tagBDSMThe Real Gabi

The Real Gabi


Simon Green looked over at the juicy young slut lying on the bed, panting. Aged twenty-two, she had been an almost perfect choice for a man like himself. At that moment, Simon felt especially satisfied after shooting a load of cock juice into her bowels.

Gabi was looking kind of "spaced out", as she usually did once she'd been fucked hard and rough. Simon reached up and released the leather wrist cuffs from the head of the bed. Gabi would need a few minutes to recover and then he would send her on her way.

She was a good little bitch - obedient, compliant and even grateful. She'd been brave enough to admit that she had wanted to be controlled sexually by an older man. He had been only too willing to give Gabi the benefit of his experience in such matters. Her training had gone well.

He smiled and reminded himself yet again that he was glad he had taken the risk with Gabi. She was a grown woman and, yet, still ripe with youth. And she was Zak's girlfriend which only added to the thrill of him, a dirty old man, using and abusing the willing young slut. Soon he'd get her into the shower so she could clean up before Zak arrived. Gabi always met her boyfriend at his father's house after his Saturdays at the football club or playing cricket.


At first Simon had paid no particular attention to Gabi. After all, she was the girlfriend of his second son. Zak was just 23 and turning into a fine young man. Simon took pride in both his boys, who had survived the loss of their mother by embracing life and all its opportunities. Zak lived at home, though he was barely there in between his uni studies and his love of sport.

Gabi was a vivacious young woman - only a year younger than Zak but obviously more mature and ready to take on the world. In fact, her personality could be described as sassy - even bratty. Gabi sometimes had a little too much confidence. She'd let on that she'd started fucking boys at a young age - it was news intended to intimidate her boyfriend and shock his father. She also liked to mention her preference for topless sunbathing.

Simon tried not to pay too much attention to Gabi. She was average height with soft brown curls. A little plump, he thought, but looking at her E-cup tits he didn't question his son's choice of girlfriend. He had no real reason to be interested in Gabi since she was almost thirty years his junior.


Gabi had been complaining one Saturday as she waited for Zak. They'd had a fight and Gabi was appealing to Simon to take her side. That could never happen but it highlighted that sometimes she was too confident and even selfish. Gabi thought she could get a reaction from Simon.

"Young guys have no idea what they're doing anyway," she said. "None of them really understand women."

Simon had tried not to smile. "Sometimes the trouble with older guys is they know exactly what they want."

"Oh really?" she had said with a wicked tone. She was looking to provoke the older man, to challenge him. "You think an older guy could handle me?" Deep down, Gabi knew she was asking for trouble but her bratty personality would not let her stop. "Could you do it?"

Simon didn't need to respond to the challenge. Perhaps he should not have reacted. But the little bitch was not the only one who knew how to be provocative. Simon grabbed a big handful of her soft curls and yanked her head back, hard. The look of shock was priceless - too late, she realised the danger of her situation.

He held her like that for a good ten seconds, staring into her eyes as Gabi wondered whether or not to struggle. Simon figured it was best to let her predicament sink in. He wanted her to know she had over-stepped the mark and that he was ready to chastise badly behaved women.

Finally, Simon let go of her. "Sometimes older guys just know what we want and we can take it."

He walked off before Gabi could respond. It had been an enormous risk but Simon somehow sensed that Gabi would not complain. Her kind would not want to show vulnerability to any man.

Gabi knew she could have screamed out. She should have said something. But Simon was gone before she could get her brain working again. It was as if he had dismissed her, leaving the bratty young woman with nothing but her ragged breathing and a strange feeling, deep inside.


The next day, Gabi could not stop thinking about what Simon Green had done to her. She'd felt some strange stirring deep inside. He was so much older than her and, worse, he was her boyfriend's father. Gabi knew it was wrong, but she was surprised to discover that she felt a little aroused thinking about it.

She had rarely paid any attention to her boyfriend's dad but now she couldn't stop thinking about him. There was something about him she'd never noticed before - the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes. Simon Green had a strength and sense of command. It was true that he'd kind of attacked her the day before and Gabi knew she ought to have been scared. She surely should have been outraged.

