tagMind ControlThe Reluctant Psychic Ch. 04

The Reluctant Psychic Ch. 04


This chapter continues where the previous one left off. As an advanced warning, this is a plot chapter, so there isn't explicit sex. As always, your votes and comments are appreciated.

* * *

Tiffany and I didn't spend a long time getting clean, since we only had to clean off the remnants of our romp in the tub. Although since it was anal sex and we were about to eat, we made sure that everything got cleaned thoroughly. While I enjoyed washing her cute bottom, and really enjoyed her washing my cock, what I really enjoyed was when we washed each others hands afterwards. Feeling her slim fingers slide between and around my own felt incredibly erotic. After rinsing our entwined fingers in the water, I brought my arms up and spread them wide, forcing Tiffany to come closer to me. Pulling my arms further back brought our mouths together in a kiss.

I released her hands and slid mine down her slippery wet arms and shoulders before pulling her into a hug. I continued kissing her as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I began feeling the urge to make love to her again, but then I heard a nagging voice in my head say, "You have to go to work today. Enough playing."

Tiffany seemed to know what happened because she broke the kiss and clenched me tightly in a hug. She released the hug enough to look me directly in the eyes. She put her forehead against mine and extended her lips to give me a quick sympathetic kiss.

We both got out of the tub and toweled each other off with quick pats from thick bath towels. I pulled a plush robe off the hook for her to wrap herself in and then grabbed my own. She took the time to don a pair of bath slippers, while I followed her out barefoot.

* * *

While dinner might be a dress-up occasion, in my family's own quirky way, breakfast was a much more casual affair. So when Tiffany and I headed downstairs to join the girls at the table, we weren't the only ones dressed in bathrobes. There was also an amusing assortment of pajamas, oversized T-shirts and bunny slippers. The sort of clothing that people wear before they decide their day has really begun.

The girls had already seated themselves and were waiting for Tiffany and me to join them. I was surprised to find that all the girls were there except for Magda, Dinah and Marie. Normally quite a few of them decide to sleep in and eat a cold breakfast.

But having everyone for breakfast didn't explain the strange feeling I had as I looked around the table. It wasn't anything I could put my finger on, but something was definitely different. I also noticed that Tiffany was getting more attention than she usually did. Not that she was unpopular, but this morning she seemed to have a magnetic pull that attracted the girls' attention.

Aside from beautiful diners, the table was full of the platters of breakfast foods with enough quantity and variety to fill a restaurant buffet. I took in the aromas as I went to my seat at the head of the table. I was a bit startled to discover that the two person chair was wholly unoccupied. Ever since the chair appeared in my house, there had always been one of the girls sharing the seat with me for each meal.

As I sat down I looked around the table at my girls, trying to figure out what was going on. They were all busy in conversation and hardly seemed to notice me. Tiffany commanded the attention of half the girls as she moved her hands quickly. Whatever she was telling them was most interesting as they were soon whispering to each other as they continuing watching her tell the story. Maybe she was telling them about the sex we had just had, because I could see a few of the girls shifting as if their bottom was sore and not just Tiffany's.

Whatever was going on, it left me feeling left out. I caught momentary glances of the girls sneaking a peek at me, but it was only out of the corner of my eye. I mechanically took food from the platters as they were passed around the table, and passed them on in turn.

I was really getting paranoid. First Tiffany reveals that she knew about my powers, and now I am abandoned and ignored at my own dinner table. A part of me wanted to be angry, but a greater part of me was saddened. Saddened that my idyll was finally crashing down around me.

"It's Magda's turn!" Gwen said suddenly from the foot of the table, loudly enough to silence the rest of the conversation at the table. She continued, "but she's not furred." Gwen thought for a moment before saying, "No, she was disturbed because of her..." Before she could finish what she was saying Claire put a hand on her arm and whispered something.

As the rest of the room feel silent, I began to understand what was happening, or thought I did. Gwen was a perfectly sweet and habitually happy sloe-eyed girl that I found in France. But right now those lustrous eyes were shining with the beginnings of tears as Claire continued speaking in soft words to her. Even in the silence that was filling the room, I couldn't make out the words Claire spoke.

