tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Reboot Series (Trailer 01)

The Reboot Series (Trailer 01)


Author's Note:

Know how everything gets rebooted and ret-conned nowadays (e.g., The Amazing Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Star Trek, Casino Royale, Red Dawn, etc.)? Well, this Series is sort of envisioned like that... only, rather than movies, it'll be reboots of certain Literotica stories. Fan fiction of fan fiction, if you'll allow.

First off, a clarification: the reboots published here will not be full-story reboots, but ret-cons only of particular scenes from those stories. In other words, this Series will be like movie "trailers" of re-imagined classics.

The scenes I plan to reboot are from stories published on this site that I personally liked --enough to read more than once, certainly. I could never pretend to be as skilled as any of the original authors, but something in their style, in the atmosphere of, and the characters living in, their stories (and those stories' particular scenes), spoke to me.

I will likely keep a lot of the original framework and phrasing of the authors, unchanged except for brief points where I might alter dialogue, back-story, perhaps tweak the sex scene, or add my own alliterative prose, just for personal stylistic reasons or for silly kicks. My poor attempt to re-write a tiny sliver of the original author's invention is, I think, just a means for me to project myself into that world.

I hope that the original authors of those stories from where I draw inspiration for my Trailers in this "Reboot Series" take my effort for what it is meant --a homage.

This first trailer is taken from a 2007 Literotica story, "Quarrelling With Kaylee", by en_extase. He is a fine writer, with a number of stories on this site; I fully recommend all of them.

The re-booted /ret-conned story thus far:

The narrative below begins around mid-Chapter 3. Kaylee, a sexy young college student, has recently come to visit and briefly stay with her older sister Melissa and her fiancé, Peter. There's an old family dynamic at play here: growing up, Melissa had occasionally flirted with Kaylee's crushes and dates, and, Kaylee believed, had even gone out with at least one of her high school boyfriends, back during Melissa's bitchier, skankier college days, when she was just a little wilder. (College does that to person, after all). Although all that was a few years ago now, and Melissa has changed --especially since her long-engagement to Peter-- Kaylee had been deeply, secretly hurt by Melissa's past behavior of seducing her men. Kaylee had always fantasized about getting back at her senior sibling for those past slights, but things are different now --rather than just being with a boyfriend, things are a little more serious. Melissa is engaged. To Peter, at that. Kaylee has always had a thing for Peter, too, from back when she was still in high school and he'd come to visit her then-college sophomore sister. But, again, that was a few years ago; nowadays, it's Kaylee who's in college --and she's in the very flower of her wild, adventurous youth, and at the height of her sexual power.....

The trailer starts moments after Kaylee has had an initially-casual conversation with Peter regarding his sex life during his college days; only faintly aware that Kaylee's subtle flirtations over the last few days have kept him in a state of uncomfortable half-arousal, Peter confesses to her that he didn't experience much back then. He is both astonished and confused to find himself erotically entrapped by his fiancée's younger sister's suggestive comment that she could help him make up for missed experiences .....


. . . . . . .

I briefly paused in my tracks, shocked at the comment. I felt a nervous flutter in my stomach, which promptly flew down to my cock and gave it a little life. Goddamnit. Before I could react, Melissa came back in.

"Food is ready!" I announced and quickly took a seat, desperate to hide any potential tent in my slacks.

The evening proceeded fairly calmly then. Kaylee's comments were significantly less risqué, if not less sarcastic, while her sister was with her. This was a relief, although I could have sworn she was laughing at me with her eyes from time to time.

After dinner, the girls informed me we were going to have a 'pajama party' and watch a movie. They picked up some teen humor-slash-spy flick-slash-horror movie about sex demons, secret agents, and requisite hijinks in college. Stupid, I know. Kaylee revealed she had watched it before, but since Melissa hadn't yet, had suggested it. I had remembered seeing it some time ago myself, and recalled it being somewhat silly but arousing at the time.

"So you can see, more-or-less, what college is really like these days...," Kaylee had explained to me, stopped to pause, then continued, "...-Mostly, less..". I had to think about that for a moment, as she grinningly sashayed off. She momentarily lingered by the stairs up to her guest room, turned back a bit, and finished, "...clothes".


