tagLoving WivesThe Quadraplegic & His Wife

The Quadraplegic & His Wife


It had been a terrible accident. The car was a complete write off and it was hard to even recognize that it had been a car! The truck had lost its brakes and had careered down the hill and across the intersection which I had been unfortunate enough to be crossing!

Let me tell you about myself. I am 39 years old and am married to the best girl in the world. My line of work had been in the accountancy field and I had a promising career ahead of me – that is, before the accident. Now I had no hope of ever being anything in life. My darling wife, Cindy, was 29 years old and as pretty as a picture. She was my one love and we had known each other for years before we decided to go out together and later to get married. Cindy had a gorgeous body, beautiful breasts with elongated nipples, a beautiful butt and the longest legs anyone could hope to see.

Our marriage had been based totally on love. That was the only reason we married. We were totally in love and it showed! Cindy had been a virgin before we started going out together but I soon changed that. We were a devoted couple and everyone knew it. Cindy worked as a waitress in a very good restaurant and whilst her wages were not very good, she received some very good tips which made working there worthwhile. She would often come home and tell me about the men who had tried to hit on her while she was looking after them during their meals. Most of them left good tips even though she rejected all of their advances.

The accident changed all of that! Cindy’s employers were very good and allowed her lots of time off to visit and stay with me in the hospital but she still had to go in to work when ever she was needed. I was a total wreck. My legs were shot, my back had been badly damaged and this had caused me to have minimal use of my arms. I certainly couldn’t walk around nor get out of bed. The hospital staff had been wonderful to me and I really appreciated everything they had done for me. Just lying in a hospital bed might seem fun for some but it certainly wasn’t for me. Although we had no children we had to consider what would happen to our nice little home if we couldn’t get some form of compensation from the driver of the wayward truck.

Cindy was a wonderful wife and visited me in hospital whenever she could. I had been in the hospital for 7 long months before I was assessed as being able to return home provided I had lots and lots of assistance. Fortunately the court case found in our favor and we had a nice settlement which would at least see us well cared for in the years to come. Money, unfortunately, isn’t everything and there were lots of things money just can’t buy. After 7 long months in hospital it was so good to be in my own home and now the long rehabilitation would begin. We had managed to get suitable nursing help and the nurses came in 3 times each day to give me physiotherapy and see to my needs. I don’t have to tell you my brain was still working very well but the rest of my body wasn’t. What I mean by that is that I could still think of all the things I wanted to do, but couldn’t do any of them.

One of the nurses who called each day was a really pretty girl with a wonderful figure. She always seemed to have a couple of buttons of her uniform undone whenever she bent over me. I got myself a good look at her breasts and, sometimes she didn’t even wear a bra which meant I could see all of her breasts. This was a wonderful view but although my sex drive hadn’t diminished in the slightest, everything else about my sex life was gone. I couldn’t get an erection and even if I could I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it! I was a hopeless cripple.

It constantly worried me that Cindy wasn’t being looked after sexually as I couldn’t give her any sexual relief at all. She kept telling me she was O.K. but I knew she was lying and was in desperate need of relief. I just couldn’t think how I could help her. The only part of me which worked well, except my brain, was my mouth. Fortunately I could still speak and do things with my mouth including eating my food although someone had to feed me as my arms were next to useless now.

Cindy told me one day that she had worked out a surprise for me. I wondered just what she could have in store for me. She called out from the next room asking me if I was ready for my surprise. When I told her I was ready, she danced into my room completely naked and without any hesitation at all, she climbed up onto the bed, stood up and walked herself up to near my head. She then squatted down over my face and asked me to lick her! This excited me greatly, but at the same time made me feel terrible. I had no trouble in licking her and bringing her to orgasm, but that was all I could do and although my mind was telling me it would be good to fuck her, my body was telling me there was nothing I could do about it! What a mess!

