tagNovels and NovellasThe Retreat Ch. 05

The Retreat Ch. 05


After a brief nap, Nick woke up to the exquisite pleasure of holding Jess cradled in his arms. Her naked skin was like heated silk beneath his palms. Her soft, gentle breaths were a warm delight against his neck. Her smell, an intoxicating blend of musky womanhood, wreathed his senses.

Before his cock could grow too excited by the sensation of being buried in her snug sheath, he woke her with a gentle shake. Her eyes fluttered open and met his, and she gave him a glorious smile. Nick subdued a groan of pure pleasure.

"Jess, we've got to get up," he murmured. "Dad and Leslie are bound to come looking for us soon."

Jess considered telling him then that they were alone in the cabin. She wanted nothing more than to languish in bed with him, but she was supposed to be ignorant of their parents' elopement. She squashed the urge and slid off Nick, allowing him to rise. He stood up and turned away, refastening his jeans before retrieving her discarded clothes and handing them to her.

"Here, put these on," he said, turning away again.

The sight of her breasts, the nipples swollen and rosy from his mouth and hands, sent hot blood pounding through his cock. He went into the bathroom and splashed cold water over his face as he tried to subdue his urges. He wanted nothing more than to seize her, claim her as his and tell all the men in the world to 'back off -- this one's taken!' It took several minutes to bring his breathing under control. By the time he returned to the bedroom, Jess was fully dressed, brushing her fingers through her hair to restore some semblance of order.

"What time is it?" she asked with a small yawn.

Nick retrieved his watch from the dresser. "Ten forty. They're probably wondering why we're still asleep."

"Maybe," Jess said, turning away to hide her guilty blush. "Why don't you go first? I'll wait a few minutes and then make an appearance."

Nick nodded and slipped out the door, closing it soundlessly behind him. As soon as he was gone, Jess went into her own room to tidy her appearance. She brushed her hair until it shone and wound it into a casual knot, securing it with a large clip. She looked at her reflection and grinned.

"So far, so good," she whispered. "Just maybe he'll open up once he realizes we're alone."

Jess made her way to the living room and found Nick staring out the large front window. When he heard her approach, he turned with a puzzled frown.

"Dad's car is gone. Did they say anything to you about going somewhere today, maybe into town to buy supplies?"

Jess shook her head. "No. In fact, when I asked Mom whether she needed me to bring anything from the store on my way up, she told me they had stocked all the supplies we would need for the week."

Nick's frown deepened. "I wonder where they went," he muttered.

"Maybe they left a note or something," Jess suggested.

Nick glanced around the living room. "There's nothing here, and I didn't see a note in the kitchen."

He went to his dad's bedroom and looked inside. The bed was neatly made, and his glance shot to a sheet of white paper, folded tent-like on the dresser.

"Anything?" Jess asked from behind him.

"Yeah," he said, crossing the room to retrieve the note.

Jess followed, and she leaned against him as they both read their names scrawled on the front of the note. They exchanged a glance before Nick unfolded the paper and they read silently.

Dear Nick and Jess,

We apologize for not telling you about this in advance, but we've decided to elope. It was a spur of the moment decision. We hate to disrupt the holiday we had planned to spend with the two of you, but we want to start the New Year as husband and wife. We hope you will understand and be happy for us. We love you both and hope you will enjoy the rest of your vacation in our absence and have a very Happy New Year too! We'll be in touch soon.

Lots of love,

Mom and Dad

"Well, I'll be damned," Nick said softly. He laughed ruefully, shaking his head. "I've got to hand it to him. The old man's still full of surprises."

Jess grinned, relieved that he wasn't angered by the elopement. "Had they told you they were getting married?" she asked.

"No," he said, "but any sane person could tell from seeing them together that they were headed for the altar sooner or later."

"Yeah. I have a good feeling about their marriage," Jess murmured, placing her arm around his waist. "I just know they will be happy together. Don't you think so?"

Nick met her gaze, and his heart pounded against his ribs. For the first time, it dawned on him that they were completely alone in the cabin. Jess was looking up at him expectantly, waiting to hear his opinion about their parents' match, and all he could think about was the feeling of her hand curving around his side. He swallowed hard and cleared his throat before replying.

