tagFetishThe Road to Shadani Mo Ch. 1

The Road to Shadani Mo Ch. 1


Ailish, the young, attractive and magically gifted young princess, heir to the throne of the Bright Empire, was currently bored. Along with her guardian, the seductively lithe form of Buki, a direct descendant of the cat people of the great Mo, they had been travelling the dusty imperial road for over an hour now. Nothing had attacked them. The skies had not darkened with the prelude of an imminent attack. Not even the weather had changed.

Over head the sun beat down upon them from an immensely blue sky. The birds were singing and multi coloured butterflies danced in the morning air. Ailish had had high expectations of this trip to Shadani Mo; Buki's home village. She had heard so much of the battles being fought in the open countryside and she had longed to participate. How she would love to call her magical staff out of the Ether and prepare herself to unleash waves of fury upon her unsuspecting foes. Instead the two of them continued down the road unopposed, the brickwork surface vanishing over the curve of a nearby hill.

'This is no fun' she thought. Gazing forward over to where Buki was taking point, she admired the woman's shapely form. Firmly toned legs rose up to her wide bum cheeks almost completely on show with the exception of the thin thong that ran down from her red leather armour. Her hour glass figure was completed by the tightness of her outfit, her large nipples pointing out through the material covering her breasts. Short cropped brown hair fell down to just above her bare shoulders and although Ailish couldn't see them at the moment, she knew that Buki's large brown, gold flecked eyes would be firmly fixed on the road ahead.

One of her more indulgent fetishes was to lie naked in her empty bath and have her young maidens assemble around the edge, each squatting down and parting their legs to expose their naked muffs. Then, upon her command each girl would simultaneously start to pee, sending a cascading torrent of hot piss down into the bath and over Ailish's nude body. She loved the feeling of hot urine flowing over her creamy skin, running over her large tits and tracing its way down over the hairs of her own uniquely shaved pussy. When each girl had finished pissing over the princess they would rise and fetch her water, slowly topping up the bath whilst Ailish masturbated to the memory of their golden showers. What the maidens didn't know was that after bathing Ailish would relieve her own pent up piss into the large fragrant bowl of flowers that they all used for scenting themselves. After finishing her piss into the bowl, Ailish would call her retainers into the room and watch with glee as each girl rubbed her down her naked body with flowers from the bowl. It gave Ailish a perverse thrill to know that her hand maidens would spend the rest of the day smelling of roses with a small hint of imperial pee.

Thinking of peeing made Ailish suddenly aware that her own immediate need to relive her bladder urge was growing. Desperately she wondered how she would broach the subject with Buki and at the same time yet allow her to have a naughty pee. Inspiration hit her as soon as they rounded the next bend. Nestled in the shade of the hill lay an old hut obviously abandoned, its front door dangling from the last of its hinges.

"Buki," Ailish said it what she hoped would sound a suitably regal tone. "We need to stop at that hut for a moment. It has been a long time since we left the castle and there are matters I need to attend to."

Buki stopped and turned to stare at the hut. "Allow me to ensure that the dwelling is unoccupied before you enter to attend to your needs."

Ailish nodded in return. Had that been a trace of humour in Buki's voice she wondered as the feline warrior headed off to the hut? Reaching the doorway, Buki ripped off the rotten door and threw it to the ground before vanishing inside. After several moments her voice drifted out giving the all clear. Not wasting a second, her bladder urge now quite intense, Ailish followed her in.

As soon as she entered, Ailish was overjoyed to see that the rear doorway leading to the rest of the property had been demolished by part of the roof giving way. This was the perfect excuse for her not to have to hunt for a latrine but instead avail herself of the room's belongings to deposit her pee. The room itself was a large affair, obviously a combination of living room, kitchen and dining area. Around the walls were scattered a collection of cupboards and drawers, an old stove and several old wooden chairs. What immediately caught Ailish's eye was the large table situated in the middle of the room. 'This would be a great place to squat and take a piss,' she thought. Already in her mind's eye she was imaging the thrill she would get from squirting her golden stream all over its wooden surface.

"Buki, you may leave me now," she commanded, eager to climb up onto the table and start her pee.

"I'm afraid that is not possible my lady," Buki replied. "I gave the queen my word that you would not leave my sight during this trip."

"But Buki I need to pee," Ailish whined.

"That does not bother me your highness. Your people appear to have a rather backward approach to answering nature's wondrous calling. In fact if you do not mind, I too need to relive my own desire upon this dwelling?"