As soon as Cindy had cum, I could see the relief on her face but I could also see she wanted more. I just wasn’t able to give her anything extra, except that she slipped down onto the bed and presented her left nipple to my mouth and invited me to suck on it! This was an extra thrill for me and I soon had her squirming on the bed as I sucked her nipple. I sucked and sucked until she began to shudder and she came with a beautiful orgasm whilst lying alongside me. After we had experimented with this licking of her clit and cunt, and also her nipples, it became a rather regular thing and I could be sure of it happening at least once a week – whenever Cindy felt like it. All I could say was that it was a form of sex between Cindy and myself but, of course, I wanted more and I was sure Cindy felt the same way. Of course we had been kissing very deeply all the time – at least we could do that very well.

I found it difficult to talk to Cindy about sexual matters – we still had a wonderful rapport but it was because of my feelings of inadequacy that I had my difficulties! I know Cindy loved me and we were very close and she did anything for me whenever I needed attention but I still felt much less than a man!

After watching Cindy look after me so well and tending to all of my needs I felt I just had to say something to Cindy about sex. I waited until she had come in, naked as usual, for one of our limited sex sessions and, after I had satisfied her with my mouth, I asked her to sit down on the bed as I wanted to talk to her. When she had come down from her orgasm and still naked, she sat on the bed alongside me. She was really lying on the bed next to me. I began by telling her how much I loved her.

I then told her how much I enjoyed having her present her cunt to my mouth so that I could bring her to orgasm and I hoped that would continue for ever! I told her I hoped to have some use back in my limbs one day but I didn’t have anything to back that statement up. I then took the plunge and told her I thought she should look for sex with someone who is very safe and get her proper release from him. I told her I loved her so much I was prepared to allow her to fuck other men on the condition that she come back and tell me all about it after each session. She should have the entire choice of who to fuck and my only condition was that it had to be someone who would not cause any unpleasant circumstances where it might become known to other people.

Cindy just looked at me and quietly said, “Darling, I am completely satisfied with your mouth and you are able to bring me to climax without any worries. I want you to continue and I will do my best to make myself available more often as I know you love sucking me!” It was my turn to continue the conversation.

I said, “Cindy, no normal human being should be subject to deprivation of sex just because one of the partners in the marriage cannot perform satisfactorily! I have been considering this for a long time now and I would ask you, in the nicest possible way, to give the matter some consideration and see if you can come up with a man you would want to fuck you! I want you to understand that I still want to be able to suck your cunt as often as possible and I never want that to stop but I do know you would benefit from real sex and I am sure we can do both! Please think about it, Darling!”

I could see Cindy wasn’t taking this idea too seriously and she simply said, “O.K. I will think about it but that is as far as it is likely to go!” We continued on with our limited sexual activities and Cindy was still reaching wonderful orgasms but it was easy to see she would have liked more. I suggested she should buy herself a dildo and then she could use that to get extra relief. She shied away from that idea saying it might make her want to get the real thing! I told her she had better get a dildo right away because that was the reason I was suggesting it!

Cindy wouldn’t purchase a dildo although I tried and tried to talk her into it. My sexy day nurse had become even more familiar with me and regularly exposed herself to me. She had a wonderful pair of breasts and now she never seemed to wear a bra when she was with me. As she became more daring she opened her blouse and exposed her breasts completely on occasions when there wasn’t anyone else in the house. Cindy would use the time the nurses were with me to run her errands and this also gave her a chance to get out of the house.

I must be honest and say I didn’t do anything to encourage the nurse, Elaine, to expose herself, but to be fair, I certainly didn’t do anything to discourage her! On this occasion she not only pulled the front of her blouse open but shrugged it down off her shoulders and let it slip down her arms. She was naked to the waist in front of me! Elaine was so similar to Cindy that they could have been twins, except for their ages. Elaine was only 25. When she had completed her nursing tasks and I had been changed and the bed coverings had been adjusted, she sat down on the bed and began to talk to me. She started off by asking me a question. “Phil, does me showing myself off like I am now upset you in any way? Would you prefer me to not remove or undo my blouse? I have a real reason for asking these questions and I will tell you about that later. What effect do my bare breasts have on you right now?”

