tagErotic HorrorThe Rak-Sasha Ch. 09

The Rak-Sasha Ch. 09


The low growl of the high performance engine could barely be heard over the sound of the purring coming from within the Rak-Sasha. Looking over at her pet Azetlor as the two speed towards the cemetery and waiting sacrifice to summon Draikoth, glancing over at the leopard demon as she finally speaks in an irritated growl.

"You've been at my side for a few thousand years, Azetlor... has it taken you this long to get tired of me?"

The beast just sits in the passenger seat in his native feline form, staring out the window for a moment before he reluctantly answers. "not you, I'm tired of Baphommmhhh..." his words remain trapped in his muzzle as Sasha actually covers his mouth.

"I wouldn't so much as speak her name right now, if it were not for HER neither of us would be where we are today. Nor would we have the chance to do what will be done tonight, I thought you understood that." Sasha takes her hand back and continues driving down the dark country roads until she reaches the cemetery, stopping not far from the altar as she turns to Azetlor once more.

"And what does SHE get out of helping you?"

"I think we both know the answer to that, now since you're having second thoughts... you can just stay in the car. I'll come get you when we've finished."

Azetlor narrows his eyes a little, glaring at her and almost snarling as he replies "yea, go get another mouthful of black dragon dick"

With a growl, Sasha brings her hand slapping across the leopard's muzzle. Easily cutting into his flesh and drawing blood, her eyes glowing red as she resists the urge to just tear him to pieces. Instead choosing to get out of the car, slamming the door shut behind her as the car itself shimmers with an unnatural glow. Azetlor tries to open the door but after feeling the energy surrounding the car he understood that he couldn't escape, not even to help Amy.

Sasha slowly turns to see the van driving up and stopping not far away, smiling a little to see the now winged body of Jake stepping out of the driver's side. Pieces of flesh hanging off his body to reveal the dark leathery skin and rough scales underneath, she couldn't help but admire his powerful frame as he walks to the other side of the van. Easily tearing the door off the vehicle and tossing it aside, grabbing Amy's wrist and dragging her out as she screams.

"Let go of me you fucking monster!"

With his inhuman strength, Nekozar pushes the young woman up against the van. Hearing her head bouncing off the frame before she falls to the ground, Azetlor clawing at the inside of the car as he is forced to watch this innocent girl being beaten and bruised. This only seemed to enrage Nekozar as he moves to pick Amy up off the ground, only to feel Sasha's clawed hand grab his arm.

"Leave her... we don't have much time, she isn't going anywhere" Sasha purrs, feeling the dragon god pulling her closer to him as the two share a rough and passionate kiss.

This continues as they make their way towards the altar, finding Erica still laying there and trembling. Feeling the darkness seeping through her skin and coursing through her, the ancient power that was the demon god Draikoth was already starting to take control of her body. The first signs of her possession were becoming visible, the thick dark claws of the beast had replaced her fingernails. Laying there as she draws a sharp breath, feeling the pain of her insides being reshaped allowed her sharpening teeth to be revealed.

Sasha comes up next to the altar, placing her hands on it's edge and smiling down at the transforming young woman. Watching Erica's eyes flutter and roll back into her head, hearing the painful moans and whimpers followed by an inhuman growling coming from inside her. Sasha could feel a shiver run down her spine, allowing her feline tail to slither free of her dress. Savoring the beauty of their god entering this world through the body of this mortal slut, she could only imagine the conflict within her as the two fight for control of one form.

Nekozar comes up to the other side of the altar, lightly running his sharp talons through Erica's hair. Watching her head twitch a little as she almost begins to snarl and bite at Nekozar's hand, offering it to her to see Erica begin to lick his fingers.

Sasha looks over at him, reaching up to tear the front of her dress open to reveal her breasts. Shouting in a lustful growl and in a strange demonic tongue "Voh-ra enthu... xar-yaj... gavik nizu uvar Draikoth!

"Nizu.. uvar Draikoth"! Nekozar roars, stepping closer as the rest of his human flesh begins to fall away. Jake's skin lands on the ground in pieces, within moments where the man once stood was a humanoid black dragon. Slowly bringing his inhuman member down towards Erica's face, watching her sniffing at it like an animal before she starts to lick some of Jake's blood from the beast's cock.

