tagIncest/TabooThe Saga of A Family Pt. 2 Ch. 02

The Saga of A Family Pt. 2 Ch. 02


Chet was a big guy all right. About six feet three, a hundred and eighty pounds with most of the weight equally distributed throughout his firm young body. And he knew that he made the impression, and so he flaunted his body.

His kid sister, Sony was more like Sonia. Strong in the hips and legs, wide of the shoulders and enormous where it counted the most: her tits.

Within an hour after they had reached the house, Vinny had driven away to the cricket field; Chet begging off his cousin's invitation saying that he was tired and needed to get some rest.

Sushil was to drop Sonia to her college on the way to his office and that left Chet and Sony with Sneha at the house.

Sneha showed them the room that they were to share. The room that Vinny and Sonia had shared and from where it had all begun.

This room that Chet and Sony were to share had initially belonged to Vinny and Sonia, but her kids had moved to the adjacent room. They had nicknamed the room as the P. T. room and the acronym stood for "Peeping Toms"

The kids wanted and got the P. T. room from where Sushil and Sneha had first watched their children involved in a heavy petting session, which had ended up with the husband and wife imitating their children. Sneha had convinced Vinny to hang a large painting over the one-way mirror so that any one visiting the room wouldn't get wise to the fact that there was a one-way mirror in it.

"Of course, if you and Vinny want to share a room Chet, you can do that. I'll ask Sonia to get her things in this room." Sneha told her nephew.

"Aw, no problems, aunt," Chet drawled. "We can think about the permutations later on. Right now, I want to get some sleep."

"You don't worry, aunt," Sony assured. "It's just that we are awfully tired. We can work it out later on. I'm tired as well and if you don't mind, I'll have a nap myself."

Sneha laughed. "Okay. You kids figure it out. I'm off to the kitchen. Sonia has asked me to make some…oh no, it's supposed to be a surprise! So there, go ahead."

After Sneha walked away, Chet casually remarked to his sister, "Gee! Aunt looks damned sexy, huh?"

Sony giggled, closing the door and locking it.

"You have a dirty mind, Chet! But yes, she looks great. I guess there are some women who get sexier as they grow older."

"Right now, I am horny," he told her, lowering himself on the bed and spreading his legs apart. He began to unbuckle his pants, his eyes on his sister.

"You always are," she replied. She looked around the room and deciding that the huge chair, placed a foot off the bed, would do, she sat down on it.

She was wearing a simple one-piece frock that hung loosely around her voluptuous body.

"God, Sony, its been a long time," Chet sighed, lifting his hips to push his pants down over his hips to expose the huge bulge inside his shorts.

It had been almost thirty-six hours and for them this was indeed a very long time. The train had been crowded and they had found no privacy whatsoever to indulge in some mutual fingering.

Sony spread her legs wide apart, placing her heels on the arms of the chair, hurriedly pushing her frock up over her legs. Her thighs exposed, she raised her buttocks up to push the flimsy and already wet panties down over her shapely legs.

"All through the journey, I kept staring at the hard on inside your pants," she said.

"I know," he replied, his shorts already on the floor, his hard cock pointing up at he ceiling as he grabbed it.

"And you were staring at my tits," she told in a hoarse voice.

"Shall we begin as usual?" he asked, beginning to pump his cock up and down in one fist and cradling his heavy balls with the fingers of his other hand.

"Yeah!" she gasped, opening her pussy lips and gliding a finger inside the hot opening.

Naked from waist below, he pulled up his t-shirt and began to masturbate, staring at his sister's finger plunging in and out of her cunt.

"Oh shit," he muttered, "Your pussy never ceases to amaze me! Just looking at that cute little cunt with that neat little patch of hair above it gives me the hots!"

"And look at your dick! Oh my god, it's so big and hard! I can almost feel it ripping my hole apart."

"You sure we go the usual way? Or do you want this to be a straight fuck?"

"No. I want to start it like we did," she breathed. She shrugged the frock down her shoulders and his eyes widened when he saw her huge tits straining against her skimpy bra.

"Haul those tits out, baby," he said.

She laughed huskily, wiggling her shoulders to let the little piece of cloth that restrained her tits fall away.

His eyes dimmed with lust when he saw those large and firm tits tumble out and unconsciously, he began to stroke his erect cock faster.

"Shag that cock, brother," she cried out, imitating his rhythm and moving her finger in and out of her cunt to keep time with his masturbatory movements.