Instead, she wanted more. Gabi was like that - impulsive. It was how she'd started having sex in the first place. It was why her boyfriends usually lasted only a short time before she was ready to move on. Now she had Mr Green to think about - and Gabi was giving it a lot of thought.

Gabi sent a simple text. She knew she was playing with fire but she wanted to provoke her boyfriend's Dad.

"You kinda turned me on."

Simon, naturally, knew how to play the young slut. She wanted another reaction from him. He made her wait, made her hungry. But Gabi was young and impatient.

"I hope you'll show me again who's boss," she texted him a few days later.

Her strange feelings were more than she could resist. The next day she sent a further message to Mr Green.

"I'm still thinking about you."

Simon once more considered the risk he was taking with a woman young enough to be his daughter. But he was sure he could read Gabi and that she was almost hooked. Her eagerness and her luscious young body made the decision for him.

"Saturday. Come early".


Gabi arrived mid-afternoon wearing a light summer frock. That pleased Simon. Not least because it highlighted her ample bust. Yes, in the previous week he'd been thinking more often about those big, young tits.

He stood very close to her, in the middle of his loungeroom. It pleased him to see that she was looking nervous for the first time. He thought perhaps she was even trembling slightly. In truth, Gabi was feeling a mixture of arousal and nerves. She'd suddenly decided that Simon Green was a rather good-looking man. He was so much older and yet she could see that he had what was termed "sex appeal". He kept himself fit and his grey hairs and beard now seemed so hard to resist.

Gabi was eager to enter into a new world but she was aware that knew so little about it.

"There is a lot for you to learn," he said to her in a quiet, firm voice and Gabi found herself nodding in response.

"If we are going to do this, it will be my rules. Do you understand?"

She nodded again, not really understanding at all. Gabi was out of her depth. For the first time, she was very conscious of her youth - and that she was not as experienced as she liked to pretend. She wanted whatever Simon was promising but she was a little afraid. Gabi could only suspect what an older man would take from a woman of her tender years.

There was something else - her cunt was melting. Her arousal was undeniable. Simon Green gave off a sense of power she'd never taken care to notice before. She could not resist him. The sound of his voice had already sealed her fate.

Gabi stood motionless as Simon ran his strong hands over her face and then down the front of her dress. It was his first opportunity to really touch her and Simon wanted the young slut to understand he intended to take liberties with her.

Then he sat on the lounge and pulled Gabi down and across his lap. She was smaller and gave no resistance. The truth was that things were moving so fast that Gabi was totally at his mercy. His rough yanking of her hair that first day had made the point. Simon was going to "take what he wanted". Gabi didn't for a second think of backing down.

Not when Simon, the father of her boyfriend, flipped up her frock and exposed her bottom. Not even when he yanked down her tiny underpants. Simon got a nice surprise at that - she was browned all over, even her arse. Her cheeks were smooth and generous, just right for a spanking. Simon noted the suntan and the fact Gabi was comfortable being naked - it was another good sign.

Simon had planned this moment carefully. He raised one hand and slapped down on her buttocks. Gabi jumped in surprise - she had never been slapped before. "Don't move," came his soft command. This one was young and she needed to learn quickly who was in charge.

Gabi froze from his calm, firm voice even as Simon slapped her again. Her skin was deliciously soft and her arse nicely fleshy. He liked the way the cheeks bounced from his blows. This little slut had never been spanked before but already Simon knew he'd give her many more. He slipped a finger between her young thighs and over her bare cunt lips. The little bitch was wet - not soaking but damp enough to betray her excitement.

Gabi remained still and silent as the older man, old enough to be her father, abused her young body. She was stunned by her sudden predicament. Her boyfriend's dad had smacked her arse and now he was feeling her up!

Simon Green knew how to pace the lesson. He resumed his spanking, not hard but enough to begin turning her arse cheeks a soft pink. After every half dozen blows he would again run a finger over her slit. A little taste of pleasure would keep her confused and compliant. All the better to teach her what she needed.

Her head was in a whirl. Gabi had never been hit before, not a single one. Why was she letting a man do this to her? It was frightening and yet it was so easy to let the older man take what he wanted. The spanking hurt but Gabi loved the intensity and, like the first time, she was thrilled that Simon so easily forced himself upon her.