Gwen is the sort of girl who tries too hard to make people happy. Obviously the girls were keeping something secret from me, and Gwen wanted to tell me because not knowing was making me upset. But eventually Claire had Gwen nodding her head, and even smiling, although still sniffling a bit. Betsy, who was sitting on Gwen's other side, added something before escorting Gwen to the bathroom.

I looked around the table at the remaining girls, but they were all looking down at their plates. I was looking at the wrong side of the table, so I missed the elbow or poke that caused Bambi to yelp. Everyone looked her way, and she calmly took a swallow from her water glass before saying, "I think what Gwen meant to say was that it was Magda's turn to sit with you, but she deferred because..." She paused for a moment, risking a quick glance toward Tiffany. Receiving a nod, Bambi finished, "because of the errand she was running."

Evidently unsatisfied with Bambi's response, Linda added, "But Marie and Dinah went with her so obviously they couldn't sit next to you either."

Claire quickly added, "and I couldn't have sat next to you, since I just had the honor last night." That opened the floodgates and soon each girl was offering up explanations about why it wouldn't be fair if she sat next to me, or sometimes why it wouldn't be fair if another girl did. The explanations started plausibly, but by the third time around my head was spinning.

Even without my powers I knew they were covering something up. Since I had recently come inside of Tiffany, I couldn't even use my powers to find out what it was. That was when Anna barged into my brain again and reminded me, "Even if you could, I wouldn't let you." Actually she couldn't stop me, but she would nag at me and make me feel miserable if I did. Looking around at the girls as they tried to distract me from what was really going on, I realized I didn't want to read this from their minds anyway. Clearly whatever they were hiding from me excited them. I also knew that they loved me, so it probably wasn't anything I wouldn't like. Probably.

* * *

I quickly ate my breakfast as the girls continued their bantering. Gwen and Betsy rejoined us and Gwen was now all smiles. She listened to the girls play "not it" and eventually chimed in, "and I can't because my turn's next." This caused the girls to lapse into silence again. Gwen evidently realized she had said something wrong and added, "Does this mean I have to get unfurred to? I get all itchy when I shave down there!"

The laughter that ensued broke much of the tension that had built up. Soon it was normal conversation around the table. I felt another mental prod from Anna who said, "Hurry up, you have to get dressed and get to work."

By a strange coincidence, Bambi took that moment to say, "Can I go with you to work today?" She added, "You know how much I like getting dressed up for work!" This caused another round of laughter, and a slight blush to form on Bambi's face. When I met Bambi, she got undressed for a living.

* * *

Bambi and I soon excused ourselves to get dressed for work. She headed towards the girls' rooms and I headed to the Master Suite. Someone had already laid out a business suit for me, along with a selection of three ties. The girls hardly ever let me pick out my own clothes when I'm leaving the house, but I always get to pick my own tie. Since I would be meeting with the DA this afternoon, I decided on the reddest of the three red ties the girls deigned to let me choose from.

It didn't take me long to put on my suit, so I was amazed when Bambi entered the room fully dressed while I was still attaching my cuff-links. She was wearing a dark gray pin-striped skirt suit with a white silk blouse. Even though the waist of the jacket was tailored to emphasize her womanly curves, she appeared to be all business. Her long luxurious red hair, which had first attracted my lecherous attention all those years ago, was arranged in a conservative yet artful twist behind her head. The dark stockings de-emphasized her pale legs, which normally tended to draw attention toward the hemline of her skirt. Even the black heels seemed designed to distract attention from her sexuality and emphasize her business acumen.

"How is it that you always seemed to get dressed so quickly?" I asked as I brushed off my suit to get it to lie flat. Bambi stood in front of me and adjusted my collar and tie slightly. She took her time dressing me to her satisfaction before acknowledging my question.

She looked up at me suddenly, her green eyes peering deep into me. Still holding onto my tie, she rose up on to her toes and said softly, "Easy, I didn't bother with underwear." Her closeness, her scent, her eyes, and the thought of her without underwear nearly caused me to lose control. When she kissed me softly with her dark red painted lips, I could feel my arousal growing, pressing against my pants and against her body.

