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The Resort


My name is Dawn. I am a trained and licensed massage therapist, currently employed at a large resort facility. We have Golf, Tennis, Fine Dining, every other amenity you could ask for, including a full Spa which includes massage.

I know there are a lot of jokes and comments about massages with a "happy ending", but let me assure you that is not what we do. Most of my clients are older men that just want some aches and pains to go away, they are not interested in any kind of sex, and probably not even capable due to age.

There must be some sexual aspect because virtually all my clients are men. We have two men and one other woman therapists, and all the men want to be done by one of the women, while all the women want to be treated by one of the men. I guess that passes for sex in old age.

I have had a few women as clients, and I think they were hoping I would eat their smelly old pussy but there is not enough money in the world for that to happen.

We rarely have young guests at the resort because it is quite expensive, and if you are wealthy enough to afford it you are probably a senior citizen. It's not a bad situation, the men are easily pleased and they just enjoy being touched by a younger woman. Their bodies are as soft as their dicks so it is not sexy for me but I am well paid.

I would never approach any of them with the idea of getting a big tip, because they might report me to the manager and I would be out of a job. And I am not interested in sucking some old guys limp dick.

Recently, there was one exception to this, and that is my story.

One afternoon a guy with a 3:00PM appointment came in, and he was not my typical customer. He was probably about forty, and he was tall and muscular, with the body of an athlete. He was also as handsome as a movie star.

To protect his privacy, I will not even use his first name. I have given you my first name, but there is probably a therapist named Dawn at every Spa or massage business, so good luck finding me.

I directed him to the small changing room and gave him one of the small robes to put on.

He came back out with just the robe on and I was like a giggly college girl in the presence of the star football player. This guy has what they used to call animal magnetism, but we now know it is a chemical called Pheromones. He is a testosterone-fueled stallion, and any brood mare that is in his presence will get wet and ready, even if she doesn't want to.

I fought to control myself and indicated that he should get up on the massage table.

He laid face-down on the table and waited for me to begin.

I said, "Would you be comfortable removing the robe? It makes the procedure go better. I am trained for this job and I am not modest, so there is no reason for you to be. I do have a towel here that I will cover you with."

That was pretty much true, but I just wanted to see him naked.

He smiled and said, "Sure. We are all naked under our clothes, right? I have nothing to be ashamed of."

Without saying it, I thought you sure don't!

He wiggled out of the robe while still face-down and threw it on the floor. I carefully covered up his smooth, firm butt with the towel. I wanted to bite it or see how much of my tongue I could get up his asshole, but I controlled myself.

So now my view is of his broad shoulders, his muscular back, his long legs, and his hard butt under the towel.

I went to work with my best technique and tried to concentrate on just doing a good job on his massage. I worked on his shoulders and back which is what most guys need, but I also worked down each leg. He lay motionless and relaxed, and I thought it was going well. I took my time and spent at least 15 or 20 minutes on this.

I asked him to turn over so I could work on his chest and his quads, and when he did I got a nice surprise.

He had an erection, and it was the most perfect penis I have ever seen. As he rolled over it sprang up and swayed back and forth for a moment. It was stiff as a board, with a beautifully shaped head. The head of a penis has always intrigued and aroused me. My pussy was getting wet and I was concerned that he would notice the fragrance emanating from me.

I think it is kind of rude to judge men by the size of their penis, but let me say that his was much longer than the average six inches. I estimated at least nine inches or more, and perfectly proportioned as far as the thickness.

His eyes were closed and that gave me the freedom to stare at it. I imagined what it would be like to have it in my vagina, or better yet up my asshole. I told myself to knock it off, I was getting too carried away.

He must have wondered what was taking me so long, and he opened his eyes and caught me staring at his boner.

He said, "Sorry about the hard-on. Your touch was so sensuous it turned me on."

I stammered, "It's OK. It is perfectly normal."

None of my regular clients get an erection, and if they did I would tell them to forget about it. I know many massage parlors are really prostitution businesses, but that's not for me, or this resort.

