tagFirst TimeThe Red Baroness

The Red Baroness


Jacob and Andrew stood near the streetlight waiting for a cab to appear on the cobblestone street. As the rain came and went they'd lean back against the tan plaster wall of the pub, ducking under the slight overhang of the second floor. When the rain did fall it wasn't heavy, but the young men were dressed in their best clothes and didn't want them wet, they wanted to look their finest.

Each of them had downed a few beers to help build their courage and then, after carefully adjusting their pants, they wandered out to catch the cab. They'd been very nervous, but the beer and their quiet review of their plans had reinforced their resolve as well as given both raging erections. Fortunately the fine clothes were bulky enough to help conceal their obvious excitement.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the boys saw lights reflected in the wet puddles in the cobblestone and waved down the old black car with the light on top. Slipping into the back seat they both found themselves staring at thin man with pocked skin and some sparse gray whiskers. He stared at them for a moment and then smiled, exposing his crooked yellow teeth as he said, "Ah, two fine gentlemen dressed as you are on a Saturday night, let me guess. Would you be going to Suttle street, perhaps to see the Baroness?"

Jacob gasped and looked over at Andrew who shrugged and answered, "Yes sir, the Baroness del Rojo please."

"And tell me, just how old are you boys?"

"We're old enough," Andrew growled.

"And how old is that?"

"Eighteen," Andrew replied. The man then looked over to Jacob and squinted his eyes. They sat in silence until Jacob finally added, "I'm eighteen too."

Smiling, the man licked his lips and ran a hand up his forehead and through the thinning hair on his head. "Eighteen, eighteen, okay, I'm no policeman so I ain't gonna press this. To the Red Baroness we go," he said, turning around, pulling on his meter and pulling ahead.

Looking around the cab the boys were amazed at all the tears in the upholstery. They figured the vehicle was probably older than they were, though they we're about to admit it to the driver.

"You boys haven't been to the Baroness before have you?"

"I have," Jacob said.

"You've been inside? What color are the curtains?"

"Ah, they're red of course."

"Red's red lad, but those curtains are a deep maroon. You ain't never been there."

"We'll I ridden past it," Jacob said, punching at Andrew who just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"You know boys, it was my first time at the Baroness you know," the old man said, looking at them through is large mirror.

"But this isn't my first time," Andrew said.

"Come, come now, you telling me you've known a woman?"

"Yes, a woman, well a girl."

"You saying you done it? She opened her legs and took in your other leg there?"

"Well no, but..."

"Well no hell boy, you're still a virgin yes?"

"Yes," he admitted, sliding back in his seat.

"Hey now, look it's nothing to be ashamed of, not at your age. Hell, my first time was at the Baroness, just like for you except I was a few years older than you boys. You see I was the youngest in my family, an altar boy at the church and my mom watched over me," he stopped at an intersection and looked around and said softly, "Don't you believe me?"

The boys shook their heads, "No."

Laughing, the driver turned back and began driving and said, "We'll it's true, or let the Lord strike us down in this cab." He paused, looking around. "There you see, true as can be. Well one day this altar boy got a job on a merchant ship and well, my brothers knew they'd need to step in before I shipped out. They didn't want some scallywag deckhand leading me to my first piece.

"Well, they dressed me up all prim and proper, acting to my mother like I was going to visit the church and then have a farewell dinner with my brothers. Next thing I know I'm walking into the famous Baroness del Rojo.

"My brothers introduced me to a few of their favorites but I was oblivious to all but one. Back in those days we looked at women differently than now. You boys like the thin ones, but back then the most beautiful ladies were large ladies. Large ladies with enormous bosoms! Well for me, I wanted the one with the largest bosom of them all... Osaria.

"Oh she was beautiful, with long, curling blonde hair that rolled down her shoulder into light spirals over her tits. Sitting down as she was, those huge tits were supported on her ample belly, but when she stood up to come to me, they tits flopped downward causing most of her body to jiggle a bit as she walked.

"Standing in front of me, she reached out and took my face in her fat fingers and pulled me to her, kissing me so softly on my lips. All I could do was look down at the grand canyon between her tits and I wondered what it might be like if I happened to slip and fall between them. They seemed to stretch down so low that leaning against her, my third leg stood straight out, pressing against that soft flesh."

The driver paused in his monologue to adjust his mirror. He could see both boys staring at him, lost in the story as they hovered between arousal and complete revulsion. The driver purposely missed the next turn so he could continue his story.

