tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Reyblade Pt. 03: Disorder

The Reyblade Pt. 03: Disorder


Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Rion woke up after another unrestful sleep. She had no concept of how long she had been in the Prison Ward of The Reyblade. It was designed that way. The unrelenting recording still played on all video panels in the room. It was the recording she had made when she was still First Mate of the ship, the recording Captain Eipom had ordered her to make as a punishment.

"I'm a bad little slut who disobeys her Captain's orders," her own voice said on repeat. Rion groaned and seriously debated the pros and cons of making herself go deaf. Just then the heavy metal doors shook open and Rion snapped her attention to the entrance. It was in that moment that she realized how bad she smelled. Rion had no idea who she even hoped it would or wouldn't be but she assumed it would be Captain Eipom. It was not.

"Wow, Rion, you look terrible."

"Jez? Jez get the hell out of here, you'll get fired!"

"Nah, the girls in security are my bitches and Eipom's in his office with Ami 'figuring out an interview schedule'," she said rolling her eyes. "Things have changed since the anomaly, First. You know Eipom. Wouldn't want a beer with the guy, but he was fine to fly for and fine to fuck. Nowadays all three seem nasty."

"Yeah," said Rion, "something changed alright."

Jez didn't know it, but Rion wasn't just talking about Captain Eipom. Her own behaviour had become erratic since encountering something that strange reading that had started all this. The reading that shouldn't have even been possible. They investigated the anomaly - against Admiral Lorna of the New Order's direct order - but found absolutely nothing. Since then, however, the form that Rion's seven years of steady dedicated service had taken had all but dissolved. She sold out Captain Eipom to Admiral Lorna and engaged in sexual encounters that - while permitted on a ship under the Free Use Agreement - she considered to be unprofessional for her position and certainly out of character.

"People are starting to take sides," Jez continued, "it wasn't a formal thing or anything, it just started to happen. Ami is Eipom's little right hand slut and there are lots of others who want to cozy up tighter. But lots of others still don't like what happened to you. My pilots side with you, Ma'am. Maybe it was rotten to go over Eipom's head, but it was worse for him and Ami to throw you under the bus like that."

"That's very kind, Ms. Farmer, but there's not a lot that moral support can do for me right now, and it just puts you all in trouble. Best to leave me to my fate."

"Even if that sit well with me, First, and it doesn't, there's other weird shit too," Jez said, leaning in a little closer. Rion hated herself for noticing, but Jez's full H cup breasts pushed into the chrome prison bars as she leaned in. "I swear some people actually forget that Eipom disobeyed Lorna."

"I'm sure they're just saying it to save face. They don't want to end up like me," said Rion, almost able to feel Jez's heat coming off of her. Rion's sex drive had always been strong, but easy to control. Was this feeling of wild desire a result of being alone for so long or was it something different?

"That's what I thought at first too, but as the days pass I'm not so sure. Anyway, I can't stay long, but I should be able to come sooner next time. I had to make sure that the people on our side were on our side, y'know?"

"Yeah," said Rion, now fully distracted by Jez's thick attractive figure.

"Great," said Jez, oblivious, "I'll see what I can do about getting you time in the showers."

She started to jog away when Rion reached an arm out. "Wait!" She called, sounding more desperate than had she expected. Jez looked back startled. "How long have I been in here?"

"Nine days," said Jez with a pitying look. "I'll be back soon."

The door shutting behind Jez timed perfectly with Rion's food hatch dispensing her measly portion of pills. Rion slammed her fist against the wall.

"Ami, you get better at sucking my dick every day," The Captain sighed, leaning back in his chair in his office, lifting his tablet into the air as he looked at the list of applicants for the vacant First Mate position. "What do you think of Yunice?"

Ami wanted to tell Eipom that Yunice seemed like his type, but she also didn't want to take her mouth off his cock and so her response came out something like "Sthhe sthee wyii urr thymm."

The Captain chuckled and put his hand on the back of the twenty-year-old officer's head and thrust up. "That's what I like to hear. It's too bad you have the biggest tits on the ship because I'm getting rather used to them. Maybe I'll go hard in the other direction."

"MMmphhh, mmmm, mmmphhh," Ami moaned. Her enormous breasts were on her own mind, in fact, but for more practical reasons. She was crammed under The Captain's desk and her K cups made it difficult for her to do anything without them getting in her way.

