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The Radiologist


Based on a true story. The names have been changed to protect...well me mostly.


The past year and a half has been somewhat a trying one in terms of my health. As things have turned out, I seem to be fine. Overall it appears I'm a relatively healthy 41 year old male. But I kept having a variety of weirdnesses that I can only assume are some of the strange aches and pains that develop as you get older, plus the usual high blood pressure, borderline high cholesterol etc.etc. But diet and some little white pills has returned everything to normal and with exercise, I'm probably in the best shape of my life. Well, at least aerobically anyway. But there has been one issue that's been a little scary: a small, somewhat painful bump on the side of my one testicle. Now before anyone gets grossed out, let me cut to the chase. The bump seems to have disappeared, appears to have been a "normal" part of the epididymis, the tube that connects to the testes from, well, from somewhere. I'm not a doctor or a biologist so let's not get too far sidetracked with my comprehensive lack of knowledge of the human body. My doctor, when first alerted to the issue claimed that these kinds of things come and go, and when the bumps are on the outside and are painful, it generally isn't the "C" word, so this was helpful as I'd been putting off talking about this thing for over a year. For those with similar issues, you should get it checked out. I did. I must say, I'm really glad that I did for multiple reasons as you will soon discover.

As I mentioned, the doc didn't think this was a big problem. As it turned out, it wasn't. I actually think the pain was referred pain from a chronically sore back. My chair at work blows. I really need a new one. But again, I digress. My white-coated friend thought, however, that anything "down there" was worth getting checked out, so it was with some trepidation that I made an appointment for an ultrasound on my "unit" during my holidays at the end of the year, so as to get it over with when I was not working.

The big day arrived and I have to tell you, I was not looking forward to this. For those women that may be reading this, I know, I know – I'm a big baby. Women are always having people prod around their packages and it's uncomfortable and often embarrassing. But that's what I'm driving at. The thought of some guy scanning my junk was enough to cause my Lone Crusader to cower like a mole under a gas lawnmower. I entered the hospital, which given that it was the holidays, was (not surprisingly) pretty empty. I went through the usual admission stuff. I silently slid the paper with the big bold words, "Ultrasound – Scrotum" emblazoned across the top of the large, grey desk in front of me to the bored woman behind it. I'm pretty sure if it was possible to write it in Day-Glo, they would have, but apparently they only had a pen to write the 3" letters with. The admitting clerk was good about it though. She was efficient, non-judgmental and professional. So far so good. We left her office and began the long walk down the hallway, making what seemed to be thirty-six turns before arriving at the X-Ray area. Here she left me to sign in with another woman who was also very nice and who also didn't say anything about my lumpy balls. After waiting a few minutes, the nice woman took me out of that area and directed me through another twenty-five turns to the Ultrasound area. There, she assured me, yet another nice young woman would review my embarrassing predicament and make me wait some more. And that went exactly as planned as well. I was seated in the make shift men's patient lounge, awaiting the summons to come and present my ball sac to some hairy, bespectacled radiologist when another slim, pleasant looking young lady who appeared to be in her early 30's came into the room. "Mr. Courtland, I'm Lisa and I'll be doing your ultrasound today. If you'll just follow me into the room across the hall..." she offered.

"Sure! Fine!" I replied gamely, leaping out of my chair to follow this latest development.

OK – can I be honest here? A woman was going to do my ultrasound? I know I should have been thrilled with this. Dancing in the streets. Doing the Mamba down the hallway wagging my index fingers way above my head. But the truth is if I felt like my testicles had receded earlier when I thought about Ricky Radiology playing with my ding-dong, this new event caused them to pull up damn near into my throat. In fact, they might have been the lump I swallowed as I followed this comely female ultrasound technician into the examination room. Once inside, I took further stock of her. It was hard to tell much of anything beneath her loose green scrubs, but she was definitely slender. Her brown hair was pulled back in a tidy, tight bun on the back of her head. She had a narrow, soft face and wonderful cheekbones. A little mascara, but not too much. Prim and professional, but not at all unattractive. Had her hair been down, I could tell that she would have been quite pretty. Her green eyes had a little sparkle in them. Wait a second, she was saying something. Tune in pal.

