tagRomanceThe Reunion of Paul & Ellen

The Reunion of Paul & Ellen

byParis Waterman©

Author's note: One of my earlier pieces, and still a favorite.


The Tender Spot had been closed forty minutes. Everyone else had left. The lights were out, but thin, weak rays of light eked through the blinds on the front windows from the streetlight outside.

Paul glanced at the piano, fingered a few notes, before joining his hands together on his lap, thinking.... Then he said, "Who said anything about that?"

"I did," Ellen replied quietly, as if someone else in the room could overhear their conversation.

"I'm talking about me," he said, revealing his nervousness to her.

"You never talk about you. That's the problem."

"Then it's our problem?"

"Things are far from perfect, Paul," she countered.

"Shit happens," he said, getting angry again and not understanding why. This was one of the problems they were trying to resolve to save a marriage after five months of separation.

"I wish you were happy, Paul. You're not. Not with me. Not with yourself. I want you to understand that. I want to help you." It wasn't a rehearsed speech on her part, and she was both surprised and elated that she'd come out with it.

"You want me to quit drinking? Is that it?" His voice was racing toward that belligerent tone she knew all to well.

"Do you need an excuse? I'll give you one if you want," she shot back. Sometimes she knew him better than he knew himself.

Paul shifted on the piano bench. "Maybe I can balance the two."

"What two?"

"Work and family. Drinking and . . ."

She forced a smile. "Please, be honest with us."

"Okay, Ellen. I love you," he said, "Honest, I do."

"Prove it," she responded, hoping desperately that he meant what he'd just said.

He stood, crossed the room and offered his arms. She folded into him naturally and wrapped around him like a vine. A tear drifted down her cheek.

"Need more proof," she said in a muffled voice and trembled against him.

He hugged her tighter. Ellen let out a long mournful moan as he cupped her buttock and squeezed. Then she purred. Her hair caught in his unshaved face. It tickled.

"I'll try to be there for you," she whispered into his ear.

"Me too," Paul said, his voice breaking, "Me too." His hand was tracing the crevice of her ass.

"It's hard," she said, for want of something to say as his erection jabbed against her belly. She was quite content at the moment.

"That's because it hasn't felt this close to you in a while."

That made her laugh, which was good.

"We need more laughter in our lives."

"We need a lot of things," she said into his shoulder and giggled self-consciously. She had never come with him for some unknown reason, and fervently hoped that maybe this time ....

His hand cupped her mons and she felt herself growing wet. It felt fresh, wonderfully fresh, as if he had never touched her before. Each and every movement of his, each and every probe, carried tingling electricity with it.

Ellen pulled out his shirttail and his erection pressed into her groin. Her hands felt hot on his skin. Then she was fully off the floor, hanging off him, her lips smeared his face and neck with lipstick, as he lurched along with her, looking for the right place to set her down and fuck.

Her smell invaded him. He groped for the door, stumbling with her along as baggage. She unfastened his belt  how he wasn't sure  and went for the button to his pants. He kicked out the door's stopper. She threw the bolt, as if they had practiced it. She refused to be let down, clinging to him like a child.

Giggling playfully, she held him closer to her as his pants fell down around his knees and he staggered, almost falling over.

"No," she protested, as he tried to lower her onto a bar stool.

"No," again when he aimed for a table. As he limped around waiting for approval, she lifted her skirt into a ruffle and tugged on her underwear, but with her legs clasped around him in a straddle, they weren't going anywhere.

"Damn," she gasped urgently, charging him with excitement. The room seemed darker and strangely hot.

He felt like a klutz, scanning the room for somewhere to satisfy her. She felt anxious, alive, nervous, wanton and very hungry --- for him.

She hung off him  head lowered back, her lacy chest exposed from an unbuttoned blouse. She pointed like a lookout on the bow of a ship. He leaned his head down, took her bra in his teeth and tugged until he freed a breast, which he quickly sought and covered with his mouth and tongue. Ellen shuddered then moaned with an eager craving for him. He found her cunt, and she gasped as much from surprise as pleasure. He felt her heat pressed against him, and it drove him to an impatient frenzy. She was leaning so far off him he almost dropped her. But her legs gripped him like a vise.

