tagErotic CouplingsThe Reawakening of Dr. Clark Ch. 14

The Reawakening of Dr. Clark Ch. 14


Many towns, come fall, boast festivals, fairs, or carnivals. Dr. Greg Clark’s town was no different. For two weekends every year in October, the town green was consumed by gigantic slides best traversed atop burlap sacks, humming generators powering merry-go-rounds and food trucks, and countless booths hawking paintings by unknown artists, knit caps, inflatable cartoon characters, and who knows what else. Fall Fest became the focus of all the residents and the businesses. Local restaurants trotted out their best carnival food in the hopes that people would like it enough to sample the restaurant’s full menu in the months to come, insurance companies, pet groomers, massage therapists, and more set up booths to give away cheap trinkets and hopefully get their names in people’s minds.

Even the college ran some booths including a haunted house ride that was a favorite of Greg’s oldest. Well, not a favorite so much as a ride she’d stand outside of for three years running now, ask a series of questions about it, and then refuse to go on as she didn’t want to be scared. The doctor was fine with that but always a little curious as to what, exactly, his daughter was hoping to hear in all those questions. He was a little bit relieved to see a “temporarily out of order” sign hanging on the ghoulish mouth that served as the front door.

Greg strolled aimlessly around the various amusements, just killing time. Gina and the kids would be meeting him at 2, but he had managed to arrive much earlier than he had expected. He figured he could just take in the sights with the excess minutes and see if there was any silly crafts that might catch his eye for gag gifts come Christmas time.

That had turned out to only take 13 minutes.

So, with 35 still on the clock he allowed himself to simply enjoy the scent of fall in the year, the subtle but soon to grow bite of chill in the air, the sight of trees awash in reds, yellows, and oranges.

This total mental absorption was perhaps why he nearly trampled Mallory when she popped out from behind the Haunted House.

“Careful there Doc. Can’t just go around rubbing up against coeds, unless you want someone to call you a pervert.”

Greg allowed a small, tight smile. While he had come to be a lot more…agreeable to giving in to the pleasures his children’s babysitter offered, he still was uncomfortable with her increasing tendency to blur boundaries. The bold teen was growing increasing demonstrative with her affections in front of Gina and the kids, hugging him when she never had before, finding excuses to bump into him playfully before he and Gina might go out for the evening, these sorts of things. When no one was in the room, but sure to return soon, she was even worse, kissing his neck, licking his earlobe, whispering dirty phrases to him, or, once, shimmying out of her underwear and shoving them in his jacket pocket after Gina had briefly run upstairs to grab a small handbag.

Despite her protestations of not wanting to break up his marriage or replace his wife, the increase in recklessness left him wondering how truthful that was. That, in turn, only served to increase his conflicted feelings. He knew he was cheating on his wife, there was simply no denying it now. He knew but indulged in some delusions to help him accept it. First, that it was just sex between he and Mallory and that neither of them were emotionally invested. Second, although their “riskiness” was more stage play that reality so the chances they would be caught were quite slim. Lastly, he was just a passing fad for Mallory; she’d be over him and onto some college guy before they knew it and therefore there was no reason to worry about this becoming a long-term thing or something he’d have to put the brakes on.

“Soooooo,” she murmured in sing song, arms behind her back, chest pushed up and forward, eyes cast down in a show of shyness, one foot nervously drawing figure eights on the ground, “Where’s the family?”

“Not here yet,” the doctor replied, trying to stay distant, “I’m meeting them over by the MEGASlide at 2 o’clock.”

She glanced at her watch and smirked, her pink tongue peeking ever so slightly from out between her white teeth. “Why that gives you over a half hour to play, doesn’t it?”

“No, not really, Mallory. Not here.”

“No?” she cocked her head, “Are you surrrrrrrre?”

He kept his tone neutral and light, affecting a chuckle. “Yes, I’m sure.

“Is it the way I’m dressed? Is it not sexy enough for you? Are you losing interest?”

Despite himself, he looked at her. She was dressed in dark green slip on sneakers, tight, flattering jeans, and the official Fall Fest long sleeve t-shirt that she had obviously chosen a very small size to ensure snugness. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and was makeup free, only the temperature putting a little cold induced blush into her cheeks. She looked clean and wholesome. It was only the look in her green eyes that betrayed how far from wholesome she was.

