tagBDSMThe Rabbit Hole Ch. 02

The Rabbit Hole Ch. 02


Thanks to Starbug17 for editorial support.


Alice had spent the morning in preparation for Jack's visit. She and Mike had breakfast in bed as usual and Mike had showered and was now out in their small orchard. The morning had dawned sunny and warm necessitating just a pair of jandals for picking fruit. Both Mike and Alice enjoyed their freedom and had developed their property so as not to scare the neighbours.

Alice had spent a little longer in the bathroom this morning, wanting to look her best for Jack. Like Mike, a pair of jandals was all that was required to go into the veggie garden to pick fresh lettuces, tomatoes, radishes and a cucumber.

In the kitchen she padded around in bare feet on the polished concrete floor. Their home was a Passivhaus which remained the same temperature all year round with minimal heating or cooling. The kitchen was well appointed and over the last few years they'd developed quite a larder of home preserves.

The smell of freshly baked bread permeated the kitchen and family room. It always made the place feel homely. Alice laid all the ingredients on a butler's tray ready to take it out to the terrace if that's where the men wanted to eat.

Just before midday, the buzzer sounded that indicated that a vehicle had passed through the main gate some 200m from their home. Alice casually walked to the front door and took a sun frock from one of the coat hooks in the foyer. As well as the usual coats and jackets, the hooks were well populated with hats, dresses, a couple of lava lavas and some running shorts. All strategically placed in order to meet guests without surprising them (if desired).

Jack pulled up outside the front door in his well-maintained Tesla model S. Alice was impressed, both the fact that Jack had a Tesla and was sufficiently aware of the trend towards sustainable transport, as well as the fact that he looked so fucking sexy pulling up at her place.

Jack greeted her with a passionate kiss as she led him inside. A quick glance around the room told him that this is a couple with good but simple taste. Once in the large family room he could see through to the north-facing sunny side of the house and the well protected private garden. This had obviously had many hours of careful tending and was as pretty as a picture.

In the kitchen, Alice picked up a two-way radio, pressed the PTT button and announced, "Jack's here." Spotting the look, Alice told Jack that Mike was in the orchard and would be in, in a minute.

Mike heard the call, popped the trays of various fruit onto the pallet on the tractor, dug out some shorts from the toolbox on the wheel guard and headed back towards the house. As he swung into the sealed car park at the rear of the house he spotted the car and gave an involuntary whistle. Coming through the main doors, Mike threw on a t-shirt from the coat hooks in the foyer.

As he entered the family room, Mike stretched out a tanned and slightly weathered hand to welcome Jack into their home. "It's great to finally meet you Jack, you've certainly had Alice on tenter hooks over the past few weeks. She came home all aglow last night."

Alice blushed slightly as she looked at Jack, knowing what had caused the glow.

"It's great to finally be here! I'm quite impressed with your home, understated but more to it than meets the eye I suspect."

"Why don't you give Jack the guided tour while I put lunch out? Do you want to eat on the terrace?" asked Alice.

"Good idea on both counts, I could murder a beer too."

Mike and Jack turned to face the family room. To the left was the dining area. The wall separating the dining from the corridor beyond was a laser cut steel panel about 6m long. The design of trees and birds appealed to Jack. In the middle section a couple of suspended basket chairs were positioned opposite the open-plan kitchen which was on the south side. The sitting area with several chairs and couches was at the right-hand side of the room. Artwork collected over the years adorned the walls but the main feeling for the room was provided by the vista to the north. The colourful, textured and multi-layered garden was beautiful. The clean fresh air inside the house also made the room feel light.

Beyond this main living area, Mike showed Jack the east wing. This comprised of three spacious bedrooms and a large bathroom. Mike reckoned this was great when family came to stay as it provided some space between them and the rest of the throng.

Back across the family room, Mike lead Jack beyond the steel screen to the large master suite. A California King bed sat on the west wall with a view through large stacker doors to the terrace. A built-in window seat on the north wall provided a sunny reading spot. The room was calming with minimal adornment. An extremely large walk-in wardrobe and ensuite were positioned off the south side of the room. Jack was impressed with the walk-in shower large enough for three.

Back down the corridor, was an office, laundry and sewing room. Mike then lead Jack into the garage workshop area. Everything was neatly in its place. Mike explained how the house 'worked'. Solar and wind power, zinc bromide flow batteries, a German heat recovery ventilation system, bore water and eco-septic tank. The whole house is air-tight, and the incoming air filtered and warmed or cooled as required. The design is passive and net zero energy. Jack loved this philosophy and really liked how Mike and Alice had made this work.

