The River


Everyone in this story is 18.


It was a hot day and her caramel skin was glistening from the water she just emerged from like a goddess. No tv model could appear like her and here I am pale like a ghost in a snowstorm. We had decided to go swimming in my favorite place. We had a bit of a wait so went spent the time cuddling on a small island in the middle of the river. The clear waters were glistening like living sunshine upon the earth. I stared at her as she strode toward me her hips swaying left to right with each step.

"Throw me my towel babe," she asked with a wink standing before me in the sun as I observed her sparkling caramel skin and her soft short hair. Her red bikini was the perfect contrast to her skin. I was so lucky to see her on this day and in this light. She was my perfect woman and every moment I spent within her presence was a blessing. Her laugh as she caught her towel was music from the sirens luring me into a trance of pure unadulterated passion. She moved her towel to dry herself off and blocked my vision of her. Time froze as my body moved toward her. My hand pulled her towel away and pitched it into the sand. My lips pressed to hers as she wrapped her arms around me and the heat multiplied like a fire catching wind.

Her hands crawled over my muscles only making her lips more feverish and her face flush a darker Crimson. The smashing of our lips together melted the world as continued our assault on each other. We only pulled away to breath and as our eyes met; her brown to my blue; all other outside influence on our senses froze. The time was a sudden flurry of motion as I scooped her up and carried her into the trees pressing her to one as her legs tangled around my waist. Our fire only seemed to spread as my cock awoke and her womanhood dampened. We knew what was coming and the anticipation was irrelevant as all we wanted was each other. Her bikini top was pressed into my chest as her bosom heated my chilled body her nipples pressed into my pecs and we assaulted each other's lips. Our hands started to play explorer as mine rubbed her sides before grasping her breasts firmly. Her lips parted in a small whisky moan like that of ghost in the night; barely audible.

She then came back from her brief loss of senses and gripped my growing manhood and it was my turn to gasp with pleasure. I looked into her eyes as her lips parted in a silky smirk. I knew her plan and it made the edge of my lips curl. I grabbed her hips and spun her around pinned her chest to the tree. I pulled the strings of her bikini both top and bottom as the strings slipped away so did the fine cloth. She retreated from my grip and slid her hand under my waistband and removed my swim trucks with one swift movement. She was a masterful woman with complete comprehension of what she wanted in her sexual playtime. Her smirk was a taunt to entice me into action and the invite was all I needed to see. I threw her on the ground and spread her legs with force. Foreplay was not needed here as our passion was a raging inferno threatening to engulf us both.

I forced my manhood into her like a cannon ball just driving it into her depth. Her scream of pleasure resounded into the trees as she clawed her nails into my back. I arched my back as the pain and pleasure mixed together for a heightened sensation. I returned to her eyes and smirked darkly at her as my hips started to forcefully thrust. Women play innocent but just love to be ravaged by a man. She was screaming my name with each thrust. Her rasping moans with each pump into her made it seem as if her voice would go hoarse. She was just laying back and moaning as her head rolled and her eyes were rolling back as she just gasped unable to speak.

I flipped her over and raised her voluptuous behind to my level again attacking her womanhood with my engorged erection. Her face was buried in the soft dirt as she gasped on the refreshed assault.

"Please baby stop.. Stop holding back please I want it all. Give me all of you with all of your strength fuck me!" She begged desperately as I pounded into her. Her bottom hitting my hips with a rhythmic slap and jiggling just right. I slapped her rear a few times watching the red hand prints come and fade then I slowly let my hand slide over her back and grip her hair giving it a tight pull. My other hand slid over her shoulder and gripped her neck slowly lifting her up and onto the tree before her. The rhythm had changed though and the pace was maddening as I felt her body start to tighten up but also go limp her building climax overwhelming her senses. She slowly let her mouth hang open as her oxygen supply was lessened. She was drooling softly as it started to cover my hand and her tongue hung loosely. Her moans had stopped and she just breathed deeply. I released her throat as the air rushed into her I smashed my cock into her drowning womanhood. She exploded as her honey poured onto the ground and my stiff rod. Her pussy became a vice but a drenched in oil vice that my thrusting hips would not be satisfied until my release.

As my mind grasped the idea of release it came like a comet. I smashed her into the tree her body slamming into the hard bark as my cock burst inside her. The air forced from her lungs as she regained her shallow breaths, the white hot milk came flowing like a faucet after the pent up energy had been released like a bomb blast. We both just collapsed into the soft damp earth exhausted. Her body curled into mine and mine wrapped around her as the heat flowed between us. My goddess was appeased and my passion was quelled.

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Thank you sire

Thank you for your kind words

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by bwwm4me05/19/18

It is a shame you turned off the ratings for this story because it deserves five stars.

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