contracted around his cock. Dan couldn't help it, he gasped at the feeling. It felt as if she was sucking and pulling on his cock, trying to get him completely inside of her.

At his surprise, Dan squeezed his hands, pinching her nipples. The cat-woman yowled, a pleasing sound and her clawed hands came and pressed his hands into her chest. She was enjoying this. Dan was enjoying this! Dan wanted to fuck all night with this lover of his.

* * * * *

When his hands moved from her hips to her breasts, Malina thought she'd died and gone to the peaceful place of dreams. The stimulation his fingers and palms provided added to her growing need, causing the yowl of pure pleasure to escape her lips. She pressed his hands against her harder, trying to convey what she wanted.

His hands contracted down, pinching her nipples and another yowl flowed into the night air. She pressed harder. Pull on them...pinch me she sent to his mind with all her abilities of telepathy.

She'd resisted using them until now. This had been so perfect, so right, she didn't want to invade his mind, but her need overwhelmed good sense and she begged him with purrs and claws to increase the pressure.... don't be gentle.

Meanwhile, her pussy continued to suck his cock in each time she came down on him. Her movements were more urgent, harder between them as she prepared to come. If Dan had looked down at their joining, he would have seen that her lips where even larger, almost spread out around his cock, bright red and shining with juice.

* * * * *

Dan's eyes grew large and were amazed when her 'voice' appeared in his mind. Why not? Telepathic sex kittens. He pushed the newfound knowledge away, just accepting it as she started to move faster and faster on his cock.

Dan pinched her nipples, obeying the command. He pinched and held on, pulling them away from her tits. She mewed in pleasure and pain and began to gasp. Then Dan twisted the blood-engorged nipples. At this sensation, the heat of her pussy grew and Dan thought his cock might get burned, but it felt to good to try to stop. Her sex sucked at him, eating his cock each time she slid down on it.

Dan pushed his elbows behind him and leaned up, bringing his mouth to those hot pink nipples of hers. He sucked on it and squeezed it with his lips. Then he rolled it between his teeth and his tongue, causing the purr to intensify. Dan could feel the rumbling through his teeth now and it was drowning away any of the other sounds that he could hear.

He switched to the other nipple and she put her furred paws on his shoulders, using his body to leverage herself up and then back down his throbbing cock. He nibbled on the nipple, almost biting, enjoying the pleasure-pain that he was giving the cat-woman.

Dan could feel her pussy squeezing and milking his cock. God, it felt good! Beyond any other sex he had ever had. But the wonderful thing was he wasn't ready to come...not yet. His masturbation had taken the edge off and it was taking an atypical long time for his balls to begin to get ready to come.

But apparently she had no such compulsion to hold back. As Dan sucked and nibbled on her tits, he felt her claws digging into his shoulders and a soft grunting noise interrupted the flow of the purring. Her pussy clamped around him and spasmed and he could almost feel her juices shooting out like molten lava around his cock.

The yowl was high pitched, long and loud, but Dan didn't notice. All he knew was that his cock was caught in a vice of pure pleasure and it barely registered when she finally released him and relaxed her hold on him.

Slowly he felt the tingling on his chest and shoulders and looked down to see tiny dots of blood where her claws had extended out of her fingers had held him closely. Small price to pay for pleasuring her the way he had.

* * * * *

Malina reared back her head and let out her mating call. The climax was rocketing through her body and she grunted her satisfaction as she reveled in the best sex she had ever had. She'd been sexually mature for several years now, even though she was still considered very young among her people. But this human male.... his cock, his mouth, his tongue...had made her forget all other males she'd ever been with, alien or otherwise.

Contentedly she lay down across his chest and kneaded his upper arms as she snuggled under his chin. Her pussy had loosened and she felt the flow of her cum run between them, soaking her fur.

Dan smiled, she was perfectly content now, but he was still as horny, maybe more so, than he had been when they started. He lay back, wrapping his strong arms around her, marveling once again at the silkiness of her fur.

He caressed her back, stroking as if loving a pet, though she was certainly no pet! He stroked downward and when he reached the small of her back, she purred softly and clamped her pussy on his cock. Dan groaned in pleasure and she looked up startled. Dan smiled into her blue-china eyes.

"It's okay, lover," he said softly. "That felt really good." Then he rubbed her back again, starting at her shoulders and trailing down to her ass and again her pussy contacted around his cock. This was great! It was almost like masturbating but with a woman around him instead of his hand. Dan stroked and enjoyed the feeling of her squeezing him. He could hear the squishy sound of her juices moving between his cock and her pussy and that sound excited him as well.