“You know it’s not that, Mallory. Gina and the kids are going to be here in a little while and I just think it’d be a bad ide—”

“I disagree, Doc, I really do,” she practically purred, placing her hand on his chest.

“Well, be that as it may…” he drifted off, the heat of Mallory’s hand radiating through his shirt.

“Okay, fine,” she pouted, feeling the triphammer pulse of his heart in his chest, “Can you just hold a ladder for me so I can replace some lights on the ride then, at least?”

“Yes, that I can do,” the doctor nodded and smiled, finding her defeated resignation oddly cute. “See,” he thought in self criticism, “she can take no for an answer.”

She led him behind the haunted ride and into the maintenance door. As Greg’s eyes adjusted to the dim light, Mallory disappeared deeper into the area, calling back to him, “Just gonna grab the bulbs. Can you set up the ladder under that first strobe over there?”

He followed her instructions, dragging the heavy ladder over and snapping it open with a loose clatter.

“So is this why the ride is out of order? Lights?” he asked, straightening his shirt over his strong frame.

“No. That’s something mechanical. We’re not allowed to touch that. We don’t actually run the ride, we just stand next to it and look cute.”

“Well, I’m sure you do an excellent job at that.”

“I absolutely do. Anyway, we have to be here regardless, in case the repairman actually shows up. So I figured I might actually be useful and replace some of the strobes.”

As Greg opened his mouth to respond, the lights went out with a dull thud.

“Whoa, Mal! You ok?” he yelled in the direction he assumed she was standing. He began to move forward, doing his best to navigate by the tiny bit of light that filtered in from outside through the gaps and holes of the rickety structure.

“Mal?” he tried again, concerned at her lack of response.

“I’m fine, Doc,” she breathed in his ear, somehow sneaking up behind him, “I just changed my mind.”

He jumped a little in shock, stumbling forward when he overcompensated to appear unsurprised.

“Changed to what?” he mumbled, feeling a bit foolish on his knees.

As Greg moved to stand, he felt the babysitter’s weight push against the front of his wide shoulders. The unexpected counterweight sent the doctor awkwardly backwards. Mallory came with him, landing on top of him, her mouth exhaling warmly next to his ears.

“I don’t feel like putting up lights anymore,” Mallory finally replied huskily, her intentions very clear.

Greg found himself without a suitable rejoinder for the comment and simply grunted a confused, “Okay,” while trying once again to get back his feet. Before he could shrug off the coed, however, her mouth found his. Her hands aggressively grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face tighter against hers. He opened his mouth to gasp and her tongue eased in, massaging his. She tasted sweet, like cinnamon sugar.

He melted into Mallory, his hands finding her pert ass, before recalling who he was and why he was there. The doctor then attempted to nudge her off him, grabbing her shoulders. Mallory proved stubborn and surprisingly persistent, hooking her legs around his, and chasing after his mouth each time he was able to get it free. They tumbled over each other on the floor, shoving towards and away from one another, mouths meeting and separating, tongues twisting against one another, hands brushing aside clothes in search of skin only to have another hand push the fabric back into place once more. Greg tried to ignore the fact that more than once when he was on top he found himself kissing her back hard rather than standing up and walking away.

When he finally regained some sense of composure, he found his voice once more.

“Enough,” Dr. Clark objected while sucking in a lungful of air.

“Shh,” Mallory moaned before gently biting his bottom lip, “Let me make you feel good.”


“It’s okay, Doc, I can feel you. I can tell how excited you are.”

Greg couldn’t stop himself from blushing in reply. He was aware of himself, rigid and straining against the front of his jeans. Mallory gently ground against him and he, although wanting to do the right thing, pushed against her, almost automatically like a reflex.

“Is that a yes then, Gregory?” she whispered, also feeling his reciprocated movement.

“Please…I just—this isn’t the right time. This isn’t right.”

Mallory seemed to ignore him, her hand sliding between them and cupping his cock through his pants. A moment later, she was tugging the zipper downward. Finally, she sighed her reply, “No, Doc, it’s really not right at all. We’re sooooooo bad.”

This time Greg did successfully shove her off of him, sending her sprawling undignified before him.

“You can’t just do whatever you want because—”

“Because I turn you on,” she interrupted.

