tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Rose Diaries Ch. 11

The Rose Diaries Ch. 11


Disclaimer and Notes: The Rose Diaries is an incredibly dark story focusing on forced (heavy emphasis on "forced") feminization of a completely non-compliant individual. There are elements of non-consent, violence, and dark subject matters. In addition, this story depicts dysphoria, dissociation, and general depression.

I hope you do enjoy this chapter if you decide to continue reading. If you do enjoy this chapter, please leave a comment/feedback and let me know!

Act 2 will have fleeting moments of intense physical violence. I will give more warning when it is present in the chapter. It is in general darker than Act 1.

Thank you.



July 15th, 2016

Blackstone Manor


Room 3E

The morning sun peeked its head in to admire her spread out body amongst the pink silk sheets of her astoundingly comfortable bed. There was so much to love about her room! She loved the soft plush carpet beneath her feet, the beautiful green scenery just outside of her window, she loved her closet that almost went on forever, and she loved her ridiculously large vanity where she rested her money maker in the morning. She yawned as she stretched the tiredness from her bones.

"Today's going to be the best day of my life." It was her mantra. Something she repeated every single time she woke up. Something that she meant from the bottom of her heart.

"Good morning world!" She shouted with a giggle. She had just learned to shout correctly so that her voice didn't break when she raised it. Her dulcet feminine voice was one of her most sought-after attributes after all. With a hop and a skip, she was out of her bed. From outside the window she heard the melodious songs of the local birds joining her in greeting the bright morning sun.

She had assembled her clothes from the night before. Well, assembled was a strong word. She had it already prepared from the moment she got it last week. A maid's uniform, much like the one Ivy and Petal wore, but with her own personal touch. It was soft pink and white complete with sheer white stockings with cute pink bows at the top. At the center of each bow was a beautiful crystal heart.

She felt at home in the uniform. She was made to serve after all. She loved the idea of being on her hands and knees scrubbing, cleaning, and polishing anything she could. She fixed the white headdress on top of her silken blonde locks before curtsying in front of the mirror.

"It's a pleasure to serve you." She laughed to herself. Perhaps there was someone out there playing dress-up in their own bedroom pretending to be a doll like her. Oh, how truly blessed she was to have this life. She slipped into her pink pumps near the vanity before sitting down to do her makeup. Miss I. had taught her so much and yet she couldn't help but feel at a loss. No matter how many times the others had sat with her and praised her ability she still felt like she was missing something. She didn't need much makeup which was yet another blessing. Her face was softer and growing ever softer, her cheekbones were sharp, her eyelashes long, and her lips made into the perfect soft pink pout.

She was gorgeous. A beauty that any man would be lucky to have. She elected to coat her lips in a sheen of strawberry gloss before marveling at her work. It was finally time and so she left her room at once. The halls were barren of life, but this was to be expected. She was always one of the first ones to rise and the last asleep. Some days it felt like she was the only one who loved her routine. She could hear conversation coming from the bathroom nearby. Hushed tones and laughter of the others who were awake.

"Good morning." She called into the room as she approached. The voices died down at once. It was Daisy and Poppy who stood naked on the white tile. They exchanged glances as she approached.

"Morning." Daisy answered under her breath.

"It's a lovely day today." She answered cheerfully as she approached the sink. "How do you all feel?"

"How I feel?" Daisy growled clenching her fists. Poppy elbowed her and shook her head. She was a smaller girl than her with an even smaller presence.

"A bit sick." Poppy offered a break in odd amount of negative energy wafting from Daisy. "Must've been a bit too much dairy in the dinner last night."

"I'm sorry to hear that." She frowned. "Do you need anything?"

"No thanks Doll. I'll be fine."

"Okay." Doll shrugged. "I just wanted to make sure my big sisters were doing okay."

"Well, you did that so what are you standing around here for?" Daisy muttered.

"Sorry?" Doll crossed her arms with a pout.

"You fucking heard me."

"I did." She gave a small dismissive laugh. It never truly ended.

"You aren't welcome here. Get the fuck out and go somewhere else." Daisy's knuckles went white as stepped forward.

"Daisy!" Poppy hissed pulling on the arm of her friend.

