tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Rose Diaries Ch. 01

The Rose Diaries Ch. 01



He opened his eyes in a strange place. There were fragments of memories rattling around in his skull, but none had any knowledge he could use. He remembered the messages, the park, the girl...

He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. His heart was racing, his fingers twitched ever so slightly, and vision finally came back into focus.

The room was sterile. That was his first thought. The hard odor of various cleaning supplies stung his nose. He had been dressed in what appeared to be a soft pink hospital gown. It was mostly barren aside from a small table and a wooden chair seated near it. He was lying across a black leather couch against the back wall far from the only door. He sat up, stretched his arms a bit, and took another deep breath.

He screamed loudly. It wasn't words but really a string of expletives that echoed off the pristine white walls. His face grew hot, his cheeks turned red, and his throat began to burn. He inhaled again but before he could let loose the rest of the alphabet from the letter H on the door swung open and in entered what appeared to be a young woman. She had chestnut brown hair that was neatly put up in a bun and strode in gracefully. She held in her hands a water bottle by the tips of her fingers and slowly took a seat at the table. He watched her every move carefully. She tipped the bottle over and rolled it slowly across the floor towards him. She cleared her throat and crossed her legs.

"No need to make such noise." She spoke with a clear and almost sensual voice. There was honey in her voice that he hadn't heard in such a long time directed at him. The voice of a confidant, a friend, a lover. She locked her hazel eyes with his. He scooped up the bottle of water and held it close. It was cold to the touch and unlabeled. He looked back at her.

"You were screaming. I thought you might want a drink? I know when I raise my voice that my throat grows hot and sore. I imagine that happens for you?" He let her question hang in the air. He inspected the bottle and found it still clearly sealed.

"You want to ask questions. I know how confusing this all must be. I assure you that you're safe." He twisted the cap off and gulped down the water. Truthfully, his throat had been sore from the screaming. As he drank, he glared deeply at her. She smiled as he accepted her gift. She looked as if someone had seen a teacher's outfit from a Halloween store and decided that was an appropriate daily attire. She wore a white blouse, a pencil skirt with a golden clasp, and her long stocking-clad legs ending in black pumps.

"The fact that you mention that I'm safe. Means that I'm not." He spoke finally. She laughed covering her mouth as she did. He hated to admit that was cute.

"Do you always assume the worst, Peter?" She said leaning back in her chair.

"Of course I do. Especially when I wake up almost naked in a room with a strange woman who acts like we've known each other forever." She laughed again but this only made him angry. He felt his face grow flush and hotter.

"Okay then. I am Miss B. You are Peter Baker. This is a room in our home. Welcome!" She was cheerful, and she remained cheerful as Peter threw the bottle of water at her. Though his aim was off, and it splattered against the far wall behind her.

"Miss B.? What the fuck kind of name is that?" He spat both figuratively and literally.

"It's my name!" She retorted with a smile. Her saccharine personality was like poison to Peter's happiness. The more she spoke and smiled the more he wanted to scream.

He remembered the park, the girl, she took him by the hand, sweet promises of lust and pleasure, and then...

"You kidnapped me." The realization hit him hard. She nodded once to confirm it.

"I abducted you. You're an adult. There is quite the distinction. More eleven o'clock news than Amber alert." He tried to stand but fell. His entire body felt heavy.

"I laced that water with a fast-acting minor sedative. You checked the seal but did not check the cap. There was a small hole in it. I was worried you would've noticed when I rolled it over to you. Guess not." He shakily returned to his feet.

"So, I'm not safe." He muttered as he sat back down.

"No, you absolutely are. That's to keep me safe." She shifted in her seat a bit.

"Who the fuck are you?" He grit his teeth and clenched his fists.

"I am Miss B. You are Peter Baker. We had this exchange a few moments ago. Are you always so vulgar to strangers?"

"I am when they kidnap and drug me." She rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Abduct," She clarified. "Kidnap means you are a child. But I did drug you. So that part is true." He pinched the bridge of his nose hard and took a deep breath.

"Who- "

"I am Miss B. You- "

"Who," He enunciated.

"I," She said slowly pointing to herself. He clenched his fists.

"Who!" He raised his voice as he grit his teeth. The result was more of a growl than a question. She smiled.

