tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Reluctant Journey Ch. 01

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 01


This is my first submission, my first time trying to write anything erotic actually. Not a very erotic chapter but more to come if it's liked. Constructive criticism is encouraged. :)


Everything began on a very beautiful day, a day fitting of the colloquialism, "the calm before the storm". For once Malia wasn't the first to get up. Her mother and father had let her sleep and she was woken to the gentle breeze drifting across her sun-warmed skin. The three windows of their small shack were all open and the only noises that could be heard were those of the birds outside. Malia wondered how her parents had managed to get her seven-year-old twin brothers out of the small home without waking her. However they'd accomplished the feat, she was happy that they had. She stretched out in the full size bed that she shared with her brothers and younger sister. She could lounge in the bed and enjoy the space for once.

She inhaled the fresh spring air and listened to the singing birds. It was moments like this that she forgot about the war, about her old suburban home, about the past completely. She could breathe and be strictly in the moment. She exhaled and opened her eyes. Moments couldn't last forever. Malia got up and grabbed one of the generic gray jumpsuits she, and everyone else in the unit, wore everyday. She grabbed her toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and shoes as well and headed to the communal bathrooms. Malia remembered when she had complained at having to share a bathroom with her sister. Now she shared a bathroom with over three hundred other women.

It was late in the morning and the bathrooms would be empty. Malia reveled in the privacy she wasn't often allotted. Usually everyone on the unit woke with the sun and the bathrooms were everyone's first stop. Often Malia would envy the men, their bathroom was always quicker to empty. Many of the women's vanity had not died with their luxuries. Hot water and electricity were valued commodities and were only supplied to the bathrooms for a couple of hours each morning. Unfortunately Malia had missed out on the warm water hours and took a quick, cold shower in the large dark room. She finished getting ready for the day and went to find her parents.

Malia's mother, Kristen, worked with a small group of women sewing clothing and blankets. Often at this time of year they would bring their work outside and sit and talk while they worked. She found the women right outside the unit's makeshift hospital where her father, Jack, worked. She walked over to where her mother sat sewing a new jumpsuit.

"Ah, she lives."

"Hi mom. Thanks for letting me sleep. What's the occasion?" Malia picked up a suit with a hole in the shoulder and sat next to her mother.

"Ah you work too hard, you're a teenager. You need your sleep." She passed Malia a needle and thread.

Malia took the needle and began to repair the suit. "I'm twenty."

"Same difference."

Malia smiled. "How'd you get the spawns out quietly?" she asked, referring to her brothers.

"Oh your father has quite the supply of sedatives. We shot the little suckers in the arm and out like a light." Her mother replied stony faced without looking up from her work.

Malia laughed, " You know, if I didn't know you better, I would think you were serious." She had finished the small hole and placed the suit in the basket of completed work.

"Oh my sweet, you know I'm never serious. It would be oh so very boring."

"Heaven forbid. Dad busy?" Malia asked motioning towards the hospital behind her.

"Never too busy for you princess" came her father's voice. She turned around, slightly startled. He leaned against the doorframe and smiled. " I was just about to ask you for help."

"Isn't Olivia in there?" Malia's eighteen-year-old sister had always shown an aptitude to follow in their father's footsteps. Where Malia was squeamish and clumsy, Olivia was steady-handed and unfazed by nearly anything. Malia didn't like the hospital and Olivia essentially lived there.

"Of course she is. I need your help. Don't worry there's barely any blood involved." Her dad laughed at the disgusted face Malia made. "You know I'm kidding, I just need you to climb up into the attic and look for some books."

Twenty minutes later Malia climbed out of the tightly packed attic with some dusty books. She went to go find her sister. Olivia was bandaging a man's arm in a separate room when Malia found her.

"Hey, need any, uh, help?"

Olivia laughed without looking up at her sister. "No you can sit this one out, I've got it." She finished and told the man her father would be in shortly. The girls left the room and walked into the hallway. "Sorry I couldn't help with the books. You know, small spaces and everything." Olivia looked ashamed of showing weakness. She had been debilitatingly claustrophobic for as long as Malia could remember. She had to sleep on the edge of the bed and get up early every morning to avoid the crowded showers or she would have panic attacks.