I wasn't really in the mood, since a rental night-and-popcorn evening in PJs is a weekly tradition Melissa and I had celebrated a few nights ago already, but I knew better than to go against two women when they had their heart set on something frivolous. Melissa and I changed into our typical bedtime loungewear; they were nothing special. Just your fleecy PJ bottoms and long-sleeved tee-shirt for her, and the run-of-the-mill plaid flannel pajamas pants and a tee-shirt for me. As customary for us, we were comfortably commando under our regular rental-night regalia. We came back out and put in the movie. Melissa immediately stole one side of the couch. Then patting the middle cushion next to her, "You can sit next to me!"

I gave her a dry smile and sank in next to her. Honestly, it didn't occur to me right then that I'd be sitting in the middle. Not until she came out. Kaylee's sleepwear consisted of a short thin white cotton top, an extremely short non-existent skirt, and socks. Though cut short at the waist and sleeves, her shirt was loose and had oversized arm-holes which would've given a great view of her bra --if she were wearing one. As it was, her bare side-boob visibility was high, deliberate, and achingly magnificent. The cut of her top's neck was such that it provided a teasing view of her cleavage, but only if one could breakaway one's gaze from the outline of perky puffed-up areolas that determinedly poked through the thin fabric. Kaylee also went through the hassle of putting her hair up in a pair of pigtails.

My eyes popped when I first saw her, and I'm positive that she knew it. I dropped my stare away as quickly as my wits would allow and grabbed the remote for something else to concentrate on. Even Melissa was taken aback for a second, then seemed to immediately dismiss the thought possibly as unbecoming of a big sister, making an innocuous comment about her sister's 'cute' outfit. More like dead sexy.

Kaylee made a display of not knowing where to sit.

"Get on the couch! Don't worry, he won't bite," Melissa teased.

Pulling her arms back for a little stretch before sitting down, her top was pulled back to reveal a tantalizing display of her toned co-ed stomach. I couldn't help myself and tried desperately to watch out of the corner of my eye, without my girlfriend noticing. Next thing, Kaylee casually flopped down into the last cushion next to me.

She pulled her knees up to her chest in this cute little position. In a way, it made her look only innocent and vulnerable --with no hint of the playful predatory mischief I must've been imagining earlier. But the fact that her gorgeous, bare legs were drawn up, right next to me... . My mouth went dry as I did my best not to drag my eyes along the length of her body. That poor excuse of a skirt did nothing to cover up her thigh, but only a slightly better job of showing just the fleshy tip of where the arresting curve of her bottom met the back of her bare leg...

I brought one leg up and rested my foot on my other knee, then placed my hands in my lap. Look natural... I panicked that one (or both) of them would see the start of an involuntary erection forming in my loose pants. Shit. Should've worn briefs. Tight ones. My goal for the rest of the evening was to not tear my eyes away from the television, except to look at Melissa. Just pretend Kaylee isn't even there.

We watched about a half hour of the movie before Melissa paused it. So far, it turned out to be your typical low-budget sexed-up teen horror spy flick: college students who happen to be rogue CIA agents, a vampiric succubus terrorizing the campus, lots of beautiful young people running around, getting into stupid problems while wearing next-to-nothing. Normally I could have appreciated the eye-candy without much fuss, but tonight I couldn't help but associate everything I was seeing with Kaylee. It drove my anxiety through the roof. And my hormones.

"I just realized we're missing a movie essential... some snacks!" Melissa declared as she got off the couch. "I'm going to grab a bag of caramel corn." She trotted out of the room and into the kitchen.

Kaylee shifted onto her knees and turned her body to face me. I hesitantly looked over to return her gaze. "So, hotter the second time around?" she asked innocuously.

"Umm, It's all right, --almost had forgotten how it goes," I parried, cautiously.

"Oh, there'll be twists and turns", she smiled. Her head tilted to one side, gently, as if remembering something. "You know, this is the movie where I picked up my 'signature look' from...".

