The Rub


There are touchstone moments in life - fleeting sparks and forgotten glances; tiresome trials and well-intentioned fails. There are moments of magic, where the fabric of the universe bends and glory streams into your personal space and lights up your soul like fireworks exploding against a black sky. These moments are rare and eternal. They are the definition of love. My story recounts one of those moments. Some who read this story may feel it is perverted or twisted or morally wrong. I found it to be the greatest expression of love possible.

I spent a lot of time moping around the house in the months before my 40th birthday. I knew better but it's just part of life. At some age the mid-life crisis hits all of us. My wife, my soul mate of 20 years, did her best to cheer me up and be patient with me, but I was a baby. Cindy and I have been together as friends and comrades since the first year. We were together through junior high and high school. We had a simple wedding after I landed my job on the assembly line at the Ford Motor Plant. I put her through college and she has been an elementary school teacher in Detroit for 15 years.

We have a dog and a cat and a fish tank in the recreation room of our small home but we never got around to having children. We have had an active, enjoyable sex live, committed completely to each other. The spark in our marriage has not dimmed in the least.

I was so discouraged around the time of my birthday that I told my wife I wanted no party, celebration, or other commemoration of the event. She hesitantly agreed.

"We'll just have some quality time together," she said.

I knew what she meant but even that made me forlorn. During the first few years of marriage, I celebrated each birthday trying to see how many orgasms I could have in one day (five was the record). This year I'd be lucky to be able to squeeze out two.

Cindy spent the week before my birthday teasing me but always coming up with an excuse to avoid sex, so I was juiced by the time the big day arrived. True to her word, there was no surprise party, no gaudy "over the hill" cards, no touching trips down memory lane. We went to the lake and spent the afternoon kayaking and fishing, then napping on the sandy beach. We enjoyed a toned-down picnic of sandwiches, chips, and lemonade for dinner and watched the sun set over the hills that ringed the lake. Then we headed home.

"Into the shower birthday boy," Cindy commanded as she slipped into our bedroom.

I stripped and took a long look at my 40 year old body in the oversized bathroom mirror – a little rough around the edges, a few deeper lines around the eyes, a little pouch around the belly; but not too bad over all. I still had a full head of hair, a firm ass, and the outline of muscles around my chest and shoulders.

Cindy entered the bathroom and undressed while I was lost in my reflections. I felt her breasts dig into my shoulder blades as she wrapped her arms around me. She rested her head on my shoulder and admired my reflection in the mirror. Her hands instinctively slipped down my abdomen and she wrapped them around my dangling, semi-hard cock. I responded and my dick rose to attention as she casually stroked me.

"Looking good Champ," she said with a smile.

I swung Cindy around and tucked my cock lengthwise into her ass crack. I wrapped my arms around her waist and we inspected her body in the mirror. Her large breasts sagged, her abdomen was a little bloated, and her hips were much larger than they were when we married. But none of that mattered to me. I was lost in her smile and the kindness I knew was behind it.

She kissed me gently while squeezing my ass.

"Happy Birthday Love," she whispered.

Then she slapped me on the bottom and ushered me into the shower.

We climbed in and she forsook herself and gently washed and rinsed every inch of my body. She turned the shower spray to pulsate and aimed it against my shoulder blades. Then she slipped to her knees in front of me and took all of my seven inch cock into her mouth. The warmth of the water on my back competed with the warmth of her mouth as she slowly slid up and down the shaft. Water splashed off my shoulders and ran down her long black hair. Her hair was matted against her head, parted in the middle, and glistened in the steam of the shower as the water ran off in river lets. Beyond the stump of my cock - buried deep in her mouth - I could see her breasts gently swaying as she worked. The round curve of her beautiful ass melted into the cream colored shower floor.

Years of learning my body and practicing on it have made her a pro at sucking my cock. She loves to have it in her mouth, to kiss it, to lick my balls, to make me explode. Every sex session we've ever had has involved an extended period of cock-sucking.

She felt me reaching a turning point and reached up to cup and pinch my ball sack. Then she swallowed my entire cock and squeezed my ass with her free hand. As if on cue, I felt my legs go weak and begin to shake. A golf ball developed in my ass. It shot from back to front and I exploded a week's worth of cum into the back of her throat. She moaned as I pumped my load straight down her throat.

