The Roommate Pt. 61

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Lexi fucks Marie into subspace, then gives her a challenge.
2.2k words
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LXI: I Did Warn Her


I did warn her.

Despite how pleased Lexi was at making Marie totally lose it, she needed to be careful to make sure she didn't do the same.


The blonde's tight ass clenched and spasmed around Lexi's cock as Marie rode out her first orgasm. Lexi moaned, letting the wonderful sensations flow through her, but didn't let them overwhelm her. Instead, Lexi tried to push Marie even further. Her girlfriend's legs twitched and shook as Lexi held her tight with the arm across her chest, the desperate gasps and moans caressing Lexi's ears, working in time with Marie's clenching ass to bring her closer to her own orgasm.

"This is what you wanted, right, slut?" Lexi breathed, nipping at Marie's ear, "You wanted to give up control? To not have to decide, to not have to think?"

Marie didn't respond with anything intelligible, but Lexi wasn't really listening anyway. Most of her attention was focused on not cumming yet, and keeping herself aware if Marie wanted to tap out. The rest of her focus was directed toward pushing Marie as hard as she can go, grinding the palm of her hand into Marie's clit while her hooked, soaked fingers massaged her slut's G-spot.

Lexi wasn't entirely rough as she played with Marie. After Marie came a second time, she let up just a bit. Just enough to lull Marie into a sense that things might be winding down as Lexi kissed her neck, nipped at her earlobes, and played with her tits.

Then Lexi ground her hips against Marie's eliciting a low, throaty moan from her slut, and started up again.

Lexi did it over and over again, pushing Marie through orgasm after orgasm. She was vaguely keeping count to see if they could go further next time, and had reached eight by the time Marie's moans had grown more exhausted and Lexi's hand and forearm had started to get a bit sore.

This time, Lexi brought Marie all the way down, until instead of hisses and moans, all she coaxed from her little blonde pet were little mewling gasps. Marie shuddered when Lexi slipped her fingers out of her slut's dripping pussy, then moaned when Lexi brought them to her lips, eagerly taking them in her mouth and sucking on them, licking them clean.

Somehow, despite all the orgasms Lexi had pushed Marie through while inside her, despite holding back through so much of her slut's ass clenching and spasming around her cock, Lexi almost lost it at the way Marie sucked on her fingers. It was just so intimate and insanely sexy.

Drawing in deep breaths, Lexi managed to hold herself back.

I'm not done yet.

Once she was sure Marie had cleaned her fingers off, Lexi withdrew them from the blonde's mouth. She trailed the hand down Marie's torso, stopping to pinch her nipples along the way, then gripped Marie's hips with both hands.

"Move with me," she ordered.

The blonde just moaned in response, but when Lexi shifted beneath her, Marie followed as well as she could.

It was a bit more awkward that Lexi would have preferred, but she didn't want to take Marie off her cock. If she did that, Lexi would push Marie onto her knees and fuck her that way. That would be fun, but it wasn't what she had planned.

Once Lexi was completely on her back, head resting on some pillows, cock still inside Marie, she bent her knees and adjusted her hips to just the right position. Marie moaned, ass clenching around Lexi's cock, then gasped when Lexi grabbed her shoulder with one hand, pulling her back down toward the bed as she anchored her hips with the other.

"Arch your back."

Marie did, and finally, Lexi had Marie in the position she wanted.

"Do you want me to finally fuck your ass, slut?" Lexi asked, smirking.

Marie shivered and nodded, tapping three fingers on her Lexi's arm as she made barely intelligible affirmative sounds. Lexi shuddered at just how far she'd been able to push Marie. Teasing her pet was fun, but there was just something intoxicating about making her mind melt into a puddle of pure lust. Taking a deep breath, Lexi grabbed Marie's hip with one hand, and put the other over the blonde's waist. Then she drew her hips down.

A ragged gasp left Lexi's mouth as Marie moaned, shuddering above her.


Feeling Marie clench around her cock was one thing. Feeling her ass grip her cock as she slid it out was something else entirely. Lexi's legs shook as she drew her cock almost entirely out of Marie's ass, leaving only the tip in, then thrust back in, slow and controlled.