He found her other breast and went after it with his tongue. She couldn't help but cry out, "God yes!" And her legs gripped him even tighter as she worked herself against him in an unmistakable motion.

"Oh, God!" she said in a way that called for him to do something, anything, but he couldn't put her down.

"Down!" She commanded.

He lowered her onto the piano bench, her head dangling off the far end, her skirt gathered at the waist. He jumped  fell  out of his khakis. Ellen struggled free of her last barrier with an ambitious bend of the knee. The aroma wafting from her steaming cunt overwhelmed him and he lost any sense of their surroundings, it was just them.

He maneuvered his stiff cock from the boxers confining it; and they were joined, driving toward fulfillment. They were wild animals — rutting as Ellen lifted her legs and encircled his shoulders, then his neck while his cock delved deep into her womb like a molten railroad spike.

Ellen coached him on with sharp cries of approval and overactive hips. Her elbow smacked the keys and sounded a dissonant chord. Paul's eyes were closed, but he saw a wall of red. All he sensed was the tightness of her vaginal walls seizing him, milking him, fucking him.

All she felt was his magnificent cock hitting her spot time after time. She knew she was very close as he pounded that wonderful bone into her, growing more exhilarated with every stroke.

Paul opened his eyes and still saw nothing but red. It took a moment for him to realize it was the red light from the EXIT sign. Shaking his head, he focused on Ellen; saw her hair stretched down like spilled water toward the floor. He could see darkness down her throat as she laughed  a nasty, pleasure-ridden, guttural laugh. He had been a long time waiting to hear that laugh.

He warned her, and she liked that.

"Wait ... wait ..." she pleaded.

I can't," he groaned, and began to spurt his seed.

What started as another one of her laughs gave way to a shriek and ended with a sharp sounding of satisfaction, loud and honest  as honest as anything she'd ever said to him. Honest in a way he had lived to hear.

Then she was stuttering. "C ... Coming! C ...Christ, I'm gonna ....!"

"Come on Ellen! Come, Lover!" He urged, exhorting her to join him in paradise.

She came; a series of grunts surged from her vocal chords, and to her amazement she found she couldn't stop the pleasure. Clinging tightly to his frame, she bucked, shook and snorted, as she gulped for oxygen necessary to maintain her fucking activity; fearing she might perish before finishing.

Ever so slowly, the orgasm subsided. Still, Paul's mouth was agape as he watched her, frozen in position on her back, trembling in the midst of the aftershock, her rumpled bra mashed up over her pert breasts, her curled fingers clenching her nipples as she gasped for breath.

"Leave it in lover! Ahhhhhh, don't ever take it out," she moaned as her ass squirmed on the piano bench.

A minute may have passed, and she giggled, "Ohhh, did I ever tell you you're the most delicious fuck I've ever had?" And pulled his head down then covered his face with wet, mushy kisses.

Another minute passed before Paul ran one hand over her still quivering ass and whispered hoarsely, "You really liked that, didn't you?"

Ellen said nothing, but only nodded her head. Paul got up and left her lying on the bench. He took several cushions from some chairs and returned to her side.

"Lift up," he said softly. Ellen slowly complied and he put the cushions under her hips and gently spread her legs apart, then knelt between them.

"Paul?" She asked rubbing her eyes with one hand, pulling on her stiffened nipple with the other.

"What, love?"

"Does this mean we're not finished? I mean, he's so small now. Look at him drooping ...."

"That's exactly what it means," he said rubbing her ass gently.


"Yeah I know the booze always affected my performance. At least it seems that way now. Would it surprise you to know I haven't had a drink in three months?"

"You're kidding," Ellen said in a surprised tone, and then moaned softly as his hand probed between her legs to find and tease her clit. "That's ... nice," she cooed, as his roving fingers spread her lips apart. Her tongue darted out and dragged across his mouth, licking and sucking on his lower lip.

"That's ... great ... I mean the not drinking." Her finger caressed his cheek. "But the other thing is wonderful too."

