tagHumor & SatireThe Right Man For The Job

The Right Man For The Job


Barbie had been having trouble with a leaky toilet for days now. She had tried many times to get a plumber. In her area they were like gold dust, but today she had managed to find one. He was due at 1.30. Exactly at 1.30. the doorbell rang. Well he was punctual at least. She opened the door and was greeted by a rather hunky plumber who said his name was Robert. She liked Robert immediately, and felt at ease with him. Usually she didn't take to having strangers in her home.

She took him to the bathroom, and he made a lot of uum and aah noises, like workmen do. He said that it needed a new so and so, or something very technical sounding. He knelt on the floor, and she watched his teeshirt tighten across his back. He was lean and firm. He was telling her what needed doing to repair the toilet, but she couldn't take her eyes from his body, or the way that his hair flicked at the back of his neck. His arms were tanned and muscular. He turned and smiled at her, and she stammered out ,"would you like a drink?" He answered that it would be nice. She made coffee. Her hands were shaking. What was wrong with her? She took his coffee through to him, and laid it next to him, on the floor. She was wearing shorts , and knew that she looked pretty good for her age. She stood watching him, and felt his eyes glance at her legs. She asked if he minded her watching. He laughed, and said that she could be his labourer. She passed him a few tools as directed, and then he asked her to sit on the toilet lid. She was surprised but didn't argue.

She wondered if this was part of the repair work. He knelt between her legs, and began to caress her inner thighs. It felt fantastic. It had been so long for her. His hands slipped inside her shorts. She wore no pants. She was soaking wet with anticipation and expectation. His fingers slid into her pussy, and caressed the soft lips. She didn't want the confines of her shorts, and edged up her bum, so that he could pull them off. Her naked pussy looked red and lush and open. She opened her legs wide, and he plunged his tongue into the inviting hole. He sucked hungrily on her clit, and she writhed about in ecstasy. Her little clit hardened, and he alternated his expert wanton tongue between this and licking out her cunt. His hands tugged at her top, and she pulled it off over her head. Her full buxom breasts bounced into view. His hands kneaded at her tits, bringing each nipple to glorious erection. Juices were running from her throbbing pulsating cunt, as his delicious tongue continued to drive her into a frenzy of lustful delirium. Her nipples stood out like pegs, but he left them, and lifted her into his arms. He was strong and lifted her easily.

He carried her into the bedroom. She lay on the bed, her legs wide apart. As she fingered herself, with the cum oozing from her, he took off his tee-shirt. She watched as he undid his belt, undid his zip, and took off his jeans. His cock was magnificent. It was big and rock hard. His balls were full of hidden pleasures, and looked tight enough to burst. She just had to take the fantastic looking tool in her mouth, had to suck on the big purple head. She noticed hat he had been circumcised. She liked that, reckoned it was cleaner. Everything about his dick was perfect. She lay with her head over the side of the bed. He sat astride her, and sank the thick cock into her mouth. It tasted fucking brilliant. She loved the feel of it, every ripple, every vein. It filled her mouth. She sucked on it, and felt the juices dripping from the end.

Slowly he pushed in further, and it slid easily down her throat. She took the whole of it in her mouth. His tongue lapped at her nipples, and she trembled at his touch. His tongue was long, and slid over her tits like silk. She wanted his tongue in her hole again, but he turned her over, and spread her legs. His fingers wet with saliva, found her bum hole, and pushed gently in. He made some comment about it being tight and dark, and that he had just the right tool to get in there. He rammed that big wonderful cock into her tight arse, and it hurt. She cried out, but once inside, it was magic. He fucked her hard, his balls slapping against her bum. She was worried that he would come. She didn't want it to be over yet, but he withdrew, and turned her back over. This plumber sure had some stamina, and knew how to use his plunger.

He carried her back to the bathroom, and suggested that they see if the toilet worked. He sat her on the seat, and stroked her pussy gently. She felt herself starting to urinate. He let the golden liquid trickle over his fingers, and then he put his head down and lapped at her pussy whilst she was peeing. A bit embarrassing to say the least, but he seemed to be enjoying it. When she'd finished, he kissed her wet pussy, and then carried her back to the bed.

She felt so open, so willing to do whatever this man wanted. He opened her legs, and his cock penetrated her cunt. His soft lips were on hers. His sensuous sexy tongue was in her mouth. She closed her legs around his back, and felt his cock deep inside her, touching her very being. They moved in unison, his cock rippling, thrusting inside her. She came again and again. She didn't think it was possible to have so many orgasms, beautiful mind blowing orgasms. He rode her magnificently, his tight hard body pressing on hers, but never hurting. She had never been fucked so well, so bloody expertly, and yet so tenderly. His pace quickened, and he pulled the dripping tool from her gaping hole. He held his cock, and his hot creamy spunk went all over her chest. She thought it would never stop coming. There was so much of it. She rubbed her fingers round and round on her chest, soaking them in his seed. She sucked each finger noisily, and then savoured the sweetness of his cum. She was so satiated, so absolutely satisfied. She hoped that she had pleased him a little. He looked pretty pleased with himself. Whether it was because he had been well fucked, or because he'd been a clever boy and fixed the toilet she wasn't quite sure. Whichever it was she was so grateful for both services. He bent and kissed her sore, still pulsating pussy, and his tongue lapped one last time at her love juice. Then he took his leave. He was gone. There was no bill. She wondered what other plumbing equipment she could accidentally break. She also wondered if she should write to the plumbers federation (if there was such a thing ) and praise his services. No, this little gem she would keep to herself. Thank God for plumbers. Now did that kitchen sink need mending???????

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