With that thought, Dan, moved and kissed her. She claimed his mouth as they kissed, their tongues darting and caressing. Dan was still amazed by her nimble, rough tongue and the contrast between that feeling and the one on his cock was fantastic.

Slowly Dan rolled over. She clamped her legs around his waist as she did so, allowing Dan to be on top without even leaving her pussy. She smiled, her fangs showing in the dim light of the street lamp outside. Dan returned the smile and then began to move his hips, stroking outward and then back in. He moved in a practiced steady rhythm, intent on bringing this cat-woman to another pinnacle of pleasure.

* * * * *

Malina knew they were not done. She felt like she could never get enough of this specimen of a man. How fantastic he made her feel! When she discovered that he liked her reaction to his stroking of the fur on her back, she knew they were perfectly matched. Plus, the stroking was making her hot all over again. Her pussy had begun to go back to its normal size, but now she could feel it heating again.

When Dan rolled them over, she discovered how much she liked looking up into his eyes, seeing his pleasure. They were hooded now with intense concentration as he began moving in and out of her again, stimulating the walls of her cunt as he stroked. She purred again and her paws reached up and kneaded his chest, her claws retracted. She wanted him to know how good it felt.

Her legs loosened their grip and she raised her hips to meet his each time, allowing them to spread as far apart as they wanted to go to accommodate his movements. She was a little surprised to find that her tits required attention again, so she moved one hand from his chest and moved it to her own, playing with her nipple...flicking it and rolling it between her fingers. Ah, that felt so good, her purr grew in volume.

* * * * *

While Dan got into truly fucking her again, he felt the soft fur of her tail caressing his back.... and was startled to find it inching its way down to flick at the crack of his ass. It was almost as if she could control its movements.

The feather caress of her tail was like a whip, goading him into moving harder and faster. He already knew she liked it rough, so he leveled up and then slammed into her again. As he pulled out to repeat the movement, she mewed in pleasure and he could feel the muscles of her pussy contracting, trying to keep him buried within her.

Dan pulled back slowly, then slammed forward again, setting up a smooth gentle beat and then switching to a hard and fast rhythm. This felt incredibly good with her heat and muscular control. Dan felt the beginning of an orgasm arising in his balls and he ignored it. He wanted this to last a good long time.

He looked down at her face and her breasts. Her pink nipples were erect and stuck up like small cocks. She was pleasuring herself, tweaking her breasts, and purring deeply. The rumble of her purr permeated him and it felt as if he was riding a muscle relaxer/vibrator. He smiled when he realized that he would always know when he was pleasing this lady. Her purr would give her away.

He signed and looked at her, her eyes were alien and fascinating: deepest sky blue with a golden slit pupil. They gazed up at him and he swore he could see love and lust in those eyes. At that moment Dan knew he was lost. He could never go back to human females again. He needed the danger, the excitement, and the incredible sensuality of this cat-woman.

Dan felt his balls contract and he paused. Then he spoke hoarsely. He didn't know if she could understand him or not, but it was worth a try, "Oh, kitty... you feel so good around me, but I don't want to come yet. Suck me, let me come in your mouth. And let me taste you at the same time, come on my face."

* * * * *

Malina purred her agreement.... he seemed to sense that she wanted that too...actually she wanted anything he wanted to do to her at the moment. Dan pulled out slowly and his cock popped out with a sucking sound as her pussy reluctantly let it go. He rolled to her side and lay flat on his back, waiting to see if she'd truly understood what he wanted.

* * * * *

She must have, because Malina crouched up on her hands and knees and looked down at him lovingly. She bent to kiss him, then began licking his neck with rough, little flicks of her tongue. She moved down to his nipples, nipping a bit there too before descending little by little down his abdomen until Dan's hips were off the bed, his cock needing to be inside her mouth.

* * * * *

His dick danced mere inches from her nose and Malina inhaled deeply, the smell of his sex arousing her more and making the muscles in her pussy twitch. She raised one leg and straddled his face, letting her tail rest across his head and proceeded to nuzzle her face into crotch. His pubic hair was moist and curly with their juices and she licked the inside of his thigh before moving to the part demanding attention.

Slowly she let her mouth extend open and took him all in her mouth in one smooth swift motion. Her mouth clamped onto his cock much like her pussy had and she moved her lip muscles to caress him while her tongue bathed all around it.

He tasted and smelled so good, she felt she could curl into him right here in this spot. She felt a gush of warm liquid between her legs and the next second his breath caressed her thighs and she knew his mouth was barely an inch from her own throbbing sex.

She wanted nothing more than to rub herself across his face, but she held herself up, letting him decide what it was he wanted to do. She remembered his tongue from when he had buried his head between her legs earlier and craved that feeling again.

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