tagNonHumanThe Rapture Ch. 01

The Rapture Ch. 01


It was early March when I first laid eyes on Joshua Dean. He walked into my algebra class as a new student, pale and slender with a mop of styled brown hair that was neatly trimmed. I remember catching my breath when he turned from the teacher to face the class and take his seat, as he had the most wondrous blue eyes that reminded me of the way ice looks at night. He was beautiful, I thought, with an ease to his movements that betrayed a quiet confidence. I remembered to breathe after Joshua sat down in his assigned desk, to the side of me and two rows over. For the rest of class I remember trying to hide my subtle glances towards him behind the length of my dark hair, which fell just past the shoulder. It was hard to look away from him, and I'm sure I learned nothing of algebra for the next forty-five minutes.

During lunch that same day I learned from the rumor mill that Joshua's family had just moved from the east coast, from somewhere in upstate New York. It wasn't hard, all the girls were talking about him, and gossip traveled fast in our small Minnesota town. As my friends were discussing the 'gorgeous new boy' I spotted him, sitting at one of the lunch tables alone. It must be hard, I thought, to arrive at a new school with only three months left in the school year and not know a soul. I noticed he had a tray of food but only picked at it with his fingers, never actually eating.

"Em." I heard my friend Sarah, say. All my friends call me that, short for Emily.

"Huh?" I replied, suddenly distracted from staring at Joshua.

"Are you even listening to me? I asked you if Rob has asked you to prom yet. It's just over a month away."

"Oh, um, no, not yet. I heard from his sister that he wanted to ask Justine, so..."

"Oh my god." Sarah sighed. "Justine is such a slut."

I mumbled some sort of agreement as Sarah went back to gossiping with the others at the table. I'd had a crush on Rob Snyder for the better part of the school year, but I knew he'd never ask me to prom. I was sure I wasn't pretty enough for him, with my pasty Norwegian skin and lanky frame. I never tanned, only burned, and my mother often joked that I was all elbows, knees, and sharp angles. But now, now Rob Snyder was the furthest thing from my mind; my crush on him ended the moment Joshua Dean walked into my algebra class. Later that day I found out he was in my biology class as well. Great. Like I didn't have a hard enough time concentrating on bio already.

~ ~

March in Minnesota is somewhat miserable, as it's our snowiest month. Heavy wet snow that clings to everything; a dreary grey cloud cover is nearly constant. I remember the first sunny day we'd had in a while because Joshua didn't come to school that day. I figured he'd ditched to do something better in the nice weather, but I was disappointed. I'd made a habit of watching him, both in class as well as when he'd sit by his lonesome at lunch. The other girls had quickly forgotten him as it was clear that Joshua preferred to be alone, with no attempts to make friends. A couple of girls had asked him out but he refused their advances; they now joked that he was either gay or a prude, but I still couldn't stop staring at his beautiful face whenever I saw him.

The clouds returned the next day and so did Joshua. As chance would have it, both of our biology partners were out sick and the teacher told Joshua and I to sit together for the day's lab project. It was bad enough that we were dissecting a worm, which was totally disgusting, but I was now panicked. What would I say to him? I desperately wanted to make a good impression.

"Hello." Joshua said as I nervously sat next to him at his lab table. My breath failed me. His voice, even in just that one word, was so melodic. I clumsily almost slipped off the front of the chair, but I felt Joshua's hand suddenly grab my bicep and prevent me from flopping to the floor on my butt. I was surprised, because his skin felt so cold.

I regained my seat, and my composure, as best I could. "Um, hi." I said back. "Thanks."

"My name is Joshua." he said, sliding the tray with the gross little worm in it closer to us.

"I'm Emily. But you can just call me Em."

"Yes, I know who you are. I've seen you watching me these past days."

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. Oh my god. I was so embarrassed. I tried to hide it by tilting my head and letting my long hair cover my face somewhat.

He must have noticed me blushing, because he issued me the most charming little grin. "It's okay. I don't mind, really. I've enjoyed your attentions. Do you want to make the incision, or should I?"

I blinked, completely flustered. "What?"

Joshua indicated the worm tray with a slender finger. "I think we're supposed to locate certain organs."

I looked at the dead worm. "Oh, yeah. You go ahead. I'm sort of...squeamish."

He took the scalpel and began cutting easily. "You don't have a boyfriend, do you." he asked, though it came out as a statement.

"No, why?" I asked, still embarrassed that he had noticed me looking at him since his arrival. I figured he took me for a total goon.

"Because I've noticed you don't really spend any time with one particular boy."

"Have you been watching me too?" I asked, slightly defensive.

That charming little grin returned to his face, "Maybe."

I made the mistake of looking down at the worm's guts and quickly looked away. Joshua's face seemed the better option, and he was looking right back. I was afraid I'd melt into a puddle of goo right in my chair.

"Um, no. No, I don't have a boyfriend." I managed to murmur.

"That's good. Would you like to go to the prom with me?" He asked the question without even a twinge of doubt in his voice or expression. He was so confident....

I swallowed. It was all I could manage to do.