"I am," He screamed in rage.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU." She sighed loudly. Her games were beginning to anger him beyond control.

"Tsk, tsk," She chided him as she stood, "not who but why. If you never ask the right questions. You'll never get the right answers. Perhaps I did kidnap a child." He clenched his teeth and fists so hard that he thought he might hurt himself.

"Why then." She clapped and almost jumped with joy.

"See! There you go, Peter!" She retrieved the bottle of water before taking her seat again. "I also would've accepted 'what'." She lowered her gaze to his fists. "Please don't hurt yourself. I don't want that."

"I don't care."

"I know that you don't. So, I'll speak slowly to prevent another misunderstanding. I'm here to instruct, guide, and keep you on the path to your destiny. Kind of like your own personal trainer! I'm also quite literally the only friend you have right now. Don't mess that up or I'll transfer you over to her. She's less patient." Peter ignored her last point.

"Okay, so you're here to guide me. I'm here to learn. Is this a joke?" She shook her head.

"Do I look like a person who jokes?" He studied her face for a moment. She had an almost model like visage and just like before her sweet façade was absorbed into every pore.

"You've been smiling most of the time. So yes. In fact, I do." She grinned.

"You'll be fun to work with! I absolutely adore clever boys." This time he was the one who smiled.

"I thought I wasn't a child." Her eyes sparkled as she laughed at his retort.

"Yes, quite. She loves clever boys too. My partner will absolutely love you. But for different reasons. She's very excited to meet you but I told her that I would try first." He had reached a point where his anger had cooled into an icy cold feeling of hatred. Every thought was clear of emotion, his mind was no longer clouded, and cunning and guile coursed through his veins.

"So, is she a partner for work or love?" Miss B. shrugged.

"She's my friend but definitely my work partner. We vary in guidance styles. I find that more of our students prefer me."

"You had many?"

"Oh yes. I have had a lot. When you are complete I will have many more after you." His mind raced for the logical conclusion to her work. He could find none. Or none that he would admit was the actual reality to be more precise.

"So!" She exclaimed breaking his focus, "We can get out of here, get some tea or coffee if you prefer, and I can take you on a tour?" He scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Or, I can walk out of here without you and you can sulk until my partner comes." She spoke almost as if that was a threat. If he sat here, he would never know where he was.

"I'm not going to accept any more drinks from you but I do want to leave." She nodded.

"A wise choice. Can you walk?" He shook his head as he wobbled to his feet. She approached him finally.

"That's okay. Give me your arm, you can lean on me." She held her hand out and he took it. Her skin was so soft. She pulled him to his feet and without any fear supported him. Peter was utterly confused.

"Done this before?"

"Yes, I have. Come on then." She helped him hobble the rest of the way out and opened the door. Beyond it was a magnificent hallway with clean polished marble tiles. The only word able to describe it was palatial. There were rows of triangle windows flanked by pillars. The walls looked ancient and almost regal. The next thing he knew, he was being tossed into a wheel chair waiting by the door.

"Nice place you got here." Miss B. shook her head.

"Nice place we've got here." She corrected again. "It's yours now too." She pushed him through the corridor. He observed that there was a magnificent large garden outside in what seemed to be a square courtyard. Sunlight poured through windows and they broke the god rays as they walked.

"So...is this where you tell me I'm a mutant?" He heard her laugh.

"I like this side of you. Less vulgar and more snark. No, Peter. You are special to me but you aren't special like that."

"Well okay. That's depressing." She laughed again.

"You feeling better?" He wiggled his toes and fingers. If he could regain just a bit more feeling he could escape.

"Yeah, a bit."

"Good. That's excellent news." They approached two double doors and she rolled right through them into a small kitchen. He could smell fresh brewed coffee. Through the window he spotted a girl with a flowing white dress darting through the garden for a second through the window above the sink. She pushed him over to the table.

"Coffee or tea?" She asked as she almost danced away.

"Neither. I'm not drinking anything else you give me."

"Alright, more for me!" He heard her move about the kitchen. He turned to look at her.

"So, before we can continue the tour. I have to hear you say it." She had her back to him as she assembled her cup of coffee.

"Say what." She hesitated for a second before pouring the rest of her sugar in.

"Say that you'll cooperate. Say that you won't run away. That you will be obedient and honest and open to my instruction. Just say those magic words. Say them for me."