"So what I'd like you to do is to climb up on the table and lie back on it. Take one of the small towels," as she pointed to two smaller hand towels on the medical bed "and place it under your testicles. Lay your penis pointing up towards your stomach and cover it with the other towel, leaving only your testicles exposed. Then cover yourself with the sheet." She gestured towards the folded white cotton sheet on the end of the bed. "Any questions?" she smiled prettily.

'Yes, about a million,' I thought to myself.

"Nope!" I bravely replied instead.

Nurse Lisa nodded and turned to walk back out the examining room door. "Okay then, I'll let you get ready and then I'll be back in a few minutes. I'll knock before I enter, OK?"

"Sounds good!" I replied, the lunatic smile frozen solid on my face as if some maniacal little kid had drawn it in cement.

I watched as Lisa left the room, pulling the oversized handicap door behind her. I must admit, I watched her bum. Couldn't tell much really, but it was a nice size and shape. 'Stop it you idiot!' I cautioned myself. This was going to be bad enough. I needed to get a hold of myself. Oh my God, a woman other than my wife was going to examine my balls!

More truth, dear reader: I may tell a good tale occasionally, and I may pretend to be a worldly guy, but I've been faithful to my wife through 12 great years of marriage. Now some people may call me an idiot. Some may say I'm a prince. I say, I probably just work way too hard and pretty much have no life outside my daily routine. Plus, I do love my wife. So I was actually petrified. What if I got an erection? Or even worse, Oh God, what if I didn't get an erection? What if everything shriveled up? As Seinfeld's George Costanza would say, 'What if there's significant shrinkage? Does she know about the shrinkage?" My mind raced blindly. I took all my clothes off except my socks, climbed onto the bed as directed, lifted my balls up and tucked the course white towel under the sac. Then, as Lisa described, I lifted my shaft upwards and placed it pointing upwards towards my stomach. Finally I placed the second towel in position covering myself as best I could, and pulled the white sheet over me. A few minutes later I heard a knock on the door. The handle turned and the door pushed open about an inch. "Mr. Courtland?" Lisa's cheerful voice floated in. "Are you ready?"

"Uh, sure, I think so. Come on in." I replied, craning my head up to look at the door, folding my hands behind it. 'Wait, should my hands be behind my head? It looks like I'm waiting for sex. Maybe I should lay them by my sides. Maybe...'

"Did you take all your clothes off?" Lisa the Radiologist laughed, bringing her hand to her mouth to cover her smile.

"Uh, yeah" I said, suddenly feeling very, very dumb. 'Oh my God I wasn't supposed to take off my clothes! I was just supposed to take my package out of my pants....Holy Shit!' I screamed in my head.

Lisa shook her head and chuckled. "Hellooo, Lisa!" she quipped. "I guess I didn't explain that very well. You didn't have to take off everything. Well, at least you left your socks on!" she smirked, her gaze drifting down to the beige socks poking out from under the white sheet.

"Well I didn't want my feet to get cold!" I laughed. Lying there with my dick puffed up between two towels and I didn't want my feet to get cold. Sheesh.

Lisa walked over to the chair where I had draped my shirt over the back and picked it up. Bringing it over to me she said "Here, you can at least put this on. I always find it cold in here, you must be freezing!" she added.

'Well, I probably would be if it wasn't for all the blood flooding into my face right now.' I thought to myself, aware that my skin felt more than a little warm.

As I put my shirt back on Lisa said "You don't have to button it up if you don't want to." I thought this was a little odd but more or less shrugged it off and leaving it open in front, lay back on the examining bed. She walked to the other side of me and sat down on the stool in front of her computer screen. Then she asked me to pull the cover sheet off my mid-section so she could begin the procedure. I did as she asked, exposing my sac to her for the first time. She then took a tube of lubricant and leaned forward towards me, holding it about an inch above my jewels.

"This is going to feel warm" she informed me as she began to squeeze a large amount of the clear, viscous gel all over my balls. She was right, it was warm. It felt nice, in a weird kind of way, like having warm tanning oil spread all over them. I also think it was at this point that the first twinges of impending arousal began.