Watching her lover transform in such a sudden and violent manner only helped to arouse Sasha even more, fueling her desire and forcing her to tear off the remainder of her clothing until she was completely naked. The chill in the night air causing her nipples to harden, all of them that lead down the front of her chest and down to her hips. Her arousal making itself obvious as her shaft begins to slither free of it's sheath, her soft fur growing out from her smooth skin and quickly covering her body.

Climbing up onto the altar with Erica as her tail sways back and fourth sensually, feeling her horns growing out from her skull as it transforms into a more feline shape. Leaning forward and dragging her now forked tongue along Erica's inner thigh, inhaling the scent of that glistening slit just inches away. Fully assuming her true demonic feline form as she crawls forward, placing her paw-like hands on Erica's shoulders while lining the tip of her cock against the woman's delicate folds.

Staring into the purple glowing eyes of her dragon lover as she pushes forward, feeling Erica's insides stretch to accept the beast's impressive member. Erica's lips slowly part, letting out a painful moan that could be heard slowly transforming into a low and satisfied growl. At first she didn't really respond to Sasha thrusting into her, but within moments she began to raise her hips slightly. The deep growl of Draikoth coming from within her as the beast grows more powerful, Nekozar admires his lover starting to fuck this offering of flesh to their god.

Eventually noticing that warm mouth and soft lips so teasingly close to his aching member, as his offering he turns Erica's head slightly. Allowing her lips to brush against the length of Nekozar's dragon cock, smearing some of his slimy precum onto her face. Recognizing the scent, Erica actually snarls viciously and wraps her lips around the head of the dragon's cock. Quickly taking it into her mouth and sucking wantonly, Nekozar could feel her tongue flatten and become forked as Draikoth took more control of her body.

From Sasha's car, Azetlor was forced to watch Erica being corrupted and transformed into the human host for a monstrous demon beast. A slight breeze blows past the car before single dark feather lands on the hood, followed by the sound of something heavy hitting the ground nearby. As footsteps approach the car, Azetlor sits up and could see a woman with long red hair. Her body covered in a strange armor that he had not seen in ages, a pair of dark wings folding down behind her back as he simply watches her. Noticing the sword carried in her right hand as she approaches the vehicle, thinking this was to be his end. With ease, she reaches through the enchantment over the car and opens the door for him. Speaking in a soft but assertive tone "get the girl... take her away from here"

A wet and almost choking sound could be heard coming from Erica as Nekozar mercilessly fucks her throat, shoving his thick dragon cock into her mouth. At the same time, Sasha continues to grind her hips into Erica, sheathing her beastly member within this transforming body. The two demons pouring their power, their essence into this young woman to allow their god to return. Both of them feeling their pleasure growing closer to a powerful release, Sasha's claws dig into Erica's skin to reveal her new black blood seeping out onto the altar.


The winged woman nods slightly, stepping back to allow Azetlor to get out of the vehicle and assume his human form. Still expecting this divine creature to cut him down with her sword, a blade that had shed the blood of countless unholy beasts. He stares at her a moment, just as he is about to say something the horrible roars of both Sasha and Nekozar echo through the cemetery. Sasha's cock erupting within Erica's body, pouring the animalistic demon's raw power into this mortal flesh. Nekozar also reaches his own climax, blasting his scalding hot dragon seed down Erica's throat, so much that it sprays across the woman's face and chest. Their roars draw both the leopard demon and the divine warrior to witness the completion of the ritual, with an unearthly growl Erica roughly pushes both Nekozar and Sasha away from her. Sitting up and arching her back a little, the beast inside her becoming accustomed to it's new form as Erica's eyes burn with a hellish intensity.

"...get her out of here" Avonaris orders, walking towards the other side of the cemetery where Draikoth had been summoned. Watching Sasha and Nekozar cautiously approaching the demon lord, admiring his human form as they lower submissively onto all fours. A slight smile comes across Erica's lips, first noticing Sasha moving towards her like the animal she is. Slipping down from the altar, allowing her bare feet to touch the earth for the first time in thousands of years. As her foot hits the ground, thick black talons tear through her toes and heel. A low and satisfied growl rumbles within her as she finally speaks with the demonic guttural voice of Draikoth.