“Right. Yes. Or because—“

“I make you feel so good.”

“That too. But what I was going to say is—“

“That you want to fuck me?” she cut him off yet again, beginning to crawl back towards him, eyes alight with carnal glee.

“What? No. I mean, yes,” he verbally stumbled badly, “But no, not right now. Right now I should just be walking around, enjoying the fall day, and preparing to spend time with the family I love.”

“Or you could trust me, stay here a little while longer, and still meet your family. The only difference is you’ll leave me with a mouth full of cum. And I really think you want to give me a mouth full of cum today, don’t you Doc?”

“Er…umm...I… right now I—”

By this time, Greg was sitting up straight, but felt too unsteady, too clumsy to stand. Mallory’s hands were on him again, sliding up and down the front of his pants, teasing his cock. She dragged her nails down his legs, the slight burn leaving him hissing through his teeth, forcing his eyes closed.

Then, for just a moment, there was nothing. The coiled tension of lust restrained began to seep out of the doctor. He let his fists unclench. But, before he could move, Mallory’s hot breath whispered through the space of his undone fly. He convulsed in delicious shock, every muscle clenching, his cock leaping upward, seeking the freedom of open air.

Greg knew he was hard for her, knew he wanted something more than to let her take over, to erase the responsibilities from his head, all while greedily swallowing his load. Mallory was making meeting his wife and kids while dick still wet with her saliva sound like a very sensible idea.

Still, he gathered up all his will and objected.

“That’s enough Mallory!” he proclaimed in a voice that he intended to sound strong and forceful but instead came out as a rapid forced plea.

She stopped, then, finally, and looked up at him with wide, sad eyes. She fluttered her eyelashes and bit her lower lip ever so slightly. “You know I need your cock,” she almost whimpered, “I think I’m going through withdrawal it has been so long.”

Greg only shook his head and reached for his zipper. In response, she dove forward, slipping her hand inside his pants and grabbing him roughly. He groaned and shuddered, hips swiveling. In a quick easy motion, Mallory’s warm hand pulled his cock free and gave it a few short, rapid teasing jerks. She moaned lustily and loudly as she watched a single, large drop of precum crest and slide down the head like a single tear. With a delighted giggle she darted her head forward and caught it on her tongue. Without waiting for the doctor’s reaction, she wrapped her lips around the crown, teasing him with her teeth.

Greg groaned and wrapped his hands in her hair. She gargled with joy and she began to sink his cock deeper into her wet, warm mouth, her lips sealing tightly around the hot, throbbing evidence of his dirty mind. As she began to bob her head, taking him deeper and deeper on each down stroke, she could feel his resistance slipping away. She delighted as his attempts to force her off, weak to start with, grow still more feeble until they became nonexistent and then reversed, urging her to become more aggressive.

Above her, the doctor’s groans followed suit. Weak objections became groans and grunts became gasping, urging commands, requests, and demands. She smiled around his cock as she heard him admit, “Fuck, want you so bad.”

She then began to swirl her tongue around the shaft in collaboration with the deep throating, exploring every bit of him with it, feeling the vein, the ridges of muscle, the rush of blood with each moment of further thrill she elicited from him.

“How can you be so good?” he mumbled, eyes rolling to the ceiling, arms and chest tensing, hands clasping her hair desperately in his fingers.

She hummed then, letting the vibrations of her mouth pulse around the doctor’s dick. He growled and cried out, his leg seemingly shaking on its own accord.

“God…don’t stop Mallory. Fucccck, please don’t stop. So goooood! Don’t stop sucking my cock, you little slut.”

So, of course, Mallory did stop. She released his dick from her mouth with a pop and sat back up on her knees. He stared at her through lust glazed eyes, anger and desperation flicking through.

“Sorry,” she teased, gently stroking him, “It’s just awfully hot in here. You don’t mind if I get a bit more comfortable, do you?”

He shook his head with a foggy glance that told her he’d probably agree to damn near anything at this moment. If the clock wasn’t ticking and she wasn’t also so desperate to see her boss explode, she might’ve taken the time to enjoy his mindless compliance. Instead, she just enjoyed the fact that she could so easily take him to that place with just her mouth, tongue, the occasional graze of teeth, wanton glance, and breathily moaned dirty word or filthy sentiment.

