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The Ravaging of a Dh'oine


Disclamier: Iorveth, the Scoia'tael, and Cedric are not mine but the female character is mine. This is done purely for entertainment purposes and not for profit.

The title is self explanatory; don't know why so many people hate Iorveth. He fights for a cause although a little hateful and he makes me cream my panties, he's so hot.

This story has a lot of explicit sexual content including gang bangs and a woman being used in helpless sexual situations. If that's not your thing, turn back. I also used some Elven language in here, so if don't play Witcher or Witcher 2 you might not know the lingo and be a little lost but you can always goggle it. The story still flows well regardless.

So I'm now going through revising my p.o.v. transition because everyone finds it confusing. Thanks to Danish Existence for the transition break suggestion.

The Ravaging of a Dh'oine

By: DarkLaraJade

Chapter 1

Setsuna made her way through the forest and tried her best to follow the map she had stolen from Cedric. It was a hot summer day and the waterfall in forest was fabled to be the most beautiful place in Flotsam. The sun peeked through the trees and highlighted the waves of her honey colored hair. Her skin was a deep tan color and her almond shaped eyes were sky blue with flecks of emerald green.

Her flirtatious long lashes fluttered slightly in the breeze and a smile formed on her large pouty lips. They were heart-shaped and painted a deep red as if they were begging to be kissed. Setsuna had always wanted to go skinny dipping in the forest but she could never find her way past Cedric. The handsome protective elf always warned her the woods were dangerous and there was much she had to fear.

He told her frightening stories of the ferocious beasts that roamed the forests. Cedric informed her that woods were thick with Drowners, Nekkers, Encanas, and Arachnas.

His voice rang through her mind, "If the beasts don't get you, then undoubtedly the Scoia'tael will".

She had known Cedric was right, both guerrilla elf units and beasts were known for their fierce and vicious nature. So taking matters into her own hands, she sneaked into Cedric's cabin while he was on his watchtower drunk on vodka; a common occurrence. The map was simple and displayed routes of where he had laid traps and the most commonplaces for monsters to hunt. Setsuna simply used the map to avoid the creatures; hiding when she heard the slightest noise.

Setsuna was a common girl in Flotsam, but she did not grow up in Lobinden. However unlike most people in Flotsam, she did not harbor silly animosities against nonhumans and Lobinden's inhabitants. To be honest, she found that non humans were more law abiding than humans in her experience.

She had turned 17 this week and already she had the body of a woman. She wore white cotton skirts over a white chemise. A cream waist cincher accentuated her tiny waist and exaggerated her shapely hips. Her full breasts dangled over the top of the waist cincher and looked as if would burst from the confines of her tightly stretched chemise. You could see her nipples through the fabric as she not wearing an undergarment.

When she arrived at the waterfall, she pulled the strings on the front of her chemise freeing her large breasts. They were full and heavy and every bit of a DDD cup. Her tits were high and perky but yet a slight sag still accompanied them, for no tits could be so big and defy gravity completely. Her breasts were perfectly rounded and capped with big dark pink areolas which contrasted her tan skin. Her nipples were as thick as eraser heads and hardened as she fully exposed her breasts in the forest air.

Her nimble fingers on her dainty hands made short work of the laces of her waist cincher and her skirts followed directly after. The only garment the tan beauty wore was her chemise which she slipped over her head and then waded in the water of the river. It was cool and felt wonderful on such a hot day. Most of her honey colored locks were pinned up in a high braided style while the rest flowed in free waves done her back. It ended just at her buttocks and would be down to her calves had she completely undone it.

Setsuna went deeper into the water and began to swim to the center of the lake and reveled in how it enveloped her body. Wading to a shallow end of the pool, she stopped when the water was around her thighs. She bathed in the river, pouring water through her hair and on her skin with cupped hands. Setsuna's pussy was completely bare, for some strange reason she never grew hair there.

Her stomach was perfectly flat and her tiny waist formed into curvaceous hips. She had a round, perky buttocks that was prominent and not even she could hide it in her thickest of skirts. Her butt was not large but definitely defined and men would whistle at her from all angles. Setsuna could have made a lofty life as a whore.

She had an exceptional body and a regal face with a tiny nose and high cheekbones. Even if she was just a whore, she wouldn't be a common one. Even that bastard Loredo offered her large sums of money to ride his cock every week. But she wouldn't do it; she would rather rely on her cooking to get her by. Setsuna was a cook by trade like her mother and her mother before her.