But this was different. I wanted his cock so desperately. I wanted to kiss it, suck it, and have it shoved in every hole in my body.

There was an awkward silence, and I knew I had to break it. If I say the wrong thing, or offend him in some way, it could cost me my job.

I was trembling with fear, but I worked up my courage and said, "May I touch it?"

He just smiled and nodded his head yes.

I wrapped my fingers around the shaft at about the mid-point and gently squeezed. I swear, I thought I was going to have an orgasm. The feeling of an erect penis is unique. It is not only hard, it has a dense, heavy feeling that is difficult to describe. You female readers don't need me to explain.

While maintaining my gentle grip with my right hand, I reached with my left hand and touched the pink head. I traced the circumference with one finger, and then touched the slit-hole in the tip where I visualized his cum squirting out.

I have never been so aroused with my clothes on. We wear a uniform similar to hospital scrubs, and I wear nothing else except a brief panty. I wished I could strip everything off and sit on his meat pole.

I said, "I work on a lot of stiff muscles here, usually not this one, but I would be happy to help you with this if you want me to."

He smiled and nodded again. I guess you can be self-confident like that when you have a cock like a tree-limb.

I started to stroke it like one of my boyfriends taught me when I learned how to jack him off.

I stopped long enough to put a little of my massage lotion on it for lubrication.

Then I really went to work, sliding my hand from the tip to the base, which is a long trip.

He just surrendered and let me do it, and I kept up a nice steady rhythm.

I was using my right hand to jack him off, so I reached down with my left and fondled and caressed his hairy ball-sack. His balls were large to match the size of his cock, each one about the size of an extra-large hard-boiled egg.

He tensed up and stopped breathing so I knew the finish line was close.

I tightened my grip on his cock slightly and kept stroking it.

He lifted his butt off the table and groaned.

I felt his cock throb as the cum pumped through and a geyser of creamy cum shot straight up in the air. It fell on his hairy stomach with a loud splat. More and more of it came out and ran down his cock all over my hand.

I just stood transfixed at the scene. He was struggling to catch his breath, the cum on his stomach was forming a pond, and my hand was covered with it. I have never seen a man produce so much cum.

I had an uncontrollable urge to taste it. I went down on him and took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, and sucked and licked it clean. Then I licked it off my hand, sucking each finger one at a time. When I give a guy a blowjob I usually spit it out like a mouthful of lizard guts, but not this time. I ate it like it was leftover extra frosting after baking a cake.

He watched me do this with a bemused smile.

Then he pointed to the small lake on his stomach and said, "What about that?"

I reverted to my massage therapists servile attitude and said, "Yes, Sir. I will take care of that."

I licked, sucked and slurped up as much cum as I could from the swamp on his stomach, but I could not get it all. His belly hair was still all gooey and stuck together and clinging to him. I think I did get about two normal blowjobs worth down my throat. My mouth and lips were slippery with cum.

I went to the sink and got a washcloth wet with warm water and returned to his side. I cleaned up his abdomen with the washcloth and dried it with a towel.

I helped him get off the table and he walked to the changing room. I thought about what I might say or do next, and then he returned, fully clothed.

Before I could speak he said, "I am going to add a tip onto my resort bill for you. I loved what you did."

"Please don't make it too much! If it looks extravagant the manager might notice it and get suspicious. No one can ever know what just happened."

He answered, "All right then, I will just bring cash for you next time."

Next time? Who said anything about next time?

"I am going to book another session for this time tomorrow. I don't want to be interrupted so maybe I will book the entire afternoon. I would like you to take your clothes off too, so we are both naked."

That was kind of presumptuous, but hey, I want to see more of him so why not?

"I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Sir. The customer is always right, so I will do as you ask."

I should have said I will do anything you want me to do. Just describe it. Nothing is too kinky for me.

With that he left me alone with my thoughts. I had no other appointments so I straightened up the place and left for the day. I have a room, actually a small suite, in the hotel as part of my compensation.

