tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Russian Mistress Ch. 06

The Russian Mistress Ch. 06


Natalia awoke with a massive headache. Why she had not a clue. She rolled out of bed and rubbed her eyes, smearing day old eye liner. With her bare feet dragging over the maroon carpet she made her way into the bathroom. The shower was turned on and she waited for the water to heat up as she washed her face slowly and carefully with a damp wash cloth. Staring in the mirror Natalia smiled at herself. She was not only in her early twenties but absolutely gorgeous. Being pure Russian she had pale and smooth skin, long straight dark hair and dazzling green eyes. Even without make up she was a stunner.

"Why do I do what I do?" she inquired to herself, speaking in fluent Russian. Natalia had no idea why she was a prostitute in an illegal operation at the bar across town. Her head shook side to side at herself and with her thoughts racing she stepped into the shower to bathe.

Once out and dried off, Natalia walked to the phone. Without any more thought on the matter she lifted it up to call Rodger, the man who ran the entire operation. She told him that she quit and if he were to attempt to call her into work she would have him sued immediately. Rodger promised he understood and would give Natalia her space. If she decided to come back she was always welcome, but otherwise e he wouldn't expect it of her.

Two weeks went by and Natalia job hunted often. She was in search of a job as either a model or an actress. She had not heard from Rodger, just as he had promised her and she was happy about this. He had actually begun to fade from her thoughts just as that man Todd did.

One evening around two in the morning, Natalia awoke to a sound downstairs. She lay quietly in her room and decided it must have been her cats playing on the counter tops. However, when she rolled on her side to go back to bed she saw both of her cats sleeping curled up with one another on the chair in her room. Natalia's eyes grew wide and her heart beat quickened. Someone was in the house. Unsure of what to do she remained very still and right as she was prepared to roll over and get up she felt a hand over her mouth and one on her neck. She was rolled onto her back and in the very dim light offered by the glow of the moon outside her massive bedroom window, she could see the oh so handsome Todd, standing right above her. His green blue eyes were glowing in the moonlight and his muscles flexed below a tight white t-shirt.

"I heard you quit. What did I tell you last time? I took it easy on you but only if you promised to come back." Todd sneered as he spoke in his menacing tone.

Natalia began to shake under his powerful grip. She lay motionless otherwise with no desire to try and escape. The Russian beauty knew that would be absolutely useless and would only cause her more pain. She laid there with her heart pounding in her chest, just below a red silk gown that barely covered her bubble butt. Todd was prying the quilt from her slender physique, admiring what she wore. Her legs were freshly shaven and smooth like the rest of her pale flesh. "Mm, baby. Just how I like you! Now let me tell you how this is going to work out. I'm going to pay you money to let me come here as I please and have my way with you. You aren't going to argue, are you? No, because I'll kill you. I will hunt you down and kill you. Or if that's not enough, how about I tell the state about how your green card was revoked last month? I know a lot about you, darling. Do you understand me?" he asked his tone more sinister than ever. Natalia nodded her head; fear in her eyes. How did anyone know about the green card? It was a secret she held close to her chest. The only way Todd could have known was if he were to look in her journal.

"I'm going to release you now. If you run or scream I will hurt you. Simple as that, baby girl." Todd then leaned forward and kissed her forehead like an affectionate boyfriend would kiss his girlfriend if she had a headache.

Again, Natalia nodded her head. Todd did as he said he would and he released her from his grip. She inhaled deeply, thankful for a full breath of air. Natalia slowly sat upright, the shaking and shivering had ceased. Her legs were held tightly together to avoid his stare. Natalia was not sure where to look so her eyes began to wander. She couldn't even tell what emotions were running through her at the moment.

"Now my Russian slave, what shall we do tonight?" Todd inquired as he slid money from his pocket. He placed the stack on the night stand beside Natalia, who immediately glanced over. There looked to be at least a thousand dollars there. "I think I need to shower. Come on."

Without a word, Natalia stood from the bed and slowly strolled into the bathroom. Todd flicked on the light and stepped back, his hand motioning for the shower as if telling Natalia to prepare it for him. As she stared into the eyes of the handsome man she couldn't resist feeling some desire to feel his cock inside of her again. As much as she hated how rough he liked it, she had learned to accept it and almost crave it. Was this exactly what he had planned all along?

Natalia had to walk around a dark stone styled wall to get into the main shower area. A drain was in the center like typical showers, but directly above on the ceiling was where the water came from. It was massive, and even pressed against the wall the water would fall onto the person. The steam held well in there and Natalia liked thinking of it as showering in the rain forest.

Todd followed her in but not completely as to not get wet. He watched Natalia turn the water on, the knob just outside of the water's reach. Her hand was held into the water as she waited for it to warm up. The steam began almost immediately and Natalia could see Todd undressing from the corner of her eye. He threw his clothes outside of the shower and onto the tile in the bathroom. When she felt his eyes staring directly at her, she turned to meet his gaze.