I groaned but said, "I can't before work." If I did it again now, I would never have my powers at full strength by the time I got to work. One of the disadvantages of having such a sexy assistant.

She winked at me before turning to sashay out of the room. Somehow she had switched from business assistant walk to stripper walk and turned her conservative outfit into a wet dream. Shaking my head did little good, as I had to walk out of the house following a trail of her seductive scent.

* * *

Gwen was waiting for me at the door with my briefcase. At least one of the girls would wait by the door to give me a kiss before I left for work, sometimes they would all be lined up. But this morning I was glad it was Gwen since she was the one who started the tradition. She was also the one who bought me the briefcase.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a sweet kiss. I returned the kiss and lifted the back of her oversized T-shirt enough to give her bare bottom a squeeze. She gave me a gentle slap on the chest and said, "That's not how they do it on TV."

"Ward Cleaver never had something this sexy seeing him off to work," I said. I gave her bottom a bit of a spank and was compelled to add, "Now get back to conspiring with the others."

She had scurried halfway down the hall before what I said clicked in her mind. My powers had returned just enough to sense her sudden broadcast of panic. She turned back at me and said, "But it supposed to be a secret!"

I hated to see her distraught so I said, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

"Oh good!" she beamed and hurried off.

* * *

Bambi was already waiting in the driver's seat of the BWM for me. I stepped into the passenger seat and put my suitcase in the back with Bambi's heels. Before I even had the door completely shut or my seat belt fastened we were off.

A couple of years before I had the beautiful and dignified crushed oyster shell drive replaced with slightly less dignified cobbles, just because of Bambi's driving. Well, most of the girls drove to quickly for such a driveway, but Bambi's driving regularly tore grooves in the lovely white surface.

As my gray car rocketed out of the drive and onto the street, I finished fastening my safety belt. I reached into the back seat and opened my briefcase enough to extract my PDA. I looked over the day's schedule and sighed. Betsy had scheduled me for a full day of clients. I beamed the first appointment to the car's GPS computer and began scanning the rest of the day's itinerary.

Bambi tore through the turns that twisted down the mountain on which I had my home built. There had been eight homes on the road snaking up the mountain, but I bought all of them. So except for the mailman, delivery men and the occasional lost tourist, no one ventured up the road to my home. I calmly reminded Bambi that it didn't mean she could use both sides of the road.

I was reading about the last appointment for the day when Bambi finally ran out of private road. In an ironic show of dignity, Bambi turned on the blinker before gently merging with traffic. I gave Bambi a distracted smile as I read the notes that Betsy had made on the case. It was a pro-bono job and Betsy wrote a brief apology for scheduling it so late. Betsy also wrote that Claire already knew that dinner would be late.

I turned off my PDA and leaned back in my seat, trying to organize my thoughts for the first meeting.

Despite living on top of a mountain without a neighbor within a five mile radius, it only took twenty minutes to arrive on the outskirts of the city. I don't know if I dozed or not, but I was suddenly very alert. Bambi was chatting on the car's speaker phone with someone, but that wasn't what caught my attention. I felt like I was being preyed upon, something I hadn't felt since my days mixed up in the underworld.

Bambi went right on chatting and seemed oblivious to the looming danger. Which was odd, since it was her instincts that had saved my life once.

* * *

Nearly a decade ago, I was in England reveling in a huge win against a half dozen men who sold guns to the IRA and other terrorist groups. I won the usual pile of money and guns, but was amused that one of the counters was for a strip club: The Fox's Den. With the deed in pocket, I directed the cabby to take me to see my latest acquisition.

The cabby questioned my choice of destination, insisting that a man of my obvious means would be much happier at one of the city's fine gentlemen's clubs. Or if I was in the market for an escort, he knew all kinds of girls and could find me one that would suit my needs.

When I asked if the girls were unattractive, the cabbie said they were just as foxy as the name implied. As he drove through the streets I interrogated the man about the club, and it amused me to hear him stumble through half truths as I read his mind. The bottom line was the club was notoriously dangerous and patronized by unscrupulous characters.

