tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Saga of Tythoros Ch. 05

The Saga of Tythoros Ch. 05


This is my attempt at a "porn parody" (for lack of a better description) of Ancient Greek mythology. It is not a direct adaptation of any one story, but an original tale made of tropes and archetypes pulled from several Greek myths. The intention was not only to create a work of erotic fantasy, but an epic saga that paid loving tribute to the poets and playwrights of antiquity.

Thank you for reading. Please enjoy.

Chapter 5

A stag was resting in the woods of Thessaly when Tythoros and Sidrophus came upon it. Sidrophus was the first to notice the creature, quietly signaling Tythoros to stop and observe their next meal.

Sidrophus prepared an arrow with the stealth and precision that could only come from years of training. Though his aim was certain and the arrow flew gracefully toward its target, the strike was not enough to kill. The prey moved to escape, but Tythoros was ready. With his godly strength and his practiced throwing arm, Tythoros launched his spear and killed the target instantly.

"If only I had your strength," said Sidrophus, "that would have been my kill."

"If not for your sharp senses," replied Tythoros, "we might have gone hungry today."

The two companions ate heartily a short time later, after offering up the animal's fat and bones in thanks to Artemis of the Wilds. They feasted on juicy meat cooked over a fire until strange noises reached their ears. With a shared glance, Tythoros and Sidrophus knew that they had both heard it.

They gathered their weapons and Tythoros led the way. He followed the mixed sounds of growling, an unearthly rattling, and the shouts of a woman. The companions followed their ears to the top of a knoll, and then looked down upon the strangest gathering that either of them had ever witnessed.

There were three ants in the clearing below, each the size of a bull. They were fiery red in color, with enormous black mandibles chattering away beneath their flesh-colored heads. The ants were locked in combat with three large wolves and one very beautiful young woman clad in animal pelts.

A wolf snarled and barked before charging toward one of the ants. The insect snapped its mandibles around the beast's neck, cutting its head off with one blow. The woman screamed and tried to charge at the crimson abomination with her bare hands, but a remaining wolf pressed itself in her way.

At the very moment when the ants started to charge forward, Tythoros ran down to the clearing with a mighty roar. One of the ants was pushed back by the mighty thrust of Tythoros' spear, but its armor was hard enough to resist the blade. The target and one of its brothers turned to face Tythoros, rattling their mandibles in anticipation for a fight. But Sidrophus was watching.

The prince stood on the knoll with his bow and arrows at the ready. He launched an arrow and hit his target on the head of an ant. Though it was not enough to kill, it was enough to distract the beast. Tythoros attacked, running his spear through the joints of the creature's neck. The second ant moved in to avenge his brother, but the woman ran at it from the side.

She attempted to grapple with the monster, climbing aboard its back to snap its legs off. Despite her strength and tenacity, the ant succeeded in throwing her off. By that point, Tythoros had retrieved his spear, and his blade struck into the insect's neck for another killing blow.

Tythoros went over to the woman. "Are you unhurt?" he shouted over the noise of combat.

Until that moment, the two remaining wolves had been keeping the last insect at bay. One of them turned to run for Tythoros until he was felled by Sidrophus' arrow. The other was soon cut in two by the sharp teeth of its opponent.

This was too much for the young woman. Her vibrant skin flushed red with anger as she let out a primal scream and charged at the beast. The ant was ready to eat the girl alive, but it could never have expected the girl to catch its mandibles in her hands. With desperation and blind rage to power her, the woman pushed apart the beast's powerful mandibles until they were torn from its head completely.

Sidrophus walked down to the clearing. He and Tythoros looked on as the monster let out an unearthly screech, keeling over to die from its injuries. "Good lady," said Sidrophus. "That was most impressive. Are you unhurt?"

In reply, she let out another primal roar and launched herself at Sidrophus. She was fast, but Tythoros was faster. He succeeded in catching the woman, though she bit and scratched and struggled to escape his grasp. She was very strong for a woman, and tenacious as any beast, yet she was no match for a son of mighty Zeus.

Tythoros forced her to the ground, pinning her while taking care not to hurt her. She continued to struggle, but his strength and endurance was enough to outlast her.

"He must die!" she screamed. "If he will not die, then delay no further, but send me down to the House of Death this very moment!"

