tagMatureThe Run

The Run

byWater Tiger©

He stopped running, hit the button on his watch and started his cool down walk up the driveway. In the pre-dawn light he could see the well secluded home through the trees. To the casual observer no one would have noticed the outside lights along the drive and around landscaped were out; but to those that knew would have known the lights were never off.

He quietly opened the door and locked it behind him as he flicked on the three outside light switches. The smell of fresh coffee made him smile as he kicked off his running shoes and socks. The house was dark, save a light in the kitchen and down the hall, he padded into the kitchen poured himself a cup of coffee and then preceded down the hallway. He stopped in the bathroom to relieve himself and wash his face. Then with coffee cup in hand he went to the light at the end of the hall.

She was in bed with the covers pulled up; a small touch lamp was set on the dimmest setting. "Hi there" she said. "Hi, coffee is excellent this morning" he said as he took a sip. "So how was your run this morning?" she asked. "Not bad for a cat that wasn't built to run." He was right she thought, if a cheetah was built to run long and fast, then he was a tiger. Thick, strong and powerful, she smiled to herself, he was built, but not for speed. He pulled off his T-shirt and sat next to her on the bed. The healthy smell of his body hit her, and like some kind of drug her heart started to increase its beat as a sly smile crossed her face.

He looked at her and said, "So you look all smug and cozy this morning."

"Oh, that I am this morning." As she spoke she pushed down the comforter, he stood up to look at her as she exposed her very hard and very naked body.

She loved to see the look on his face when she revealed herself to him. There she lay, very fit and trim for a woman of 52, she had a body that most women 25 would die to have. Her breasts were a firm 36D with no tan lines, her larger nipples becoming erect as she kicked the rest of the covers off.

She felt his gaze glide down past her flat belly to the tuft of hair on her mound, to her long tanned legs. Once she knew he had visually taken her in she said, "Early this morning before my husband left on his trip, he decided to leave me with something to remember him by." She moved her hand between her legs as she spread them apart and inserted a finger in her pussy.

"Seems that my pussy is completely filled with his cum." He looked down and noticed her ass was propped up on a pillow, as she removed her finger from her swollen lips he saw the small wet spot and the slick liquid on her finger as she raised it to his mouth.

He took it in his mouth; he could taste the mix of cum and pussy together. Inside that vice-grip locked pussy was a load of cum, and he didn't even have to ask her what she wanted him to do.

His cock, which had been increasing in size since she had kicked off the covers, was now straining against his shorts. He stepped back from the bed and pulled them off. His cock was not "huge", but complemented his body nicely, and with it being clean-shaven made it look bigger than it was. She enjoyed how good it felt in her and the amount of cum it could produce.

She moved her had to it, as he bent down and grabbed her breast and guided her nipple into his mouth. The feeling of his sucking her nipple as she wrapped her hand around the hot velvety shaft was sheer heaven, until she realized he was now biting down on her nipple. She looked down at him, there eyes met, even though his head was almost upside down. Through teeth clenched on her poor breast he said, "You are going to have to wait to play with that."

She released him and made an exaggerated fake pout. Then the big cat let go of her and started to position himself between her legs. He smiled at her as he leaned down and for the first time they kissed. It was hot and passionate as it always was with him; he slowly kissed down her neck his hands working on her breast and nipples. She arched her back trying to force herself in his mouth. He then kissed and nibbled on her tummy to her navel and to the top of her mound of soft hair.

Then as he repositioned himself and placed his hands on the globes of her ass he looked up and said, "So, you are still horny after being taken less than an hour ago?" She grinned and said, "I just can't help it, I'm a slut and you love me for it." As he flicked his tongue on her mound he asked her, "Was it wild an wooly, or a gentle slow fuck?" She moved her hips to his face and told him it was the slow gentle love making session. As he kissed the puffy swollen lips he said, "Bet you hated that." Before she could comment he jammed his tongue in her hole. The feeling was overwhelming, the heat that had been building exploded, as did the flow of cum out of her cunt. He didn't miss a beat sucking and licking her lips, she loved it not to mention the turn on of having another man suck the cum out that her husband had shot in her earlier.