Lisa then took her ultrasound device, which I can only describe as resembling a small price scanner (for anyone that's ever had children I'm sure you know what this looks like) and leaned over to place the head of it firmly on the top of my scrotum. With her right hand moving the hand-held scanner and her left handing clicking various keys on the computer keyboard, she began to move the device up and down over my right ball. "Tell me if this hurts, OK?" she instructed, her eyes focused on the image on the monitor in front of her.

"No problem" I responded, staring at the ceiling, trying to pretend this was a perfectly normal situation. And it was, right? I mean this girl was a professional, right? She did this all the time for heaven's sake. I just needed to stay cool, calm, professional. This was just an exam. Nothing more than a professionally attractive young lady price scanning my penis. I began to sweat.

I raised my head up a bit to look at her, sitting beside me on the stool. She really was attractive in a somewhat cool, efficient way. Her eyes never left the screen as she moved the head of the device up and down, over and back, smearing the warm, slick fluid all over my balls. "I know this is a bit uncomfortable for you." she soothed.

"Do you do a lot of these?" I asked, trying to make conversation, although I have to admit, some odd thoughts were popping into my head about this young woman doing this to penis after penis. What was that like for her? Did she see any really large ones? If she did, did she feel anything at all as she massaged them with her scanner?

"I've done about 8 or 10, I guess. I'm not sure. I normally do other scans but there aren't any male radiologists on today so you're lucky. You get me," a smile lighting up her face for the first time in a while, her eye brows arching briefly as she did as she looked at me for the first time since she started the process. I smiled back at her. She had pretty eyes.

"Lucky me!" I smirked.

"It's OK." she responded, looking back to her screen. "Most guys are so scared and nervous when they come in here, I don't think they know what hit them."

I nodded, voicing my concurrence. "I know how they feel." I laughed, a little nervously.

"I keep telling my husband that he should try being a woman. We have to do this all the time. Well, not this specifically but we're always having things checked out down there!" she confided. Ah. Married. Well, that figures. I wonder what her husband thinks of his pretty little wife manipulating various other men's big cocks with her nifty little tool. To my alarm, I felt my cock shaft begin to harden with that thought beneath the narrow, 6 inch wide strip of folded towel covering it.

"So why are you here? I don't really see anything unusual." she commented, the sound of clicking keys punctuating her words. "Is there a place specifically where it hurts?"

"Well, yeah, I don't know how to explain it but it kind of aches at the base of the testicle. You know where that tube joins?" I replied.

"You mean the epididymis?" she offered.

"OK..." I answered, drawing a chuckle from her.

"That's what it's called." she smiled, still looking at her monitor. "The epididymis. It stores your semen. It's connected to the vas deferens."

"I knew that." I lied. Lisa smiled again, skeptically.

"Sure you did." she grinned. "Maybe you can show me exactly where it hurts and I can try to scan that area."

"OK" I said, gesturing to my package. "You want me to..." I trailed off.

"Yes" she nodded "See if you can feel around it and hold it up for me."

I reached down and began to feel around my testes, grabbing the right one and touching it to try to find the right spot. Strangely, there was almost no pain. Kind of like a car that has an electronic issue that magically disappears once you get it into the shop. To be honest, I couldn't even really feel the "bump" I had felt on and off for the past year, but I tried my best to position myself so she could run her scanner over the area. I watched as she passed the head of her instrument back and forth over my ball, this way and that. During this process, the towel covering the shaft of my cock must have slipped off although I didn't notice it at the time. After about 30 seconds of scanning, my technician said "You can let it go now. I still don't really see anything." which from a medical standpoint, was a huge relief.

I lay back down flat on the table. Lisa continued to scan and click. Then she moved the device to the other testicle. I thought 'I wonder why she's doing that,' but then reasoned that she was probably just trying to get an image of the "normal" one for comparison.

But as I lay there staring at the ceiling, I felt her motions, first circular in nature, then up and down and back and forth moving wetly across my ball sac. Then unexpectedly I felt the scanner move to the base of my cock-shaft, where it met my scrotum. She moved it up the shaft slightly, just up the thick vein that runs down the middle of the cock on the underside. I glanced over at her. She was still facing forward staring intently at her computer, legs crossed at the knee, foot bouncing rhythmically but absentmindedly up and down as she worked.