"Actually, why don't you crawl forward and put those fat tits to good use, Ms. Tanaka? That way we can have an actual conversation too," Eipom said. His eyes were still glued to the screen as he scrolled through biographies, really only looking at the pictures. Ami complied, relieved to give her body room to breathe. She hoisted her massive rack up onto The Captain's lap and made his dick disappear in her titflesh. She squeezed them tightly and began to move her hands up and down, just barely able to feel Eipom's hardness through her bust.

"Is that better, Sir?" She asked in what had become a high-pitched babydoll voice quite unlike her natural tone.

"Much," Eipom replied. "I want those giant tits to soak up as much of my come as they can because once the interviews start I'm not going to use you until after I'm finished."

The news was enough to cause Ami to stop her dedicated titfuck of her Captain's cock. She looked up at him in dismay. "But, Sir!"

"Get back to work, slut!" Eipom boomed, thrusting his dick up between her cleavage. "You've read the Agreement!"

She had. But everything had changed since that one day. The first day Eipom had used her. She hadn't expected to become so consumed by pleasing him, by always looking forward to his next load, but it had been all she could think about. And while Eipom came with a reputation, he seemed to be getting angrier and more focused on sex all the time. She resumed her work between his legs. "I'm sorry, Sir."

"That's better," said Eipom. "You know what? Just book them all. They'll come in one by one until I can't take any more. Ohhhhh, fuck yes I'm close. Squeeze those huge tits tighter, Ami, your Captain's going to come!"

Ami did as she was told and sure enough she felt Eipom explode inside her gigantic bust. Although she was annoyed and disappointed and jealous, she immediately began lapping at her own breasts, eager to have as much of Eipom's come in her mouth as she could.

"Put your uniform on immediately. I want you walking around with my come as it dries on you. And send in a cabin girl, just make sure it's not Ca-"

"I know, sir," said Ami, getting dressed in a huff.

Chapter 2: The Interview

Ami wasn't quite sure how she had become a glorified secretary for Captain Eipom over the past week. Roberta had been at her post on the bridge more often than not as Ami had been by The Captain's side at almost all times. The past day had been spent with the unenviable task of informing and organizing all the candidates for the First Mate position. Captain Eipom had allowed for a completely open call and didn't deny a single interview request. Ami had to arrange them in a line outside his door. The order had been purely based on Eipom's sexual whims and Ami boiled with silent rage when she listened to the Captain devise it.

"Whew, you were right about that Yunice. She's younger than you and look at that rack!" He had exclaimed, leering at his tablet. "Put that Jessi girl before her for some juxtaposition. Been ages since I've railed a flat girl."

"Yes, Captain," was all Ami said as she arranged the order according to his wishes, trying to figure out if she'd rather punch him or suck his dick. Maybe it was true that he drank something to make his come addictive. It was almost like the more pissed off she was, the more she wanted him.

But it was the next day and Ami had gone 36 hours since she had last witnessed her Captain's orgasm. She eyed all the candidates covetously. The girls chattered nervously among themselves as Ami double checked the list and her order. It seemed to line up.

"Alright!" She called out. "The Captain will see you one by one. When you come out from your interview, you are not to discuss it until all interviews are completed, do you understand?"

There was a murmuring of agreement. Ami felt furiously horny to the point of constant distraction. She looked at the girl in the front of the line and although she was sure she recognized the face, she still looked down to her tablet.

"Um, Albright. Suzy. Go right in."

Suzy had been on The Reyblade even before Eipom had taken it over and was the only remaining staff - along with head chef Yola - to still serve under him. She was tall, lanky, and relatively flat with short blonde hair. She wasn't Eipom's type, but she kept the ship running super smoothly. Ami was surprised to see her even apply. Suzy had never even asked to be promoted within the Operations division. She disappeared inside Eipom's office.

Suzy walked in with her hand extended, but Eipom stood up and waved it away. He pulled down his pants.

"State your name, age, cup size, and current position, candidate. And do it while walking over to that wall," he said, pointing to his right. Suzy was taken off guard, but cleared her throat and did as she was told

"Suzy Albright. Age 31. B cups. I'm standard Operations staff," she said, reaching the wall. She felt Eipom behind her right away. He pushed his bulge into her ass and began to grope her over her top with one hand and he pulled down her pants with the other.

