tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Sales Clerk

The Sales Clerk


Tracey was the new sales clerk in the fanciest jewelry store in town. She was glamorous and sexy, and she had used her looks to get the job. In spite of her lack of experience, the owner, a middle-age man named Michael, could not resist giving her a chance in the position. He knew he would enjoy looking at her and teaching her.

For the first few weeks Tracey did OK. But because of the special attention she got from Michael and some of the male customers, she began to get arrogant. When female customers took too much of her time without buying anything, she would insult the customer with a comment like "let me know when you make up your mind", and then walk away.

One day the store's best customers, a Mrs. Hollyfield, came in and asked to see some diamond necklaces. Tracey did not know Mrs. Hollyfield and did not think that this woman was really going to buy one of the expensive necklaces, so she merely pointed to the display case and went to chat with a male customer who was on his way out of the store. Mrs. Hollyfield was incensed, and told another clerk that she wanted to see Michael immediately.

When the clerk picked up the phone to call Michael, who was in his office in the back of the store behind the stockroom, Mrs. Hollyfield told her to tell Michael that she wanted to see him in private in his office. The clerk obliged and Michael told her to escort Mrs. Hollyfield to his office.

Michael was aware that Mrs. Hollyfield spent so much money in his store that he doubted the business would survive without her. He was on his feet to greet her at the door.

"Why hello, Gwen," he said, "nice to see you."

Gwen walked into his office and closed the door behind her.

"You may not be so glad when I tell you what just happened", she exclaimed angrily. "Your new sales girl with the short skirt and the big boobs just insulted me. I came in here to buy a $5,000 necklace, and now I am going somewhere else!"

Michael was horrified. He could not afford to lose Gwen Hollyfield.

"I will fire her on the spot" he stated firmly. "There is no excuse for offending you. No matter what."

"That's not good enough, Michael," she said. "The fact that you hired such a girl, obviously because of her sexy looks, tells me that you no longer deserve my business."

Michael knew that Gwen was an earthy woman with a strong interest in sex. Although middle-aged, she had a trim figure and was very attractive. He had flirted with her for years, and they often had commented on sexy young girls. Her comments about Tracey's looks gave him an idea on how to placate her.

"Now Gwen, maybe we can work together to salvage this situation. This new girl, Tracey, needs to be taught some manners. If you would help me do that, you could pay her back for her rudeness, and you would be doing both me and her a favor."

"What do you have in mind?" Gwen asked skeptically.

"I am a firm believer in corporal punishment for young people," he said.

Gwen was surprised, but intrigued. "You mean spanking her? Surely you cannot do that to a grown woman."

Michael saw the sparkle in Gwen's eyes, and he knew he had hit on the solution. He said simply, "Why not? She certainly deserves it. And it will either be that or out on the street for her."

Gwen was aware of her incipient excitement. She could picture Tracey's lush body bent over the desk with Michael spanking her bare ass. Who knew where such a scene could lead?

"What would you want me to do to help you?" she asked.

"Just be a witness at first. It will add immeasurably to her humiliation. Then, maybe you could help with the spanking. I would like to be looking into her face and talking to her about manners while she is feeling the sting of being punished."

Gwen smiled. "Well, OK Michael. But this better be good. I want that girl to pay for insulting me."

His eyes never leaving Gwen's, Michael picked up the phone and called the extension of his floor manager in the store. "Tell Tracey to come to my office immediately," he said. "And call in another girl. Tracey will not be returning to work this afternoon."

He smiled at Gwen. "Why don't you take a seat over there on the sofa while I have a little chat with Miss Tracey?"

The door opened and Tracey came in. She knew that Mrs. Hollyfield had come to see Michael to complain about her, and she knew she was in trouble. Still she thought that her sex appeal with Michael would get her through, and glancing at Gwen, she walked boldly up to his desk.

Michael was stern. "Tracey, I want you to turn around and go back and lock the door. We are going to have a serious talk, and I don't want us to be disturbed."

Tracey shrugged and whirled around defiantly. As she walked back to the door, she made sure her ass swayed in a provocative way. There was a large throw-bolt on the door, and Tracey slid it into place.

"Now come back here and stand in front of my desk," Michael ordered.

Wondering what was going to happen next, Tracey returned and stood before him. She was dressed in a short, tight black skirt, which clung to the perfectly-shaped, round ass that protruded from her body like the largest knuckle on the hand of a big man. Her ample breasts were covered with a white knit blouse that fit almost as tightly as the skirt. It had buttons down the front, the top four of which were open exposing her tanned neck and shoulders down to the top of her deep cleavage. An expensive gold necklace diverted some attention from the full, pointed breasts. Her long slender legs were covered with shear stockings, and her three-inch heels kept her body thrust forward. Looking at her, Michael felt a surge of sexual desire and determination to work this situation to gain control over her.

"You have insulted the store's best customer," he began. "You could have made a $5,000 sale and earned a good commission, but instead you are about to cost me the loss of a customer who buys more jewelry every month than our other customers buy in ten years! I don't see how I can keep you. And with the bad reference you will get from me, you will never get another job in this town."

Tracey's mood changed abruptly from being confident and defiant to being very concerned. Michael's manner and his words had surprised her. Also, she had thought that Mrs. Hollyfield was just another complaining customer. Now she realized that the angry Mrs. Hollyfield was much more important to her boss than her having her around to flirt with. Tracey was deeply in debt and could not afford to be without a job.

She lowered her eyes. "I am sorry Michael. It won't happen again." And then turning to Gwen, she added: "I apologize to you, too, Mrs. Hollyfield. I should have been more helpful."

