tagBDSMThe Rocking Horse

The Rocking Horse


PART I - Abduction

I awoke feeling cold, stiff, and restrained?!!!... What the?!... Where am I?! The last thing I could remember was falling asleep next to my husband. Now I opened my eyes to a completely dark room; cold, damp and uninviting. I was hunched over in a sitting position, naked, alone. My hands and legs were tied to whatever I was sitting on and my mouth gaged. How the hell did I get here?! Where the hell am I?! Who did this?! Why was I tied down?! I tried to dislodge the gag, but it was much too tight. The room was cold, and a sinister chill ran through my body. I waited, alone, in the dark, wondering.

One by one, four studio lights turned on, first from behind, then from either side, the last illuminating my face. The light was warm, but very bright leaving the rest of the room dark. As my eyes adjusted to the light, a large TV monitor switched on in front of me. The screen was split into five windows, each hosting a different view of me in my current situation.

One camera was focused on my face and torso. I could see the gag in my mouth and that my hair was a mess. My breasts looked huge in the bright light. My nipples, hard and erect in response to the chill in the room made me feel very uneasy.

There was a full view from each side where I could clearly see myself sitting on what appeared to be a crude wooden rocking horse. My arms were extended out in front of me with my hands bound to the post that formed the horse's head. My ankles were bound in a similar manner to the stirrups on either side of the horse with a wide leather strap wrapped over my thighs holding me firmly against the makeshift, split wooden saddle.

Another camera had a view from behind me. With the rocking horse pitched forward, I could see my bare ass spread across the split wooden seat leaving my privates unflatteringly exposed to view. Beneath the saddle a steel pipe extended up from the floor, uncomfortably close to my ass!

The window in the center of the monitor had a view from beneath me with an extreme close up of my pussy. I could see every detail of my privates brightly illuminated on the screen in front of me. I never felt so naked and exposed. My heart pounded with fear; what the hell was I dong here?!?

PART II – Treatment

I heard someone else in the room, but was unable to see as the bright lights made it impossible to see into the shadows. On the monitor however, I could see a figure approaching me from behind. In their hand was a small metal object. He held it close to the camera behind me. As the camera focused, I could see it was a smooth, thin and oddly curved metal shaft with a slightly larger ball on the end of it. On the monitor I watched as he approached my ass. I watched him drizzle the shaft with lube and stroke it much like he would stroke his cock.

I began to squirm on the bench, trying to squeeze my ass cheeks together to avoid what I knew was about to happen. It made no difference at all. He slid his hand over my pussy, leaving a thin layer of lube on my lips just as he began to slide the cold metal phallus inside me. As tightly as I squeezed, the thin probe entered me easily with little resistance. He moved the phallus around inside me coating my insides with the lube, then withdrew most of it, placing the exposed end above the pipe beneath me. Oh! No! I thought, What?! No! I muttered behind the gag. I squirmed again, clamping my pussy as tight as I could, but the head of the phallus remained inside me unaffected by my attempts to dislodge it. On the monitor I watched him attach the shaft of the phallus to the top of the pipe. Once complete, I could see the shaft of the phallus partially inside me on the close up camera. The image was unnerving; my pussy lips, slick and wet from the lube draped loosely around this foreign object. I felt frightened, violated, exposed! Although the lights warmed my body, the slick, metal felt cold and alien inside me.

Not knowing what would happen next, I was somewhat relieved when he walked away. Wait! He was still there. On the monitor I watched him return and place a small metal box on the floor next to the rocking horse. He attached a drive belt from the box to the rocking horse. He then plugged in extension cord and disappeared into the shadows again.

A few moments later, I heard the eerie whine of an electric motor and felt the rocking horse slowly begin to shift backward. As it did, the phallus slowly slid inside me. On the monitor I watched myself being pitched backward and the shaft disappear completely inside me before the horse rocked forward withdrawing the shaft from my body leaving just the tip between my lips as before and then stop.

OMG I thought, what kind of crazy pervert is this guy! I was terrified by what was about to happen next. I was panting with fear, I tried to squirm free, but it was no use.