"Rak-Sasha..." Erica's hand reaches out, touching the top of Sasha's horned head as she begins to pet the beast. Listening to Sasha begin to purr loudly as Nekozar comes closer, also on all fours and resting on Erica's other side. Sasha looks over to him and nods slightly, watching Nekozar lean closer and begin to lap at the cum and sweet juices trailing down Erica's inner thigh. She closes her eyes, savoring the feel of that dragon's tongue against her new human skin. Growling with pleasure as the demonic runes painted all over her body begin to glow, inside her Draikoth could feel the resistance they were giving as he snarls angrily "Nekozar?"

A sudden and horrific scream echos across the night sky, a bone chilling and painful sound of some unholy beast. The creatures transformed by Sasha could all hear it, and sense the pain of their god without understanding what had just happened. Even the new wolf beast Alex had become stops in mid thrust, the black panther woman laying beneath him snarling for him to continue. Down the road from the cemetery, with Amy still in his arms the naked human form of Azetlor turns to look back. Even from a distance he could see that Sasha had actually done it, though he had doubted she would ever go through with her plan.

The Talon of Draikoth, the ancient ebony blade made from one of the demon lord's own talons now slid through Erica's chest. Lodged in her ribs and stabbed through from behind, Sasha's clawed hand still gripping it's handle as she looks into the eyes of her former master.

"Draikoth is dead..." Sasha growls at him, leaving the blade stuck within Erica's body as the glow in her eyes begins to fade. Knowing that her master's last moments in this world would be of him looking into the feral gaze of his former pet. They stare at one another for a minute before Sasha roughly pulls the blade from Erica's back, a torrent of black demon blood gushing from the wound as she falls back onto the altar. The blood of Draikoth pouring over the edges of the altar and soaking the ground nearby, Sasha and Nekozar lean down and begin lapping at the blood.

Feeding on the blood of a dying demon god was filling them with a new kind of power, a darkness that they had only tasted from time to time. The first changes were within the Rak-Sasha, causing her soft fur to begin to fall away from her body. Revealing a more animalistic form covered with grey leathery skin, her horns reshaping into a series of horned spikes trailing down her head and onto her back, then again at the base of her spine. A few dark tiger-like stripes form along her sides, turning at the sound of someone approaching them. With Draikoth's oily black blood still hanging from her jaws, she recognizes Avonaris and lets out a ferocious demonic roar.

Hearing this, Nekozar turns to see this intruder who dare interrupt them. Even the dragon god was starting to transform from feeding on the blood of an ancient one, resembling more of a feral dragon than a humanoid one as he had before. Both Nekozar and Sasha's eyes glowed red from their newly acquired strength, eventually Sasha speaks in a deeper more beastly tone "Baphomet... is God"

"Not yet..." Avonaris reminds them in a defiant tone, readying her weapon as Nekozar takes a step towards her. Expecting the demonic dragon to attack first, the moment he does she brings her sword to strike at him. Leaping into the air, the massive beast opening his fanged maw and reaching out with deadly talons. Prepared to shred the divine warrior, only to experience pain for the first time in ages. Starting with a slight stinging at the tip of his snout where the sword connects with his face, easily slicing through the creature's new form.

Being forced to watch the destruction of her lover, Sasha could only let out a frustrated roar. Seeing the body of the dragon god being easily cut down, the sword apparently stuck in his skull as the creature's body lands on the ground nearby. His blood along with Draikoth's leaking out onto the ground, allowing Nekozar's form to shift back to it's previous size. Trembling with rage, the Rak-Sasha pads towards Avonaris. The two of them slowly circling one another around the altar, Erica's weakened voice suddenly mutters to this strange woman she could see standing there.

"Help me... please" Erica whimpers.

"He has fallen, and she will rise..." Sasha growls at Avonaris, allowing the divine warrior to approach the dying girl.

She could see Erica clutching at the wound in her chest, offering a slight smile as she picks up the discarded blade nearby. The Talon of Draikoth still wet with his own blood as Avonaris wipes it off onto her armor, using the blade to cut her palm. The divine blood within her had an intense blue color to it that seemed to glow, using her blood to change the markings on Erica's body.