"Yeah, I hope so."

Jess smiled at him briefly before turning toward the door. "I don't know about you, but I'm hungry. How about I make us some brunch?"

She left without waiting for his answer. Nick hesitated before following her. His mind was racing. It would definitely be safer for his heart and better for his sanity if he got away from Jess. Without their parents to act as buffers between them, he didn't like to think how deeply he would fall for her. It would be better to cut his vacation short and return to the city. Having reached a decision, Nick took a deep breath and followed Jess. He found her in the kitchen, pulling leftovers from the fridge.

"There's plenty of roast beef left. Would you like a sandwich?" she asked, still rummaging in the crisper.

"Sure," he said absently. "Listen, Jess, since Dad and Leslie are gone, I'm going to head back to the city."

Jess closed the fridge and looked at him. Her eyes were wide and vulnerable as she searched his face. She approached him and hooked her fingers through his belt loops, tipping her head back to meet his gaze. When she spoke, her voice was soft and feminine, tempting him with her fragility.

"Oh Nick, please don't go. There's no reason why you and I can't enjoy the week here at the cabin."

Nick was finding it hard to draw a deep breath. "I really don't think that's a good idea, Jess. As it is, we've taken a couple of chances. We both know that if I stay, there's a very real possibility that you will end up pregnant."

Jess glanced briefly at his mouth before stepping even closer, until her breasts brushed against him enticingly. "Would that be such an awful thing, Nick?" she whispered. She met his eye. "I really do want a baby, more than anything. I've already told you that I wouldn't expect anything from you that you aren't willing to give. I'll take full responsibility, and you'll be free to walk away if you want. I'm quite capable of providing for a child. I'm not going to trap you or anything."

He wanted to shout that she had already trapped him, body and soul! Conceiving his child would only give her one more hold over him, one that made the others even more binding. He had survived losing her once. Would he be able to survive losing her again if he spent the entire week making love to her? He would never abandon his own child. If she conceived, their lives would be irrevocably linked. Was he willing to risk that?

Jess stretched up and kissed him on the mouth. Her lips were moist and pliant, playing against his until he wrapped her in his arms and deepened the kiss. As he savored her response, his instincts for self-preservation were blaring. Run you fool! She's already broken your heart once. Get away from her before she turns it into hamburger meat!

As if sensing his resistance, Jess began to trail kisses down his neck, slipping her hands under his shirt to caress his chest with her palms. He clenched his eyes against the pleasure she was evoking and bit back a groan.

"Please stay, Nick," she pleaded softly, nibbling on his earlobe. "I'm not asking for forever, just a week."

Her softly voiced pleas were the ultimate temptation, curling through his body, ensnaring his mind with the possibilities. Was there even a remote chance that he could convince her that she did want him forever? The prospect was tantalizing. Nick had never wanted something so badly.

His rational mind was screaming for him to end this -- now! She's a man eater. She'll gobble you up, just like before and leaving you bleeding, you idiot! It took you ten years to recover. If you pretend she's yours, even if it's only for a few days, you won't ever get over her. Get out while you can!

Jess felt the fine tension that began to invest Nick's muscles, as he prepared to end the kiss. He was going to reject her again! She couldn't let him walk out of her life for a second time. She would never recover, and her hopes for future happiness or a family of her own would be forever shattered. Do something! Convince him, before it's too late!

She whimpered, returning to his mouth as she grasped his hand. She didn't care about her pride. She didn't care about anything other than tempting Nick to stay with her, even if it was only for a few days. She guided his hand into her panties and let him feel how badly she wanted him. Nick gasped, spearing his fingers deep as her fluid coated his hand once again. Her pussy was hot and throbbing against his fingers, and she mewled again as she thrust his hand deeper, encouraging him to claim every inch as his own.

Nick gave up the battle to resist and plundered her tender flesh. He really had no choice. Her offer was too enticing. Jess had haunted him for years. She affected him like no other woman ever had or ever would. She was offering her body to him on a silver platter. Walking away wasn't a possibility.

Nick accepted that knowledge with a groan and feasted, filling his other hand with the heated curves of her bottom as he delved inside her. Nick released her mouth and snared her gaze, breathing raggedly as he searched her eyes. He watched the play of emotion over her face as he continued to stroke her innermost recesses. He took a deep breath and released it as a shuddering sigh.