I went there and fixed a light meal with a glass of wine. I went to bed early, and began to fantasize about what happened today. I thought about his incredible cock, how it looked, how it felt when I jacked him off, and the huge load of cum he ejaculated. I thought about the fact that it was alive with his sperm when I ate it. Even after my dinner, I still had the lingering taste of it in my mouth.

I didn't intend to, but suddenly I was masturbating and I gave myself an intense orgasm, something I haven't done in forever. I fell asleep and didn't stir until morning.

The next morning, I showed up for my first appointment and went to work. Just another old fat guy.

I plodded through the day which seemed to last forever.

At precisely 3:00PM he walked in, and it was like electricity went through me. His aura and the cloud of Pheromones he exuded had their impact.

We exchanged polite greetings, but did not waste any time. He didn't bother with the changing room or the flimsy robe, he just stripped naked. He wasn't expecting any massage.

As he did he said, "What about you? Remember what I said?"

I did, and my scrubs flew off in a second. My panties were next.

I guess he liked the view of me naked. He looked me up and down, stopping briefly at my tits and my trimmed pubic bush. His cock sprang up like a giant reptile and stared at me with it's one eye.

He climbed on the massage table on his back with his cock standing straight up like a telephone pole. I didn't wait to be invited, I stood next to him and took his cock in my mouth. I began to give him the best blowjob of my life, and he acquiesced and let me do the work.

I could only get about half of it in my mouth, so I stroked the rest of it with my thumb and forefinger encircling it. I pulled all the way out and then back in so my lips went over the pink head.

He must have been looking forward to this all day and it didn't take as long as I wanted it too. Like yesterday he lifted his butt off the table and grunted. The first spurt of cum hit the back of my mouth so forcefully I gagged a little. I recovered and started to swallow. As fast as I could gulp it down he filled my mouth again.

I have never swallowed cum like that in my life, but I wanted it inside me so desperately that I did it. I never gave the taste any thought, and it was down my throat so fast there wasn't much time to be concerned about it.

I sucked his cock clean, and pulled it out of my mouth.

All I could say was, "Wow!" as I played with his testicles.

He said, "My feelings exactly."

Neither of us had anything further to say for a while.

"Why don't you get off this narrow table. Let's go over to the couch where we can relax together."

He obediently followed me and we did that. He sat down and sprawled back and I laid on my side on the couch with my head in his lap facing him. His cock was now soft, but still huge. I playfully laid it on my face, and it reached from my cheek to my ear. The head was kind of in my ear, and I joked, "I don't think you can get it in there!"

I licked his balls right at the base of his cock. I said, "If I were a cannibal, I would eat these first."

We had a laugh and then fell silent for what seemed like a half-hour, but was probably 10 minutes.

I broke the silence and said, "I wish we could do more. I really need more."

"Tell me what."

I felt embarrassed. How stupid after what we had just done.

"I would like you to fuck me. Would you be willing to do that?"

He nodded his head yes.

I said, "Do you need some time to be ready again?"

He answered, "I don't think so. Just suck it for a while and we will see."

I turned my head so his cock fell off my face and I took it in my mouth again. It was flaccid but it didn't take long for it to wake up and grow.

After a few minutes I said, "I think it is hard enough."

He murmured agreement and we moved to the missionary position on the couch, me on my back and him hovering over me. I lifted my legs to show him he was welcome.

His cock slid into my vagina in one continuous push. I had produced so much lubrication that I could have taken a baseball bat in me.

He began to fuck me in what I can only describe as an expert way. We were both very aroused and it was wonderful.

His cock filled and stretched my vagina like never before. He hit bottom with each thrust in, bumping up against my cervix.

The control freak in me spoke up and stopped him in mid-stroke.

"Would you be willing to try something else?"

Like before, he answered, "Tell me what."

"Would you be willing to fuck me in the ass?"

That must have stunned him a little.

"I would, but do you think you can take it that way?"

"I don't know, but let's find out."

I didn't want to turn over, I wanted to be face-to-face with him.

He pulled his shaft out of my vagina, and I reached down and guided it to my asshole.

I have had anal before, but never with a tool like his. I was trembling with anticipation and apprehension.