“Thanks Doc…I appreciate that.”

Greg watched as Mallory pulled off her mis-sized tee-shirt, her small, firm, un-bra-encumbered breasts revealing themselves. As she gently tugged on the nipples, rolling then before her thumb and forefinger, she asked, “Do you like my tits, Dr. Clark?”

He nodded, staring at them.

“Mmm…good. I love the way you look at them. Such an inappropriate way for a married man to look at a teen girl.”

Greg could only groan in response as she grabbed his cock once more. He was trapped between guilt, shame, and unstoppable arousal, one of Mallory’s favorite places to put him.

“Did you mean what you said? That I’m a little slut?”

“Yessss,” he hissed back at her, watching her caress her breasts.

“Am I your little slut, Dr. Clark?”

“My naughty seductive little slut, yes.”

“Mmmm…good. Gets me so wet to hear you say that.”

She crawled back to him slowly then, enjoying how he watched her perky breasts sway with each move of her body. Her talented mouth engulfed him once more and he slipped fully into the narcotic lust cloud. He watched her with intensity as she ran her tongue from the base of the shaft to the head, where it spung around, collecting every drop of precum. Her hard nipples dragged over his thighs as her mouth bobbed up and down enthusiastically on his dick. Each barely there whisper of nipple on Greg’s skin sent tremors of pleasure through him. He could barely stop himself from thrashing about in lust fueled convulsions.

Mallory felt utterly indulgent, bestowing her full attention on the doctor’s cock. She loved the sensation of his thickening and hardening between her lips, the taste of her warm saliva mixed with his precum as she gulped it down. Her hands slid underneath his shirt, traces the trail of the tightening muscles in his abdomen, knowing it was because of her.

Before long, Greg gave into his baser instincts and began to actively thrust upward into the babysitter’s willing and receptive mouth. She hummed in delight even as she felt her eyes go glassy with tears of exertion trying to keep up. She willed him to fuck her face and he did not disappoint. She loved feeling both the boss and a sex toy at the same time, being so completely in control and totally used all at once.

As he bucked increasingly erratically, Mallory grasped his ass, moaning as she felt every muscle and tendon fire and recede, fire and recede, working overtime to get Greg what he desperately needed.

Glancing at the clock overhead, she noted time slipping away. Somewhat reluctantly, she resigned herself to accelerating things. She wanted to at least give the doctor the option of leaving on time to meet his family while hoping he’d choose to be late and spend more time with her.

To that end, she grabbed his shaft and began to stroke it as she licked, suck, and lightly grazed the cock head with her teeth. Within moments, the doctor was grunting out how close he was before going taut, trembling, and bellowing out, “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Mallory swallowed over and over again, her mouth being filled with his lust, her tongue coated in it. The coed smiled widely at her employer and dramatically gulped the last drop before announcing, “Delicious.”

She crawled upward, curling into his chest. She listened to his gasping breath and rapid heartbeat and smiled in contentment. Her hand languidly sought and found his cock, gently rubbing him, reversing the trend towards shrinking and softening. She allowed herself an honest moment, confessing in her head how much she’d love to extend this moment, to cuddle and hold another and then, eventually, make slow gentle love to one another.

Unfortunately, Greg was experiencing a very different spectrum of emotions. As pulse and respiration began to emerge from the post-coital haze, he began to teeter on the edge of panic. While he tried to stop that train, calmness would not come. He unceremoniously disentangled himself from Mallory, face flushing, feeling ashamed as he struggled to push his now half-hard again cock into his boxers.

His state of mind was obvious to the coed but she was unwilling to simply let him go. Laying back, she began to unzip her jeans. “You sure you won’t stay and return the favor?” she disingenuously challenged him, her hand disappearing into her underwear. She moaned loudly and arched her back as her fingers reached her clit.

“Or you could fuck me?” she offered.

“You look like you are already ready again,” she followed up, pointing to the obvious bulge in his jeans.

Greg didn’t rise to the bait, too fearful, and disappointed in himself to process further stimuli. Instead he mumbled something about “talking about this later” and ran out the ride’s back door.

Mallory, meanwhile, enjoyed her own touch and began to think about how they could bypass that conversation and get right back to sex.

“Hmm,” she contemplated, a brainstorm forming, “I wonder how he feels about roleplay…”

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