"Oh yeah, baby, yes, oh god yes, what do you want to hear about this time, honey?"

Her knees spread wide apart, her finger furiously fucking her cunt, she dropped her head down and flicked her long tongue over her up-thrust and swollen nipples.

"Tell me about that time you made it with Mrs. Banerjee," she whimpered.

"Ah yes, that slut! Mom's pal! That voluptuous little whore!"

"Yes, yes, that slut!"

"Well," he said, grinning as he stroked his cock, "that bitch always had the hots for me and when I went to her house to deliver mom's letter, her wimp of a husband was out as usual on a tour. Imagine leaving that hot bitch by herself for a week! There she was, dressed up in this tiny silk gown, her legs sticking out from under and her huge tits almost falling out of that flimsy thing!"

"Oh yeah, I can imagine," she rasped out, now adding another finger in her cunt. "Her curly hair falling over her face, her big eyes ogling at your bulge between your legs, her rack almost out of her gown, oh yes, brother, I can imagine!"

He slowly lay down on his side on the bed, facing her, continuing to pump his shaft with his fist. He propped himself on his elbow, watching her fingers shove in and out of her cunt. The pre cum from the tip of his cock oozed out of the slit on the top and he used it to lubricate his tender flesh.

"Shit, sis, I tell you, one moment I'm handing over the letter and the next thing I know, she's got her cute little hand cupped over my crotch and her lips on mine, tongue fucking my mouth!"

Sony rose and hurriedly stripped off the frock, simultaneously pulling out her bra and panties to reveal her lush, voluptuous body that he was yearning to see.

It felt more delicious to watch the sexy girl emerge from her plain clothes. Her tits seemed to be larger than they really were, her legs longer, thicker and stronger and her entire body more voluptuous.

She approached the bed and he shuffled behind to allow her enough place to lie down on her side. She lay, as usual, in the reverse position; her face about a foot away from his cock and her cunt the same distance from his face.

"Don't stop," she gasped, sliding her hands down to once again begin finger fucking her cunt. They could smell each other and Chet, his hand pumping his shaft, looked down and knew that her tits were so large, that if he would shuffle just a couple of inches forward, her nipples would punch against his chest and belly.

"I wasn't about to back out," his voice was a croak: low and husky as he inhaled the fragrance of his sister's pussy and watched her fingers moving in and out, making squishy sounds.

"As I fucked her mouth with my tongue, Mrs. Banerjee expertly unzipped my pants and hauling out my dick, began to jerk on it: up and down, back and forth…shit, that bitch was really hot! She actually carried my hand to her gown clad titties and you can bet it didn't really take me long to tug down top and let those torpedoes tumble out. Man, were her nips erect and hard! Why, they looked like a pair of kids' cocks! Fucking her mouth with my tongue, jerking my hips up and down to let her fist my dick, I grabbed those tits and mauled them!"

Without realizing it, he had begun to jerk on his cock faster and faster, pulling the skin back and then pushing it up to cover the glans.

Sony was moaning now as she watched her brother jerk viciously on his cock. "You are so rough with it!"

"Yeah, you make me do that, baby. Rub your clit with your thumb while you fuck your cunt with your fingers."

She managed to do it; corkscrewing her fingers inside her cunt and spreading her thumb wide apart to rub her engorged clit.

"Shit!" he croaked. "I can see your juices running out of your hole! Faster baby, faster! Oh yeah, fuck your cunt faster! Oh Jeeze, this is incredible!"

"You always say that," she said. She leaned forward slightly and licked the tip of his cock, tasting his pre cum, making him groan. His body stiffened.

"I'm going to shoot, honey!" he warned, pumping his cock so fast now that his fist seemed to be a blur. The episode with Mrs. Banerjee was forgotten, as the two of them got closer to their boiling points.

"Yes, yes, cum for me, brother! Let your spunk wash my face! I want to taste it!" she cried out. "And I'm cumming too!"

"I can tell by the way your legs are stretched out, baby! Cum, baby, cum. Your brother wants to taste your nectar, and you know there's only one way to do it."

She knew what he'd be doing to taste her nectar and so she raised one leg high in the air, pulling her hand away from her pussy.

As his sperm began to explode from his cock, he bent forward and buried his face between her legs. She brought her leg back down to clamp him in place, moaning when he thrust his tongue deep inside her cunt.