Unable to think of any smart alec answer to throw at her, I simply said, “Elaine, I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t like what I see. What upsets me most is that I can’t do anything about it other than to perhaps lick you and kiss you. I have the same feelings as every other hot blooded man but I just can’t do anything about it. It is very frustrating, but otherwise I enjoy everything you do for me!”

Elaine moved over my bed more and pressed her lips onto mine. She began kissing me quite deeply and I could feel my senses responding but not my cock. It still remained a limp, useless lump. After a few moments of kissing her she moved further up the bed and eased her long, dark red nipple into my mouth. I almost thought I was licking Cindy’s nipple when I had Elaine’s nipple in my mouth. I told Elaine I thoroughly enjoyed kissing her and sucking her nipple and I guessed there was no harm in doing that because I couldn’t take it any further.

She urged me to suck her nipple hard and, in fact, to hurt her! I didn’t like doing that but sucked much harder and gradually engaged my teeth around her nipple and began to gently bite her. She seemed to love this and urged me to bite her harder. I didn’t want to hurt her at all and refused to bite any harder. She told me I would soon learn to hurt her as she loved that sort of treatment. Over a couple of visits, when she presented herself naked to the waist, and allowed me to suck her nipples, she asked me if she could take this a little further. I had no objections, of course, and told her to go ahead and do whatever she wanted.

Without hesitating for a second, she pulled her nipple from my mouth – it must have hurt because I had a fair bite on it – and quickly slipped out of her skirt and panties. She climbed up onto the bed, exactly the same as Cindy had done, and thrust her cunt right into my mouth. I didn’t hesitate at all and began sucking her pussy lips and licking her clit as hard as I could go. She took no time at all to begin to cum and had an exciting orgasm in only a few minutes. When she had cum, she sat down on the bed and asked me if I liked doing that to her. What a stupid question! I told her it was wonderful but would she please get a cloth and wash my mouth otherwise Cindy would be able to taste her juices on my mouth. Elaine quickly washed my mouth and I felt a lot better.

Elaine continued with this form of lovemaking whenever she was alone with me. I had some conscience about it and just hoped Cindy wouldn’t find out about it before I summonsed up the courage to tell her. Elaine allowed me to become a very adept lover in so far as I could only lick her and suck her nipples. She seemed to enjoy that and I saw no reason to stop doing it.

The more I explored Elaine’s body, I could see she was just so much like Cindy. Cindy had a beautiful pubic bush which was a wild and she had a small amount of hair growing down the insides of her legs – only about an inch or so but nevertheless, it was a similar extra amount of hair just the same as Elaine’s bush. Cindy also had hair growing around to her anus and on either side of her cunt lips, joining together above her clit and then, having spread out to a lovely triangle. This just continued with a fine furry line of soft downy hair from the top of her triangle to her navel. She looked wonderful. Incredibly, Elaine’s bush was so similar it could have been considered exactly the same. The color, which was a lovely light brown, was also the same for both. The two girls also had several stray hairs growing around their nipples.

Contrary to what might be thought, this was extremely sexy seeing just a few short hairs sticking out around the nipples. I loved to lick these hairs around their nipples as they were short but stiff and it felt good to lick them. Both Cindy and Elaine had lovely hairy arms but this was a much lighter color than their bushes and very soft indeed. I loved it when they rubbed their arms across my face. It was lovely to feel these hairy parts of their body close to my face and to be able to lick them with my mouth but I still felt so frustrated at not being able to do more to them both.

Well, a couple of months passed and I was giving some sexual relief to both girls and no one was complaining except for my feelings of frustration. Both Cindy and Elaine would hold my useless cock at times and, although they stroked it hoping to make it hard, nothing happened.

The physiotherapy treatment continued all of this time since arriving home and I must say I was able to move my arms a little and also move my fingers but I still couldn’t pick anything up with them. As treatment continued, I felt stronger and stronger in my body but my mind continued to trouble me when it thought of sex but wouldn’t allow me to do anything about it.