One of his dark tapered eyebrows lifted. "Are you okay, Emily? Is it the worm?"

"The worm?" I asked. I had completely forgotten even where I even was. This boy, this most beautiful of boys, had just asked me to the prom. The last thing on my mind was some cut-open worm! "Oh, no. I mean. I'm fine. And please, just call me 'Em'."

"I prefer your full name." he stated simply.

"All right." I agreed, still staring into his icy blue eyes a little dumbly. It was like his voice had a strange power over me.

"It's okay, if you've already been asked..." he started.

"No!" I blurted, too eager. "I-I mean, no. Nobody's asked. Um, why are you asking me? I mean, we don't even know each other."

"Prom is my father's suggestion. He think it's a good idea for me to make friends, even though in three months we'll be done with high school. 'An important right of passage' and all that. I'm asking you because I think you're very beautiful."

There goes that confidence again, my god he was so cool about it. I felt the flush return to my face tenfold. He thought I was beautiful! No one had ever said that to me, except my parents, and I figured it was their obligation to tell me stuff like that.

Somehow I managed to speak. "I'd love to go to prom with you, Joshua."

~ ~

The weeks before prom seemed to pass quickly. Our biology teacher thought we did such a good job with the worm lab (even though Joshua did all the work) that he paired us together for the rest of the semester. I also began sitting with him at lunch. It was always just the two of us, as my friends thought he was a weird loner. Even though I was quickly becoming infatuated with him, I began to notice weird things. For one, he never ate. And he never came to school when the weather was nice, only when it was dreary (which, for the record, was most of the time). Then, just a few days before prom, we were at lunch and I noticed his eye-teeth (otherwise known as the fangs) were elongated. I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Joshua." I whispered. "You're teeth, they're..."

Before I could finish my sentence he snapped a palm over his mouth, covering it completely. "I'm sorry." he mumbled through his hand, and quickly got up from the table and hurried out of the lunch room.

I was taken by surprise and wasn't sure what could possibly be wrong with him, but I was worried and started after him. I followed until he ducked into one of the bathrooms. I waited outside for a couple of minutes but he never came out. I was sure no one else was in there with him, so I boldly entered.

He was leaning over a sink, staring at himself in the mirror. "Joshua?" I asked, "Are you okay?"

"Don't come in here Emily, please! It's not safe." he pleaded.

"Safe? What do you mean? What's wrong?"

"I... I'm not what you think I am." he replied, which was the first time I ever heard the confidence leave his voice.

"Joshua, please, your worrying me. What's the matter?"

He turned to face me. His expression was dark, almost animalistic with those elongated fangs. He was breathing heavily and he looked ready to snap.

"I-I better get the nurse..." I suggested.

"No! No, please, I just need...."

"What?" I pleaded, "What do you need? Please, tell me Joshua."

He started towards me and grabbed my arm with an icy hand, leading me out of the bathroom. "Come with me."

I didn't know where we were going, though I didn't care. I would have gone anywhere with him. When we got to the school's doors I realized he wanted to go outside. "My jacket..." I said, but he didn't care, tugging me along. He took me to his SUV in the parking lot. It had heavily tinted windows and we crawled into the back seat.

"Joshua, you're starting to scare me. Please, tell me what's going on."

"Emily, don't be scared. I don't want to hurt you. But I need some blood."

That really freaked me out, though not enough to get out of the car. "B-blood? Joshua, what are you talking about. Do we need to go to the hospital?"

He was on me in an instant, moving faster than I could react, grabbing my arms and pinning me back against the seat. When his lips went for my neck I remember thinking he was a perv and about to rape me or something. Then I felt his bite, his teeth penetrating the skin of my neck. I tried to scream but my mouth opened and nothing came out. My body went rigid and suddenly I felt euphoric as waves of pleasure consumed my body. On some level I knew what was happening, that he was drinking my blood, but I didn't care. The best way to describe what I was feeling was an orgasm for the whole body.

It didn't take him long, and it he didn't take a lot, but when Joshua pulled away it was though I were in a trance. My eyes lidded and I sighed softly from the pleasure of it all, lazily turning to look at him. Traces of my blood decorated his beautiful lips and I leaned forward to kiss him, curling my hand around the back of his head and mixing my fingers into his soft brown hair. I could taste my salty blood on him as our tongues danced, and I nibbled on his lower lip before the kiss ended.

I knew what he was. "You... you're a vampire." I said, breathlessly

It all made sense. His pale skin, the fact that he never ate, and I never saw him in sunlight. Plus he just drank some of my blood - it didn't take a rocket scientist. But I didn't care. He hadn't hurt me, and didn't want to. That much was evident in his expression.

He nodded at me, now caressing my cheek. I still felt the dreamy after-affects of his unique kiss and was more aroused than I ever had been. "Touch me." I said.


"Please, Joshua. Touch me. I want to feel your cold fingers between my legs." I unsnapped my jeans and let down the zipper, then tugged on his wrist to guide his hand towards my tummy.

"Emily, you're feeling the affects of my rapture. This isn't..."

I interrupted, "I don't care. Please, touch me."