She allowed the first two bursts from his cock splash over her face. The warm liquid anointed her cheeks and her nose. And then she was leaning forward, taking his spasmodic cock inside her mouth, running her lips over the shaft and gulping down the semen that raced through it.

His hips thrust forward as he tried to stuff his entire cock in her mouth just as he opened his mouth on her cunt, sucking the tender flesh.

Chet also managed to hook his leg around her shoulder and her back and the two pulled each other closer, writhing and moaning as they climaxed.

They rolled over so that he was on her top and after remaining in this position, with him thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth; they rolled around the other way. Furiously, she bobbed her head up and down, grinding her still spasming cunt into his face.

Finally, after they were sure that they were completely dry, he spun around and lay on top of her, kissing her open mouth. Their tongues dueled within the confines of her hot mouth.

"God," she whispered when he had drawn back and pushed his head between her large tits, "it always feels sexier doing these things on a strange bed!"

He raised his wet face up from her heaving tits as she wrapped her thighs around his buttocks.

"To hell with the permutations, baby. I'm going to tell aunt that we'd prefer to share this room. I'll tell her that it would be a lot of trouble lugging Sonia's things into this room. I'd die of a perpetual hard on if I wasn't fucking with you everyday!"


"You'd be surprised to know, Vinny," Chet said, sipping his beer.

"And when I tell you my story, I bet you'd fall out of that chair," replied Vinny.

They were seated at the darkest part of the bar. It was still early in the evening and there were hardly any people in the bar.

"So, make me fall down from the chair," Chet grinned.

"You go first. After all you are the elder cousin."

They had been making small conversation and inevitably, the talk got down to sex, which was perfectly natural for boys of their age.

"Alright," Chet replied, dropping into a whisper and leaning forward. "Sony and me do it to each other."


"Don't shout, pal. You will have the people surrounding us. What's more," he continued, a grin plastered across his lips, "Mum and Dad join us too!"

"WHAT? This time, Vinny's shout had the barman look up at them from the newspaper he had been reading.

"Pipe down!" Chet said harshly, looking apologetically at the barman before turning back to his cousin. "And mind you, this is just between us. One leak and I'll plaster you!"

"B-but..." Vinny stammered.

Chet laughed. "I know what you are going to say. And I know you are shocked. Incest is taboo. It isn't right for a guy to fuck his mom and sis and it isn't right for a guy to fuck his daughter. And yes, it isn't right for a woman to go down on her daughter and let her daughter go down on her. But hey, let me tell you, this is fun! You don't have to try and get pussy and face possible rejections when you got all the cunt you want whenever you want it!"

"I-I wasn't shocked and I don't think about it that way at all, Chet," Vinny replied, recovering his composure. He felt his cock harden inside his jeans as he thought of a naked Sony and a naked aunt Sanika cavorting with Chet. "The secret I wanted to tell you is somewhat similar."

"What!" This time, Chet was the one who was taken aback. He almost spilled the beer he had raised to his lips.

Vinny smiled mysteriously. "You are right, buddy. When you get the greatest pussy at home, why the hell hunt for pussies elsewhere? Mom and Sonia are the best lays I'd ever had. And when Dad is around, we have some of the best orgies a guy would ever hope to have!"

The two cousins sipped their beers in silence, each contemplating a naked cousin sister, a naked uncle and a naked aunt.

"This is awesome!" Chet finally whispered.

"What do we do, Chet?" Vinny asked in a small voice. A vision of the buxom Sony riding him sprang into his mind.

"What do you mean what do we do?" Chet replied, always the boy with a ready answer. "We get our pretty little sisters together. I always wanted to fuck Sonia and I bet you have the hots for Sony!"

"What about my parents?"

Chet thought about it for a moment.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, Vinny. Right now, I can't wait to get into Sonia's pants. I overheard

Aunt Sneha telling Sony that she and uncle have to attend some party tonight. That gives the four of us the time and the privacy to get acquainted."

Vinny stared thoughtfully into the beer.

"What the hell you waiting for, buddy?" Chet said, smiling hugely. "I got a fucking hard on and I bet so do you. Let's go!"

The two of them were in such a hurry that they paid an extra ten over the bill.


They were in the room that was temporarily occupied by Chet and Sony. The girls were seated on the bed, Chet was sprawled out on the chair and Vinny was pacing the room like a caged tiger.

The girls had taken the news pretty calmly, and Vinny suspected, almost like they were expecting it.