It was that thought that was in her mind as the first orgasm rolled over her like a wave. She grabbed his shoulders and was about to dig her nails in him, when he looked up and said, "No marks, remember?" Then immediately went back to the task of cleaning her up and out. She had almost got the work "shit" out when his continued assault on her clit gave her the second "mini" earthquake orgasm. The kind that seem small, but she would shake all over when it happened.

She was floating now, as he pushed up from her soppy crotch crawling up to her. His face was wet, and he had that smile and twinkle in his eye that she cherished. He leaned downed and kissed her, he parted open her mouth and the last remains of her husbands load flowed into her mouth. The continued to kiss gently as she could feel his cock brushed her very sensitive pussy. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and tried to get the correct angle for him to enter her.

He broke off their kiss and looked at her, "Well for just being fucked and eaten this morning you sure are eager for another round, or do you have someone else stopping, and I need to hurry up?" She laughed as he tickled her, she caught her breath and said, "Well can't a girl be horny just a little?" It was his turn to laugh and said to her, "You my love are horny all time!"

He then straightened himself up right; he looked good enough to eat she thought. As if reading her mind he lifted one leg then the other over her hips and placed them on either side of her. Then the big cat lightly set on her belly. His balls flattening out on her stomach as his cock remained hard and rigid. He placed his hands on his hips and looked down at her.

"So now what are you in the mood for, some of that same easy love making?" She had been hot all morning waiting for him; she had run a hundred fantasies through her mind. Now the pure lust was taking over. She didn't care what he did; she just wanted him to have his way with her. She smiled a wicked little smile and told him, "I want to be fucked like the slut that I am."

He smiled and said, "Is that so? What a dirty mouth on such beautiful little slut." He grabbed his cock and inched his way up to her chest. "With such a beautiful face and such a dirty mouth, I bet you'd like to suck this cock of mine wouldn't you my little slut."

Her reaction was to open her mouth as wide as she could as he slowly fed his hard cock into her. She prided herself on her cocksucking expertise, and he loved it every time she took him in her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, softly biting his head, milking the pre-cum out on her tongue in the best porn star fashion. "Oh, that feels so good, a slut as good as you must have had many a cock shoved in that mouth." She loved it when they talked dirty to each other; it made the great sex they had even hotter than usual.

As she sucked him she slipped a finger into her drenched pussy. Once her finger was lubed she moved it to the crack of his ass. She parted his cheeks and positioned her finger on his tight hole. As she sucked him she pushed her finger into his ass. At first it was tight, but like magic it opened and it easily slide in. He took a deep breath and for a second stopped moving, when he started moving again she could feel his cock twitch just a little.

He reached down and grabbed her head and moved it in a rhythm with her finger going in and out of his ass. Some women hate having their head held, but he was gentle running his fingers though her hair and stoking her face. Even though he was on top of her, he was at her mercy, she knew he was getting worked up, and her pussy was craving his cock.

He then told her at this rate he wouldn't be able to last much longer, and that he hadn't even had a chance to wet his cock in her pussy. He pulled out of her mouth and moved to be between her legs. He loved the look on her face after she had sucked his cock. Her face was flushed, and her lips wet and puffy. He kissed her and their eyes met, it was more than just lust, he knew she want him and vice versa.

"So, what would you like?" he said as he rubbed the head of his cock on her clit. With one hand she parted her cunt lips as the other wrapped around his cock. "I want that cock to fuck my slut pussy. That is if you don't mind a sloppy seconds?" He didn't even respond as she guided him in her hot hole. The hard work and exercise she did every day paid off as she tightened around his shaft when he was completely inside her. He called it "flexing her pussy" and every time she did it, he almost came, he laughed and told her to quit or she have another load in her.

They kissed and even though neither one said a thing, they were doing the "easy" lovemaking, he propped himself up to watch his cock slowly go in and out of her. She loved this, that way she could run her hands over his powerful arms and chest, she couldn't get enough of him, touching him anyway she could. He would change his angle and set off a number of mini shivers though her, as she continued to grabbed his ass and caress his body, even giving his nipples a good pinch.