He gazed down at her. "We hardly ever took our time. Always wham, bam, I'm finished Ma'am. "I'm changing that now."

"Mmmmmm," Ellen sighed, "I like change."

"Good, 'cause here's something we've never done before." He gave her ass one last caress then placed her calves on his shoulders, spread her cheeks apart and leaning close to her ass slowly licked the crack in front of him.

"My God, Paul! What?"

"Shut up, or talk dirty," he snarled, surprised at his actions, but remained committed nevertheless, and worked his way up and down her anal crack before zeroing in on her asshole.

"Shit, yeah!" Ellen yelped, "Lick my ass! Lick my pussy," she groaned, reaching for his cock which was no longer flaccid. "Mmmmm, gonna fuck me in the ass with this Lover?" She laughed nervously as she squeezed him.

"Haven't decided yet" he said, and tickled her asshole with his tongue.

"Eeek!" she screeched, "That tickles!"

Turning his face to the side, he said hoarsely, "I'm glad you're a cleanliness freak," then spit a small hair from his mouth and worked two fingers in and out of her sodden cunt.

"I'm gonna come soon," she whined then shuddered as her orgasm began to overwhelm her.

Paul's fingers were soaked with his sperm and her juices, but he continued to finger her, and as she relaxed her sphincter, his tongue sank into her asshole. He fully intended to fuck Ellen up the ass for the first time in their five year relationship, whether she wanted to or not.

"Ahhhh! That's good!" She cried out. "Are you? Do you?"

"Up your ass? Oh, yes, Ellen. All the way up your ass. And you're going to love every inch of it."

"Yes, yes, yes, I will." She turned her head to look at him. "You . . . You're gonna use something?"

"Huh? I hadn't thought ... just a second."

Paul's cock felt as if it was going to explode as he leaned down and grabbed Ellen's purse, turning it upside down and spilling the contents. He rummaged among the rubble and found her hand lotion.

"This should work," he said in a gruff tone as he uncapped the top and spilled a large glob into his hand then carefully coated his cock with most of it, using the remainder on her ass, then adding another glob, he pushed it up her ass with his finger.

"It feels funny with your fingers in me and whatever it is up my behind."

"It's your ass, and it's my cunt soaked finger you feel up there," he said quietly, wiping his hand on his shirt.

"Are you gonna fuck me there now?" She asked with only a touch of apprehension. "Paul, are you sure nobody's gonna come back here tonight?"

"Oh yeah, somebody's gonna come back here all right," he laughed brusquely.

"God damn it, this is no time for joking around!"

"Gonna loosen you up first," he gasped, ignoring her complaint and thrusting a second finger in.

"Ouchie! Ouch! That hurts."

"Want me to stop?" he said, coming to a halt.

"Umm, no, but be careful. The truth is I've dreamt about you sticking it in there several times the last couple months."

"Nice dreams. I've had some of those too. I'll be careful love. Tell me when the hurt goes away."

Ellen's ass was tight, but his finger kept easing in, and after a time her protests ended. He tried finger fucking her tight anal channel and she squealed with pleasure. "It's starting to feel good," she gasped happily.

Ellen felt she was being loved in the most unselfish and intimate way possible, and her love for him was renewed ten-fold.

Paul reached under the piano bench and spun a lever, raising the bench several inches. Stepping between her legs again he reinserted his finger, marveling at the ease with which her puckered hole now drew his finger in.

Ellen looked over her shoulder in awe as he placed his cock at her hole and rubbed against her rear entrance. Then she sucked in her breath and he pushed firmly, until gaining about an inch into her anus.

He stopped when her voice grew incoherent, but her meaning was clear. He waited then bent forward and began playing with her breasts. After a minute or so, he realized Ellen was wriggling below him, slowly impaling herself on his cock. He took a firm grip on her hips and slowly moved his member out and back, using short, slow movements; each of which took him deeper. Finally he realized he was in all the way and stopped.

"Oh, my God!" Ellen murmured wantonly, "You're in. You're all the fucking way in!"

