tagErotic CouplingsThe Recovered Briefcase

The Recovered Briefcase


I am an aide at the State Capital, working late on a research project for the governor in one of the smaller of the building's many conference rooms, laying out my data files for the next morning's meeting.

You had been in the building earlier that day for a meeting and had left your brief case behind. Now you have returned after hours to claim it. You enter the room expecting to recover your case and be on your way and are startled for a moment to see me standing there, my back to you, leaning against the large mahogany table. I do not yet know you are there, as you have not made a sound.

You stand there a moment, taking in the sight of me leaning forward on one hand at the table. My dark hair is undone, hanging over my right shoulder. My black skirt is hiked up a bit in the back, my pelvis is tilted your way and my back is arched as I concentrate on the work laid out before me. My legs are long, not thin, but toned. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and my legs look even longer in the black high heels I am wearing.

You are instantly intrigued, but know you should really just recover your case and go.

You clear your throat to gain my attention.

Startled, I turn and say "Hello, can I help you?" I notice right away how handsome you are in your charcoal gray suit, crisp white shirt and red tie. I even feel my cheeks blush a bit at the sight of you.

You say "Excuse me Ma'am, I left my case earlier today. Do you mind?" pointing at the case in the corner.

I say, "Of course. Please help yourself" and I watch you intently as you walk to the far corner of the room. Your posture is so confident and assured, my attention is all on you. Completely on you.

"Thank you," you say as you take your case, turn and start to leave. But you stall for a moment, looking at the mounds of paperwork on the table, seeing your opening for conversation.

"That is quite a project you have there," you smile a crooked teasing grin, then you walk to my side and pretend to be interested in the project, but you are really interested in getting a bit closer to me. You are standing so close, you can smell me... a light scent of roses and an underlying musk of my womanhood.

I say "Yes, quite a project and boring as hell." I smile and lean back against the table, straightening my skirt a bit, then reaching up to rub my neck. It is stiff from leaning over the table all evening.

You turn to look at me. Your eyes instinctively turn to my bust. I had gotten a bit warm earlier and I had undone the first few buttons. I am immediately aware that my breasts are a bit exposed through the opening in my blouse and that you can see a rather substantial portion of my pink low cut bra, but I don't care. In fact, it makes me a bit hot, knowing that you would be compelled to look.

It is hard for you to tear yours eyes away from the sight of my breasts. In that moment when you pause, your eyes are on me just long enough to cause a bit of a shudder through my lower belly.

You smile at me and look deep in my eyes. I am still absently rubbing my neck, mesmerized by your stare.

"Long day?" you ask.. "Yes, very." I sigh.

You look down at my breasts again and I move my shoulders back just enough to open my blouse even further. You look me deep in the eyes again and say in a low voice, "I can take care of that," and you motion toward my neck.

I hesitate. I know better than to act like this. And with a total stranger. It makes me feel guilty, yet even hotter. Yes, I should know better.

"Would you?" I ask coyly and turn my back to you again, pulling my hair out of the way of your hands.

You place your hands on my neck at the base of my hair and slide them down, slowly. I am tense at first, still unsure. You begin massaging and working your hands down, strategically moving the neckline of my blouse down my shoulders. You work your hands up my neck again, then back down to my bra straps. You slyly slip them aside a bit as you rub.

"Mmmm, yes," I whisper, in spite of my inner warnings to maintain my composure.

Your cock begins to harden as you work your hands up and down my neck, moving my blouse and bra lower with each pass.

I sigh "That feels good. Your hands are strong. Mmmm."

You pause a moment, take off your jacket and toss it on the table. You begin rubbing again. You lean into my back, and slow the rubbing a bit. You press your pelvis against me and I can feel your hard cock against my bottom. I know I shouldn't... I should act like a lady and stop this. Stop it... now.

But I can't. I just can't. I press my bottom into your cock. You press into me even more.

I moan.

You reach out and turn me around. "Come here," you say as you pull me into you with one arm and use the other hand to unbutton the rest of my blouse, pulling it away from the waist of my skirt. You pull me closer and kiss me on the mouth, firmly, your tongue probing deeply into my mouth. I love the feel of it, thrusting in again and again.

Holding me close to you, still kissing me, you pull my blouse off, then undo the clasp of my bra. It easily slips down from my breasts, leaving them fully exposed for you. You move us both around so that your back is to the table and you lean your bottom against its edge. I reach down to the waist of your trousers, undo your belt, unbutton the waist and slide the zipper down. I reach into your pants and pull out your now very hard cock. It is hot and pulsing in my hand. So hard.