"I'm welcome anywhere that our owners let us. It is, after all, their house. Why don't you work on attracting a man who will give you a house like this? Instead of entertaining your delusions of control? Oh, right." Doll sneered. "You're not even a good whore, Daisy."

"How?" She retorted shaking with rage. "How is that even an insult? My god, you're fucking insane."

"It's your sole purpose isn't it? What good is a whore who can't attract men?" Doll smirked once more. Daisy lurched forward nearly frothing at the mouth, but Poppy was quicker. She grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back.

"I was the top of my class, I was valedictorian of my high school! Who the fuck are you to tell me my sole purpose? We all used to pity you but you're just a fucking broken piece of shit." She shouted.

"Yet here you are." Doll sighed. "The past doesn't matter. Doesn't take a genius to see that."

"Guys, please." Poppy pleaded clutching to the arm of her friend for dear life. She could see the tears forming in her eyes at the prospect of conflict.

"All I wanted was to say hello to my sisters. But I'll just go."

"Sisters?" Daisy ripped her arm from Poppy. "We're not your sisters. We're your brothers." Doll shook her head and pointed to the mirror.

"Do you still see men in that mirror?" She spoke before taking her leave of the two of them. The other girls had never been kind to her. They looked at her like a monster, an outcast, or worse. It didn't matter much to her. They could have their snide comments and mean looks so long as she had the number one spot. After all there was no time like the present and even less time to be spend worrying about the feelings of the failures.

It was harsh. She knew that. It was harsh to call her sisters failures. They had trodden this ground long before her and even set up the path to success that she followed. But they just spend so much energy fighting. Day in and day out. They never learned how to stop. She had tried to help them so much. She gave them advice, compliments, and even helped pick up their slack. But she didn't get anything but ire in return. Nothing but snide comments, anger, and insults.

So, failures all of them. It wasn't her fault and it wouldn't be her undoing to fall behind babysitting them. The misses would straighten them out for her. Just a matter of time.

"Doll!" A woman's voice echoed down the corridor. It was commanding and strong. She'd know it anywhere.

"Morning, Miss K." She turned flashing a white smile before curtsying towards the rapidly approaching Miss K. Miss K. was gorgeous. Tall, lithe, and always impeccably dressed. She had silky straight black hair, glowing emerald eyes, and a scowl that made her heart flutter. She was the closest thing Doll had to a best friend here and she admired her completely. She was smart, funny, kind, and charming. She was everything and more.

"Morning. I see you've already gotten dressed."

"Yes! I'm so excited to begin today's training."

"I can tell." Miss K. laughed at that. "We should get this out of the way." Her tone changed from joy to sadness.

"Doll," She spoke in a low tone. "Doll, there's no appointments for you today."

`"What?!" Doll couldn't help but scream. A vacant day? Not a single person had booked her for one single day? How had she fallen so low? Did they not like her anymore? Was she not as pretty as the others? There had to be a reason!

"Is the house closed today?" She gave a small uneasy laugh to hide her building anxiety over her newly found free time.

"No, Doll. I know how much free time upsets you." Miss K. sighed.

"It's just," Doll shot a sad look down to the ground as she idly kicked her right foot against it. "If I don't get fucked I'll get real pent up. A slut like me should be on her knees or on her back at least once a day. That's not right or fair!" She stomped her foot down with a quiet sniffle. It took all her willpower not to let the tears flow at this injustice. She shook in her own despair. She would surely fall behind.

"Listen, Lavender doesn't have clients either. I know it's upsetting but think on the bright side, okay? You'll get more training done today and then you'll be back to servicing clients before you know it."

"I know but," She sighed loudly. "I just don't like it is all."

"We all have to do things we don't like, Doll." Miss K. shook her head with another sigh.

"I know. So, what do I do today instead?" She asked quietly. She wasn't good at lack of structure. If she had her way, then every moment from when she woke up to when she fell asleep would be completely planned. But Miss K. would surely know best. As she always did.

"Well, how about we focus on your training?" Miss K. smiled giving her a small pat on the head. She was always taller than Doll. Especially in those black pumps that accented her long slender legs that she always seemed to wear.

"Okay!" Doll grinned. Of course, how could she be so blind to the upsides of free time?

"Good! Shall we begin?"

"Yes!" She cried hopping up and down. "Let's!"