"Okay, Jess. You win. But I have one condition."

Jess was too relieved to smile. She nodded her head as she met his eye. "Anything, Nick," she whispered shakily.

Nick's fingers never ceased their play, keeping her tension wound tight as he probed her. Jess whimpered again, closing her eyes briefly to savor the sensations he was evoking before she could focus on his gaze once again.

"What's your condition?" she asked, her voice rising with desperation.

Nick struggled to retain a shred of sanity. This week would be his only chance to convince her that she wanted more from him. He intended to make it count, to pour everything he had into persuading her that they could have a future together. If he hoped for even a slim chance of success, he had to make her toss her inhibitions aside, to open herself to him fully. He firmed his jaw, piercing her with the intensity of his gaze as he spoke in a low growl.

"For this week, you have to promise to do anything I ask of you. You have to give me anything I want, no matter how outrageous. Agreed?"

He pressed his fingers deep, quivering them in her depths as she gasped with sharp delight. Jess closed her eyes to hide the joy his demand evoked in her. The idea of being completely his, devoting her body to bringing him pleasure, sent jolts of keen desire into the pit of her belly. She nodded jerkily to signal her acceptance of his terms.

"Agreed," she whispered.

Nick's eyes flared with possessive satisfaction before he claimed her mouth with a smoldering kiss. He tasted her with bold strokes of his tongue, angling his body more fully against hers to savor her softness. He might be doomed to a lifetime of misery after their holiday, but he was determined to enjoy every moment until he had to give her up.

He removed the clip from her hair and tossed it on the counter. He grasped a handful in his fist and pulled her head back, exposing her neck. He couldn't get enough of her taste and smell, as his lips and tongue cruised over the creamy expanse. Jess moaned softly, clutching him around the waist as she encouraged him to linger, nibble and feast. Her nipples were crinkled into painfully hard nubs, and every brush of his chest against them made them ache even more. All the while, she was keenly aware of his fingers, still playing inside her.

"Please," she sobbed, "Please, Nick."

He scooped her into his arms and carried her down the hall to his bedroom. Their eyes met and they were both panting with anticipation as he removed her clothes for the second time in as many hours. However, this time, he removed his own clothes before joining her.

Jess relished the sight of him. Her eyes touched every inch of him, from his broad shoulders to his taut belly, lean waist, well-muscled ass and long, hair-dusted legs. His cock stood proudly from a nest of black hair, and he stroked it as he stood still for her inspection. Had Jess not already known she could accommodate him, she may have shrunk in fear from the size of his erection. Instead, she reached for him, her eyes pleading.

"Hurry, Nick. I need you inside me."

He pulled her hips to the edge of the mattress and entered her with one forceful stroke. Jess moaned her appreciation, wrapping her legs around his flanks to welcome him deeper. Nick set a frenzied pace, quickly driving her to heaven with his deep penetrations. She shattered with a scream, clamping him deep inside her pussy. Nick savored the rhythmic waves of her orgasm around his cock, waiting impatiently for her muscles to relax. Then he drove her even higher, pressing deeper than before with every slick stroke.

Jess's senses were heightened. She was aware of everywhere their bodies touched. She clutched his arms, arching her back and offering her breasts to him in a silent plea. Nick latched onto her nipple, drawing hard on the sensitive flesh until she cried out again. This time, he never paused in his strokes. He continued to pound into her, tormenting her nipple while her orgasm ripped through her.

Jess thought she might go insane. She could barely catch her breath. He clamped down hard with his teeth, until pain mixed with exquisite pleasure. She clutched his head to her, holding on for dear life as he plundered her softness. Nothing had ever felt as good as his cock, plumbing her depths with mind-shattering thoroughness. Her climax seemed endless.

Nick basked in the sensation of her clamped around him for as long as possible before giving in to the relentless tide. He released her breast and gripped her hips, grinding himself deep, showering her inner walls with hot bursts of his cum. He gave a guttural groan of pleasure, his eyes locked with hers as her body milked him.