Again I heard the whine of the motor and felt the rocking horse slowly pitch backward again. The phallus repeated its previous course, slowly sliding deep inside me as I watched on the monitor. With the shaft completely inside the horse pitched forward again pulling the shaft from inside me and then stop.

I felt humiliated; I knew he was watching. My fear was that he was filming or worse yet, streaming this to some bizarre bondage porn site. Why me?! How did I end up as the victim of this bastard's perverse machine?!

Again the electric motor spun and the horse rocked backward again. Feeling the phallus sliding inside me I looked away from the monitor. As the horse pitched forward again I knew it was nearly over and then stop.

On the monitor I saw him return. He examined his contraption, adjusted the motor and belt. I could see him inspecting the phallus and my pussy. He began fingering my lips around the tip of the shaft and rubbing lubricant all over before returning to the shadows.

With the familiar whine of the electric motor the horse rocked back again sending the phallus deep inside me then retreating pulling out before coming to a ____. Wait! What?!? It didn't stop! The rocking horse pitched back again the phallus returning deep inside me more quickly this time before withdrawing. I looked for him on the monitor; what was he doing to me?! The rocking horse pitched forward, I hoped it would stop, but NO! OMG! What is this fucking MACHINE?!

I began to cry as the horse rocked back and forth with the phallus eagerly entering me and pulling away in opposition to the movement of the rocking horse. My body convulsed with my sobs, but the rocking horse continued fucking me completely unaware of my sorrow or shame.

I closed my eyes as I sobbed. Through my tears, I was unexpectedly surprised by the sensation of wetness inside me. Had this cold, inanimate object somehow ejaculated inside me?! What had this crazy bastard done now?! I quickly searched the images on the Monitor to see. No one was near me. My body was moving as before, back and forth, force fucked by the bastard's machine. The view behind showed the phallus buried deep inside me. As the rocking horse withdrew the shaft, I could see my pussy, pink and swollen on the close up camera. The horse drove me back down the shaft sending another familiar pulse through my body. As the rocking horse pitched the other way, the exposed shaft was very, wet; not with lube, but with my own juices! Down I went again and another pulse tingled through me.

NO! I am not going to orgasm! I thought as my body slid up and down the shaft again. Another pulse immediately followed. Noooooo! I screamed behind the gag. Up and down back and forth, another pulse coursed through me. N_n_ Oooooh! At the peak of the stroke a flood of cum filled my pussy and oozed over the unrelenting phallus. Up and down back and forth, the cum soaked phallus continued it's assault on me.

NO! NO! NO! I thought I can't, I can't, not like this, I am not going to___! The shaft was deep inside me again and as it withdrew, the pulse became a constant throb. Up and down back and forth, my mind could not control how my body wanted to respond to the machine.

FUCK! My body convulsed, my pussy throbbed as the rocking horse unknowingly drove my climax higher and higher. Up and down back and forth. The head of the shaft was repeatedly rubbing all the right places inside me. This cold, heartless machine seemed to offer precisely what my body needed.

The rocking horse pitched forward again withdrawing the shaft from my body leaving just the tip between my lips and then STOPPED! My body shuddered, my pending orgasm abruptly interrupted, my mind racing to regain control of my body. What now?! Why had he stopped?!

PART III – Climax

Here I was at the edge of climax, about to let this machine have its way with me only to have the damn thing STOP! What was the point of this if not to make me cum?!

I could hear him in the room, but was unable to see him. On the monitor however, I saw him approaching from behind, in his hand a much larger object. As before, he held it close to the camera behind me. When the camera focused, I could see it too was a smooth but much thicker more gently curved metal shaft with a much larger bulbous head and heavily ribbed shaft. As good as the last phallus had unexpectedly made me feel, I was very intimidated by the size of this object.

On the monitor I watched as he drizzled the shaft with lube and stroked it like before. He pressed his well lubed fingers inside me. First one, then two, then three, I was surprised how easily his fingers entered me with the lube. I could feel that my lips were swollen and a little tender, but my insides, surprisingly, were not. He circled his fingers around inside me, stretching me before attempting to insert the phallus. As he pressed the head of the phallus against me, it was not going to fit. I felt him increase the pressure while shifting my lips from side to side to accommodate the very wide head. I was tense, afraid it would hurt me, but he persisted allowing my body time to gradually accommodate the head of the shaft. The feeling of being stretched was uncomfortable, but not painful. Slowly my body accepted the large object. Once past the head, the shaft easily slid inside me, filling me completely. The weight of the phallus was very noticeable and the ribs of texture felt unusual against my lips as they formed around the shaft. With the large head deep inside me, I wondered how it could ever come out. He moved the shaft back and forth making a sucking sound from the wetness still inside me.