"Okay, okay, calm down you little monster." Miss K. laughed. "Seeing how your dressed as a maid let's head downstairs, okay?" She spoke taking the lead away from the room.

Doll had no right to be as fast on her feet in the six-inch-high heels she wore. But she was. They were less footwear at this point and more an extension of herself. She felt a particular way about high heels especially when worn by girls like her. They were essential to them. Like breathing and eating. Like lipstick and perfume. Like sex and seduction. They were the core of what made a Blackstone Girl. Or as Miss K. would put it, "Sexy, sweet, and submissive". She knew the entire house intimately by now. Aside from the few places she wasn't allowed to go, she could find her way to and from anywhere in this twisting regal maze. Still as much as she wanted to race ahead and beat Miss K. to the second floor she let her continue on ahead. She was careful in her strides. Four steps behind and one to the right. With her back straight and her head down. Her arms should always be behind her back with her hands together. The proper posture for walking with a dominant.

"I believe Ivy and Petal are on the first floor cleaning the kitchen. Which should leave us plenty of space to work with on the second floor. Now, what's the most important quality of a maid Doll?" Miss K. asked without turning around. Doll paused to think of all she learned. Was it service? No. Submission? No. Sex appeal? No.

"Efficiency?" She guessed. Miss K. chuckled shaking her head.

"Good guess but incorrect. It's perception. A maid's job is not to simply clean but to please her owner. She should be able to identify any need before her owner has it. She should be on the verge of a telepathic connection with them. Do you understand?" Doll closed her eyes as she focused on her words. Perception? Of course, the ability to identify any need. That made absolute perfect sense. How was Miss K. so smart and beautiful and perfect?

"What's a telepathic connection?" She asked as she opened her eyes again.

"Means you can read thoughts." Miss K. laughed. "I forgot you have a fairly limited vocabulary."

"Limited or just all the words I need to know?" Doll laughed with her.

"Oh, you absolute cutie. How did we end up with someone like you?" She shot her a grin from over her shoulder. They made their way downstairs to the second floor and down a corridor to an unmarked door. The room inside was a decently sized lounge area. Cushions with four throw pillows lined the center of the room aligned in a square, there were rows of bookshelves, and antique furniture sprinkled throughout the room. A pair of desks, a fainting couch in the far corner, and even a grand ivory piano. Miss K. led her through before shutting the door behind them.

"We will wait for Roxanne to show up to begin. Once she enters this room, I will no longer speak. I will stand off to the side and judge you for all your actions. If you can prove to me that you can perceive every need of hers before lunch, then I will approve you to begin serving outside the house at private events." Miss K. droned as she walked to a chair in front of the window before sitting down.

Doll's eyes widened. Service outside the house? That'd be huge! If she could get Miss K.'s approval she could put in quality time with clients, wealthy clients, and perhaps even seduce one of them enough to buy her ownership. Then it'd be caviar, blowjobs, and cream pies on some private island or mansion for the rest of her life.

"I will not let you down, Miss K." She curtseyed and giggled.

"When do you ever, Doll?" She smiled shaking her head.

"I know I don't. But I feel that with my sisters-"Miss K. rolled her eyes and scoffed at her comment.

"Your sisters? Which ones? Tell me which ones gave you trouble this time and I'll take care of it." She narrowed her eyes leaning forward. She could see the fury in her eyes. Always so quick to defend her.

"It was Daisy mostly. Poppy was there but she just tried to be polite." Doll nearly whispered.

"Fucking bitch." Miss K. growled. "I'll see to it that she's properly punished."

"You don't have to do that." Doll's voice grew quieter by the second. She didn't care about the punishments. But she couldn't have Miss K. always sticking up for her and causing more pain. If she just found the right moment she could reach out to them and truly help. But that moment drifted further and further while tensions were high. If she could help them calm down and submit, then she would surely gain a huge amount of a favor from the Misses. Enough to overtake the number one girl. Enough to win.

"I want to. I want to make sure that your sisters understand that you are a part of this family."

"Why do they hate me so much, Miss K.?"

"They don't hate you it's just," She paused to think of the right word staring blankly out the window. "You remind them of someone else." She finished with a heavy sigh. She seemed saddened by those words. Another person like her? Could there be someone like that?

"Someone that they hated?" Doll asked shifting back and forth nervously in her heels.