They stayed like that, panting and wet with perspiration, as their hearts gradually slowed. Nick's eyes caressed every feature of her face. She had never looked more beautiful. He kissed her softly before reluctantly withdrawing from her warmth. Without a word, he drew her against his side, pulled the covers over them and fell into exhausted slumber.


A pair of hours passed before Nick came awake, instantly aware of the warm feminine body in his arms. Jess lay boneless, her hair spilling over his chest, her thigh a velvety weight across his loins. His arm was curved around her waist, his hand cupping her bottom with possessive familiarity.

His lips curved into a self-mocking semblance of a smile. So this was what heaven was like. He lay motionless and savored each wispy draft of her breath against his neck, relished the softness of her breasts pressing into him. Try as he might, he couldn't summon a single reason to move.

His fears made a brief effort to rise to the surface before he quashed them. He had made his choice. He had wagered his heart and his peace of mind on the chance for a future with Jess. The emotions he was experiencing from holding her made that choice seem like a wise one. The slimmest chance of having a lifetime with this kind of contentment made his gamble worthwhile.

When Jess finally began to rouse, she snuggled closer. Her eyes came open slowly, and it took her a moment before she could focus on his face. When she did, the smile she gave him made his heart race.

"Thank you," she whispered, reaching up to caress his jaw and chin.

Before Nick could answer, his stomach growled loudly. They both laughed, and Jess rose on one elbow. Her eyes were twinkling with mischief as she grinned at him.

"I guess I should feed you," she said with a soft laugh.

Nick returned her smile, his brows waggling playfully. "You'd better, if you expect me to keep up my strength."

"I definitely want that," she murmured suggestively.

She trailed her fingers along his limp cock, teasing it until it began to twitch. When her eyes met his, she gave him a wicked grin.

"You stay here and relax. I'll make us something to eat."

Nick watched her as she rose and stretched. When she reached to retrieve her sweater, he snagged her wrist, pulling her around to face him. His eyes catalogued every sweet curve of her legs, hips, waist and breasts before rising to meet hers.

"No clothes for now," he growled. "I like the sight of you naked."

Jess blushed. "But Nick, I'm cold," she protested softly.

He eyed her nipples pointedly. They were standing at full attention, making his mouth water.

"I can see that," he said with a grin. "Don't worry. I'll warm you up when you come back to bed."

She shivered with pleasure and nodded. "Okay. I'll be back in a flash."

He watched her leave before padding to the bathroom. He had barely settled back into bed when she reappeared, bearing a tray of sandwiches, hot chocolate and cookies. He smiled broadly, barely glancing at the food as she bent to set the tray on the bedside table.

"Come here, beautiful," he growled, snaring her around the waist and pulling her onto his lap.

Jess giggled as his hands roamed over her, searing her with the heat from his palms. He nibbled beneath her ear, his hot breath sending shivers of delight down her spine. Her love for him was nearly overwhelming in its intensity.

"Are you still cold?" he asked as he trailed kisses onto the upper curves of her breasts.

"No, but if you don't stop that, you're might die of starvation," she teased.

She arched her back over his arm, offering her breasts up to him. Nick latched onto her nipple and suckled hard. When he finally released her breast, her nipple was throbbing and quivering. She gave a moan of protest, and he chuckled, smacking her bottom playfully.

"Feed me first, Jess. I'm in desperate need of fortification."

Jess laughed, reaching for a sandwich. She held it to his lips, and he took a massive bite, growling savagely. She took a smaller bite and talked around the food in her mouth.

"Careful, tiger! I almost lost a finger," she said, giggling as she offered him another bite.

He nibbled playfully on her finger before accepting another bite. "I thought you liked it when I bite you," he teased.

Her cheeks flamed as Jess buried her face against his neck. "You know I do, Nick," she whispered shyly.

Nick craned his neck to glimpse her flushed cheeks. God, she had a way of stirring every masculine, protective, possessive instinct he had with a simple blush! He squeezed her around the waist, dropping a kiss onto the top of her head.

"Eat," he ordered huskily. "You'll need to fortify yourself too, with what I have planned for you."

Jess met his eye and shivered. She stretched up to kiss him briefly before taking another bite of their sandwich. They ate in companionable silence until their meal was completed, then they leaned back against the headboard, sipping jointly from one mug of chocolate until it was empty.

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