Ailish stared at Buki for a moment unsure as to what her companion was implying. Then she made up her mind.

"Well if you need to go as well then I suggest we get on with it." With that she turned her back on Buki and proceeded to clamber up on the table. She had decided that she would go through with her plan to piss all over the table and Buki be damned with her response.

Having now made it onto the wooden surface Ailish went to stand in the middle of the table. Reaching down to her waist she quickly undid the seal of her outfit pulling it away to reveal her pussy. Between her slender legs, Ailish's pubic hair had been lovingly shaved into the uniquely styled 'S' shape that represented the word and world of "Sudeki". At the base of her vagina and at the bottom of the letter shape lay her pussy lips currently closed tight.

Squatting down over the table, Ailish gazed down at her pussy which was now only inches away from the wood she was about to christen with her pee. Taking a deep breath Ailish relaxed the hold on her bladder and waited whilst the feeling traced its way down to her waiting pussy lips. Suddenly the room was filled with a loud hiss and pattering sound as Ailish's pee hole opened and a hot deluge of golden yellow pee started to bounce over the table top as she sprayed her piss all over it. The flow of urine from Ailish's pussy was a now a torrent of golden pee; spraying downwards over the short distance between her pussy lips and the wooden boards now receiving her piss shower. As more and more golden urine squirted out of her royal cunt, the puddle of pee on the table top continued to grow radiating outwards in a wet puddle. The feeling of relief was ecstasy as was the wonderful feeling of naughtiness as she emptied her urine stream all over the table.

Suddenly she remembered Buki. Looking quickly up she wondered what her warrior guardian would make of her highly unusual toilet. What she saw made Ailish gasp in surprise. Standing across the room from where Ailish was currently perched doing her pee, Buki had disrobed completely and was in the process of taking her own piss. What was so shocking was the size and manner of Buki's pee stream. From the angle afforded to her, Ailish could clearly see Buki's short mass of curly dark hair nestled between her firm legs from where, at the base, was shooting an incredibly strong flowing stream of honey coloured pee.

Buki's pee stream was almost horizontal and the naked warrior was in the process of tracing her pussy shower over every piece of furniture in sight! Ailish watched on in wonder, her own golden shower almost forgotten as her companion used the contents of the hut to relief herself all over. Most of the cupboards were already dripping with little streams of pee whilst at the moment Buki was training her piss spray into a half broken pot. Seconds later Buki twisted her hips again and the golden yellow stream shooting out of her muff washed over the edge of the vase, pattered for a moment across the floor before coming to bear on a collection of abandoned toys stacked in the corner.

"Buki that's incredible!" Ailish whispered as she watched the material of the stuffed toys darken as they absorbed Buki's hot pee stream.

Between her own legs, the spray of pee she had been sending over the table top had drooped dramatically and within moments had ceased. Clambering off the piss stained table Ailish walked over to her pissing companion, her eyes never taking their gaze from the golden shower squirting out of Buki's vagina. As she neared her guardian, the warrior woman shifted her aim with her pee stream once again and started to spray her piss directly over the nearby wall. Ailish marvelled at the control this warrior woman had over her pee. The pile of toys now lay in a piss sodden stain in the corner, whilst on the wall opposite Buki was a growing damp stain increasing in size as more and more piss rained all over it.

Averting her eyes for a quick moment away from the thick golden squirt leaving Buki's pussy, Ailish took in the rest of Buki's naked body. Her bum looked even more fantastic with the absence of the thong, her wide pussy lips easily visible under the base of her body. Her flat toned stomach rose upwards to two perfectly shaped, if not slightly small, breasts with rose bud nipples proudly erect. The warrior seemed to be oblivious to the presence of Ailish watching her pee. She was twisting her hips back again, bringing her piss shower to bear quickly over the toys before resuming her toilet over the shelving directly in front of her body. The case which had already once been drenched by Buki's pee was now subject to a new torrent of piss. Ailish watched on entranced as Buki stood in front of her, training her strongly squirting urine shower all over the various ornaments and books that had been left behind.

Ailish couldn't help herself. She just had to feel Buki's pee running over her fingers. Taking a step forward she reached her right hand down towards Buki's pissing pussy. Her fingers were just entering Buki's wonderfully warm piss stream when suddenly the warrior woman broke out of her trance.