"For the woman who abducted me, drugged me, and is quite possibly trying to kill me?" She hesitated once more. This time for much longer. He watched her reflection in the window. She pursed her lips shut and waited.

"What if I say no."

"I'm not trying to kill you. I don't want any harm to come to you." She sounded almost depressed.

"Want implies that it can." Peter clarified and she gripped the countertop.

"You have no idea what you're doing. I'm just trying to help. She'll eat you alive. She'll destroy you. I'm not going to beg you. Please let me."

"I want to hear you say it." He spoke. It didn't matter that he could hear the bird chirping away happily but everything else was silent. Miss B. hunched over the sink.

"I need you to cooperate. But in a show of good faith, I will acquiesce." All the joy in her voice slowly faded. "You are in no immediate danger, but you can be harmed. You will be harmed. But if you cooperate..." Her voice trailed off

"I won't be." He finished for her.

"Yes. You won't be."

"Then I never had a choice, did I?" He slowly rose from the chair as he clenched his fists again.

"No, Peter. You never did." He unclenched his fists and exhaled loudly.

"Then I agree." She spun around and he could see actual shock and surprise in her eyes. Again, the frosty hatred roiled in his veins. He needed to get out. He did not know enough to escape. Before Miss B. could speak again there came a loud rapping on the window.

The girl was standing in front of it. Peter could finally get a good look at her. She had long amber hair and pale skin with bright green eyes. She was smiling right at him and waved. She had on a long white flowing sun dress and a large brimmed sunhat. Miss B. turned right back around and waved back.

"Well let's not be rude. Come on then!" She spilled her coffee out and Peter shakily rose to his feet. He took a wobbly foot forward and then the next until he could stand again. He followed her out another double door and then around the corner to a windowed door. As he crossed the threshold he took note of something breathtaking.

A way out.

There was a small passage towards the back that led toward what looked like a forest. It was across a wide-open field but there was only a wrought iron gate that would have blocked him if it wasn't slightly ajar at the time. The girl almost skipped over to them.

"Miss B.!" She exclaimed embracing her in a hug.

"Lily!" Miss B. was a bit taller than her in her heels. She kissed the top her head. "My beautiful flower. How is the garden?"

"It's wonderful! Thank you for letting me plant some flowers of my own." Miss B. let go and smiled warmly.

"Lily, this is my new student, Peter. Peter, this is one of our best students, Lily." Lily curtsied and Miss B.'s eyes twinkled with pride.

"Uhh, hi." Peter muttered. Lily didn't look older than him. At best, she looked twenty-two. She had a youthful air about her and had inherited Miss B.'s sickening sweet mannerisms.

"You're gonna love it here. I promise! Plus, we can hang out. I can tutor you too! If Miss B. will let me?" Peter noticed two things in that moment.

One: Lily did not look at Miss B. at least not directly

Two: Miss B. cared about Lily.

"Yes, of course! I love it when my girls help each other." Lily jumped up and clapped.

"Yay! Thank you!"

"Wait did you just say girls?" Peter asked to deaf ears.

"Can I show you my violets?"

"Of course!" Miss B. grinned. She looked out into the garden for just a moment and Peter let all his hate creep into a wicked smile on his face.

He sprinted away. All the blood and rage fueling each bound. He was quick on his feet and even quicker to the exit. He sprinted past a large gazebo when he heard Miss B. scream and Lily chimed in as well.

"Ha!" He laughed as he pushed himself faster. They screamed again this time in unison.

"PETER NO!" He didn't listen. He could almost taste freedom. He extended his hand towards the gate and his heartbeat faster than it ever did before. He almost cried at how easy this was. He was...

In a dark room with a foggy head again. His back was sore and so were his feet. He groaned but found himself unable to move more than that.

"Mmmff?" He tried to move but heard chains? His heart sunk. He pulled but found himself unable to break free. His arms were raised above his head and his feet were firmly planted on the ground.

"MMmmf?!" There was movement in the dark room. He felt as if someone was directly in front of him.

"Aww, what's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" A strange woman's voice cooed in his ear. He felt a hand run across his chest.


"No, wait...that would be the gag I put in your mouth!" The voice laughed loudly. It was harsh and cruel. Whoever it belonged to hated him.