Lexi knew immediately she wasn't going to last long, so she wanted to savor it as much as possible.

Plus, going slow like this will just torture Marie.

The thought nearly made Lexi lose control.

Taking another deep breath and flexing her abs, Lexi sawed her cock slowly in and out of Marie's tight hole, the blonde moaning and shuddering above her. Her shoulders pressed into Lexi's back, head in the crook of Lexi's neck.

As Lexi sped up, Marie's gasps became more shallow, more ragged. By the time Lexi was truly fucking her wonderful little slut, Marie was shaking, moans and gasps coming almost constantly. Somehow, fucking Marie had made her capable of speech again.

"Please, Lexi," she moaned, "Please. Fuck, please fuck. Fuck me. Harder!"

She kept repeating some combination of those words over and over again as Lexi fucked her ass hard. Lexi's thighs and abs were on fire. Not just with the effort of fucking Marie in this position, with the blonde on top of her, facing the ceiling, but with the effort of holding back. She expected Marie would have bruises on her hip where Lexi's fingers dug into her skin. She almost felt bad about it, but the blonde didn't seem to care.

Fuck, that's hot.

The idea of leaving a little mark on Marie that no one else could see unless she wanted them to, a mark that was a sign of how hard they'd fucked, how much they'd wanted each other, nearly drove Lexi over the edge.

Lexi held out.

Then Marie tipped her over.

The blonde helped keep herself supported with one elbow against the bed, but the other hand she moved to Lexi's, to the one at her hip, interlacing her fingers with Lexi's and gripping tight.


Lexi lost it.

A wave of white-hot euphoria rolled through her as her cock exploded, making her entire body tingle. She was vaguely aware of noises coming from Marie, of her slut shaking on top of her, but almost all of Lexi's attention was focused on her cock. On how incredible Marie's ass felt as her cock swelled, stretching it, making it even tighter around her. At how the blonde clamped down on her cock, milking her orgasm.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

It was too much, but Lexi couldn't stop moving her hips. She couldn't stop fucking Marie. Somehow, she managed to pause long enough to roll them both onto their sides before her legs gave out, but then her hips just started moving again. Lexi held Marie against her even tighter. One arm across her slut's chest, the other at her side, fingers interlaced with Marie's. Lexi's nipples were hard as diamonds, digging into Marie's back. The sparks from that contact combined with everything else, threatening to turn her mind to mush as her heart pounded at her ribs, threatening to break free.

For the first time in a long time, Lexi let herself surrender to her orgasm and held Marie tight against her.

For a time, Lexi just floated.

It wasn't a feeling she was used to, but it felt so wonderful. She had an anchor, at least. Fingers. Intertwined with her own.

They held something soft and warm against her. Something that beat in time with her own heart. At least, it did for a while. Then it sped up. Just a bit, but it was enough to catch Lexi's attention. To pull her thoughts to focus through the fog.

Marie. Lexi snapped out of her trance, pulling back enough to turn Marie toward her.

Her pet's lips were parted, eyes glassy and shining.

Shit. Had she pushed Marie too far?

"Hey," Lexi said, voice raw as she cupped Marie's cheek, nuzzling her forehead against the blonde's, "Hey, I'm here. It's okay. Let me hold you."

Marie smiled up at her, and Lexi felt a tug toward her pet. She kissed her. First, her forehead, then her cheeks, then her nose, then her eyes, then her lips. Each one a soft, gentle peck. Until she reached Marie's lips.

The moment their lips touched, Marie deepened the kiss, raising a hand to Lexi's cheek. The kiss was slow, but hungry. Desperate. Lexi didn't break it. She knew Marie needed this.

And so do I.

The night hadn't turned out how Lexi had intended, and that frightened her a bit--she didn't like that she'd lost control.

Yet everything felt so much better.

As Lexi held her girlfriend, that euphoric feeling of release lingered. Usually, it faded pretty quickly, with her cock growing soft afterward, unless she was really fucking horny or had taken something to help keep her hard.

That hadn't happened yet, tonight. Somehow, just laying here, kissing Marie, feeling their bodies pressed against one another, felt just as good as having sex with her.