"Someone they loved." She said solemnly. "Someone they cared about."

"Another girl?"

"Of sorts. They were pathetic and weak. But I think that was their charm."

"But that made the girls like them?" She cocked an eyebrow.

"The girls liked them because of it. They were someone to save. Someone to help. Maybe they thought if they could help them then they weren't trapped here."

"Did you like them?" Miss K. looked taken aback by the question. She shifted awkwardly in her chair.

"I did." She muttered. Doll barely caught it from across the room. She could feel the quiet slowly creep up on them.

"I'm sorry, Miss K." She took a step forward to approach, but Miss K. held up her hand. She was sniffling, and Doll could see that her eyes were wet.

"It's okay." She whispered turning her head to look out the window. "That's enough chit-chat I think." She inhaled sharply and cleared her throat. Doll shifted awkwardly in her place as she awaited Miss R.'s entrance. Miss R. would certainly use the training as a place to playfully taunt her. A little bit of playful banter and some rough housing. If she wore her strap, then she'd certainly pin her down and fuck her senseless. Her clit twitched in her panties as she bit her lower lip. God, she hoped Miss R. was in the mood for it. Her prayers came answered as the door to the room swung open to reveal Miss R. in a wrinkled suit with her long brown hair still a mess from earlier. She wore barely any makeup only the tiniest bit of mascara on her lashes and some blush swept quickly across her cheeks.

"Hi hi!" She chirped shutting the door behind her. Miss K.'s jaw went slack before as she motioned to her in absolute bewilderment.

"Time out. The fuck Roxanne?"

"What?" Miss R. shrugged making her way further in.

"Don't give me that! You're barely composed, your hair is a mess, and you look like you just rolled out of bed." Miss K.'s was having a hard time sounding both utterly confused and a little bit mad.

"I did just roll out of bed."

"Are you trying to get yelled at?"

"No? I just had a late night."

"What could have possibly been doing?" Miss K. spat in frustration.

"Talking with Amanda."

"Oh." The frustration drained as a stunned look too it's place.

"I've been approved to be a solo owner again. The next girl goes to me." She smiled.

"That's fantastic!" Miss K. clapped excitedly.

"Yeah, okay, now shut up. We're burning daylight. Doll!" She clapped twice quickly looking her straight in the eyes.

"Yes, Miss R.?" She smiled offering a curtsey for safe measure.

"I am you owner. Is that right?" She tapped her foot impatiently.

"Yes. Everything I have belongs to you." Doll answered bowing her head and casting her gaze to the floor.

"So why are you just standing around? I've been here for one minute and you have no offered me a drink. Go fetch me some water from the bar over there." Miss R.'s veiled anger at her incompetence was clear. She extended a finger to the small bar lining the corner of the room. Doll nodded before quietly shuffling off. Water? That was so simple. Aside from various decanters of liquor of different shades she found a glass bottle of spring water. It was a simple start, but she was sure that it would be much harder to follow her thoughts. She held the glass tight in her hand as she strut back over to her. There was a flash of movement in Miss R.'s hand before she heard a small beep echo from nearby.

The pain was nearly indescribable. Her body seized as the glass fell from her hands and spilled on to the carpet with her following suit. Through tear filled eyes she could see Miss K. jumping to attention only for an approaching Miss R. to extend a hand to stop her from getting up any further.

"Clumsy." Her voice echoed from on high. Doll blinked back more tears as the pain subsided into a soreness that eclipsed her entire body.

"S-Sorry." She struggled to speak.

"Sorry what?"

"Sorry Miss R." Miss K. leaned back in her chair with a grin on her face as she rolled her eyes.

"Now, that's nostalgic." She chuckled to herself.

"My beautiful Dolly that wasn't even a powerful shock. Now pick up the glass and try again." Miss R.'s eyes narrowed as Doll remained on the ground.

"Yes, Miss R."

"Get off the ground before I activate your collar again." Doll struggled to stand to her feet what once came so naturally was now a trial in and of itself. This went far beyond what she had expected of Miss R. This was actual pain. As she stood once more in front of her with ragged breath Doll offered a small yet strained curtsey. She stumbled over to where the glass lay gingerly bending down to retrieve her fallen glass. As she turned her back she heard Miss R. laugh.

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