"I cannot let you hurt my friend," Tythoros shouted over her cries, "but we will not hurt you either! We have no quarrel with you!"

"No quarrel?!" she shrieked, with tears in her eyes. "That man killed my brother!"

"Good lady," said Sidrophus, "I swear to you by Apollo's bow that I have yet to take the life of any man!"

"No man," she snarled, "but the wolf who lies with your arrow in his side!"

The two companions shared a confused moment.

"You mean to say," asked Tythoros, "that your brother was a wolf?"

"The wolves who lie here were all my brothers," the woman replied. "They were the last of the pack that raised me from infancy. They cared for me after my own parents had left me to die in this forest after my birth. Those wolves were the only family I have ever known, save only for Artemis of the Golden Reins. It was she who taught me how to hunt, how to fight, and how to speak the tongues of men and beasts. May she strike the both of you down if you dare abuse me further!"

"We do not intend to abuse you," Tythoros said as calmly as he could manage, "but I will not have you bring harm to us."

"My lady," interjected Sidrophus, "how could I have possibly known that the wolf was kin to you?"

"If he had not launched that arrow," added Tythoros, "your brother would have killed me. And if we had not arrived to help, you would have joined your brothers in death."

The woman did not answer that, but there was no need. Tythoros could see that she had no response to the truth in their words. Her piercing green eyes became red and swollen with tears as her rage finally gave way to sadness. She could only scream out in impotent grief.

"We had no choice in the matter," said Tythoros, "but my heart is truly broken for your loss."

"Liar," she spat back at him. "You carry the stink of comfortable city life, with strong houses to sleep in and markets to provide your every need. What would you know of loss?"

"You think those in the city are immune from death?!" cried Tythoros. "You think that orphans only exist within the forest? My mother died in my birth and my father abandoned the both of us before that! A kind man took me in and raised me with love before old age came to take him from me, so do not dare to say that I fail to understand the pain you now feel!"

His sincerity and emotion stunned the woman into silence. She was certain that his situation was honestly described, and she took comfort from his genuine compassion.

"I will release you," Tythoros told her softly, "so that you may mourn your brethren. Will you agree not to act against us?"

The woman nodded her assent. Tythoros finally let go of her, and she ran to the corpse of her nearest brother. She buried her face in the wolf's fur and wept openly for a long time. She mourned each of the wolves in their turn, uttering words unknown to any Theban. It was Tythoros who finally dared to speak when she arose to face them.

"Pray forgive me, but I am not familiar with the burial rites of the forest. How may we ease the passing of your family?"

"Leave them be," she replied in a raspy voice, hoarse from shouting and crying. "The forest will reclaim them in due course."

"We have a fire not far from here," said Sidrophus, "with plenty of meat to share. Come with us, I pray you, and let us offer what hospitality we can."

The woman brushed her auburn hair back out of her moist eyes, for the tight braids at the back of her head had come undone in the struggle. "Lead on," she said. "I will follow."

Tythoros led them as they walked back up the knoll. "I am called Tythoros," he said. "My companion is Sidrophus. Did the creatures or the goddess of the forest grant you a name?"

In reply, she said "It was Artemis the Queen of Beasts who granted me a name. You may call me Callioa."


"Pray tell us," asked Sidrophus as they walked back to the fire, "what were those monsters we fought?"

"They are called Myrmekes," Callioa replied. "These woods have been thick with them since that wicked Dusedre passed through."

"You speak of Dusedre?" Tythoros asked with surprise. "What more do you know of her?"

"I know that the Myrmekes are her children and servants," said Callioa. "Dusedre kills whatever bandits and hunters roam these woods, shortly after taking their seed to birth more abominations. The mother and her children usually travel in one pack. I would assume that the three we fought were somehow left behind."

"And where is the pack now?" asked Sidrophus.

"They went somewhere to the north some time ago. Why do you ask?"

"It is our mission to find Dusedre and to kill her," Sidrophus replied.

"Do you also seek to kill the Myrmekes?" asked Callioa, with no small measure of interest.

"If we can, we will," said Sidrophus.

"Perhaps you would like to come with us," Tythoros offered. "We would gladly assist you in taking revenge for your family if you would but help us in our journey."

"I would accept," said Callioa, "though you must remember that I am a disciple of the guardian Artemis. The company of men is forbidden to me, and I am sworn to defend my chastity to the death."