Eventually, they had to pull back for air, and Lexi met Marie's gaze.

"Are you okay?" she asked, tucking a lock of blonde hair behind Marie's ear, "I didn't push you too hard, did I?"

Marie blinked at her a few times, then smiled, shaking her head, eyes still shining.

"No," Marie breathed, voice just as thick and raw as Lexi's, "I mean--it was a lot. It might have been too much, but I wanted it. I don't...I don't think I've ever experienced anything like that."

Lexi smiled, "You're sure?"

Marie smiled, "I don't ever want to stop this."

As Lexi gazed into Marie's eyes, she knew the blonde meant it as more than a platitude.

Lexi smiled at that, then smirked, "It might be a little awkward eating like this."

Marie laughed, and Lexi couldn't help joining in.

"I think we could do it."

Lexi smirked, "Getting the food would be the hard part then."

Marie sighed with an exaggerated eye roll, "I guess."

The she bit her lip and wiggled her hips against Lexi's making them both gasp. Lexi's cock twitched.

Fuck, how am I still this hard?

"Can you stay inside me for a while, at least?" she asked.

Lexi smiled, "Only because you asked so nicely."

Marie grinned, biting her lip, and Lexi kissed her. It was hungrier this time, a bit more fevered than their earlier, languorous kiss, leaving them both with pounding hearts and parted lips.

"Can you put a plug in me when you do take it out?" Marie asked, cheeks turning a deep red, "I like the feeling of your cum inside me like this, and I don't want to feel that emptiness when your cock is gone."

Lexi's cock twitched at the image, and Marie gasped, then grinned, "Is that a yes?"

Lexi nodded, "You're a wonderfully kinky little slut."

Marie smiled, shivering, then bit her lip, glancing away.

Lexi arched an eyebrow, "What?"

Still biting her lip, Marie met Lexi's gaze again.

"I think--" she started, then took a deep breath, "I think I'm ready for a collar. A real one."

A tiny spike of panic lanced through Lexi's chest, but she pushed it away, raising an eyebrow. It took her a moment to choose her words.

"I appreciate your enthusiasm, Marie," she said, "But you're not ready for that just yet. That's a bit bigger of a step than I think you realize, and you only just admitted why you need submission."

Rather than pout, Marie held her gaze, and nodded slowly, "I understand. Sorry."

Lexi cupped her cheek, shaking her head, "Don't be sorry."

She smiled, kissing Marie, "Just because we're not ready for that yet, doesn't mean we can't step things up a bit."

Marie's face lit up, "Really?"

Lexi smiled, "Of course. After you leave tomorrow, can you go until Saturday without cumming, though?"

This time, Marie did pout. It was so adorable, it nearly made Lexi want to be a bit nicer.

"I guess," Marie said with a sigh.

Lexi kissed her, nipping at her lip. Marie turned away at first, holding her pout, but after a few more tries, she broke, kissing Lexi back.

Lexi grinned against Marie's lips.

"Good slut."

Marie shivered, "Not fair."

Lexi grinned, "I promise you that the few days without cumming is for your own good. And you'll get to touch yourself. I need you nice and horny and dripping wet when you come over then."

Marie rolled her eyes, "But you can do that with five minutes of teasing me."

Lexi grinned, leaning in close, "Then imagine what I can do when you're already that desperate to cum."

Marie stuck her tongue out, and Lexi nipped at it, making her squeak.

Laughing, they kissed, and Lexi gave Marie a few more instructions for what she wanted her slut to do until the next time they saw each other. After that, they simply lay on the bed, holding each other and smiling.

A/N: Do you think Marie can make it?

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Hardrider56Hardrider565 months ago

Hot, hot, hot. Marie is not quiet ready for a collar, but soon she will have one

taylorstormstaylorstorms5 months agoAuthor

Thank you!!! <3

MigbirdMigbird5 months ago

Like these two characters and their relationship very much — the sex you depicted was making love — so mutual. A well written piece.

taylorstormstaylorstorms5 months agoAuthor

<3 Thank you! I wanted to make sure to give at least a little realism to this relationship and show that this is something based on mutual trust and isn't just a domme looking for someone to obey them, but a partner

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