"Well my brothers paid for me and then began looking over the other ladies as Osaria led me upstairs. Now walking behind that woman was a magnificent sight because if there is anything a nice as the ample bosom, it's the soft mounds of a colossal ass. The stairs creaked loudly but in just a few minutes, she turned sideways and slid through a door, pulling my by my hand.

"Once inside she took me to a basin, opened my pants and cleaned me off, whispering to me that I had a '...lovely cock.' A lovely cock boys, how do you like that? Of all the cocks she's seen, mine was lovely. She finished undressing me and then let me watch as she took off her dress and under things and then reclined onto the bed. Looking up at me hungrily, she held out her hand and motioned with her finger for me to, 'Come here.'

"As I climbed into bed she rolled onto her back and let me just jiggle around atop her breasts, occasionally wrapping one over my shoulder or thigh. Oh it was great fun and we both giggled loudly for the longest time. It went on like that for a while and then she suddenly got very quiet, and pulled my hips downward. Holding up the flap of her belly she let me see that heavenly hole as it glistened in the light. She then took hold of my lovely cock and led it straight into the warm dampness.

"She wrapped her thighs around behind me and then let each of her breast fall over my shoulder, first my right and then my left. Now her heavenly hole was soft, but it was obvious that she'd been excavated by much larger men than I, so while it felt good, it was just a light softness I felt over me.

"Now boys, while I originally pictured a wild flapping ride, what followed was something so very slow and soft that I thought she might have gone to sleep at one time. My lovely cock felt good, but needed a rougher treatment for anything quick, so I made up my mind to simply enjoy the incredible softness that nearly swallowed my whole body.

"After a while I was sure she wasn't sleeping because she began to move more urgently, moaning to me, asking me to move right and then left. She'd whisper. 'Deeper,' and I'd push until I thought I'd fall inside the woman. Then suddenly she wrapped her arms around me, her tits squeezing hard on my face, so hard I couldn't breath as she pulled me to her with her legs, squeezing me again and again until she screamed, 'Oh yes, yes, yes, that lovely cock, yes.'

"Her body then commenced to quaking, shivering and squeezing me from the inside and me, I'm now dizzy from lack of air, but also feeling this sensation of pleasure like ten thousand feathers rolling up and down my lovely cock and suddenly a bright light shines and... and... Well boys, I'd tugged on my willy till I came many a time in the past, but this, this was so different and amid this intense pleasure, I came, spurting my spunk into her wet, wide and pulsating cavern."

The cab pulled to a stop in front of the brothel but the boys remained motionless, still mesmerized by the story. They didn't move, so the driver let the meter keep running and continued his tale.

"Well finally I had to pull away so I could breathe. I collapsed between her legs gasping for air, completely overcome with the event. That is when she farted..."

"She farted?" the boys wretched.

"Now, now, she farted a pussy fart. You know now-a-days I love the flowery fragrance of a pussy fart, but back then I was simply shocked by the sound and the wet, sticky spray that covered me when her pussy released all the air I pumped into her. All I wanted to do then was wipe off all the juices, but she sat up, grabbed me and squeezed me to her breasts like a greased pig. By the time we were finished, we were both absolutely soaked in sweat, my spunk and her juices."

The driver then looked at the boys, who looked a bit green to him. "That will be six fifty for the fare," he said, turning off the meter.

Jacob tossed a twenty dollar bill at him and shouted, "Keep the change." He grabbed the door handle and both boys quickly slid out of the car. They glanced up red neon sign and the front door to the Baroness del Rojo, looked at each other and then took off running up the street.

The cab driver slipped the money into his box and waited while a slim, blonde lady stepped out of the building and walked up to the cab. Peeking in the window she said, "Nice to see you again Sam. How old did they tell you they were?"

"Both of them eighteen, imagine that. How old do you..."

"Sixteen, if that much. How'd you run them off, the fat Osaria story?"

The driver nodded.

"Not the pussy fart?"

"Yes the pussy fart."

"Those poor boys, they'll be at least twenty, twenty-one before they dare to come back," the blonde lady replied.

"Yes, and imagine the surprise when they find out that you are Osaria."

"Now Sam, how old were you that first time we..."

"I was twenty."

"I think it was more like twenty-three or twenty-four."

"Well maybe."

"You know it was kind of nice being with a twenty-four year old virgin," she said, smiling broadly.

"It was the best ever Osaria, the best ever."

Osaria smiled and backed away from the car as she said, "Have a nice evening, Sam."

Sam waved and drove away, watching in the rearview mirror as Osaria watched him drive out of sight. "The best ever," he whispered again and again.

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