I began to notice a change in Cindy. She tended to stay out longer now than she had previously when Elaine was with me. She also seemed to me to be wearing more daring clothes. I couldn’t be sure about that because she would often dress in the other bedroom after telling me she was going and I wouldn’t see everything she was wearing. I would sometimes get a glimpse of her clothes when she returned but it was only a quick look and she would soon change her clothes before coming in to see me.

Once doubts arose about her changed activities I asked Elaine to tell me just what Cindy was wearing when she went out. Elaine was reluctant to say much but, after much coaxing, she agreed to describe Cindy’s clothes. It turned out that Cindy was dressing very much more daring and apparently she often went out without a bra, her skirts were very, very short and her blouses were almost see-through! Elaine once suggested it seemed as though Cindy might not be wearing any panties! Did this mean Cindy was taking my advice and getting fucked by someone else! In a way I hoped so, but I was still unhappy that she hadn’t told me anything about it!

Elaine tended to stay longer and longer when Cindy was away and quite often she would undress immediately Cindy had gone and stay that way until we heard Cindy’s car in the drive. We had some form of sex for almost all of the time we were alone. I loved the taste of Elaine’s cunt but still had a little conscience about it.

On Cindy’s return from one of her outings, she told Elaine she would look after me now and Elaine left. Cindy was wearing a very short skirt and see-through blouse as Elaine had described and I could see Cindy seemed to be excited. As soon as Elaine had driven off, Cindy slipped her blouse off, undid the catch on the side of her skirt and slipped that down her legs and stood there naked. She was not wearing either bra or panties. She climbed up onto the bed as she usually did and presented her cunt to my mouth. The first thing I noticed was that she was extremely wet!

She moved her cunt lips against my mouth and I could immediately smell cum! Cindy had recently been fucked! What should I do now? I began to lick her and I could taste the tangy cum which was slowly running out of her cunt! I continued to lick and it was only a very short time and Cindy came! She moved down alongside me as soon as she had recovered and again presented her nipple to my mouth. Strangely I could taste tobacco on her nipple and, when I licked the rest of her breast, I could taste more of the tobacco flavor there. I decided I had better confront Cindy with questions about what had happened. I began by asking if she had enjoyed being fucked! I thought that would be a fast start to finding out what was happening.

Cindy blushed and said, “Well Darling, you told me to find a man to fuck me! I didn’t know what to do about it and so I asked Elaine what she thought I should do. I guess it will surprise you when I tell you it is Elaine’s husband Jerry who has been fucking me for the last month!”

I couldn’t get my head around this! Elaine’s husband! I asked more questions and found Elaine had a wonderful relationship with her husband but she also had a distinct dislike for ordinary sexual intercourse but she loved oral sex! Jerry, on the other hand, only liked sexual intercourse and hated oral sex. Because they were very incompatible on this matter, they had considered breaking up their marriage when Elaine found herself working with me! They had come to an arrangement where Cindy could go and spend time with Jerry while Elaine was with me and taking care of me sexually. Cindy was fucking Jerry because they both loved it so much and were completely compatible. Cindy’s only complaint was that Jerry smoked and she didn’t like that at all.

Well, it was now out in the open! I really didn’t know what to say to Cindy! I had told her to do what she had done and I was receiving wonderful attention from Elaine in return. Cindy continued to visit Jerry whenever she had the chance and Elaine continued to let me lick and suck her body and give her relief that way. After a few weeks when I had adjusted to Cindy’s extramarital sex, Cindy surprised me by asking me if I would like to meet Jerry! I wasn’t sure whether I would like that but it was obvious that would be what Cindy would want. I agreed reluctantly.

When I first met Jerry I was surprised to find I felt an instant affinity with him. He seemed to be a very nice chap and I felt he wouldn’t do any harm to Cindy or myself. Elaine was with me when Cindy arrived with Jerry and the four of us got on very well. Once the meeting was over and we all seemed to be getting along O.K. Cindy then told me she would take Jerry into the spare bedroom and leave me with Elaine. I wasn’t too happy about this and told Elaine how I felt but she removed her clothes and began to present her body to me for our sexual activity. I soon forgot about what Cindy and Jerry might be doing in the next room and concentrated on Elaine’s cunt.

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