The Retreat Ch. 05


Jess leaned her head on his shoulder, snuggling against his side once more. She couldn't recall a single moment in her life when she had been happier. She angled her head to look up at Nick, and her smile faded.

"What's the matter, Nick?" she questioned softly, her brows crinkling with concern.

"Nothing," he muttered, trying to smile but falling short of the mark.

She pulled slightly away so she could read his expression. "What were you thinking just now? You were frowning."

Nick looked toward the window and released a heavy sigh. Finally, he turned back to face her. He stroked her hair, absently rubbing it between his fingers to savor its silky texture.

"I was thinking that I had better enjoy holding you like this while it lasts," he murmured. His gaze skated down over her breasts, and he felt his cock beginning to throb. "I want to store up enough memories of you to last me when you're gone."

Jess gasped, her own eyes filling with tears as she searched his face. "I'm not going anywhere, Nick."

Nick held her gaze a moment longer before hugging her tightly against him, tucking her head beneath his chin. He clenched his eyes closed. You will eventually, he thought. But until then, you're mine!

He cupped her chin and held it steady while he kissed her. Their breaths quickly became ragged, as he kissed and caressed her, coaxing a steady stream of gasps and sighs from her parted lips. He pulled her astride him, and she impaled herself eagerly onto his straining erection.

As she rode him, he enjoyed the sight of her bouncing breasts, arched neck, wildly tossed hair, and splayed pussy. She was slick with her dew. He found her clit and drove her crazy, until she was sobbing with need. He gripped her hips and held her down as he ground himself deeper into her sweet heat. He gave a hoarse moan as he poured himself inside her once again. She clutched his arms, grinding her pussy down on him to receive every precious drop of his seed.

She collapsed onto his chest, a sweaty boneless bundle of sweet womanhood. He held her against him, feeling her heart pounding against his own. Snow was falling softly outside the window, huge wet flakes coating everything in a sea of swirling white.

The New Year was fast approaching, he thought grimly. In a few days, she would be gone, leaving him a hollow shell of a man. But until then, for the next precious days, she was his. His arms tightened around her as his lids drooped closed. He pushed all the negative thoughts from his mind and simply drifted.


Jess's contentment was shadowed by her turbulent thoughts. She sensed that Nick's feelings for her ran deep. Her womanly intuition was telling her that he might even be in love with her. Everything in his behavior seemed to confirm that suspicion. The way he looked at her with such longing, the way he handled her with such reverence, spoke of a deep and abiding love.

She settled alongside him, pulling the covers over them for warmth as she snuggled close. She was going to do everything within her power to coax him to trust her again. If he loved her a fraction as much as she loved him, they had a real chance for happiness. With that thought, she gave a deep sigh of contentment and joined him in sleep.


Author's note: I'm still high on Halloween candy, so I accept no responsibility for any flaws in this chapter...:-) I'm working out the details of how Nick and Jess will work out the misunderstandings from their past. I'm hoping to get the next installment up later this week. Let me know what you think so far. I love to get your comments.



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