I felt his skin as it touched my tummy. I guided him further so that his fingers went under the elastic band of my bikini underwear and mingled with my mound of pubic hair. My hand left his as I figured he'd know what to do from there and grabbed him by the back of his neck, pulling him towards another kiss.

I gasped against his mouth when I felt a digit slide over the hood of my clit and penetrate the lips of my sex. He was warm now, warm with my blood, and his smell was intoxicating. I spread my legs further and my jeans slid down my hips. I kissed him again as he began masturbating me, his hand buried in my panties and stretching them out.

I groaned in pleasure and Joshua began kissing my neck as I clutched his torso close to mine. He was licking the spot where he bit me and the sensation sent a thrill though my body, aided by the fact that his finger was now inside my depths, the inner curve of it rubbing and stimulating my clit.

A warmth spread through me and I knew I was about to orgasm, an event I had only experienced late at night in my bedroom, by my own hand. The effects of his vampiric bite were still with me, enhancing things.

"Joshua, I-I'm going to cum...."

His lips found mine and we kissed as my body shook with absolute pleasure. I held him tight, my fingers clutching at his back through the thin material of his white shirt. My orgasm came in waves, my sex leaking out its joy at Joshua's touch. When it was finally over I could barely breathe. He lifted his hand, the one that had just been inside me, and smelled my essence. He even tasted it with a brief lick of his tongue.

I rubbed my eyes to make sure I could see straight, and noticed his own jeans had a bulge. "Um, wow. So do vampires get boners?"

He looked away shyly, "When we are aroused, and flush with fresh blood, yes."

I reached for his zipper but his hand caught my wrist. "Emily, it's okay. You don't have to."

"I want to." I said, honestly.

"But... you just found out I am a vampire. Aren't you afraid?"

I shook my head. I was honestly without fear of him. "I'm not afraid, and I want to."

His hand let go and I undid his pants, "Whatever you just did to me, it was the most amazing thing I've ever felt. I want to return the favor."

He nodded as my palm felt the outlines of his erection through his boxers. I reached through the fly and withdrew his hard penis. It was pale and warm and beautiful, just large enough to wrap my fingers around, which I did.

"Emily, your touch..."

"Yes?" I prompted, gripping him firmly. I had never touched a man like this, as boys had never really showed much of an interest in me before. Not any boys worth my time, at least. I was a virgin.

"The rapture is the same for me." Joshua said. "Your touch feels amazing."

I didn't really know what I was doing, but instinct took over and I began to slide my hand up and down his cock as I gripped it. "Do you want to touch me?" I asked.

He looked at me through glazed eyes, then slid a hand beneath my tight yellow top. I blushed a little as his hand cupped one of my breasts through the bra I was wearing. I was smallish in that department, but at least I had enough for him to hold.

"You're so beautiful." he said softly.

"You too." I replied, masturbating him with firm strokes. "I've thought so since I first saw you."

"And you don't fear me?" he asked.

I shook my head. "Why? Should I?"

He shook his head in return, staring at me with those beautiful eyes that I was quickly falling in love with. My hand moved faster and gripped tighter. He clutched at my breast a little harder and his mouth opened in obvious pleasure. His cock firmed in my hand and I sensed the ease of his arousal. I must have been doing something right, because the tip of his member began leaking a slick ichor which helped to lubricate my hand job. Then it happened.

A grunt escaped his lips just before his penis began twitching and hurling out his semen. It was a sticky substance and tinged in red, almost what saliva looks like when mixed with blood. I knew it was my blood in the fluid, and for some reason that turned me on. My hand sped up and down his shaft until it stopped leaking out over my fingers. He sighed in the aftermath of the orgasm, a smile across his beautiful face.

~ ~

We cleaned ourselves up, but I couldn't go back to class. Not after what had just happened. Luckily Joshua didn't feel like school either, so we drove for a while. He told me that his fangs lengthen like they did when he gets thirsty and needs blood, that he needs to drink every couple of weeks. I asked him how he had become a vampire, but he was reluctant to get into the details and I didn't want to press the issue, though he did say that it had been his father that turned him. Great. A whole family of vampires had moved to town, and I had just jerked one of them off.

It was all so fantastic and surreal, I wanted to know more and kept asking questions. He told me that all of the stories that you read in books and see in movies aren't real. Their reflections show up in mirrors, crosses don't bother them, and entering houses uninvited isn't a problem. He said sunlight doesn't burn them, but that it's very painful to their eyes and exposed skin. When I asked about who he commonly fed on, he said that usually the rapture makes the victim become aroused, like it did me, but then they enter a trance-like state and lose memory of what even happened. Why that didn't happen to me baffled him.

I wasn't sure if I believed what had happened. I kept pinching myself, expecting to wake up and realize it had all been a dream. However, I was sure that somehow, I was falling in love with Joshua Dean. What I experienced in the back seat of his SUV was intoxicating, and I wanted to feel it again.

When we finally pulled up in front of my house, he asked "Do you still want to go to prom with me?"

I laughed. "Yes. I still want to go to prom with you. But no biting until after we dance, okay?"

He chuckled, "Okay."

(to be continued)

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