She laughed in playful satisfaction as I helped her to her feet. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a long hug as the warm water splashed off our bodies. She turned off the water and toweled me dry. I waited and watched as she dried herself.

"I hope you left some in the tank for me," she said and reached out for my hand. "Because I'm gonna take you to the bedroom and I want you to pound the daylights out of me."

Cindy has always been a shy and quite lover. She never uses obscenity, even in the bedroom. And her most expressive state contains a sigh and gentle moaning when she experiences a particularly hard orgasm. Then she'll lean into my ear and whisper: "That felt soooo good."

Cindy led me down the hallway and into our bedroom. The room was cloaked in darkness except for a small circle of light emanating from the adjustable touch lamp on her night stand. As we entered the bedroom I caught my breath. There seemed to be the outline of a figure sitting in the Victorian chair in the corner of the room. I quickly realized it was just an oversized stuffed Panda Cindy used in her classroom and had recently brought home for the summer.

Cindy is a modest, "lights out during sex" kind of girl. A typical male, I'd prefer spotlights and a room full of mirrors. Over the years we have compromised and settled on low lighting on her bed stand.

The room was warm and we climbed on top of the covers and began to kiss. Her slow, deep kisses were accompanied by gentle rushes of her fingers through my hair. I was instantly hard.

I began to rub her breasts and play with the nipples while she reached between my legs and softly fondled my cock, smearing a few drops of pre-cum in circles around the head. My hand headed south for a little foreplay but she stopped it just below her belly button.

"Eat me," she said.

I was stunned. I could count on one hand the number of times she had let me go down on her over the last twenty years. It was a complete turn-off for her.

"Are you sure?"

She grabbed my face in her hands and pulled me close.

"I want you to eat my pussy and lick my clit until I'm climbing out of my skin."

I had my face between her legs in seconds. Cindy has long black hair and a thick black bush. She shaves the area around her pussy but lets the hair on top go. I wedged my hands against her thighs and her legs folded open. She grabbed a pillow and hurriedly shoved it under her ass. I began to lick her with gusto from the edge of her asshole to her clit.

She squirmed. "Slow down a little bit, Champ. Tease me."

I backed off and began to trace circles around her pussy with my tongue. I felt her thighs tighten. She grabbed my head and slammed my face into her cunt. "Lick me, lick me hard," she pleaded.

I stiffened my tongue and went to work on her clit. "Oh OH OH," she said as she drove my head into her pussy. "That's so good," she said loudly. She began to buck into my face and wiggle her ass all over the pillow. "Oh Babe I can't hold it. I'm sorry but it's so OH OH OH." Now she was screaming. "EAT ME. EAT ME. EAT THAT PUSSY."

I felt her entire body go rigid against my face. Everything was silent for a few seconds then she became to buck again and scream bloody murder. She was so loud I was afraid a neighbor would call the cops.

She bucked and shuttered for about 30 seconds, then pushed my head away. I felt as if I had just walked on the moon. She lay moaning for a moment then rolled me on my back.

"Eat me again you stud," she commanded and climbed on my face.

I shoved my tongue deep into her then resume my work on her clit. She shoved her ass right into my nose, bent over, and swallowed my cock in one swift motion. My pussy licking and her cock work slipped into unison and served to spur us on. Just a minute or two later she suddenly snapped upright with her hands on my hips.

"Oh my, Oh MY," she screamed.

She wiggled her hips against my tongue and dug her ass further into my nose. I was going out of my mind. We had never had sex like this. I tongued her clit with abandon. I felt her legs go tight around me and her clit snapped to attention. She started screaming again and just as she was about to cum I pulled my tongue off her clit. She sucked in her breath and stopped breathing. After ten seconds I lowered my tongue and licked her ass. She exploded and came so hard her panting almost turned to tears.

Cindy stood me up at the head of the bed, knelt down, and took my throbbing cock into her mouth. She attacked that cock and I felt euphoric sensations as my cock head slid down her throat.

I made a guttural sound that she knew meant that I was getting close. She pulled off my cock and squeezed it in her hand. She pulled me down on the bed and cupped her hand around my chin. She looked deep into my eyes.

"Now FUCK me," she commanded.