Back in the family room. Mike commented on the mix of clothes hanging on hooks by the front door. Alice smiled and commented, "It's best to greet guests with clothes on so we keep a few dotted around the place."

"You mean you spend time without any clothes on?" Jack checked.

"Well, the house is the same temperature all year round so, yeah. If the weather is warm outside, we do the same right across the property. We've designed it to be very private." Commented Mike with a shrug of his shoulders.

Jack felt the weight of his manhood as the thought of spending time with this sexy couple caused a stirring.

On the terrace Alice offered Jack a cold beer. All three of them partook as they sat in the shade of a giant umbrella and enjoyed fresh buns with ham and salad. Once everyone was satisfied, the talk turned to the proposal. Jack looked at Mike, then back at Alice.

"For this discussion Alice I'd like you to be on display for us," instructed Jack.

Alice smiled and without looking at Mike dropped her straps and shrugged her shoulders. In an instant her sun frock lay in a circle at her ankles. She stepped out of it, picked it up and draped it across the back of her chair. She remained standing, so the men had an unobstructed view. It thrilled her that she'd been obedient.

"So, Jack, what are you considering here? You know Alice wants to explore her inner submissive and is looking for a dominant but caring partner. I'd like her to feel fulfilled and to explore her womanhood. Given we've been married now for over 35 years, and the equal status of our relationship, this is something I'm just not in a position to do."

"Mike, I'd like a lot of things so let me put these on the table and you and I will discuss how this could work. Once we're happy, we'll tell Alice. If she agrees, she can write it down and we'll move on to the next." Jack's tone had changed to be more managerial, a taking charge tone.

Jack described how he expected the relationship to work and potentially evolve. Mike agreed with everything Jack outlined. He thought if this was truly how Jack though it could work, their future was about to take an interesting turn, Alice's especially. For her part, Alice said nothing but diligently wrote everything down as Mike and Jack confirmed each aspect of the relationship.

This will start with a week of training and assessment. I will live here for the week and Alice will be my sub in training. At the end of the week, we'll review progress and if all agree, we'll have a small graduation ceremony.

Jack started on his proposal.

"Mike, during training week, you won't be able to stimulate or relieve Alice. You'll only sleep in the same bed if I suggest it and if I'm in that bed too. You won't sleep beside her. Long term, this wouldn't be the case, this is just a requirement of training week."

"Alice will be collared with a training collar. This will allow me to leash her and to restrain her. At graduation, the collar would be replaced with something substantially more beautiful, but a collar nonetheless. This collar represents that she is owned by and submissive to me."

"Alice will be controlled both physically and emotionally. She will be bound, flogged, whipped, suspended, gagged, blindfolded, teased and tortured. She will be taken to her physical limits. Her mouth, arse and cunt will be subjected to sustained stimulation and penetration. I'll need your assistance with this Mike. I need to discover where her emotional and physical limits are and then push them. She will also be caressed, stroked, pampered and loved. I will massage her, wash and comb her hair, do her nail polish and attend to grooming her pussy. Alice will be cuddled and loved."

"I will not dominate you Mike, but I would like to be as intimate with you as I am with Alice. I want to be able to fondle your cock, suck you, tease and fuck you. I want you to swallow my cum and to take my arse. I want either of us to initiate that and I want to be able to do that with or without Alice being present. She doesn't need to know what we get up to all the time."

"If I'm happy with how things are progressing, I'll introduce three other people. These are the others within my polyamorous relationship. They are aware of my proposal and the demands of training week. Lisa is my primary submissive and Johan and Shona are her lovers. So, in respect of them, before training week starts, everyone will visit their doctor and have STD tests. It is important that I love and respect them too and take responsibility for a safe sexual environment."

"If we reach graduation, and all agree, the poly partnership will grow, and each member will only be intimate with others within the relationship."

"Within the poly partnership, the primary relationships are between you and Alice, and me and Lisa. All other relationships are what we call secondary, no less important but at the end of the day, the primary takes precedence. There can be intimacy between all partners but that's not necessary or expected. You will also notice that each member has a small tattoo symbolic of polyamory. It's not essential but this does bind us in a kind of ceremonial way. You may like to think about where your tattoo would be, if you so choose."

"You will both be expected to communicate. Mike, this is hard for some guys, you need to talk about your feelings. I will listen to Alice's feelings, her wants and desires. In some cases, for her to be an obedient submissive and the slut wife I'm training her to be, her feelings may be put to one side. The role of trainer is to know how far to push and when to ease off. You'll have to trust me with this. You will need to communicate with me too Mike, you know Alice best and whilst I'm training her to be mine, it's important that she's not overwhelmed emotionally to breaking point."