I must've looked completely confused, so Kaylee went on to explain, matter-of-factly, "--you know, that look the sex demoness does... --this one..", demonstrating. She arched one eyebrow as if in playful surprise, then seductively transitioned into a "please, give-it-to-me" look, her shaped lips slightly open, with the tip of her tongue slightly showing, then breaking into a tantalizing smile.

Oh damn, I thought, as I became self-consciously aware in a discomfited way, with that look alone Kaylee had reflexively caused me to harden some more. I took a deep breath, drawing it in a careful way not to let on she had gotten to me.

She sensed an excited uncertainty on my part though, I think. "Then, right, after that", she joked in lowered smoky voice, "I feed on the sexual essence of my prey. Completely."

I tried my darnedest not to react, genuinely at loss whether to laugh or not, or what to say; her "look" had still had my privates pulsing.

She smirked at my unease, then changed tack offhandedly, now slightly serious, "--mmm ... I was thinking about our conversation earlier. You know, about college," she purred quietly. Suddenly I felt her slide one of her hands onto my leg. My body twitched at the touch.

"And I was feeling kinda bad that... well, you said you didn't experience certain things..." Her hand pressed lightly into my thigh as she pushed it up the length of my leg. I was completely taken aback and barely had any time to react. I reactively scooted my body away from her a little bit, into the empty cushion beside me.

Without missing a beat, she just crawled along the couch, keeping up with me.

"Uh, K-Kaylee... I, um..."

Her fingers trailed up to the base of my cock. I realized with utter mortification that I was almost completely hard.

"I just thought it'd be nice to give you some of... you know... what you missed out on..." She pressed her fingers down into me, through my flimsy flannels. It sent a jolt of pleasure into me and had the effect of pushing my erection up even higher. I swatted her hand away with clumsy fear.

"N-no! What the- what the hell are you thinking!?" I frantically whispered to her, wild-eyed. She bit her lower lip and gave me a shy, seductive smile as she reached her hand out again, this time brushing her fingers along the length of my hardness. She started to wrap her hand around it, causing me to gasp in both shock and desire.

I heard the microwave beep and turn off in the background. Oh god, what if Melissa sees this... I grabbed both her wrists and pushed her back rather forcefully. She let out a surprised 'ooh!' that sounded a little too pleased.

"J-just... quit it! Okay!?" I stuttered as I recoiled back from her. She gave me a pout.

"I was only trying to give a warm welcome to my future brother-in-law before, well, he becomes one...".

I couldn't believe this was happening. Was she messing with me? To my ears, she had even articulated 'welcome' as "well cum"... . I stared at her in astonishment, trying not to get even more turned on by blatantly checking out her hot body without my intended in the room. I couldn't find the mind to say anything else to her. Then I saw her pout turn up into a knowing grin. She brought her hand up to her mouth to stifle a giggle.

I realized she was looking at my still-hard cock, trying to break out of my pajama bottoms.

"Butter in a bucket, coming right up!" Melissa called from the other room.

Oh shit! I anxiously leaped over and grabbed a blanket that was folded over on a chair, then sprang back onto the couch. I threw the blanket over my lap just in time for my fiancée to return with a big bag of still-steaming popcorn.

"Out of my sweet caramel stash, so we'll just have to make do with your private buttered reserve, hon", Melissa explained, holding out the bag, as she situated herself back on the couch. "Oh, I didn't know you were cold," she inquired.

"Uh, yeah, just thought it'd be comfortable if we shared a blanket," I offered.

She smiled and pulled up a part of it over her legs, her hands juggling the remote and bucket of popcorn on either, across her lap. "Kaylee, you can take some too, you know!"

Her sister snickered, "Heh. You said private butter." It was random nonsensical silliness, but Melissa guffawed, so I offered up a weak awkward cough in acknowledgement. Kaylee paused in joining us under the cover --smoothly slipping in only when Melissa had turned back to the flat-screen in preparation of resuming the movie . Kaylee leaned forward a bit to adjust the blanket in such a calculated way so as to give me a long look at her side boob. I could not help but surreptitiously gape at her fair, soft-looking skin, the nubile curve of a naturally-pendulous breast swaying as she fluffed the spread.