I lean against it with my pussy, grinding against it a bit before I slip down to kneel at your feet. Your cock is stiff and standing straight out from your body. I can see it throbbing... wanting me. I slide your pants down to your ankles, then take your cock in one of my hands, placing the other hand around your balls. I caress your cock and lightly kiss its tip, then slide my lips around the head, taking it slowly and deeply into my mouth.

I run my tongue around the tip as I pull back and you moan, holding the back of my head so gently... moving your hand around to stroke my cheek sweetly as I work your cock with my hand and my mouth. There is already a bit of wetness releasing from its tip. It is warm and sweet. I love the taste of it. I want more. I know there will be more.

You push your cock into the back of my mouth, so far back. I want to take it all in, but I cannot fit its whole hard length, so I use my hand to stroke the rest of it in time with my mouth. I look up at your face. Your head is back now, your eyes are closed. I know you are thinking about your cock being deep in my warm, wet pussy. And my pussy is quite wet now, wanting you there.

Just as your cock begins to stiffen more, I know you are about to cum, but I want you inside me when you cum. So I sit up enough to take down the top of my skirt and sit back on the floor to take it completely off. Then I take my panties off and toss them aside. I take your hand and pull you down onto the floor with me.

I spread my legs. Right away you position yourself between my knees and run one finger up the lips of my pussy. You make a second stroke, parting the lips just enough to graze my clit. I raise my hips to meet the stroke and your finger probes deeper. You slip one finger inside me, ever so slowly. You hold it there a moment and watch me squirm a bit, wanting more. You part the outer lips of my pussy, exposing the darker pink inner lips. They are wet and slippery with the want of you.

Then, you grab both of my hands and pull them over my head, holding them against the floor.

You lay against me, leaning close to my ear and you whisper "You don't know what you are in for, young lady."

I sigh, "Oh, my god."

Still holding my hands against the floor you push my legs aside with your knees and position your cock at the moist lips of my pussy. You press the tip there for just a moment before you slip it slowly into me, lingering at the opening, slipping in and out just a bit.

You are driving me mad with wanting your cock deeper inside me. I arch my back to try to gain more of the length, but you are a tease and draw back to keep it from happening... until you are ready.

"Beg me," you whisper. "Beg me for more."

I close my eyes, arching my back, pushing my pelvis toward you.

"Please," I moan. "Please, baby. Give me more."

Instead, you pull your cock completely out of me.

You say, "I if you want more, this is how you will get it." You lay back on the floor and pull me over so that I can mount you. I straddle you and use my hand to guide your cock into me.

What sweet relief... to be able to push the entire length of your hard cock into my wet pussy. So deep... Mmmm, so deep.

I sit slowly down on it, relishing the pressure at the very end of my vagina... rocking a bit to stimulate that sweet inner spot.

My hands rest on your chest as I begin a slow and steady pace of stroking your cock with my fully wet pussy. I look at your face. You are watching me with half-closed eyes. Watching my breasts heave and fall, watching my pelvis grind onto yours.

You lick your lips. "Yes, baby. That's it. Take what you want. Take it," you whisper.

I continue my movements on your cock, pressing down harder and harder. I cannot stop. My hand slips to my clit and I begin to stroke it... side to side. It is so wet, it slips easily back and forth.

I lean forward and you take both of my breasts into your hands, massaging them firmly, almost roughly, but it feels wonderful.

"Take it, lover," you say.

The tension in your cock is building now. I am in control of the movement now and I know you want to cum in me.

I want it too.

You begin to raise your pelvis to match my movements, driving deeper and deeper... faster... faster.

You grab my hips and pull me onto your hardness. Again... again.

"Take what you want," your voice raises... "Take what you want!"

Your cock is pulsing in me now. Pulsing so hard. I know you are at your limit.

I step up the stroking of my clit, wanting to meet your climax.

I can't stop now.

"Cum, baby," I moan. "Cum in me,"

You can't hold it any longer. Your cock explodes its warm, wet juices deep in my pussy on that last hard thrust.

I cum at the same moment, my pussy gripping your cock, pulsing and squeezing.

So good.

I am spent and lay across your chest, waiting for my breathing to recover, already wishing for more.

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