tagNovels and NovellasThe Ranch Ch. 02

The Ranch Ch. 02


I woke up to in ecstasy as Allison’s head bobbed up and down on my stiff cock. The room was dimly lit by the breaking dawn. I could barely make out her features. But, there was no way I could ignore the sensation of her warm, wet, sucking mouth. She took her time and slowed down as I got close. She stopped and looked at me. “ I’ll finish you if you promise to fuck me later.” Her head went down and her eyes looked at me waiting for the answer. Allison did not move as she waited for my answer. My cock was just soaking in her wet oral cavity. Her tongue rested under the head of my prick, not moving. “Yes, yes, I’ll fuck you.” I shouted as her inactivity drove me wild. Her head went down and she took me deep into her throat leaving nothing but my pubic hair and balls out of her mouth. The suction increased, and her red lips traveled to the tip of my cock. Her tongue caressed me and Allison growled like a dog with a bone. Allison’s finger plunged into my ass and I screamed, as my orgasm erupted with explosive force. Her mouth opened, allowing the white viscous liquid to run down over my cock and balls. Allison used her tongue began to lap and clean me slowly. “I love cleaning up especially when it tastes this good, and it will get you hard enough to fuck me soon.”

I a little while I was hard as a rock and Allison was ready for me now. Up on her knees, her ass facing me, and her head resting on the mattress. She reached her hand back between her legs and said. “Come on Steven, lets do it doggy style.” I knelt behind her and placed the head at the entrance that she presented to me. “Come on James, give it to me.” I thrust forward and entered her hard and fast. Her cunt collapsed around me and squeezed me hard. Allison’s ass drove back against me. I gripped her hair with my hands and rode her like a mare controlling her with the reigns I held in my hand. “Oh shit! Yes James Fuck me hard.” Her hips ground and circled as I pumped in and out of her wet pussy. The smell of hot pussy permeated the room. I pumped her and she groaned more. My seemed harder than it ever was. The tingling grew and I knew I was near. I shouted. “ I’m gonna cum now!” She ground back harder and said. “YES! YES!, fill me with your cum.”

A little while later we were dressed and we sat down to talk. She handed me a credit card. “This is a house credit card. It is for our high rollers. No girl here will refuse it or anyone having it. Prices on it are non negotiable. When you want a girl, just use the card. The house will pay for everything. Let’s go to the diner, and have some breakfast.

When, we were walking to the Fantasy Diner. Allison explained the diner. The waitresses were made up to look like sluts. Some were older and more shopworn. Others were young and pretty. The diner served meals. And the waitresses would have sex with the customers if the customer propositioned them. You paid for that service at the register as a tip. You could take her out back and fuck her on her break or spend time at her place after the shift.

We went in and ate a very nice breakfast, served by a waitress who seemed to be about 40 years old. She had humongous tits. I kept looking at them and she bent down to give me a better view. Allison giggled and said, “go for it.” The next time she came over I slipped my hand into her blouse, and caressed a breast. The waitress, whose name tag identified her as Donna said. “I’ve got a break coming up ill be out back in 5 minutes. I walked out back and saw her waiting. Her blouse was opened more and her bra was removed. “You like these huh? Did you ever fuck a pair of titties this big?” Her hands went to my fly and opened it up. Her red, painted lips opened, and she said. “just to wet you and make you slippery between my hooters.” Her mouth opened, and she engulfed me. Donna soaked my erection in her saliva until it was dripping wet. She opened her blouse, and held her tits up offering them to me. I moved forward and Donna captured my cock between her breasts. Donna pressed her breasts against my cock and said. “Fuck my tits. Fuck them good, cum all over them.” I began to thrust up and down between her breasts. Her head dipped and licked the top of my hard penis every time it appeared between her breasts. I thrust, and humped for what seemed like forever. I was getting close and Donna, sensed it. She encouraged me. “Yes that’s it cum all over my face and tits.” I began to cum. I decorated her face, neck and chest with my copious spend. Then I went back inside the diner, and finished my breakfast. Donna then appeared to give us the check. Which, I paid for with the credit card. When she saw this, Donna came over to me and told me what time her shift at the diner ended.

Allison escorted me to the office. Dad was waiting for me. My first day of working at the ranch was beginning. He showed me the personnel records of all the employees. The prostitutes both, male, and female had regular health checkups. Some males were gay others were bisexual. Some were actually gigolos. The bouncers and bartenders were given an extensive background check. The he laid out the overall operation. Except for those who had a high rollers card all services were paid for in advance. The house got 50% of all fees and for this provided all facilities and protection for the girls.

For the first period of time I would work in the specialty house watching the monitors. In the specialty house all sorts of perversions are allowed the customers pay the highest fees. The girls are at more risk and therefore are monitored by closed circuit TV when working. If anything looks like it is getting out of control I am to press the buzzer and a bouncer will end the scene. I was not to be there alone for the first few weeks, because they didn’t want me breaking up routine scenes that I might consider dangerous.

I was then taken to the room where I met Sheila. Sheila was an ex dominatrix and would be in charge of teaching me the ropes. I noticed a mousey looking woman of about forty sitting in the corner. Her name I was told was Sandy but I was to address her as slut. Her job vas to take care of our horniness or bathroom needs, because we could not leave the monitors during our shift since the safety of the women depended on us. We would pee and shit in Sandy’s mouth as needed. Sandy loves that. She would also take care of our sexual urges. If I got stiff, Sandy would suck me for as long as I liked. Or she would eat Sheila for as long as she liked.

Sheila suggested we both undress and sit in the special chairs. These chairs had holes in the center of the seat. They were designed so that the sub working the room would be able to get her mouth on the assholes of the people monitoring the room. Sheila ordered Sandy to show me. “Slut, lick his asshole until I tell you to stop. She immediately went under the seat and I felt her lips encase my pucker. Her tongue began to lick and caress my rosebud instantly. I groaned in pleasure and, Sheila then grinned at me.

Just then the monitor with the dungeon opened. Sheila explained that this was a bondage scene. She knew the girl who was in there and that was her specialty. The client tied her to the bed and began to tease her with all sorts of devices. He uses a feather on her nipples and clitoris. Then a vibrator in her pussy along with a butt plug. I got horny watching. I shouted, “slut, suck me now.” Sandy scrambled up and began to suck my cock. She didn’t hesitate, nor did she need any direction. Her head bobbed up and down until I gave her tonsils a sperm bath. Her mouth did not leave my cock. Sheila looked at me and said. “The little whore won’t stop until she’s told to. The little whore looks thirsty, why don’t you pee in her mouth? She loves it. Don’t you bitch?” Sandy nodded here head up and down. I looked down at Sandy’s face and saw the look of anticipation. I began to try and pee. It wasn’t easy, but soon I loosed a torrent of urine down her throat. I could feel her shudder in orgasm. Before long it was 6PM and the shift was over.

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