"Don't worry about it. It's not a problem." Malia smiled to reassure her.

Olivia smiled back briefly. "I'm starving, want to go get lunch?"

"Yeah, I have to go ask dad what I'm supposed to do today. I have a lot of time to make up for from all that beauty sleep."

"It's your day off, you need to relax sometimes. The unit will be fine without you for one day. You'll work yourself to death". Olivia looked genuinely concerned.

"Hah, that's rich coming from you. Go pick up two sandwiches and we can eat by the creek or something. Quit worrying about me. It's my job to protect you, not the other way around little sis." Malia pulled out her ration card and Olivia shook her head, took the card, and left. Malia walked through the halls checking the various rooms for her father. She finally made it to the center of the small hospital.

Her father had his back to the door when she entered. As she entered the large room she quickly took in the soldiers standing opposite her dad and herself. Her father screamed, "Run Olivia!" without turning around. The soldiers rushed him and everything seemed to proceed in slow motion.

Her dad tried to rush the oncoming soldiers who very easily and quickly subdued him, as he was outnumbered. Malia turned and ran back through the doors she had just entered and straight into what felt like a brick wall. She fell backwards and landed directly on her tailbone, causing shooting jolts of pain to electrify her spine. She moaned, though she felt like screaming, and finally thought to look up at the brick wall that had knocked her down.

There was no newly installed wall, only a man. A large man. He was dressed in a suit, a business-type one, the first one she had seen since her childhood. This man wasn't from the unit, he was from outside, he was dangerous. He was also very tall, and muscular, he had towered over Malia's five-foot-six frame even before she'd flew across the floor. His hair was dark and short, his skin olive, and his eyes were nearly black. He looked down at her, unamused.

"Olivia Yates?" His deep voice was menacing and his dark brow arched with the question.

"What?" Malia didn't know what was going on but she knew it wasn't good. People didn't come into or out of the unit. Outsiders were dangerous, and right now one of them wanted her sister."

He looked disgusted at her response. He motioned at some soldiers that were behind Malia, though she didn't remember how they'd gotten there. Two of them grabbed her under the arms and dragged her aching body into a standing position. She groaned at the new wave of pain that racked her body. The menacing man stepped closer, until he was directly in front of her. He reached out and grabbed her chin firmly between his thumb and forefinger. "Are you, or are you not Olivia Yates?" His words were slow and deliberate, full of threat if she were to further anger him.

She looked into his black eyes and saw malicious intent, and he was looking for her sweet innocent sister. There was no second thought for Malia.

"Y-Yes, I'm Olivia Yates. Why, who are you?"

He gave a small smile from the corner of his mouth that sent a shiver up Malia's spine. "Take her to the truck." He motioned the two soldiers who were holding her arms and they began to drag her towards the hospital's back exit.

She began to struggle. "No, no, where are you taking me! Leave me alone! Let me go!" She was fighting the soldiers with everything she had, flinging her weight towards the ground and pulling against their iron grips.

"Stop." she was on the ground when the large man's voice rang out in authority. The soldier's let go of her hands when the man kneeled down and grabbed her chin again, she couldn't help but slightly tremble. "Listen little girl." He snarled, "You are coming with me whether you like it or not. So we can do this the easy way, where you walk to the truck and nobody's hurt. Or I can drag your ass kicking and screaming the entire way without breaking a sweat." He gave another malicious smirk, "and afterwards I might just need to blow off some steam against poor little daddy in there," he jerked her head towards the center room where she had last seen her father. "I saw quite a few interesting looking instruments in there I might want to try out." Malia whimpered as he pulled her chin back towards his disturbingly close face. "Are..We..Understood?" Malia nodded frantically, tears streaming down her face. "Good," he smiled evilly, "such a smart little girl." He stood and looked down at her expectantly with his eyebrows arched. She slowly rose up onto her knees and then finally onto her feet, feeling more battered by the minute.