Despite her curves, she was a very shy and reserved girl and preferred not to engage in trade as vulgar as whoring. Her bath was cut short by a high pitch shriek that made her jump. A Drowner was on the edge of the riverbank ripping at her clothes and eating her map. She squealed out of fear and quickly covered her mouth but it was too late. The red eyed Drowner turned its gaze toward her and gave a blood curdling cry as it sprung from the riverbank. Setsuna screamed out of fear as the creature ran toward her, its body leaning toward her as its long arms flailed behind it with glistening claws.

Setsuna stumbled backwards and fell into the water. Just as the creature was upon her, an arrow pierced the Drowner's right eye. Its body was propelled forward through the air by the sheer force and momentum of the arrow before it fell to the ground dead. Looking behind the creature, Setsuna saw Iorveth flanked by four Scoia'tael warriors standing on the riverbank. She recognized Iorveth from all the WANTED posters littered around the town.

The Scoia'tael had been on the girl's trail since she set foot in the forest. She was beautiful for a Dh'oine and they had been watching her from the shrubs and the trees. Iorveth and his warriors watched her tits sway as she walked through the forest.

She seemed to be following a map which particularly interested him. He didn't like maps made of his forest as it put him and his men in jeopardy. The less the humans knew of the forest, the better. He would have confronted her immediately but quickly decided against it. He wanted to follow the little human and find out where she was going. Perhaps she was searching for their hideout; she could have gotten the map from anywhere.

He immediately ordered four of his finest archers to accompany him as they trailed her, confident that they were more than enough to take a spy. Then she led them to the fabled waterfall of Flotsam forest and began to disrobe. Unbeknownst to the sexy human, she was being watched by Scoia'tael.

Iorveth felt his cock stir and immediately scolded himself. She was a filthy human and the Scoia'tael hated humans. Iorveth looked over at his men; they were all transfixed by the beautiful human's body. She was inhumanly perfect and it made him yearn for female affection. All of his men had slightly visible erections along with his own.

None of them including him had been with a woman in six months. Although Elves they were far more disciplined than humans but they were still men after all. They watched her wavy honey colored hair darken as she came up from her swim. Water cascaded down her heavy pendulous breasts that were more than handfuls for any man, even dwarves who had the biggest of hands.

The droplets fell down the human's tight, tan stomach and cascaded down to her clean bare pussy. Iorveth could make out the bottom of her pussy lips as she spread her legs to wash herself further. The human turned around in the sunlight to soak up more rays and turned her back to them. The sun reflected off of the water droplets that fell between her high, round butt cheeks and down her long tan thighs.

"Gods.", Iorveth heard the archer closest to his right whisper under his breath.

Iorveth took a deep breath in an attempt to slow his pulse. He was a warrior and he was a thousand years old, older than most elves these days. Fawning over humans was unacceptable, although he had to admit she was the most sensual woman he had seen in hundreds of years.

Then a Drowner came from the ground and began to destroy the girl's belongings on the riverbank. Its presence was unsurprising, Drowners were drawn to water. Iorveth silently cursed when the creature ate the map; he had wanted to see the map the girl had used. His archers raised their bows to kill the creature, but Iorveth stopped them.

"Wait, if the Dh'oine is a spy she should know how to defend herself. Let us see how this plays out."

The human girl gave a cry when she saw the creature and fear overtook her. Iorveth could see her fear and watched her fall in the water as she toppled backward. The creature shrieked and made a move for her and that's when Iorveth gave the signal to kill the creature. Only one archer was needed, his archers were precise as they were deadly. After the creature was killed he made his presence known. Iorveth and his men stood on the riverbank and watched the girl recover from shock.

Setsuna took in his garb and noticed his green armor atop colorful green robes. The elf had brown thick leather gloves up to his elbows and a red bandana that covered his entire head and draped over left eye. Despite the bandana she could still make out the scar on the left side his face. And despite the scar, she still found him to be handsome.

Setsuna did not miss the beginning of a beautiful intricate tattoo of vines and leaves that was unmistakably Elven on the right side of his neck and chest. The rest of it was hidden by his armor.

"Come here, Dh'oine", Iorveth shouted loudly.

It startled her and she quickly got to her feet. She was still shaken by the attack and her knees were shaky as she walked through the water. The beautiful human did her best to cover her breasts with her arms with no success because of their size. She felt the eyes of the Elven warriors all over her body as she made her way through the water and pulled herself onto the riverbank.