Finally, Simon eased off on the spanking and worked two fingers into her cunt. Gabi was almost as shocked by that as the beating - it was so dirty and yet it felt so good with her throbbing butt. She lay still, across his lap, doing nothing but allowing the older man to fill her hole with his fingers. It felt so wrong and so amazing at the same time. Simon worked slowly but with skill, stretching her cunt walls with his thrusting fingers. He let her make as much noise as she liked until she was cumming, coating his fingers with cunt juice and making high-pitched groans as she came so beautifully.

Simon was especially pleased that Gabi showed no real sign of resistance - not once. Perhaps he'd chosen well, after all - there was real promise in this one. Then he was done with her, for now. Simon ordered Gabi to her feet and to fix her dress up. He didn't touch her again that day. In fact, he made himself scarce before his son Zak arrived home.

Gabi tried to force from her mind the things that had been done to her that afternoon. But that night she fucked her boyfriend with more energy than usual. She made sure to be extra noisy, intending that Zak's father would hear her orgasms from the other end of the house.


"Never been punished before," she texted to Simon the next day. "Guess I deserved it?"

Simon replied straight away. "I spanked you cos I wanted to. You will know when I punish you."

It was meant to be bait and she took it all too easily. Gabi had thought it was she who was luring Simon. Yet, for the second time, it was the older man who'd taken control - of her! Gabi didn't know what to make of that but she knew she enjoyed it. She knew nothing about older men but Simon Green had already taken her to places she'd not expected.

It wasn't the spanking so much that had done it for her. It was the fact he'd done it all so effortlessly. This was a man who knew how to take what he wanted. Normally Gabi felt confident around men but now the boot was on the other foot. It had been more thrilling than she could describe. Gabi wondered what further pleasures he might take from her.

"I'm turned on right now," she sent to him. "I hope you'll do it again?"

Simon let that sit for two days before he sent his next message to the young slut. One was a link to an article about safewords.

"Read this and decide," was his instruction.

The other message contained several links about submission and kinky play. He aimed to inspire Gabi but he knew she'd need a little education first.

In fact, Gabi was turned-on by reading the information from her boyfriend's father. She had known about BDSM, of course, but only in a juvenile and giggly way. Everything she saw looked so hardcore and so incredibly sexy. She saw women who were being used and abused my men. It was obvious they had no control over what was done to them - and they were loving it. Gabi knew she wanted to feel like those other women. BDSM was real and Gabi wanted to experience it.

The best part was finding there was a name for the way she reacted to Simon Green. Submission - Gabi liked the sound of that. Mr Green wanted control and she knew it felt right to surrender to him. The older man had challenged her, opened a door. Gabi wanted to go through that door.

She instinctively knew that Simon would be the perfect guide and teacher. His voice, his eyes - maybe the right word was charisma but Gabi didn't want to resist the opportunity. He was a dirty old man who had already violated her. Gabi knew she wanted more. She sent Simon another text later that week.

"OK have my safeword. I get it. I want to use it with you soon."

"Saturday afternoon," he replied. "Pay attention. Only use your safeword once. If you ever say no to me that's OK - a safeword. But I'll never touch you again after that. Make sure you understand."

Simon Green knew full well that was not how a safeword was supposed to be used. But he was already taking a huge risk with Gabi. He would push his luck a little further and see just how much the eager slut could take.


Control - that was Simon. Submission - that was her. Somehow it made perfect sense. Gabi could put a name to the way she reacted to the older man.

Gabi knew what she was getting into was wrong - cheating on her boyfriend, being intimate with a man so much older. It was impossible to ignore the fact that he was old enough to be her father. She didn't care about the taboos she was breaking. She was excited by Simon Green. He was a man who knew how to take charge and suddenly she wanted that very badly. Gabi had never fantasised about a man the age of Simon Green. She hadn't thought them as much a turn-on as boys her own age. But this older man had a way of looking at her and speaking to her that made her body respond.