He pushed, and then pushed harder. It wouldn't go in; my asshole was resisting. I put two fingers into my sloppy wet vagina and covered them with my love-juice. I applied that to the head and the shaft of his cock. I lined it up again with the slippery head touching my anus.

My vaginal lubrication helped, and the head went into me, stretching the tight entrance ring to its limit.

I forced myself to hold still and take it. I wanted to say something silly like "Ouch!" but I repressed it. I thought if I acted like it hurt or was even uncomfortable he might stop, and I didn't want that.

I kept my hand on his cock, my fingers wrapped around it right where it went into me. I did that to continue to guide it in, and also so it had to slide through my fingers on the way into me. God, I was so aroused. I wanted it all in me even if it was a foot long.

Slowly, methodically, he pushed it into my belly. At no time did I even think about telling him that was all I could take. When I felt his super-sized balls press against me I knew I had it all in me.

He resumed his expert fucking technique, but now in my very tight asshole.

It felt like a finger was up my ass, but a giant one, multiplied by ten times in size.

He worked it in and out of me, and I went into a trance-like state. I had never felt like that during sex. It was like floating in a warm swimming pool in a dreamlike way. You know, the way you must surrender and not struggle if you want to float? I could clearly feel the beautiful head of his cock poking and prodding at my soft insides.

I lifted my legs up as far as possible to get maximum penetration. My arms were around him and I kissed him and touched tongues.

He tensed up and I said, "All the way in me please!"

He pushed it all in and made his moaning sound, and I felt another one of his mother-loads squirt into me. Amazing, his second ejaculation in less than an hour and it was more than most men produce if they haven't fucked anyone for a month.

I never thought this was possible, but the sensation of his cum shooting up in me caused me to have a violent orgasm. Sometimes I have an orgasm during vaginal sex, but that's because the cock is rubbing my clit. This was just from feeling his semen gush into me. I'm afraid I embarrassed myself by squealing and grunting like an animal but I couldn't help it.

We stayed in this embrace for a while, trying to come back to earth. Then he pulled his still-hard cock out of me. I left a wet spot on the couch because a dollop of cum shot out of me before my asshole could slam shut.

We slowly got dressed, and I wanted to say like a psychiatrist, "Well, I guess this session is over. Time is up." I wasn't sure about his sense of humor so I didn't say it. But obviously we were done for today.

Just before he left, he said, "Do you make outcalls? Are you allowed to go to someone's room?"

I was taken aback and said, "Do you mean now?"

"No, I was thinking about tomorrow. It is my last day here and I would book you all day if you can do it."

"You will have to make that arrangement with the front desk. It will be expensive."

"I will take care of it. Thank you. And take this as a token of my appreciation."

He handed my two neatly folded hundred-dollar bills. He must have meant it as a $100 tip for each day. I would have paid him $100 to do what he did to me.

That night in my bed I masturbated again while I thought about everything we had done. I swear it felt like I had a gallon of cum in my GI tract. But I didn't want to sit on the toilet and try to get rid of it, I wanted to keep it in me. After I got myself off I fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I was called into the manager's office and he told me I was booked into a guest's room for the entire day. He looked at me suspiciously but he probably didn't want to deny this high-paying guest anything, so he gave me the room number and dismissed me.

I found the room and knocked on the door. He answered in an expensive looking robe and invited me in. When I entered I was surprised to see a woman sitting on the couch.

"This is my wife. She was anxious to meet you."

Oh oh. Am I going to be eating her pussy all day? Or is she going to be eating mine?

I politely said, "Nice to meet you" and took her hand in mine. She is very slender and petite. She has a firm, tiny butt. Not that I am obese, but I do have a curvier body, with a slightly fuller butt.

I sat on the couch, but not too close to her. He remained standing. There was a long awkward silence, as they looked at each other and tried to decide who should speak.

She finally took the lead, and said, "My husband told me about his sessions with you. It was very erotic."

I replied, "You are a lucky woman, to be able to have sex with him every day."

"Yes, but there is an issue."

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