"Well, seeing as how I just won the deed from these shady fellows you speak of, I must be even more dangerous!" The effect on the driver was delightful since not only did he stop speaking, but he also increased his speed considerably. In fact, he was so grateful to have me out of his cab that he drove off before I had paid the fare.

* * *

The bouncer tried to prevent me from entering the Fox's Den. He didn't believe me when I showed him the deed, he didn't believe when he called his boss. Annoyed I reached into his mind and averted his thoughts from me. While his eyes could still see me and his ears could still hear me, he had no idea I was there or that we had ever met.

I whistled a merry little tune as I pushed the door open and stepped into my new club. The air was filled with cheap cigarette smoke and the light from a few gaudy neon signs and some stage lamps. As I walked through the crowd I could feel a ripple of silence spread through the room. I could also feel eyes on my back even if no one would look me in the eye.

I didn't need my powers to tell me they didn't take kindly to strangers in this place. But I did notice that someone had called ahead warning that I might be stopping by. Apparently that someone was still quite upset about losing the place, but then again they always were. I scanned the crowd and learned there wouldn't be trouble right away, but I kept myself open to be on the safe side.

I looked at the man who had the prime seat at the edge of the stage. Either he had psychic powers as well, or mine were leaking again because suddenly he looked around at me and had somewhere else to be. I claimed his seat and as I did so the crowd starting making crowd noises again.

There were two dancers on side stages slowly working their poles. They were both fully nude except for pasties over their nipples. There were another dozen girls wearing bikinis and wraps that circulated among the men. Two of the circulating girls caught my eye and they were soon on my lap insisting that I needed a private dance. The thought of going into one of the seedy back rooms revolted me, even though I knew the girls would make it worth my while, but I allowed them to ply their trade.

They kept up their sales pitch much longer than they normally would thanks in part to my powers, and in part to being the new club owner. One of the tramps even worked open my zipper to grab my cock. I found it all very amusing, and enjoyed the attempted power play more than the hand job. I would tip them later, but for now I enjoyed watching them work.

That is I enjoyed it until the DJ announced the next dancer: Joanne. From behind the beaded curtain strutted a tall leggy redhead. She had the athletic build found in real dancers and the best strip club dancers. The muscles on her legs and arms were hinted at beneath the soft smooth skin, and her abs were well defined but utterly feminine.

Her skin was pale and entirely flawless from her nicely turned ankles all the way up to her slender throat. Her only flaw as far as I could see was her enormous fake breasts. They seemed so out of place that I found them repulsive. But as repulsive as I found them, I could tell from the crowd's reaction that they adored Joanne. From the few minds I sampled, it seemed it was because of her huge breasts and the thought of coming between them.

I tried turning my attention back to the ladies on my lap, but as Joanne danced I kept finding myself looking up at her. As her dance continued I was entranced. It wasn't just her dancing or her body that attracted my attention, it was something inside of her mind that called out to me. I felt an unusual pang of remorse as I pilfered her mind trying to find what attracted me.

As her G-string disappeared in a flourish, leaving the truth of her hair color a mystery, I finally realized I was so enamored because she was genuinely a good person. She was doing something she hated because she thought it was the only way to survive. The strange thing was that no sign of this inner torment showed on her face. In fact the only active thought in her mind was being good at her job.

I was so distracted by the dancer on stage that I failed to notice the man at my shoulder. I felt a tapping on my shoulder and a disturbance of the ladies on my lap. I glanced up and a rather slimy fellow said, "So you're the new owner, eh? I see you like Joanne, she's a favorite here. Come back to the office and I will arrange a visit."

I searched the weasel's mind, but it wasn't a trap. It was only a way to try to ingratiate himself with the new owner, so that maybe I would ignore his embezzlement like the previous owner had. Joanne had finished her dance and was collecting applause and pound notes. The weasel got her attention and jerked his head towards his office. He then led me towards the back. The two girls who had been on my lap trailed behind me, they didn't want to miss out on a chance to impress the new owner.

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