Simon had "hurt" her twice already, just a little, and Gabi still didn't understand why that had thrilled her so much. Gabi expected he would hurt her more but she wanted that for some reason. She was eager to submit, to obey, and to let Simon Green take whatever he wanted from her. Only she didn't know yet what that would be.

He was sitting in his lounge when she came in that afternoon. He looked her up and down with a pleasant smile. It had been years since he'd had a juicy young body like hers. Simon liked what he saw and that helped Gabi relax just a little.

"I want you naked at all times when you are with me," he said gently.

Gabi had no words to respond. For some reason, she wanted to please Mr Green very much. She knew enough to understood that her place was to obey - always. Silently, blushing furiously, she began to undress in front of the older man. Gabi was not afraid to be naked but she'd never undressed in front of someone like this, with them watching and taking in everything.

Simon couldn't help getting hard as those huge, tanned tits came into view. He'd been thinking about little else for the entire week. He walked over to Gabi and without a word put his big, strong hands on her E-cups. Gabi gave her consent with silence - she wanted him to touch her and she was helpless before him.

Her boyfriend's dad gently squeezed her big tits, hefted their weight, let his fingers slip down to the nipples which he tweaked and pinched "just so". She was young and firm - just a hint of sag. And he was pleased with the response from Gabi, drawing in breath and clearly aroused by being touched. She wanted to be touch, had ached all week for Simon to fondle and caress her body. From the first, the "older man" showed that he knew how to treat a woman. He fondled and caressed her tits so expertly. He knew just where to squeeze and how hard to pinch her nipples. Gabi had dreamed of sex being like this. She was melting for him.

Then his hands were on her shoulders, forcing her to her knees. It felt like a moment of truth - this was the proper moment of her surrender to Mr Simon Green. She could hardly believe it! Of course Gabi knew what was coming. Usually her boyfriends hinted they wanted a blowjob or nervously asked her to suck them. Most of the time she'd acquiesce. But she'd never been "forced", never been shoved to her knees. This time Gabi had no say in what was to happen. It was scary and exciting at the same time. An older man was going to force her to fellate him.

"Take my cock out," he commanded.

Gabi had never had such words said to her. This man was so much older and more confident. Exhilarated, she fumbled at his jeans. On her knees, ready to have her mouth used by a dirty old man¬ - she wanted it so badly. She didn't even notice that Simon's erect cock somehow was not quite as impressive as that wielded by his son. Gabi knew he would shove his cock into her mouth and use her like a cheap whore. She felt her heart jump and her cunt gush.

Simon had no time for messing about. He took hold of Gabi's head, even though she was trying to wrap one hand around his shaft, and forced himself into that sweet young mouth. Gabi had never been treated this way before. She gave a silent hope that he wouldn't cum in her mouth. But that was quickly forgotten as she thrilled to the hardness of his cock, the taste and most of all by the fact that it was her boyfriend's father who'd shoved his meat into her young mouth.

"Play with my balls," he ordered and she stroked her fingertips around his bare-shaven sack.

The little tease of fear leapt back into her stomach. What if she could not do what he wanted? What if her skills didn't please him?

Simon was very pleased, however. The little slut was performing just as he wanted. He grabbed her hair hard, taking note of the grimace of pain and the stifled squeal of protest. He thrust hard and fast, knowing that Gabi had never been used in that way before. He was pleased that Gabi tried to keep her lips wrapped firmly around his shaft as he fucked her face.

When he knew he was leaking pre-cum into the mouth of the young bitch, Simon sat down and dragged Gabi across his lap. She knew what to do this time and was quickly into position.

"I enjoy spanking you," he said to her softly. He liked this one, young and soft and ready to please. "After this I will give you a little reward for being so good."

Gabi didn't know what to say. She was afraid and yet the fingers rubbing her slit only increased her desire. Simon knew just how to handle her and everything he was doing to her was so exciting.

Simon spanked her harder that day, knowing she could take it. He rained down blows on her well-tanned arse as he deftly flicked a finger over Gabi's clit. The spanking hurt much more than her first time, but Gabi was enjoying it all the same. She was desperate to prove herself, to show her worth to this older man. Simon enjoyed spanking her and it made her feel good to let him take what he wanted. Had she really been like this all along?

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