He then lay full length on her and slowly ground himself against her. He told her that for such a hot slut he didn't think that he could be in a class of guys that could possibly count on fucking her very often. She told him that she thought he was cute, and that she just might have to cut out a few dozen guys to allow her to have enough time with him, they both smiled, as she pushed him off her and told him she needed something.

She rolled him over and has him lean back against the headboard of the bed. As she stood over him she asked him how she looked? He told that of all the women he has known in his life she was without a doubt the sexiest he'd ever known. As he spoke she ran her hands over her breasts and down to her pussy, she turned around and asked, "What about my ass, do you like my all over tan ass?"

He told her it was a fabulous ass, she turned back and said, "You know that's one hole that hasn't been fucked yet. I bet you'd like to fuck my ass wouldn't you?" He gave her the wicked tiger grin and nodded.

She squatted down and grabbed his still hard cock that was wet from her pussy; with one hand she spread her lips and teased her clit with his head. Then she tilted her hips forward and placed the head of his cock on her hole. He didn't move at all, he let her do all the work. At first she was tight, but the feeling of his head against her made her open up, and she pushed down to feel the head pop inside her inner ring. After a second to regain her composure she slid down the length of his shaft. The feeling was white hot for both of them. The way his cock filled her and the heat he felt from the glove like hold.

Slowly she started to work up and down on him, she could feel her muscles loosen to accept him inside. She pushed down till she could feel his balls; he steadied her with his hands on her shoulder as she placed one on his chest and the other deep in her cunt. She loved it when he fucked her ass; the look on his face told it all, as she fingered herself to another earthquake orgasm. As she picked up the pace, she forced herself on him as deep as he could go, she could tell he was close, she asked him if he was ready to show her what he had in him. He said that he was ready anytime she wanted him.

She looked down at him and said, "For a cock that has worked so hard, it would be shame and a waste of good cum to shoot it in a slut like mine's ass, so why don't I take care of you?." He told her what ever she wanted to do would be fine with him.

She ever gently rose up until his cock popped out of her ass. She got between his legs and put them over her shoulders, she then leaned forward rolling his hips toward his chest. He repositioned his head and shoulders on the pillows; in this position his cock was mere inches from his own face.

With one hand she lightly started stroking his cock, the other, a finger lubed from her cunt eased back into his ass. Once they were comfortable, she started to alternate the rhythm stroking and fingering him. He was breathing harder, and she could feel his cock becoming harder with each stroke, he was very close.

She leaned forward and in a whisper told him, "Now I am a very good aim, and I know you have a lot of cum, so you just open that mouth of yours for me now." She asked him if he was ready, all he could do was nod up and down. She then said "Open wide for me." When he did he exploded in her hand, her aim was true as she guided the thick white shots of cum in his open mouth.

She told him, "Don't swallow anything just yet, I want to make sure you're empty." After several more spasms he was done, all but a few last shots landed on his chest. She released her grip on his cock and removed her finger from him and looked down at him, his mouth still open full of cum.

She stuck her tongue in his mouth and swirled the hot load around in his mouth, after licking her lips she said, "You know as a slut I swallow down a lot of cum from the cocks I suck, so why don't you take this load yourself, but remember to save a little for me." He closed his mouth and swallowed his cum; he then opened his mouth to show just a little remaining. She rolled over to pull him on top of her, they kissed and she swallowed the last remains of his love.

As they lay there he asked her what could top a session like that off? She said, "A shower, a nice hot shower." He sat up and said, "Damn, that's real romantic!" As she padded naked to the bathroom, she looked at him and reminded him that he still had another mile and a half to run. He fell back on the bed and lamented that it was going to be a long day. She then told him no, that he had to be home early this afternoon since his wife had invited her over that evening for steaks.

She gave him a last wicked smile as she disappeared into the bathroom. As he got dressed to the sound the water in the shower, he smiled and thought of going back out and running of the pain and suffering one has to go through to stay in shape.

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