"Pleased to make your acquaintance my dear," he laughed, "Never met this side of the family before."

Those words made her giggle inanely. She was delighted that he was in and there had been so little pain. "Fuck me, Paul. Fuck me please. I can feel you both in my ass and in my pussy. It's unbelievable."

Paul glanced down and saw her cunt flinch as she squirmed under him.

"Feels good, does it?"

"Oh, my yeah. Good, good, good. Sweetie, go nice and easy now, nice and easy."

"Like this?" He said, thrusting in and out three times and gyrating his hips in order to hit different areas of her anal channel.

"Yeah, come on baby, gimme me a nice fuck; a nice butt fuck, honey," she crooned to him.

"Yeah, baby, oh, yeah!" He groaned from the intense pleasure of it all.

Ellen responded too, moving her hips in a slow, circular pattern, while Paul's cock, a virtual prisoner, struggled to pump in and out of her vise tight grip. Ellen discovered an animalistic instinct she never knew she had, and with the discovery, she developed a far different attitude toward making love.

"Oh, lover, fuck that ass! Give it to me!"

Foolishly, he asked, "Do you really like it?"

"Like it? I absolutely love it! Oh, Paul, it feels sooo good!"

"You really like it?" He was having trouble accepting her responses.

"Just shove it in me!" she snarled. "Make it hurt! Fuck my ass, you bastard!"

Ellen immediately regretted ranting at him; but how could he not know now that she loved this kind of fucking.

Stunned by her reply, Paul went into frenzy mode — pumping her like a madman, driving his cock in and out of her ass with complete abandon. Ellen grunted, and groaned, and as she bucked her ass against his stomach, she began snorting rather than breathing; trying to pull him further into the dark abyss of her ass.

"So you like it rough, huh, how's this for fun and games?" and Paul pinched her nipple with thumb and forefinger.

"Ahhhhhh ... yeah!" she screamed, overcome by the intensity of her pleasure.

"More?" he asked, ready to brutalize her.

"No ... I'm coming!" she cried. "I'm coming! Oh, Christ, Jesus in heaven, I'm coming!"

Ellen shuddered in ecstasy under him then screamed in pain as a cramp bit harshly into her hamstring.

"What? What is it?" he said, alarmed.

"Cramp! Cramp! A fucking cramp, pull out, I gotta get up!"

"Oh, shit," he exclaimed, withdrawing from her and helping her to stand. Then he knelt down and massaged her thigh until she told him it had subsided.

"I'm sorry," she said contritely. "Are you ready to go again?"

"Yeah, let's try a different position though." In the dim lighting, he could see Ellen's anal ring was red and swollen, gaping open like an unhappy mouth, with their commingled fluids seeping slowly out and clinging steadfastly to her puckered rim.

"Here," he said, "let me sit on the bench and you straddle me. That's it, work it back up your ass."

As Ellen complied, easing her ass back onto his cock, Paul reached around her and strummed her nipples. "Like before," she said, panting like a bitch in heat; twisting her body like a corkscrew on his pulsating prick. "Pinch them hard, don't worry, I like it."

"Ahhh ... my God, that's it! Yes, oh yes!" Ellen began pounding herself up and down on him. With one hand Paul reached the top of her mons and sought out her clit and teased it while squeezing the nipple.

Almost instantly, Ellen came. Paul followed immediately after.

Shortly, Ellen stopped churning on his now shriveled cock and lay back in his arms as his cock slipped from her dilated ass. He held her tight as they tried to catch their breath.

"That was the best ever," she whispered into the hollow of his neck, and for a long time after her head hung limp. Her chest rose and fell toward recovery. With an effort she managed to look up, holding on to him so he wouldn't move, wouldn't leave her. Her face was a glorious red, her eye makeup hopelessly smeared, visible even in the darkness. But her eyes filled with wonder, hope and promise.

She took him by the hair, pulled him to her and whispered in a husky voice, "You're coming home with me tonight, right?"

"If you want me too," there was hope in his tone.

"Oh, and there is one condition about this new start of ours."

"Umm, what's that?"

"We've gotta get us a piano."


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