Sasha instantly recognized some of the new markings and their purpose, with a roar she leaps towards the altar. Reaching out with her taloned paws and just inches from sinking them into the warrior's flesh, Avonaris turns to look at Sasha, seeing the eyes of this ferocious beast as she smiles back at her. "Revertere ad obumbratio" With those words, the divine warrior plunges her bleeding hand into the wound in Erica's chest. In that instant, a bright blue light shines up through the woman's body. Burning out and illuminating the night sky above the cemetery, the blue light coming from Erica's every orifice and covering the town nearby.

As soon as it began, the light fades and the night grows dark once more as Erica slowly opens her eyes. Looking around and gasping for breath, feeling hear heart skip a few beats and sitting up in a panic. Grabbing at her chest only to feel there was no wound, no blood or anything. Feeling vulnerable and scared as she notices she was naked on the altar, her eyes wandering around to see a few pieces of a torn dress laying nearby. Not seeing any alternatives, Erica grabs the ruined dress and slips it on.

She continues walking until feeling something sharp under her foot as she looks down to see a strange blade laying there, it looked like the one from Sasha's house. Not wanting to touch it, Erica simply steps over it and walks past a pile of burned flesh. It almost looked like some kind of animal, she could almost swear she had seen it move a little as she walked by. Still unsure of what had happened after being cut by the blade, she didn't want to get too close as the burned remains begin to stir.

With a terrified scream, she stumbles back from the burnt creature only to see a human shape beginning to emerge. Pulling itself free was the blood soaked form of her boyfriend Jake, his hair slicked back from the dragon blood covering him. Not wearing any clothes as he stumbles out over Nekozar's remains and walks up to Erica, obviously not understanding what had happened to them. Without a word the two suddenly embrace, hugging tightly and sharing in a desperate and passionate kiss. Both of them comforted in each others arms, having only vague memories of what happened and understanding they were both used for some dark purpose.

They share a brief kiss before Jake asks "Erica? What the fuck happened?"

"Hell... almost anyway." Amy interrupts, causing both Erica and Jake to look over and see Amy standing next to the van.

"What's that, a keepsake?" Erica asks, noticing the spiked collar in Amy's hand as she stands there.

Amy just nods slightly, getting into the van and starting the engine while allowing Erica and Jake to get in. Giving him one of her dad's work uniforms in the back of the van to wear, turning around as they begin the drive back into town. The three drive around, not seeing any sign of people left in the town. Fearing that Sasha's influence and corruption had spread too far, they slowly pull up next to Erica's house and park. Leaving the engine running and fearing they might have to escape if things were not back to normal.

Deciding to be the one to find out first, Erica cautiously exits the van. Her bare feet touching the sidewalk as she walks up towards her own home, the first few rays of the sun beginning to shine over the trees as she steps through the front door after finding it unlocked.

"Mom... Dad? Vincent? ...Anybody?"

Outside Amy and Jake wait in the van, watching through the open door to see Erica walking into the house and calling out for her parents and brother. After making her way upstairs, Erica almost walks past her parent's bedroom. Stopping as she notices the claw marks on the door, gently pushing it open to see her mother and father and brother laying naked in bed. To her relief, they looked human, except for a few obvious cuts, scratches, and bites. Taking a soft breath, she closes the door back and moves to one of the upstairs windows to wave at her friends outside. Seeing this, the van drives away as other neighbors begin to stir. Awakening from this strange supernatural experience that left many of them dealing with memories they couldn't fully understand.

After a few days, Jake finally stops by to see Erica. Meeting with her mother and father, noticing they seemed to have brought the spark back into their relationship. Jake continues upstairs, past Vincent's room to see Erica waiting for him as she sits on her bed.

"It's been a couple days, will you finally tell me what happened?"

"You really wanna hear about how you slept with a shemale demonic feline slut next door, became possessed by a demonic dragon and planned to kill an ancient god by stabbing me in the chest with an unholy blade?"

Jake just stands there a moment, closing the door behind him before moving over to sit down next to her. "God, Erica... I didn't m"

His words were cut short by Erica's finger against his lips, offering a slight smile as she shakes her head. "You don't have to apologize, Jake... I know it wasn't you. I'm worried about Amy."

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