Christ. My cock just lifted another couple degrees right there. She tugged the blanket over her bare legs and pocketed her arms under the warm material. There wasn't too much slack at this point, so she shyly slid her body closer to me in order to make it cover her appropriately. Oh, great... I felt her leg cozy up against mine. She knew it, and rubbed it covertly up and down my calf to make sure I knew just how warm and soft and bare her legs were.

Melissa started the movie up again. My heart was racing the entire time; I could barely pay attention to what was going on. All I could think about was my hard-on that would not go away. And Kaylee. That sexy fucking look on her face as she tried to grab me. What the hell do I do? I can't tell Melissa, can I?

It wasn't long before, to my dismay, Kaylee made another move. I felt her hand gently rest along my thigh. She left it there, but softly squeezed and massaged it to make sure I knew about it. I did my best to push her hand away from me without causing much stirring under the blanket. I was petrified of Melissa knowing what was going on. Even though it was Kaylee coming on to me... I knew I was fucked if Melissa saw the effect it had on my dick. There would be no innocence on my part either.

Maybe five minutes later, Kaylee's hand slithered up my leg yet again. This time though, she didn't stop until she was at the base of my erection. Like before, she gently pushed into me between my thigh and cock, making me squirm under the blanket. I bit my tongue and pushed her away again. Her eyes never left the television, but I could see the small outline of a smirk on her lips. I tried to give her an angry glare, but she ignored me.

"My, you're fidgety!" Melissa remarked at me, a little annoyed. The sack of popcorn had alternated between our laps a few times since she had brought the snack from the kitchen.

"Uh, sorry... Just trying to get comfortable. My leg was, uh, cramped," I proffered in excuse, passing back the snack sack to her in appeasement.

I ground my teeth a little bit. When the fuck does this movie end? It couldn't be that much longer. What was worse is that it only got more blatantly sexual as the plot went on. One of the lead characters, a hot little seductress, was trying to get with some other boy. She was wearing progressively less and less as the movie continued, as those things tend to go. It wasn't helping the situation.

My hands rested on my lap over the blanket, trying to protect myself from Kaylee. It didn't take much time for her to try and snake her way to my crotch again. First she ran her fingers under my left leg and tickled the backside of my knee. I wriggled again. Melissa shot me a stare. Just focus on the movie... Ignore her...

The starlet on the screen was just in her underwear. The boy was about to cave in. She took off her top. My cock was actually pulsing, it was so hard. Okay, maybe ignore the movie... My mouth went dry. Then, out of nowhere, and I honestly don't know how she did it, but Kaylee's hand slinked past me and found my hardness yet again.

I pursed my lips shut and tried to push her away, but it was no use. She was determined to stay, and the more I tried to move her, the more attention I brought to myself from Melissa. I panicked, not knowing what to do. For whatever reason, I decided if my fiancée knew what was going on, I was a dead man. I can't stop her without giving myself away...

Confused, resigned, and hopelessly turned on, I allowed myself to give in. Kaylee's fingers expertly teased the base of my cock through my pajamas. Somehow she was gentle enough to never cause so much as a stir above the blanket. I swallowed hard and tried to ignore her. Yeah, right.

After maybe a minute of that, her fingers walked up to the waist of my pants and started to tug at them a little. I closed my eyes and quietly took a long breath. She ran her nails lightly across my pelvic bone and slipped underneath my waistband. I grimaced as her soft hand expertly and unhurriedly traversed exploratory routes along the entire length of my member. I had to bite the back of my tongue not to make any noise or twist in my seat.

She held me between her thumb and other fingers, slowly squeezing and pulling me in just the right ways. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt despite the fact that she was barely moving her hand. This can't be happening. The movie was reaching the climactic scene where the title characters would finally consummate sex. I recalled the sex scene was going to be interrupted at the end by a sexy villainess' appearance, whose slow approach towards the naked protagonists was masterfully directed in interspersed shots. I also recalled this scene as being quite hot back when I had first watched it --and with Kaylee's loosely cupped fist moving languidly back-and-forth across my hyper-sensitized organ, it was even more so, now.

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