Twenty years of not hearing any obscene words from her mouth had built an expectation, and when she said that I pushed her down on her back and mounted her like a stallion. I started a slow rhythm while she loudly and excitedly exhorted me. I leaned hard into her and dragged my swollen cock across her clit. She tightened her legs with each stroke. Her breathing became loud and ragged.

I couldn't take it anymore and began to move quicker and pound her pussy with each stroke.

"Make me cum with that huge dick of yours, you FUCKER," she said.

Cindy always makes love with her eyes closed, but this time she opened them wide, focused on my eyes like a laser, and said.

"Fuck the shit out of me, you stud."

I tightened my arms against the side of her chest and began to pound her pussy. She kept up the dialogue.

"That's a good boy. Ruin my cunt. Come on, jam it down my pussy. That's what I want - your big dick tearing my cunt apart. Fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck me."

I figured this may be my only chance, so I began to respond. "It's that what you want? My big cock deep in your cunt. Is that what you want?"

"Deeper. Go deeper, YOU FUCKER," she said. "Come on Babe, FUCK ME."

My cock was suddenly thicker and her cunt was tighter than ever. Her pussy wrapped itself around my rod. She was soaking wet but my cock still felt like it was drilling rock.

"Give it to me, you fucking stud. Pound me."

The whole time she was looking me square in the eyes and my brain started to transport itself to another place.

I began to fuck her with the strength, stamina, and exuberance of a teenager. I felt the explosion building in my balls and abdomen.

"Yeah, that's how you liked to get FUCKED." I shouted defiantly.

I began to ram her like a bull. I saw her eyes start to roll back in her head. She dug the fingernails of one hand into my shoulder. She cupped one side of my ass with the other hand and guided me in and out of her pussy.

She started screaming again. "I'm cumming. Oh shit, I'm cumming like never before. Oh. That's good fucking, that's good fucking. Fuck me."

Her screaming started to fade away just as I came with an explosion that literally shook my knees.

"I love fucking you," I screamed as I came.

It felt like I pumped cum into her pussy for much longer than ever before.

Then I fell on my side. She stood and grabbed a bathrobe.

"I've gotta use the bathroom," Cindy said quietly.

"Okay," I panted.

She reached for the door handle.

"He's all yours, Laura," she said and exited the bedroom.

As my mind began to react a small shadow stood up from the corner chair. A wave of fear swept over me. Then Laura, our massage therapist, stepped into the thin light by the bed stand.

"Happy birthday, Will," Laura said with a smile. "I'm your present."

"What do you mean?" I stammered.

"Cindy bought you a home massage for your birthday."

She placed a pillow under my head and another under my ankles after rolling me on my back. Laura is a beautiful, petite blond, about 25 years old. Cindy and I have been receiving massages from her for about a year. I broke a vertebrae in my neck as a teenager and damaged one in my lower back a few years ago. Both are now showing signs of arthritis and a monthly massage does wonders to keep me loose and pain free.

Laura climbed on the bed and began to massage my feet and ankles. I was naked and spent on top of the covers but it didn't take much work on my ankles and shins before I was sporting another raging hard-on. We heard Cindy's footsteps in the hallway outside the bedroom. Laura leaned into my ear.

"You have a big, beautiful penis," she whispered. "No wonder she was screaming."

She sat up and went back to work on my legs just as Cindy entered the room and sat on the bed opposite Laura. She looked at my full-blown erection.

"I was just telling Will he has a beautiful penis," Laura said. "You're very lucky."

Cindy picked it up in her hand and the girls examined it for a moment. I felt a wave of exhaustion rise up in me, aided by Laura's masterful massage. The girls whispered for a moment then Cindy leaned into my ear.

"Do you want me to give you a hand job while Laura rubs you? You wanna go for three, Birthday Boy?"

I leaned over and kissed my wife of 20 years.

"No thank you," I said. "Just the massage."

I rolled over onto my stomach and Laura immediately went to my shoulders and began to work her magic. I believe she had reached my ribcage by the time I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning fully relaxed but in a mental daze. Cindy was already awake, on her side, gently rubbing my head. I looked at her awkwardly. She kissed my forehead and smiled.

"Yeah, that really happened last night, Honey. All of it."

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