"What are you doing? Get undressed and get in! Let's go!" He barked a command.

Natalia jumped at his booming tone and slid from the silken nightgown. Her deep pink nipples became hard on her perfectly round breasts. Todd looked her up and down and grinned before motioning with his hand for her to enter the water. Meanwhile, one of his hands had found his limp dick and he began to rub it gently, his eyes tracing up and down the slender physique of the Russian beauty.

The water was hot on her flesh but she stood in it as Todd approached. He immediately grabbed her throat with his free hand and forced her back onto the stone wall. Natalia gasped in surprise and closed her eyes. The wall was cold to her back and the water continued to splash down into her face. Todd squeezed her neck, forcing her eyes open. He had stopped rubbing his cock and Natalia was sure it was its normal full and ever so thick seven inches. His fingers were elsewhere now. His index massaged her clit soft at first and then harder and harder. This made Natalia moan almost inaudibly. This pleased Todd and he rammed his index finger deep within her eager cunt. He noticed she was already wet. Her pussy craved his touch. This satisfied Todd even more and soon his middle finger was sliding up inside of her pussy as well. Back and forth, in and out, his fingers ravaged her cunt. Natalia moaned in pure pleasure as he worked her pussy juices out of her cunt.

Todd stopped and slid his fingers out slowly but then quickly moved them to her lips. Natalia knew this order. Her mouth opened and his fingers slid inside. She was forced to suck her own juices from his fingers. She swallowed it all down and then opened her eyes, watching Todd closely and wondering what he'd do next.

"I'll take it easy on you tonight. I'll make you want more." He said, leaning in towards her and whispering in her ear. He then nibbled the ear gently, causing Natalia to shiver in pleasure.

His hand still held her throat while the other moved down to his cock. He rubbed his thick head over her swollen clit. He moved slowly at first, then pressed harder and rubbed faster. This put Natalia in the mood quick. Her pussy was craving him now. Todd released her throat so that he could grab her leg; forcing it around his waist. Natalia stood on one foot, her leg wrapped around Todd's masculine waist as he shoved his cock deep up inside of her with no warning at all. Natalia's mouth dropped open and she gasped. Her eyes were wide then closed as her mouth did. She tried to force herself to not scream and moan as Todd's thick cock stretched her tight pussy wide open. He thrusted into her deep and hard, only going faster when she closed her mouth tighter.

"Scream for me baby." He coaxed into her ear in between his own groans of satisfaction. He held her thigh up against him as he thrusted himself into her. His other hand slid between her ass and the wall, bringing her lower half even closer to him. He squeezed her bubble butt nice and hard.

Natalia couldn't resist. She screamed in pure pleasure and moaned as Todd thrusted his cock inside of her. It was then that Natalia noticed some other nude man walking into the shower. She turned her head and her eyes went wide. She should have known he'd do something like that.

Todd slid out of her and laughed at her shocked look. "Jake, welcome, buddy. I have her all warmed up. Ready to play?"

"Of course." Jake replied.

Jake couldn't have been older than twenty seven, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was tan and muscular. His hard cock was an amazing nine inches and a decent girth as well.

"Back to your bed, slave." Todd ordered. He grabbed Natalia by her upper arm and threw her from the water. She crashed into Jake who laughed. He held her still by her shoulders and forced his lips onto her's. Natalia refused to kiss back, causing Jake to pull away and slap her hard across the face. He tossed her aside and out of the shower. Jake followed Natalia to her bed while Todd turned the shower off and dried a little bit.

Jake laid on the bed first. He lay on his back and patted his hips. "Get on it, bitch. Reverse cowgirl."

Gulping, Natalia nodded her head but didn't say a word. She crawled on top of Jake. Her ass hole was in plain view as she squatted down onto his massive nine inch cock. She had to moan as it slid into her, one inch at a time. Jake held her hips and gave her a second before thrusting her downward onto his dick.

"Ah!" Natalia screamed in pain as all nine inches intruded her tight pussy. He forced her up and down, enjoying every second of the girl screaming in pain on top of him. Suddenly, he pulled her towards him until her back laid on his chest. He continued to thrust his lower region upward so his cock was sliding in and out of her cunt. Her juices began to trail from her pussy and onto her legs.

Todd came back with a massive grin and he immediately climbed onto the bed. He was on his knees, legs stretched over Jake's. Natalia was very confused. It was only then that Jake lifted her off his cock, grabbed his dick quickly in his hand, and then both Todd and Jake forced Natalia's asshole to eat up Jake's cock. There was no lube this time and as the men forced her down onto Jake's dick, Natalia screamed in pure pain. She felt her ass hole being stretched wide open. The nine inches of cock were being squeezed by her back hole. Jake groaned in pleasure.