"Why do you want this job, huh?" He asked with a grunt.

"W-well, I'm the longest serving member of your staff, Sir," she started.

"Yola's been here longer. Since the start of time, probably," he cut in.

"Except for Yola, of course, sir," she continued. "I have worked tirelessly for the good of the ship and your wishes with no complaining and over that time I have - ahhh! - I have gotten to know the workings and the crew quite - Ooh! Oh! - quite well."

"What's wrong, Suzy? Can't take your nipples being pinched?"

"I expected a sexual portion of the interview, Sir. J-Just perhaps not so sudden and aggressive."

"Is that why you really applied? Sick of never getting your Captain's dick?"

"I wouldn't.. that's not... I don't think that... Unnhh!" Suzy's eyes widened as Eipom unceremoniously pushed into her.

"Mmmm, nice and warm, Suzy. I think this is the first time I've fucked you since the year I started."

"That's right, Sir. I... I don't remember you being so big."

"You're just buttering me up," grunted Eipom, gripping Suzy's waist and pushing her against the wall as he began to pump into her harder. "Tell me, do you actually want this job?"

"Y-yes, sir! I do!"

"I've heard enough," he said, pulling out suddenly and pulling up his pants. "Get dressed and get Ami to send in the next candidate.


"You heard me, thank you for your application."

Ami was just as surprised as the line of candidates when Suzy emerged so quickly after going in. She kept a professional expression but that didn't calm anybody's uneasiness.

"Remm. Julie." Ami called out.

The nervous engineer went into the room. She was questioning why she was even there. Not long before Rion had been sent to her containment cell, she had seduced Julie, taking her in her own room and with her own strap-on. Julie was a very horny but normally very private girl, yet after that experience she had been left wanting. She had applied for the position simply because it was common knowledge that these sorts of interviews almost always had a sexual element. She hadn't had any sexual contact with Captain Eipom in years after liberal use in her first year serving him. She didn't know if he'd remember her.

"Well well! Little Julie! I had almost forgotten that you worked for me."

"I wondered the same too, Sir."

"Take a seat. Tell me your name, age, cup size, and current position. And do it all in a little slutty babygirl voice for me, will you?"

"I-I'm sorry, sir?" Julie asked, sitting down.

"You know. Make your voice all high and lispy. You have a fantastic body, but I remember that I stopped using you because you were so quiet. Let's see if you can at least do this for me."

Julie flushed red hot, learning for the first time why he had moved on. But she remembered the feeling of the dildo filling her up as Rion roughly pounded away and it helped her mind go blank and put the affectation on her voice.

"My name is Julie Remm, Sir. I'm 24, I have big G cup boobs, and I'm an engineer under Ripper Tennin on The Reyblade Captained by John Eipom."

"Not bad. It still doesn't come naturally to you, but not bad. Why don't you get on your knees and beg for your Captain's cock like a good little slut. Take out those big milky boobs too. I still remember the way they shook when I used to fuck you."

"Yes, Sir," Julie said, unsure if she was more excited or embarrassed or confused as she took to her knees and unzipped her uniform top. She heaved out her breasts and cupped them in her hands. "Please give me your cock again, Sir? I miss it so bad. I miss it in my little pussy. I miss the way you used to come into my cabin and fuck me in front of the other engineers. I know I never said anything, but I loved the way you spoke such degrading words to me, Sir. All the boys I've been with never have the guts to be mean to me, Sir. My pussy's so wet just talking about it."

Julie surprised herself with her own monologue and it was clear that she had surprised The Captain too.

"I have to say that I did not expect such great things from you, Ms. Remm. You may have earned yourself one of those late night visits again. But for now, I need you to leave. My cock aches for my next interview."

Julie stood up and nodded submissively. She figured she should be disappointed or upset, but she had had no expectations and only found herself excited as she left. She thought the days of being used by the higher-ups were over and she had let herself forget how much she liked it. She wanted to thank Rion but remembered with a pang what had happened to her. She must have deserved it though, Julie thought as she left The Captain's quarters. She had a grin plastered on her face as she thought of The Captain's words.

"Ipsen. Jessi," Ami called from behind her.