"If the Princess wants to engage in the act of sharing our golden nectars, then she only to ask," Buki said. This startled Ailish who immediately snatched back her hand. At the same moment the flow of piss issuing from out of Buki's pussy vanished from sight, shut off as the woman's pussy lips closed.

"What? You would pee on me?" Ailish gasped almost not daring to believe what she was hearing.

"Only if the Princess will return this favour? As I stated before you're kind normally seems so prudish about this matter. It is a refreshing change to see one as well positioned as your highness, eagerly participate in the act of displaying her golden flow. Maybe there is some of the great goddess Mo in your bloodline?"

Ailish nodded not having a clue as to what Buki was talking about. All she wanted to do was sample some of Buki's pee flowing over her body.

Talking her hand, Buki guided back to the table the Princess had been earlier peeing over. The table top was still damp where her piss had flowed over the wood, but most of her pee puddle had by now dripped down to the floor below through the cracks in wood.

"Lie on the table and prepare yourself Princess of Bright," Buki said.

Ailish did as was instructed, her purple hair mingling with the damp remnants of her earlier golden piss. The wood under her bare bum cheeks felt cold to the touch and she wondered how long she would have to stay like this; face upwards with her uncovered pussy aimed at the ceiling. She still had tons of pee left inside her and she wondered how Buki would react if she gave an impromptu golden shower now, letting her pee steam fountain upwards from her muff and into the air. However she never got the chance as she suddenly felt the wood move slightly as Buki clambered onto the table as well. To Ailish's vast surprise her female companion immediately adopted a reverse spread position lowering her body down over hers, Buki's muff coming to within inches of her mouth whilst her head moved into position between Ailish's legs.

Ailish opened to her mouth to say something but the words never got out as Buki's piss flaps parted and a thin stream of hot golden pee started to descend into her mouth. The sensation was electric. Instantly Ailish started to return the favour, parting her own pussy flaps to allow out a similar flow of piss, squirting upwards into Buki's waiting mouth. The two women lay on the table, hot yellow pee flowing out of their pussies and going straight into each others mouth.

Ailish was in heaven. Her eyes were closed, her senses focused entirely on what was happening to her. The hot salty stream being sent into her mouth from Buki's muff lips was gorgeous as was the warm press of the other woman's tits on her stomach. This was coupled with the wonderful feeling of relief as she sprayed her own pee upwards out of her pussy and into the willing mouth of her warrior guardian. The only sound in the room was a soft hissing sound as the two women continued peeing, followed by the occasion dripping sound as a few drops of spent urine fell through the wooden cracks in the table top.

Ailish realised how careful Buki was being with her latest toilet. The gentle force of the piss stream being sent into her mouth was nothing compared to the torrent of piss she made seen Buki carry out earlier. Hot salty urine continued to run over her tongue as Buki eased out of her golden relief. Between her legs she could sense Buki sampling her own golden flow which was now almost spent. Desperately Ailish tried to squirt out more piss but alas she was done. Almost at the same time, the golden stream spraying into her mouth vanished.

Opening her eyes Ailish gazed in wonder at the sight of Buki's pussy hovering only inches from her face. Just then a wonderful sensation sent a shiver throughout her body as a firm tongue suddenly traced its way over her clit and pussy crack. Ailish groaned as the motion was repeated, this time followed by a deep probe into her vagina by the inquiring tongue. Ailish knew she must return the favour and immediately she went to work, pleasuring the pussy in front of her face with her long tongue.

Buki's clit had a gorgeous taste and she traced its outline with her tongue. Then she went down into Buki's slit, sliding her tongue into the woman's moist vagina. Her senses were reeling as she become lost in the sexual entrapment of emotions flowing through her body. Between her legs Buki continued to pleasure her whilst all the while her own tongue was busy licking Buki's pussy hole. Barely several more moments passed before Ailish lost control and climaxed uncontrollably. Buki clasped her shuddering firmly with strong hands her head never leaving Ailish's pussy. Ailish was ashamed of her weakness, having finished so soon but there again she had never experienced such a strong sexual thrill as having this woman pleasure her. Finally Buki withdrew her head and rolled off the table coming to a balanced stance as her feet hit the floor.

"Come, my lady. We must not tarry here. The road is long and may yet prove to be dangerous. Gather your clothing and I will await you at the door."

Ailish watched her as she crossed the room to collect her own clothes. Shakily she pulled herself off the table and went to dress. It did not take long and they two companions were soon back on the road, every step one nearer to their distant goal.

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