He began to withdraw the phallus, sliding it over the shaft of the smaller one still attached to the pipe on the floor. As he slid the phallus down the large head pressed heavily against the exit to my pussy before being clicked into place. I watched him check the new phallus and its connection to the pipe on the floor. Seeming satisfied, he drizzled more lube on the shaft and spread more over my lips as well before moving to the shadows.

A few moments later, I heard the whine of the electric motor and felt the rocking horse begin to shift backwards and felt the thick object slide inside me. Immediately I noticed how much longer it was than the previous one. As I continued down I felt the bulge at the top of the shaft t press against my cervix just before the horse rocked forward pulling the shaft out of me. On the monitor I watched the long shaft reappear; my lips wrapped tightly around the thick shaft leaving just the head inside me and then STOP!

Shit! This thing was huge, much, much, more than I could handle. I didn't know what he was expecting. But there was nothing I could do and was terrified to continue.

I heard the whine of the electric motor again and felt the phallus sliding back inside me. I watched again as my pussy swallowed the long thick shaft. I could feel the pressure of the phallus deep inside me, just before it began to pull away again and then STOP!

Ugh! The opening of my pussy was tingling around the shaft as the head pressed against me looking to escape. I became strangely excited; I knew he was watching. Why me? How did I end here strapped to this bastard's perverse machine?! On the monitor I saw him return. He examined his contraption, adjusted the motor and belt. I could see him inspecting the phallus and my pussy before returning to the shadows.

Oh! No! I knew what was coming next. I squirmed on the bench, trying to adjust myself before he switched it on again when all of a sudden, the motor whined and the rocking horse ride began again.

The horse rocked back more aggressively, quickly plunging the shaft deep inside, then pulling out of me in much the same manner. I watched the close up monitor and saw the head of the phallus bulge against my lips; they did not yield and immediately I was riding the shaft back down again. The ball of the phallus drove deep inside me, right back where it had been just a few seconds ago. Immediately the horse pitched forward again and my lips strained against the departing shaft and bulging head before being forced to swallow the entire thing again.

OK I thought, I can do this. The horse continued to rock back and forth, but I was much too nervous to be aroused by it. Without the lube, this monstrous thing would have never fit inside me.

As the rocking horse continued, I watched the rear camera now and was amazed to see how deep the phallus was able to penetrate me. I was easily taking 8-9inches of it with each stroke. On the close up camera, I watched as my lips rippled over the ribbed shaft. As exciting as it was to see, the only sensation I was aware of was one of being completely stuffed.

Just as I was having that thought, the horse began to rock more quickly. Although my hands and ankles were tied to the rocking horse, I had to hold on to the handles and squeeze my knees against the seat. The phallus was moving in and out faster than before and I found it difficult to accept the shaft as it forced itself inside me. I held on tightly and the rocking horse increased its speed again. The speed was much faster now and I could feel my insides heating up from the friction. I was worried I wouldn't be able to continue for much longer at this pace.

As I watched the phallus assaulting my pussy, I could feel the wetness begin to build inside me. But nothing leaked out; my lips were too tightly clenched around the thick shaft. The pool of fluid continued growing inside as my lips slurped along the shaft as the phallus squeezed itself in an out of me. Hearing the sounds of my pussy getting fucked became unusually arousing.

The rocking horse began to buck even faster. I watched the phallus became a blur on the close up camera, and my ass bouncing around made it impossible to see the shaft impaling me from behind. Up and down back and forth, something unusual was building deep inside me. It was growing rapidly as the speed of the rocking horse increased. The sensation of being filled was like nothing I ever felt before. Up and down back and forth, my cunt filled with fluid, my body now intently focused the phallus moving in and out of me, something very big was coming, I had no idea how big.

