tagLesbian SexThe Road From Ojai Ch. 01

The Road From Ojai Ch. 01


Damn! That's the problem with driving a hybrid car. You get such good mileage you stop paying attention to the gas gauge.

Now here we were, my wife Angel and I, out of gas and miles from nowhere on a desolate country road, somewhere outside of Ojai.

There were no signs of civilization anywhere and it was getting dark. To make things worse, it was beginning to rain.

We tried to use our cell phone but we got a "no service" message on the screen.

"There is some kind of light about a half a mile down the road, maybe they have a phone we can use. Stay here and I'll hike down there." I explained to my wife.

"No way," she replied "I'm going with you. I'm not going to sit here and wait for you; it's too dark and spooky!"

We both started hiking down the road toward the light, gas-can in hand. Then the rain started to come down in sheets and we were both completely soaked by the time we reached the cabin.

There was a sign on the front of the small ranch-style cabin that read "The Orchid Club." Another smaller sign below it said, "Members Only."

We knocked at the front door and were greeted by a beautiful young girl of about 19. She looked at me disapprovingly and then at Angel. Her attitude changed when she saw my wife and invited us in.

I quickly explained the situation but she never took her eyes off Angel.

She then replied, "First we need to get you out of those wet cloths and taking Angel by the hand, led us through a dark crowded room to a rear room.

She gave us both robes and requested we remove our soaked clothing so she could put them in the drier.

I felt a little self conscience stripping down in front of this beautiful young girl but she never glanced my way. She was too busy looking at my gorgeous wife.

We toweled dry and put on the robes. My robe was black velvet that reached to my knees. Angel's was a silk Kimono-like robe that seemed rather transparent and barely covered her sweet bubble butt.

She then took Angel's hand again and led us back into the main room to a table next to a fireplace. She left us sitting there while she went to fetch us something to drink to warm us up.

As our eyes became accustom to the light we began to take notice of our surroundings. It was amazing!

The room resembled the inside of an Indian Temple. Beautiful tapestries', water fountains, exotic paintings, and large Persian print cushions.

The smell of scented oils filled the room and new age, jazz music played softly through a dozen speakers on the walls. It was like stepping into another world.

I then noticed the other people in the room. They were all women, young women, old women, some in exotic attire, and others almost or completely nude.

Angle and I realized then we had stubbed onto some kind of lesbian club or retreat.

Angel has never had a lesbian experience although we have often discussed it and she is a big admirer of the female form.

I was sure if the right opportunity presented itself, she would probably go with it.

The young girl returned with our drinks, some kind of apricot brandy that really warmed us up as it ran down our throats.

"There's bread and fruit on that table, help yourselves. Not much chance of getting any mechanical help tonight. You can call in the morning for a tow truck.

In the meantime, please be our guests. There is a foldout bed in the back you can sleep on tonight." She explained.

We sat at the table, drinking our brandy, just taking in the activity in the room. It seemed there was quite an eclectic group of women surrounding us, everything from biker-types to ultra-fem.

Some of the women were dancing, some making love, others just sitting and drinking, but most were looking at Angel (fresh meat).

Finally one of the ladies, a tall dark beauty in leather walked over to our table and completely ignoring me, asked my wife to dance.

Angel is a very outgoing, courteous woman. She smiled at me, took her hand and allowed herself to lead onto the dance floor.

As I watched them sway to the gentle jazz music, it seemed that Angel was being drawn closer and closer to her partner.

I noticed the leather lady's hands resting just below my wife's waistline, slowly working their way down to her firm round buttocks.

I found myself becoming aroused at the erotic scene I was witnessing. Angel was falling into an almost trance like state.

Then I saw another woman come up from behind and sandwich her between herself and the other woman. They both were stroking and kissing my wife.

I could hear Angel's audible sighs as she closed her eyes and let the two women have their way with her.

Soon the three women were edging their way toward a large table. At some point my Angel's robe had fallen away and she was totally naked for all to see.

The two women gently laid my beautiful, nude wife on the table like she was some kind of feast while other women in the room moved quickly, surrounding the table as if preparing to devourer her.

I became somewhat alarmed, not sure if they intended to harm her, but Angel's moans reassured me she was totally enjoying herself.

A plump, buxom little blond girl came up behind me and whispered into my ear, "Don't worry, your lady is going to love this, just enjoy the show."

And enjoy the joy, I did. I had never seen Angel so turned on. She was moaning and sighing as each woman, touched, licked and caressed a different part of her body.

Hands, lips, fingers and tongues were covering her body from head to toe. I could see her trembling with delight.

One of the women was sucking her clit while two others worked on her nipples. Then I heard it. It was the loudest, longest orgasm my sweet wife had ever had.

He moans could be heard throughout the room and I'm sure, throughout the country side. I could hear other women moaning in unison as they all came together in kind of a climatic frenzy.

I then realized my hand was gripping my engorged cock as I squeezed my own cum out on to my legs.

After a long silence followed by laughter, Angel was given her robe, and brought back to our table. I held her in my arms. We did not talk. There was nothing to say.

Soon another woman came up to the table and asked Angel, "Would you like to dance?"

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