tagBDSMThe Ringmaster Ch. 08

The Ringmaster Ch. 08


Daniel watched as Yasmina unbuckled the strap-on's harness and dropped it to the floor, crawling onto the bed and spreading her legs. His mouth immediately watered at the sight of her shaved pussy. Creamy brown skin covered the outer and inner lips and when she parted them, he glimpsed the perfect inside of an exquisite flower. Dark pink converged with light pink as it painted the walls of her pussy and the skin glistened with a mixture of sweat and her juices. In all of his years of conquest, Daniel had never seen anything as beautiful as that.

"Eat me until I tell you to stop."


"You're questioning my order?"

"No, mistress, but I would like to be permitted to ask a question."

"And the question is?"

"Would you remove the cuffs so that I could touch you?"

Yasmina gazed at his bowed head, her heart pounding. "Daniel, look at me." Very slowly, he raised his head, meeting her eyes with a mixture of shame and excitement. "You may have the cuffs removed this time but don't get used to it."

"Thank you, mistress." He turned his back on her so that she could unlock the manacles, then he moved between her legs, taking a deep whiff of her pussy. "You smell delicious, Yasmina." He whispered, moving up so that his mouth was directly above her mound and allowed himself one last gaze into her eyes before settling back into his role as slave.

Her name on his lips made her pussy clench and the moment his tongue slithered into her cleft, she came and came hard. The sensation was so strong that a small amount of urine trickled into his mouth. Panic seized her and she laid completely still, angry at her lack of control. Daniel seemed to notice her paralysis and groaned at the taste of her pee.

"More, please, mistress."

Yasmina felt him clamp his mouth firmly over the middle of her mound and she released a little piss. His tongue moved over her opening and he groaned, swallowing and licking each time she released more. Each time his fat tongue passed over her opening, heat rushed to her face and she trembled, feeling electrical tingles race up and down her legs. She finally relaxed enough to give him the rest and she listened to his hums of appreciation as he swallowed every drop.

"Jesus, Daniel. I've never done that before."

"I hope it won't be the last time, mistress."

Yasmina laid back, not quite sure of how she felt about it, but Daniel didn't give her long to think about it. His gentle hands were caressing the sides of her hips while he pressed his face into her pussy, his tongue licking and drilling into her hot hole. She found a steady rhythm, rubbing her sloppy cunt against his nose and mouth and he linked fingers with her for a moment, then lifted her hands to the back of his head. She pulled his face into her, bucking her way to an orgasm that left her wanting more.

She released Daniel for a moment, allowing him to grab a breath of air before she pulled him back in, opening her legs wider and humping harder. She reached her orgasm more quickly this time, grunting and moaning until her pussy exploded on his face, his tongue madly thrusting into her hole. Again, she released him and he gasped for breath, his face wet with her juices. He smiled shyly, running a finger along the inside of her thigh.

Without giving her a second to rest, he pulled on her hips, giving her a signal that he wanted her to rise. She opened her eyes and looked at him in confusion but she sat up, then turned over, rising to all fours. Daniel moved behind her and buried his tongue into her asshole, forcing his face into her ass crack. He felt and heard her response: a low growl accompanied by a deep tremble that snaked through her. He pulled her hips into him, rimming, sucking and thrusting with his tongue and when she was teetering on the edge, he thrust two fingers into her well-lubed cunt.

Yasmina whimpered as her orgasm broke. Her body shook as her pussy clenched around his fingers and her ass muscles clasped his tongue. Daniel hung on until she slumped down to the bed, tremors still racking her body as she gasped for breath. He climbed over her, straddling her body and prying her ass cheeks apart. She moaned loudly when his tongue found her ass hole again and pushed in.

His arm slid under her hips and he stuffed a pillow underneath, raising her asshole to the perfect level, then attacked again, almost violently tongue-fucking her. She squirmed and pretended to fight but he held her tighter, shoving his face deep until she shook again in orgasm. "Jesus, Daniel. Oh, Jesus!"

He wasn't finished yet. He grabbed a second pillow and raised her pussy up higher, then bent over her ass, targeting her juicy flower. This time, he teased her, taking time to suck her outer lips into his mouth and rubbing his tongue along the sensitive inside flap. She tried to move her hole toward his mouth but he ignored her, focusing on the other lip, then moving to the inside lips. She screamed in delight when he sucked them into his mouth, running his tongue along the inside crease, then slowly inched his tongue into her hole.

Yasmina had never felt something as wonderful and as exquisite as that. She erupted immediately, coating his tongue with her cum and he kept licking, his strokes getting softer and softer until she was quietly trembling.

"Yasmina?" She didn't answer right away and he turned her over, surprised and upset to see tears on her cheeks. He thought to ask her why she was crying but decided against it. Instead, he blew out the candles and doused the lights, then helped her to her feet. "Stay here a minute." He repositioned the pillows, pulled the covers back, then helped her into bed, crawling behind her and wrapping her in his arms. "Sleep now, mistress."

She settled against him and closed her eyes against her tears, thankful that he hadn't asked why she was crying. She wasn't sure that she could tell him why.

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