It didn't matter what he did to her, she would protect her family in any way that she could. They would not hurt her family. She looked up into his evil face and he smiled down at her. He turned and began to walk towards the exit, Malia followed.

There were at least thirty soldiers with her captor and she didn't see anyone from the unit on her way to a parked series of SUVs. She was happy she didn't see anyone; she hoped Olivia didn't chose now to show herself. Hopefully Olivia was by the creek, waiting on her. A tear rolled down her cheeks as she saw Olivia in her mind's eye, waiting on a big sister that would never show. She didn't know where she was going or why but she was certain that this man didn't intend on her returning, ever.

They reached the vehicles and the man handed something from the backseat of one of the SUVs to the soldier to her right. He unfolded the white garment and to her horror Malia recognized what appeared to be a straitjacket. She instinctively stepped away from the men and was grabbed by the soldier to her left. She whimpered but did not fight, she would do this for her family. She would do anything to keep them safe. Fighting would only prolong the time in the unit and increase the risk that the real Olivia was found. The men strapped her into the straitjacket and the leader nodded in approval at her lack of resistance. They entered the SUVs and left the unit behind.

The leader was sitting in the front seat; she was in the back behind him. She looked out the window as the countryside slid by. She hadn't been in a car since she was a little girl.


"Girls look out the window, see the deer?" her father slowed the car so Malia and Olivia could look down into the meadow where a doe and fawn grazed.

"Aww, it's a baby" Olivia chimed

"Where's the daddy deer?" Malia asked.

"He's at work of course, my sweet." Her mother replied from the front seat.

Malia and Olivia burst into noisy giggles, which caused their mother and father to laugh as well.


Malia felt fresh tears run down her face; she needed to get her emotions under control. She would give herself away if she wasn't careful and then whatever sinister intentions this man had planned would indeed be taken out against her little sister. She needed answers.

"What do you want with me?" Malia meekly asked the back of the leader's head.

He let out an annoyed breath. "Right now? I want you to be quiet."

Malia had heard that she was supposed to humanize herself to her captor, remind him that she was a person with people who loved her. However, it wasn't a tactic she believed would have worked with him, when he had already threatened her father's life. Nor was it a tactic she was willing to use. Anything that drew attention to her family put them in danger. The further they drove the better. But hell if she would just roll over and listen to the bastard. Malia had been scared before, but she wasn't a meek little girl, and she would get her answers one way or another.

"Now you listen! I've done everything you've fucking asked me to. You've got me, okay. Tell me where the fuck we are going and what the hell you want with me!" Malia screamed at her captor in frustration.

She'd expected some form of surprise from the man at her outburst, and was annoyed when he laughed without even turning around to face her. "Ah so the little girl knows some big girl words, I am immensely impressed. " he snidely replied, every word said to the windshield. "What I believe you fail to understand, little girl, is that you are in no way in charge, and I don't have to fucking tell you fucking anything. So how's about you just be a good little girl and wait until we get there, all will be revealed I promise." His condescending voice grated on her nerves. She wanted to scream obscenities at his dark head, however she had never been good at cursing, it always came out forced and sounded ridiculous. Neither was she much of a hothead, but if he wanted to play mind games she would play. She took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, I'm just scared. I don't know where I am or who you are. I'm confused about where we might be going and what you're going to do with me." She stopped fighting the tears she'd been suppressing and used them to her advantage. To her surprise what she said started out as pure manipulation hit a nerve. She was scared. She missed her family and was worried about them all. They would want to look for her, but no one was permitted to leave the unit, under any circumstances, ever. It had to be a strong force to have breached the security and gotten in, which even more confused her. What did this man want with her sister, and why was he willing to use such resources and power to acquire her.

The man sighed, "Listen little girl, I don't have the time nor the patience to deal with this right now. If you don't sit quietly I will stop this car and gag you. To do so would cause me frustration and cause us to lose time. I am not going to ask again." He sounded tired, but serious. She believed he would follow through on the threat. She just didn't care. Screw him.