"MMFFF MMMMF!!" He protested

"Speak up there I can't quite understand you." She taunted again, laughing. He could hear the strange woman begin to pace around him. Her hand lightly caressed the back of his head.

"You know. I heard you agree. That's a verbal contract you made with Miss B. So, imagine my surprise when not even thirty minutes later you break it! You break your own accord! How pathetic. What good is a man without his word." She tapped her fingers along his spine playfully.

"I thought as I saw you in the kitchen and then the garden 'Why! There's a new student. Look at her attempt to deceive me. She must think that she's sooo clever. She made one of my friends DEBASE HER FUCKING SELF FOR A JOKE." She hit him hard in the leg with something rigid. He screamed in agony through the gag. She paced around him again. His eyes began to water.

"So, Miss B. comes up to me and she's not mad. She's heartbroken and she says 'Please don't do this. You know how students are.' And she fucking pleads. She pleads for you." The voice stopped and he felt her lean on his shoulder.

"So, I say, 'Oh don't worry. I'll be gentle.'" He could feel her breath in his ear. "But here's thing...." He heard something whip through the air before it impacted hard on his left leg now.

"I lied." He cried out again and his leg buckled for a moment. "So, she lets me have you but for a caveat. I could only have you for one hour and you needed to still work when I was finished." Something clattered to the floor. He felt her place something around his neck and it clicked shut.

"But you know, something bothered me. If a man is nothing without his word then what does that make you?" She tapped him on the nose softly. She laughed to herself.


"Well yes, of course. How could I be so blind. It means you're not a man! The solution is so simple! Thank you dear!" He wanted to cry but he just kept his mouth shut and clenched his fists.

"So, if you're not a man. Then what are you?" She traced her fingers across his chest before twisting one his nipples. He screamed as she laughed in his face. "It means you're a bitch. But you're my bitch." She spat in his face and he felt it drip down his cheek slowly.

He screamed and thrashed in his bounds.

"Oh, quiet down!" She hit him again in the side. "Just accept what you know is the truth. After all I bet a lot of people have called you that before. But as my bitch, I'm gonna play with you whenever and however I choose." She leaned in again.

"Of course, you can make this all end quickly. Here's how: You'll wear the things that I tell you, you'll speak the way I tell you, you will walk the way I tell you. You will obey Miss B. and learn what we want to teach you. You'll address us with respect. You will NEVER attempt to escape again. In return, I never do this again." She tapped him on the thing around his throat. "By this, by the way, I meant this."

He heard a soft beep and then everything hurt as his muscles seized and fire spread through his veins. He screamed loudly into the gag and began to cry. He twitched and writhed as he shook uncontrollably. There was another beep and he would've have dropped if he was not held up by his bounds. Everything hurt. He couldn't even think straight.

"Doesn't that just suck?" She jeered as he caught his breath. "Since Miss B. treasures you, I won't shatter you into a thousand pieces. You are our precious plaything and I bet now that I've properly winded you up, you'll dance for me won't you, Doll?" She grabbed his head and made him nod.

"Good. That's a good little obedient doll and that's you right? My obedient and beautiful doll?" She made him nod once more.

"Oh, I quite like that. In fact, that will be your new name. You won't respond to such a vulgar name such as Peter, would you? Yuck! Of course not, Doll is much better suited for you." She removed the gag and kissed him deeply. He struggled at her embrace. She broke apart and he felt something touch his lips.

"So, go ahead...." She moaned as she forced something deep into his mouth. "And dance for me."

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I see the troll is being a douche bag again.
Hey dude just enjoy the story and stop moaning about stupid little thins.
Carry on RoseB I enjoyed it

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by Anonymous06/07/18

Kidnap vs Abduct

I don't know where you got that kidnapping is only when you abduct kids.

Kidnapping is the taking away of a person by force, threat, or deceit, with intent to cause him or her to be detained against hismore...

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by Anonymous05/22/18

Good writing

Doesn't FORCED feminization imply non-consent? I mean if the character consents how are they being forced?

I don't know, just has me a little confused, but I thought the story was great and in the rightmore...

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by Anonymous05/19/18

How could you just stop like that!!!!

I was really enjoying your wonderful story . OMG talk about edging it's like you stopped mid stroke. All kidding aside I really like the story and really want more so please do continue with it.

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