"It shall be as you wish," said Tythoros, and Sidrophus nodded his assent. The three of them clasped hands. Moments later, they had returned to the campsite and rekindled the fire. The new allies shared in the stag's meat and no man or woman's hunger lacked its fill.


That night, high on Mount Olympus, Aphrodite summoned Eros to her.

"My lovely son," she said, "go forth to find Dionysus of the Grape. Discreetly use your love-tipped arrows to burden him with lust, then say that I wish to speak with him regarding a matter of the utmost urgency and privacy. I shall be here waiting for him in my bedchamber."

The swift and mischievous boy flew to discharge his task as laughter-loving Aphrodite scented her bedchamber with sweet perfumes and incenses. Around her shapely waist, she wrapped her golden heart-bewitching cestus belt. With fragrant balm, she made her skin more white than ivory newly sawn.

She clad herself in a robe out-shining the brightness of fire. It was a splendid robe of gold, enriched with all manner of needlework, which shimmered like the moon over her tender breasts. She also wore twisted brooches and shining earrings in the form of flowers. Her soft neck and snow-white breasts were adorned with golden necklaces and jewels which the gold-filleted Seasons wear themselves.

The heavenly Aphrodite had just finished curling her flowing tresses into ringlets around shining golden ornaments when the spirited Dionysus came to her door. The youthful wine god had of course expected to be met with the everlasting beauty of Aphrodite, yet the radiant goddess in all of her preparations and enchantments was still enough to strike the god speechless with awe.

"Good Dionysus," she said in a delightfully musical tone. "I thank you for coming by so quickly."

"If your joyful voice would only call them, fair Aphrodite, the very mountains would move to be at your side. To what do I owe the honor of being welcomed into your bedchamber?"

"I require a favor," she replied with a smile.

"Name your desire."

Aphrodite walked closer. At one moment, her garment moved aside with quite lascivious affection so that it revealed her supple thighs. At another moment, it would cling tightly and vividly, outlining the pleasurable curves of her backside.

"I expect," said Aphrodite, "that you know about the mortal Dusedre."

"I do," replied Dionysus. "As I recall, the grey-eyed Athena punished her quite terribly for daring to defile the goddess' temple."

"Dusedre's actions were very foolish," Aphrodite admitted as she poured nectar into two shining goblets, "but they were done out of love for me. Indeed, she spent her life worshipping me in thought, word, and deed. Besides, even if the chaste warrior's wrath was justified, it was quite excessive."

Aphrodite offered a goblet to Dionysus. Never one to refuse a libation, Dionysus of the vine quickly drained his cup of the sweet, divine nectar within. "If I may ask," he ventured, "why does the plight of young Dusedre weigh upon your mind?"

"She has weighed upon my mind since the day she was transformed," replied the goddess. "Every day, Dusedre prays to me that I may restore her beauty. If it were only in my power, I would grant her wish. The girl has spent her life worshipping me in thought, word, and deed. Even now, after the injustice done to her by Athena, her faith in me remains unshaken. I must reward this somehow."

Dionysus went to fill and drain his goblet once more. "Hers is a pitiable tale," he agreed, "but how does this concern me?"

Aphrodite sat at the edge of her bed and took a sip of nectar before answering. "As we speak, two men from Thebes are on their way to find and kill Dusedre. As a kindness to my disciple, I plan to stop them with your help. As we speak, the fools are following Dusedre to the mountains of Thrace."

In an instant, Dionysus understood. "In mere days, they will be within reach of my fearsome Thracian Maenads!"

"You will command the Maenads to reach these travelers and rend them to pieces before they can slay poor Dusedre."

"It may not be that easy," Dionysus pointed out. "The Maenads are creatures governed entirely by emotion, bereft of reason or self-control. Not even I can govern them completely."

Her dark-lashed eyes locked sharply onto his. "Are they not your servants? Do they not listen when you speak?"

"They listen," said Dionysus, though he was distracted by Aphrodite's hand as it played at the robe's opening between her tempting breasts.

"Perhaps," he continued, "I may set them on the proper path. It would be a simple matter to point them in the right direction before they destroy everything in their way."

"That will do," said Aphrodite, her voice more alluring than ever. She lifted the hem of her robe to reveal a flawless and shapely thigh. Dionysus felt his cock stiffen as he wished she might pull that robe only slightly higher.