"Nooo! Plea...please! Ah, god, oh no! Ahhh!" Natalia screamed as the tears formed. This is what she could not handle. The double penetration as well as the anal sex. She let her tears rolled down her cheeks as she sobbed. This only turned the men on more. As Jake slowly thrusted his cock inside of her asshole, Todd held his dick to her pussy lips. He slowly slid it inside of her. The slow motions didn't last long though. Soon Todd was pounding his cock into her swollen cunt. Natalia was now moaning, screaming, and crying all in one. The pain was mixed with pleasure again. Todd's finger rubbed her clit fast and hard. He did circles, causing her legs to tense. As the tears streamed down her face, Jake's cock seemed to stiffen inside of her ass. He wasn't going to last much longer.

Todd couldn't hold it any longer either. He gave a few more powerful thrusts deep inside of her cunt before pulling out. He got up slightly, leaning over Natalia and Jake. Jake turned his head away as Todd grabbed Natalia's mouth and forced her jaw open. While Jake continued to thrust his cock inside of her burning asshole, Todd forced the head of his dick into her mouth and unloaded his cum all over her tongue. He made sure to pull out, forcing some of the thick white liquid all over her lips. Natalia choked on the cum, making Todd laugh as he climbed off the bed.

"Take your time with her, Jake." Todd said with a laugh.

"Oh, yeah." He groaned. "Oh, I will."

Natalia continued to cry. Although her pussy was free from being stretched by Todd's cock, Jake's nine inches were still sliding in and out of her asshole. The pain was terrible. Even as Jake began to rub her clit with one hand and massage her nipples with the other, she couldn't feel the pleasure. She was soon forced to sit upright. Jake pushed her to the upright position.

"Ride my cock with your ass or I will give you the anal beating of a life time." Jake ordered.

Crying some more, Natalia began to move her body up and down, side to side and in circles on the thick cock intruding her back hole.

"Oh, please. Oh, oh, oh, god. Oh, ah, it, ah, hurts." Natalia managed between her sobs and grunts of discomfort.

Jake didn't care or respond. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth to breathe harder. His hands reached for her tits and he squeezed her nipples so hard that Natalia screamed. Right as she began to scream he began to thrust, while her nipples remained pinched between his fingers. She screamed and sobbed harder than ever as Jake thrusted his cock as deep and hard as he could into her asshole. He groaned as his load shot up inside of her.

"Oh, yeah baby." Jake said with a sigh of amazing satisfaction. He remained laying there, letting his cock go limp inside of her asshole, and still squeezing her nipples hard and refusing to let her go. Natalia so badly wanted it to be over. She hoped, she prayed, inside that this was it. She had a feeling otherwise though as Todd appeared by the night stand and placed another thick wad of cash down by the other one.

Jake slid Natalia off of his now slightly limp cock. He rolled off the bed and walked into the bathroom to clean up. Natalia could hear the shower running and glared as she wiped tears from her eyes. How dare they use her house as if it were their own. She knew she couldn't protest though. The thought of the amount of money being stacked onto that table was so nice. She needed the money. She knew it was going to be hard to find someone to employ her without asking too many questions and the last thing Natalia wanted was to go home to Russia.

"You haven't cum yet babe. Let me help you with that." Todd said in an almost sweet tone. It caught Natalia completely off guard. She turned her head and looked at him as he climbed onto the bed and pressed on her shoulders, forcing her to lay back. Todd leaned over her, still naked with his cock now becoming decently hard again. He wiped the tears from her eyes and gave her a comforting and soft kiss on the cheek. This was something completely new. Natalia didn't know Todd had a sensitive side at all. It made her worry that he was up to no good.

His kisses moved downward. He went from her cheek to her nape where he kissed and nipped at the soft flesh. He trailed down to her breasts. He would bite and suck on one nipple while the other one was squeezed with his fingers, then it switched to the other. Natalia had to moan in pleasure at this. It actually felt good. However, she could still feel the burning in her now beat red ass hole.

Todd continued down. He kissed her soft pale flesh gently all the way down to her clit where he licked. The tip of his tongue flicked over her clit then he'd move his tongue down to her pussy lips which were swollen from his beating only a moment ago. He kissed and licked and occasionally nipped. Natalia could feel the pleasure of his tongues motions. Her head leaned back into her pillows and she moaned. Her legs lifted and squeezed his head in place by her soaked and red pussy. She squeezed the sheets just as his tongue began to run across her clit hard and fast. Now he inserted two fingers and began pumping them in and out of her pussy.

"Oh, yeah. Oh, Todd." She moaned. She was shocked she used his name.

Todd knew she was close to cumming and he quickened his pace with both his tongue flicking her swollen clit and the two fingers slamming inside of her cunt. Natalia's legs tensed and squeezed his head some more as she loud out a loud moan and scream. Her pussy began to pulse and the juice washed out. Todd removed his fingers and caught every last drop in his mouth. He licked her up nice and good, admiring her sweet taste.

"I'm not all bad, baby." Todd said as he lifted his head and wiped his mouth. He climbed off the bed and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. He brought it back to Natalia and handed it to her with a smile. Confused by the kindness, Natalia took the towel and smiled back.

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