Vinny glanced furtively at Sony from time to time, taking in her huge rack, concealed behind a rather tight blouse with a plunging neck line. Sony's skirt reached just to her knees and every time she crossed and uncrossed her legs, it rode up over those strong hips, revealing the creamy flesh of her thighs.

The crossing and uncrossing of her legs gave revealed that Sony was indeed horny. She too kept stealing at Vinny.

Chet didn't bother to hide the fact that Sonia had heated him up. He was openly staring at the voluptuous girl, taking in her curves and the lines. She was wearing a one-piece dress held together by thin straps over her shoulders. She had tied her hair in a ponytail and that gave her a girlish look despite of her womanly body.

"How did it start for you guys?" Vinny asked, breaking the silence.

Chet laughed, spreading his legs further apart and making no effort to conceal his hard on that bulged almost obscenely from his pants.

"We have all the time to talk, buddy. That can wait. But I figure it's about a couple of hours before your parents will be back. So, we have a limited time to do things."

Sonia blushed when her eyes caught his though she smiled daintily. Already, she could feel her nipples poke against her dress like they wanted to punch a couple of holes into it.

Vinny leaned against the painting that concealed the one-way mirror. A faint smile crossed his lips as he noticed the reaction that his cousin was having on his sister.

"Hey Vinny," he drawled, rubbing his crotch, his eyes still on Sonia. "I guess I always wanted to fuck your little sister."

Vinny glanced at his sister who was staring openly at Chet's bulge and then he looked at Sony.

"And I always wanted to fuck yours!" he said, looking pointedly at Sony's heaving chest.

"What the hell is keeping us?" Chet said, casually unzipping his pants and pulling out his large and erect cock.

"I don't know," Vinny replied, still leaning against the painting and reaching down with one hand to pull his cock from his pants.

The two girls were breathing heavily as they watched the boys begin to fondle their dicks.

"Come on, Sonia," Chet said, jerking his cock slowly in one fist and pushing his pants down his hips. "Let us see that beautiful body of yours."

"And I hope you join in too, Sony," Vinny added.

The two girls, as if by pre-arranged signal, rose from the bed and their eyes on the thrusting cocks, they began to strip out of their clothes.

Chet watched with his breath coming out faster now, as Sonia pulled the straps of her skirt down over her shoulders. The skirt wasn't too tight and it slipped down her body to the floor, revealing her small panties and an equally flimsy bra. Chet's eyes widened, taking in the bulging tits and the creamy legs.

"Shit! Your tits are just as incredible as Sony's and mum's!" he exclaimed, beginning to jerk on his cock faster as Sonia slowly walked up to the chair.

When she was barely a couple of feet away from him, she bent down from her waist to peel off her panties and this made her heavy breasts strain against the little bra.

When she rose, Chet's eyes widened: she was completely shaven there unlike Sony who kept a neatly trimmed triangle of soft hairs over her snatch.

Sony hadn't bothered to undress; instead, she went down on her knees when she reached Vinny and looking up into his eyes, gently pushed his hands away from his prick.

He grunted when he felt her soft and hot hands grasp his cock. He cradled her face with his hands, watching the girl lean forward till he could feel her warm breath on his shaft.

"Oh god, baby," Vinny croaked, his hips thrusting forward instinctively. "This is so good! For god's sakes, put it in your mouth and suck it!"

Sony did exactly that. Carefully holding his cock between two fingers at the base, she bent down and swallowed the entire length, surprising him with the finesse and ease with which she did so.

As she sucked him in, she fumbled for the belt of his pants and he assisted her to unbuckle it. She pushed down his shorts after the pants fell to the floor and he kicked away the pile.

Looking down at her lush lips sliding up and down his throbbing prick, he crouched down and pushed his hands inside her blouse. As expected, he encountered no bra and she moaned when he spread his hands over her big breasts, fondling them, even as he thrust his cock to and fro, fucking her mouth.

On the chair, Chet had leaned forward, burying his face between his cousin's legs. Sonia held the back of his head, pushing him closer towards her pussy.

"Oh god, yes, Chet, lick me there!"

Chet didn't have to be told. His tongue peeped out of his mouth and began to sweep up and down the protruding slit. He clamped her hips with his hands, feeling the satin-smooth creamy thighs going rigid in response to the onslaught of his tongue on her.

"Lick my clit!" she cried out, pushing her hands down to take hold of his prick. When his tongue sought out her erect bud, she clenched her hands on his shaft, making him grunt with pain and pleasure.

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