"I'm ever so sorry to be of inconvenience to you, kind sir. However, I do have to insist on the knowledge of our destination, you see I play bridge with the girls at three and you know how those ladies can get when you mess around with their cards. I do hope this whole thing doesn't take to long you know." She snidely remarked.

He genuinely laughed. "Little girl, stubbornness will do nothing but get you into trouble. You wont win that game with me. Finn, stop the car."

She yelled and pulled at her restraints as he opened his door and walked to the back of the car. She was strapped into place in her seat or she would have turned to see what he was doing behind her. It didn't take long for her to find out. He walked to her door and calmly opened it while she continued to struggle and scream.

He grabbed her chin again. "Open your mouth little girl."

"Fuck you" she screamed at him and spit directly at his smug face. This was the most she'd ever cursed in her life. She probably should have been scared of his reaction but she wasn't really thinking. She was angry, angrier than she had ever been. His face was livid and he gripped her chin painfully hard. Most of the anger quickly turned to fear. He would kill her. She was sure he was going to choke her. Her jaw was slack in shock at her own behavior and fear of what he might do in retaliation. His grip also helped open her jaw, and caused immense pain. He quickly put a ball in her mouth and forcefully pushed her head to the side to strap the gag in.

More tears ran down her cheeks. After the ball gag was tightly in place his right hand moved from her chin slowly down to her throat. Her eyes widened. He rested his hand on her throat, applying minimal pressure. He moved his face close to hers so he could whisper directly in her ear.

"You will come to regret that." His words were menacing and dark, filled with evil promise. Her body shook like a leaf, uncontrollably. He tightened his hand slightly around her throat and her eyes widened even more as she frantically shook her head. He smirked and released her throat, slammed her door and returned to his own seat. "Go." He ordered the driver who immediately put the car into gear. She had never been so scared, so angry, so alone. Her emotions were spent and she was exhausted. She leaned her face against the cool car window to her right and closed her eyes.


"Twenty-nine, thirty! Here I come." Came the voice of five-year old Derek.

"No! No! 'm not ready!" screamed five-year old Aiden.

"Found you, found you!" Derek taunted, clearly seeing Aiden in the tiny shack. Usually they would play outside and be gone for hours, but it was raining nonstop today. Malia was happy at the task of babysitter.

"No, NO! You cheated! I wasn't ready! 'Lia , Lia, he cheated, did'ya hear how fast he counted 'Lia?" Aiden pleaded looking outraged. Malia couldn't help but burst out laughing at the face Aiden was making. " 's not funny!" Aiden yelled and Derek joined in on laughing. Aiden turned to Derek, looked at him laughing, and punched him directly in the face.

Derek looked enraged and tackled Aiden. The two began rolling around the floor, fighting. Malia jumped up and pried the two apart and stood them both directly in front of herself.

"Listen!" she yelled and they both stopped trying to fight each other and looked up at Malia. "I don't ever want to see you two fighting like that again! Do you hear me?" They both nodded up at her, and she continued.

"You are brothers, and you need to act like it! Family doesn't hit each other okay? Family looks out for each other, they protect each other."

The boys looked up at her seriously and nodded at her lecture. Of course they were back to roughhousing within the week, but they never physically fought each other in anger again. At least to Malia's knowledge they didn't.


Malia was startled awake, falling through the air. She tried to catch herself, but she couldn't move her arms, and landed directly on her right shoulder blade and hip. She yelled out briefly. He had opened the door she had been leaning heavily against. She looked up into his black eyes; he was giving that smug little smirk again. She glared at him. So this was payback for spitting at him, sadly she didn't think they were even yet, not in his mind at least.

"Pick that up," he said to one of the soldiers.

She was flung over a man's shoulder, and they were moving. She could only see the ground as his shoulder dug into her stomach with each step. She eventually closed her eyes from motion sickness. They entered a building. She opened her eyes and saw polished wood floors under her face. The ball gag had caused excessive saliva production and drool dripped from her face to pool on the pretty floors. She would have smiled if she could have managed it. She visualized the leader personally having to clean the floors. Though it was highly improbable, it made her want to smile and that was better than any alternative she'd recently come across.

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