Up went her hand with the scanner. Then back down again, smearing the lubricant all over my balls. At this point, I couldn't help but give a small groan as she positioned the device under my sac. I looked down at her hand and noticed that my cock was now fully hard and bobbing up and off my stomach, the head becoming shiny and swollen. The towel wasn't covering anything at this point and it was wide open to her sight. Lisa looked over at it casually and watched it as she worked the scanner all over my balls, back and forth, over and around causing them to roll and move.

"I'm sorry!" I gasped, embarrassed about my inadvertent arousal with what was supposed to be a clinical procedure. But did she really need to do it for this long?

"That's OK, it's natural for that to happen." Lisa replied looking back to her screen. Then she proceeded to run the head of her device further up my throbbing shaft, then back down to my balls, then back up almost to the head where she held it before moving it from side to side right under the glans. Click, click, click. No emotion. Back and forth. Up and down. Over and over. I looked down at her hand, watched her move the device up and down from my balls up my twitching pole and back, like a slow, coaxing stroking of the underside of that main vein. My cock-head was turning purple.

"Oh God!" I breathed, my breath exhaling in haggard pulses.

"Can you spread you legs a bit please? I want to get underneath it." my examiner directed, eyes never leaving the image in front of her.

It was like some kind of strange dream. I did as she asked and felt her slide the tool under my balls, pressing the base of them, pressing on the strip between them and my asshole. Back and forth, over and over, spreading the oil there, stroking and prodding, pushing and circling. "Oh God!" I whispered, closing my eyes. Then back she went up over my balls again and slowly up my engorged shaft.

When I opened my eyes Lisa was staring straight at my pulsating cock, her eyes riveted, her crossed leg bouncing up and down faster now. My seven inch cock was straining, lurching. My asshole started contracting again and again. God, I was dying. She worked the scanner up and down that big fucking vein, her pace increasing with each thrust. Pre-cum had formed on the tip and was starting to drip in a long, clear thread towards my stomach. My God I was going to explode! I noticed that Lisa wasn't even clicking anymore. The only thing she was doing was moving was the scanner, up one side of the shaft, then the other side, then down the middle, again and again, like she was trying to work the boiling cum out of my fat, hard, glistening prick.

"Unh, uh, oh God!" I groaned, watching her work it. I couldn't believe this. I was going to cum right in front of her! "I'm...You're gonna make me cum..." I grunted, clutching the bed and the sheet in my fists.

Lisa looked at me, cocked her head to one side and just smiled, biting her bottom lip.

"Ohhh Fuck!" I moaned, and suddenly my straining cock shot off like a rocket! The first blast fired up and actually hit me on my throat. The second pulse fired in a thick, creamy rope and left a streak in my thick chest hair all the way up to the side of my neck.

"Ohhhhh yeah!" Lisa whispered as she kept rubbing, pressing harder with each stroke, smiling and staring at my blasting cock-head. Strand after strand pumped out, one after another. Finally the last few globs leaked out under the pressure of her ministrations, pooling in my belly button. A few more glides with the scanner and my sexy radiologist looked up at me, lifting the device away.

"Well, I think we've got what we needed." she grinned. "I'll just go and talk to the head radiologist and she'll let me know if we need anything more, but I think we're pretty much done." the smile fading from her lips, but still visible in her green eyes. "I'll wash my hands over here and I'll let the water get nice and warm. You can use these towels to clean yourself up and then I'll be back in a few minutes. OK?"

I lay in stunned silence. "OK" I whispered, as I felt my hot cum running down my neck and chest, down my sides towards the surface below. I quickly grabbed one of the small towels to catch the rivulets before they dropped onto the examination bed.

As Lisa washed her hands in the sink across from me, I asked her "Do you...does this happen with...all your patients?"

Lisa turned and smiled at me. "Not all of them. Some guys are too old. Some are too...I dunno. You're actually the first one I've ever..." she paused, gesturing at my wet, softening organ with her wet hand "...gotten that far. But I don't get to do this too often so..." and she let that sentence trail off.

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