"Things that are off the table are punishment that results in permanent damage, scat play, and blood play, at least for now. For now, we'll keep the relationship private. We can discuss coming out later if that becomes desirable."

"Finally, I will pay my way. I don't expect to freeload. If I am to become a permanent feature in your lives, there should be no ill feelings about unbalanced contributions to our routine lives. Our finances will remain separate, but we will share costs. I would also like to be involved in your lifestyle block and helping around your property. You're living my dream here."

Alice finished noting the final part of the agreement. Some had been quite matter of fact, STD tests and finances but other parts had given her little butterflies of anticipation and perhaps a few OMG moments too. She had stood between Mike and Jack during the whole discussion, her naked body on display. She was comfortable without clothes but had sensed how moist she had become.

"Mike, are you comfortable with those arrangements?" asked Jack

Mike looked at Alice who was smiling like the cat that got the cream. "Yes, I am, and I know that Alice is too."

With that Jack stood, reached across to Alice, hooked two fingers into her wet cunt and stroked her g-spot. Withdrawing his fingers, he extended his hand to Mike. "Let's shake on it then."

Mike stood, his arousal evident, took Jack's hand, and shook it firmly. The moistness if his wife's pussy on Jack's fingers now transferred to Mike in some sort of animalistic ritual, sealing the deal.

Both men kissed Alice who was now flushed in the chest. "I think it's time for a spa," said Alice.

Alice walked to the terrace off the master suite and removed the lid of the spa. She took her place in the corner as the men made their way through the gate. Mike was quick to remove his t-shirt and drop his shorts. He watched as Jack unbuttoned his shirt and hung it on a hook on the wall of the house. He noticed the towels were already hanging there. Removing his shoes and socks he neatly placed them below the hook and then turned his back to Mike and Alice as his jeans and underwear came down. This wasn't a considered move, or shyness, it was simply convenience. As soon as these were hung on the hook he turned to see both Alice and Mike sitting up on the edge of the spa pool.

There was applause and whistles as Jack turned. Everyone laughed, and it took the slight tension out of the air. The seriousness of the proposal melted away as admiring stares now took over. Jack stepped forward and Mike reached out, cupped Jack's balls in his hands and said, "this is a very handsome package you have here Mr. Ryan."

Alice agreed and looked satisfied that her soon to be Master was well endowed and neatly groomed. "Is this your first glimpse of Jack, Alice?" asked Mike

"Yes, and I think I'm going to enjoy this," said Alice with a glint in her eye.

"Given your state last night, I thought there must have been some action," said Mike.

Alice and Jack laughed again "Oh, that's a story for another time," advised Jack as he climbed into the spa pool.

Mike returned to the main terrace to fetch three cold beers and then piled back into the pool alongside Jack. Alice was massaging his foot just under the waterline. Everyone now relaxed and enjoyed a friendly conversation where they talked about work, family, upbringing, Lisa and her lovers and a bunch of ordinary things that you get to know about people over time. There wasn't any hanky panky in the pool, just a little touching and pressing up against each other.

Alice inspected her fingertips and announced that she was turning into a prune. As she climbed out of the pool Jack stood behind her, stroked her arse and tickled behind her knees. Once on the safety of dry land, Alice turned and kissed Jack on the cheek. Mike and Jack climbed out of the pool, no one bothering to get dressed as they returned to the family room with their towels.

After another hour or so of small talk, Jack thought it was time to go. He returned to the spa area and got dressed. Once back inside he noticed Mike and Alice in deep but quiet conversation. "Is everything ok?"

"It most certainly is Jack. We think our lives are about to change. We're both excited at the prospect and can't wait for training week to begin. When will that be?" asked Alice.

"I'll be here in two weeks. In the meantime, we'll Skype each night and you'll be given a few little tasks to get you under way," Jack told Alice.

"Mike, I've got a small suitcase in the boot of the car I'd like you to store for me. It contains some vital supplies for the weeks ahead," said Jack.

With that, Jack headed for the front door. Mike and Alice followed him to the car, both still naked, feeling warm and relaxed. Alice gave Jack a long passionate and thankful kiss. Mike took the suitcase from Jack and extended his hand which Jack accepted but as he did so, stepped in and kissed Mike on the lips. Soft, passionate, sustained. Mike was a little surprise but responded in kind after the initial shock. The effect was obvious.

Jack slipped into the driver's seat as the car window smoothly disappeared into the door. "I'll see you soon my lovers."

As he cruised silently down the driveway Mike and Alice held hands as they waved goodbye.

"I'm so fucking excited" said Alice as they returned to the house.

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