Thankful it was hot that day, she didn't shiver for long as the hot air and sun immediately began to dry her body. She wanted to get her clothes but, she was too scared to move. Setsuna heard stories from human, dwarf and elf alike of Iorveth's ruthless nature.

"What are you doing in my forest, filthy Dh'oine?" he spat it like venom.

Setsuna gave a shuddering breath, "Just having a swim".

The Scoia'tael leader scuffed, "Well that is obvious, you think me blind? I mean what made you think you could come to MY forest for a swim? Did you ask permission?"

Setsuna stared back at him in shock, "I didn't know I had to! I just wanted to go for a swim. I knew it was dangerous but the map showed me the way."

As she was speaking Iorveth began to circle her as he interrogated her. He kept a steady gaze with her when he was in front of her but when he was out of her eyesight he could feel his eyes elsewhere.

Iorveth perked up at the mention of the map, "Where did you get such a map?"

Setsuna was frightened, "It's Cedric's."

The Elven leader was behind her and he immediately stopped in his tracks. He grabbed her by the shoulders and using a powerful grip, he spun her around to meet his hard gaze. Setsuna could see the seriousness in his brown eyes, "And what did he ask you to do with such a map?" Iorveth growled.

Setsuna began to shiver with fear, "He didn't ask me to do anything with the map. I.....I stole it. I stole it from his cabin to find my way. It showed me where the monsters and traps were, I used it to avoid them" she admitted shamefully.


"Because I wanted to see the waterfall. I asked Cedric to take me but he said it was too dangerous. I thought....I thought he was just being overprotective. So I took his map. I know I shouldn't have and now I realize what a mistake it was to come here."

Iorveth had watched the young human get out of the water and enjoyed how it glistened on her skin. He wanted to know what she was doing here and how she acquired such a knowledgeable map. At first when he heard the map was Cedric's it made sense to him. Cedric was an elf, a hunter and trapper and a filthy human-lover. He never understood Cedric; trying to foolishly protect the same humans that condemned him for his Elven race. He knew the forest as well as he did. He then became worried the other elf was trying to plot against him.

Cedric agreed with freedom and preserving old ways and customs that the human destroyed but disagreed completely with his tactics. Pillaging and burning ships and looting were not Cedric's style. Although they did not see eye to eye, they had always stayed out of the each other's way. Iorveth took it seriously if the other elf was trying to find his hideout. He listened to her tell her tale of theft which was hardly even theft at all as his mind wondered.

He ran his eyes up and down her body. It was obvious to him the human girl's intentions were innocent but he still wanted to be compensated for wasting his time. He thought of ways to punish the human and briefly thought of just killing her now or leaving her to the beasts of the forest. He was also so very conflicted and puzzled by his attraction to her.

He hated humans and wanted nothing to do with them. But this one was oddly intriguing and her curvy yet short and statuesque body was very Elven for a human. He could usually pick out at least one flaw on human females which openly turned him off. Elven women had flawless skin much like this human but they usually didn't come with breasts so large.

Iorveth was horny and it had been a while since he had a woman. Melena would make herself available to him when he was in need, but lately he saw less and less of her. Ever since that fiasco with the missing town guards, she was a suspect. True he had given the order to kill the guards she had led into the cave ambush, but other guards had seen his trusted spy lead them there. Its common sense to make sure you aren't followed; a skill the stupid bitch either lacked or disregarded. In any case, the guards threatened to burn her if she was caught, so she made herself scarce and all but disappeared.

He definitely needed some relief. He had saved her life merely because he wanted to question her and he liked her tits. But he would do away with her to prove a point.

"You're a thief and trespasser, Dh'oine. I think I should make an example of you and cut your head off and put it on a pike. That'll show the members of that filthy town who the forest belongs to."

Setsuna's eyes widened and he saw tears form, "Please don't! I'll never come back again. I didn't mean it! I'll do anything you want, I swear, anything!"

Ivoreth intended to hold her to her words and whispered, "Get on your knees, Dh'oine". There was only about two feet of space between them; Ivoreth had not moved since he had spun her around to face him. Setsuna quickly got to her knees, certain he was going to tell her to beg for her life. To her surprise he began peeling apart his green robes to reveal black leather trousers.

He easily undid his belt and unbuttoned his trousers and glared down at her, "Persuade me not kill you, Dh'oine."

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