"And what may I expect in return for this favor?" he asked.

Aphrodite responded by standing to let her robe fall to the floor. From the shining tresses that flowed from her hair to the perfectly groomed triangle between her thighs, every last detail of her appearance was without flaw.

The god impulsively rushed toward her, but was stopped by the goddess' hand. "Stay, Dionysus. We are in no rush, and you have not yet agreed to perform my task. When you have, I shall grant a small sampling of the boundless joys that await you when Tythoros and his company lie mangled at your Maenads' feet."

As she spoke, the goddess slowly removed her cestus belt one latch at a time. Dionysus was caught in her spell, powerless to do anything but watch as she revealed another small patch of skin at a time. Finally, the cestus belt lay discarded on the floor, and Aphrodite's ample bosom bounced freely. She stood before Dionysus in all of her immaculate beauty, with every ideal curve of her smooth and dazzling skin on display.

"Lead me to your bed, fair Aphrodite, and I shall do as you command."

The goddess stepped forward to take his hands in hers. Though he tried to reach for those pert and plump orbs beneath her golden necklaces, Aphrodite held his hands firm.

"Why rush, good Dionysus?" she asked. "Act in foolish haste and I may lose my good temper."

She led him to the edge of her bed, where she lay him down with his feet resting on the floor and her head between his knees. She massaged his thighs through his tunic, her fingers only a hair's width from his waiting prick. Dionysus wished so badly to reach out, force her to the floor, and take her as he would one of his drunken disciples. Still, Aphrodite had made her conditions clear. Dionysus could only grasp the silken sheets of Aphrodite's bed and trade his control for the pleasures she gave.

With practiced care and the patience that could only come from living an immortal life, Aphrodite spread the flawlessly sculpted thighs of the wine god. His length had already grown partly erect, making its presence known under the rising skirts of his robes.

At the sight of his growing arousal, the goddess of beauty was convinced to take things a bit farther. She slid her delicate palms along the inside of his thighs, moving the robe upwards until his manhood jumped into view.

"Ooh, Dionysus," she cooed. "What a big, strong cock you have." Indeed, it was a penis far larger and wider than any earthly man might have been blessed with. A mortal woman might not have been able to wrap her hand around it, much less her lips, but the goddess of lust could take it easily. She delighted in taking his firm prick in her warm hands, gently stroking and twisting the sensitive flesh as her soft lips moved wetly back and forth along his length.

The god moaned uncontrollably as he writhed atop the downy bed. As his cock swelled to its full and impossibly huge size within Aphrodite's mouth, he could feel raw pleasure spreading like ambrosia through his divine blood. Her mouth seemed to radiate all of the sun's heat when his member was inside it. Even the lubrication of her flexible tongue and moist lips created an intense feeling of bliss as it stuck against his prick.

Yet Aphrodite continued to act slowly. She sucked him with a deliberate and consistently relaxed pace that left Dionysus mad with desire. He would try to grab the back of her head, but Aphrodite would only throw his hands back. "No, no," she said, "you must be patient," before going back to work on his manhood. He would thrust upward into her mouth, either purposefully or by reflex, but Aphrodite would only stop to chide him. "Come now, good Dionysus, you must be patient."

Of course, Aphrodite knew she was teasing him to the point of cruelty. She could feel his shaft throb uncontrollably with pent-up urges. She could taste the syrupy, sweet, heavenly taste of his frustration as pre-cum dripped from his cock. Yet the great deity of sex continued to hold back. Aphrodite resisted his advances, waiting for that inevitable moment when the dam would break and the god would take charge.

Finally, Dionysus could take no more. The most sensual mouth in the entire universe had worked his divine sex until it was fit to burst. In a sudden instant, Dionysus finally pulled himself from the goddess' mouth. With a very frustrated roar, he grabbed Aphrodite under each arm and threw her on top of the bed. In the very next moment, Dionysus had spread her legs and rested her feet on his shoulders. With a firm hold on both of her perfect breasts, and her bright pink nipples pinched between two fingers, he buried his cock up to the hilt inside of her.

"Oooh!" cried Aphrodite as the god thrust his hips in a frenzy. "Oh, you're so strong, Dionysus! So big and rough! Ah! AH! Come on, give it to me harder! HARDER!"

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