Eipom was already stroking his cock when Jessi walked in. She strode confidently. Jez had decided to send a few pilots into these interviews to see what the deal was, but truth be told, Jessi was anxious to be around a cock again. She had always been on Free Use ships in her short career and was accustomed to being the center of attention. She had known of Eipom's preference for busty women and for being the only male on the ship, but her confidence made her believe those wouldn't be factors. They *had* been factors however, and Jessi had had to find attention and sexual satisfaction through other methods. Her pursuit of the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to had gotten in the way of her performance although the proud and protective Jez had been able to successfully hide this fact from The Captain so far.

"Tell me your name, age, cup size and position as you strip and come dance for me," Eipom grinned, rolling back in his chair.

"I'm Jessi Ipsen," the red head breathed, "I'm twenty next week, I have little bitty A cups, and I'm your ace pilot."

No sooner had she finished speaking than was she naked and straddling the captain. His cock was throbbing from his previous encounters and from the intoxicating presence of a crew member he had previously paid no mind. She put her arms around his neck and ground herself lightly against him, expertly letting her hair fall over her left shoulder and tickle his chest.

"And I'd love to sit on that big fat cock while I'm still nineteen," she cooed in his ear. She didn't wait for his permission. She slid down immediately. It almost didn't matter that be began to come right away because it had been so long since Jessi had had a proper cock inside her. Just feeling herself filled with his cock and come caused her to feel warm all over. "Ohhh, Captain," she purred as she gently rode his sudden orgasm. "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome," he said blankly. "I don't want to get cabin girls mixed up in the interview process, so can you be a good girl and clean off your Captain?"

"Oh. Of course," said Jessi, who had hoped to at least share an afterglow after such a short and sudden eruption. She winced and pulled herself off of him and got to her knees. She licked their mixed juices off his shrinking cock and wondered why she had ever taken the position on this ship in the first place.

In the hallway, Ami was doing everything she could to not start masturbating right then and there. It was almost like the need to drink water or go to the washroom. It didn't even feel like desire, it felt like necessity. She looked down at the long line of women outside and suppressed the desire to groan out loud. Why couldn't she be in there? Watching might be more tortuous in some ways, but it would be a preferable torture to the boring sexlessness of the hallway.

Jessi Ipsen had an unreadable disposition at the best of times, but Ami swore she could sense a standoffish element to her stride as she exited the room. Ami barely tried to hide her disdain as she read the next name.

"Lui. Yunice."

The young engineer's heavy bust jiggled and shook with her every step and Ami glared at her until the doors closed behind her.

"Ah! Yunice Lui. 18. H cups. Our newest engineer. Take your top off and tell me how you're enjoying your time here," said Eipom. He had left his bottoms on the ground and sat on his chair to the left of his desk, exposing his naked lower half to Yunice as she walked in. She was overcome with excitement. Yunice looked up to Ami and thought that since the older, bustier, more senior officer was getting used so frequently, that she herself stood no chance. Yunice unzipped her tight uniform top and let her expansive chest tumble out. Her breasts bounced liberally as she took her arms out of the sleeves. She instinctively cupped her huge soft mounds and stood there as she spoke.

"It's been, like, SUCH a good experience so far, sir. I'm learning so much and Ripper is such a good boss. The Reyblade has like, SUCH a good reputation and I only hear aMAZing things about your cock, sir," she rambled, feeling her pussy pulse. She hadn't told her parents that she was signing onto a Free Use ship and they had only found out when it was too late. Most people didn't care at all, why did her parents have to be so stingy? She had heard that Ami's parents were the same way. She had an image of her and Ami serving The Captain together. She squeezed her tits together tighter.

"I'm very glad to hear, Yunice. You're aware that you won't be getting the First Mate position, correct?"

"I didn't think I was under serious consideration, Sir."

"Good. Did you come here simply to serve your Captain's cock?"

"Yes I did, Sir."

"Excellent. I've recently come, so crawl here - letting your fat tits dangle - and suck on your Captain's balls until my cock becomes hard enough to suck on."

"Yes, Captain, thank you, Captain," the cute Hume giggled, so excited to finally be used. It was a blessing that Rion had been discovered to be a traitor, she thought. The First Mate had been occupying far too much of The Captain's sexual interest. She moaned into Eipom's sack as she lapped it up into her mouth.

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