Gone were the feelings of fear and shame, all I could feel was the pleasures inside my cunt. Up and down back and forth, I eagerly watched the machine fucking me. A rush of ecstasy overtook my mind like I had never experience before. I instinctively pressed down hard against the feelings in my cunt and it opened like a flower allowing the fluids to gush from inside me. The phallus now had unrestricted access to my gaping wet hole; I rode the rocking horse fast, hard and with abandon.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Meeeeeeeee! More cum filled my pussy and flowed out of me. Yes! Fuck Me! I thought as I watched the shaft disappear into my wet cunt; I was making an even bigger mess than before. Over and over, Yes! Yes! Yes! I thought as the huge shaft ramming in and out of me; fuck my beautiful cunt. Up and down back and forth, I came and came and came. The machine and the floor were covered with cum, the smell of my sex was everywhere. Yes! Yes! Yes! I thought as I watched the machine tirelessly feed my orgasm, I came and I came, enjoying every sloppy wet moment.

It continued for I don't know how long before the rocking horse pitched forward one last time, withdrawing the shaft from my body leaving just the bulbous head between my lips and then STOPPED!

My body shuddered, my orgasm rumbled on even without stimulation. I pressed my ass down hard against the bench, wanting to feel full again, but I could not get the phallus back inside me. I was crying again, not in fear as before, but in utter joy. Cum continued to ooze from my cunt. It was finished.

As cool as the room was, my body was drenched in sweat. My mouth was dry; the gag was certainly not helping. All around me the smell of my sex hung like a fog in the air. I became very pleased with myself for having survived this incredible ordeal; fucking would never be the same after this experience.

From the shadows he came with a bottle of water and a towel. I could not see his face, only his hands. He removed the gag, I was too exhausted to speak. He opened the bottle and brought it to my lips; I drank. Peering into the light I tried to see him, I couldn't. He offered more water, I graciously took it. He then wet the towel and gently wiped my face, neck and shoulders.

Moving behind me, he removed the shaft from the pipe and gently pulled it out. My pussy gave it up freely as the head slipped past my sticky swollen lips. Surprisingly, after he removed the phallus, I felt an odd emptiness inside; part of me wanted to feel full again. He brought the amazing fuck tool in front of me and took special care to clean it before placing it inside a luxurious velvet bag; a bag with my name embroidered on it. Then he was gone.

I could hear water running and worried what might be next. Hearing him return I sensed him standing behind me. He released my lap belt and motioned me to stand. My body was tired, my legs were weak, but it was good to be up. I heard a splash and felt him place a warm wet sponge against me and squeezed the warm water over my back and shoulders. It felt so good in the cool room. Again he wet the sponge and squeezed the warm water over my back and shoulders and head. It felt good. He began to gently wash my body from head to toe showing great care. He held my breasts in his hands, gently caressing them as he washed. When he reached between my legs, I opened them reluctantly but enjoyed the feeling of the warm water over my freshly fucked pussy. As he finished, he rinsed me with clean water and then gently toweled my body, covering me with a robe. He motioned me to sit again but did not reattach the lap belt. The lights went out and he was gone.

PART IV – Replay

Sitting in the dark was a bit unnerving again, until the monitor came back on. The screen was blank, but one by one, the windows on the screen reappeared as the studio lights came on, first from behind, then from either side, and then my face and the last my pussy. The images however were not live but a playback of what had happened just moments ago. Oh, NO! I thought, the bastard did record it! "The Rocking Horse" appeared on the screen followed by a slow dissolve to the first phase of my treatment.

I could hear the familiar whine of the electric motor as I watched the horse begin its assault on my body. I couldn't help but watch my face and the expressions I made as the machine had its way with me. I watched as I began to cry and my body convulsing with my sobs. Remembering how I felt at the time, I saw my expression change during my experience. At first it was fear, then surprise, ultimately acceptance. I looked at the close up camera and I could see fluid dripping from my pussy.

The images on the screen dissolved into the second phase of my treatment with the much large phallus working itself in and out of my pussy. Watching now I couldn't keep my eyes off how deep the shaft penetrated me. Watching my cunt slide up and down, it was hard to believe that I was able to fit that much cock inside me.

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