"Being sorry is not enough, Tracey", Michael said decisively. "If you want another chance, you will have to pay for your arrogance by submitting to a stern punishment."

Tracey's eyes widened. "What do you mean, punishment? I can't stand being suspended. My rent is due, and I need my salary."

Michael shook his head. "The punishment will not be suspension, Tracey. It will be physical, and it will be right here, right now. In front of Mrs. Hollyfield, who deserves to see you paying for your behavior."

"You mean a spanking?" Tracey cried incredulously.

Michael and Gwen just looked at her and smiled. Gwen let her eyes travel up and down Tracey's body, letting her know that she appreciated her fabulous figure, and was going to enjoy seeing it punished.

Michael finally answered her. "It will be whatever we deem appropriate. You can choose to leave right now, or you can stay and take what's coming to you. What is it going to be?"

A hundred thoughts raced through Tracey's pretty head. She couldn't imagine what she would do if she walked out with no job and no money. Also, she felt a surge of sexual excitement at the idea of being forced to submit to these two attractive people. Men had always been very solicitous of her, and she recognized a need to be dominated. On top of all this, she was very curious about what would happen. The only thing that held her back was her aversion to pain.

"Are you really going to hurt me?" she pouted.

"We will do what we want," said Michael. "You must pay a price for what you did. But we would not do anything that would harm you permanently."

These words helped relieve her anxiety, and she let herself go where her emotions were leading her. "I guess I don't have much choice," she whispered.

Michael opened a drawer on the side of his desk. "Lean forward and give me your hands," he ordered, as he removed something from the drawer.

The desktop was bare, and Tracey bent over it as she extended her hands toward Michael. Gwen shifted her position on the couch to get a better view. Tracey's profile was very provocative with her ass in the air and her large breasts hanging almost to the surface of the desk.

Michael laid two short soft leather straps on the desktop. Each one contained a metal ring and was padded on the inside. Pieces of Velcro were attached to the ends . They were fancy wrist cuffs, and he took his time wrapping them around each wrist and securing them with the Velcro. He then reached into the drawer again and removed a short, leather leash with a clip on one end, and a loop handle on the other. The clip was quickly attached to the rings on the wrist cuffs, effectively tying her wrists together.

"Now lie down across the desk, Tracey," Michael commanded as he pulled on the leash to extend her arms over the edge and toward his chest. As she collapsed on the desk, he lowered the leash and pulled her arms toward the floor. Then with a quick wrap around the desk leg, he tied the leash so she was pinned down on the desk. Her feet were barely touching the floor on the other side, and her ass was raised in a most vulnerable position.

"It appears you have done this before," commented Gwen.

Smiling at Gwen, Michael got up from his chair and walked around the desk. He laid his hand on Tracey's ass and gave it a hard squeeze.

"Ouch!" she complained, squirming under his hand. But he merely shifted his palm to the other cheek and squeezed her again.

"This skirt is going to get in the way of your proper spanking," he said. "I am going to have to get it out of the way."

With that he began to pull the short skirt up over the hump of her ass, letting his finger tips drag across her panty covered flesh as he did so. Gwen stood up and walked over for a closer look.

"Here, let me help you," Gwen offered. With no hesitation she grabbed the sides of the skirt and jerked so that the entire skirt ended up in a bunch at Tracey's waist. They both then stepped back to admire the scene before them. Tracey's bikini panties were a sheer black, as was the thin garter belt that held up her stockings. Her perfect ass was framed by the black straps and seemed to be shimmering under the thin covering as she squirmed in the humiliation of being so helplessly displayed to them.

"What are you going to spank her with?" asked Gwen, her eyes gleaming.

"Oh I think a variety of things," answered Michael, as he returned to his desk chair and the open drawer. Tracey lifted her head and watched as Michael's hand came up with a long-handled hair brush. "I think we'll start with the traditional spanker for naughty girls."

"No, not that!" cried Tracey. "You said you weren't going to hurt me."

"I said no permanent damage," replied Michael. He walked deliberately around the desk and took up a position beside Tracey's exposed ass, which was already moving from side to side, as if to ward off the coming blows.

"Give it to her good," implored Gwen, obviously excited by the prospect.

Michael tapped the back of the big wooden brush on her ass to get the range, and then raised it several feet before bringing it down sharply on her fleshy cheeks. A loud whap echoed around the room.

Tracey's body seemed to bounce on the top of the desk, and she let out a long wail. But Michael was ready with a series of slaps as hard as the first one. Only after he had spanked her five times did he pause to assess the effect.

Between sobs, Tracey begged him to stop. "No more, please!" she cried. "That stings so much...I can't stand it!"

"What a little cry-baby," said Gwen. "You're not going to let her get away with that, are you Michael?"

"No way," confirmed Michael. "But let's try something different." This time he returned from the desk drawer with a split leather strap, about 18 inches long, with dual two inch ribbons of soft leather.

"This little whip works best on bare skin," he explained. "Help me relieve Miss Tracey of her panties."

"My pleasure," said Gwen, and from the look on her face, he knew she meant it. They each took a side, and despite Tracey's wails of protest, they pulled her panties down and off of her feet. Michael then couldn't resist running his fingers over the skin of her bare ass, lingering on the red blotches that had been left by the hairbrush. For her part, Gwen pinched the firm flesh of her thighs and made her jump around in a way that made Michael's already hard cock push further out in his pants.

"It looks like you are enjoying this my friend," said Gwen looking at the bulge in his pants. And then she reached out and felt him with the tips of her fingers. "But you have a job to do here," she reminded him playfully.

Michael smiled and trailed his little whip across Tracey's bare ass. Then with a quick motion he flicked it up and slashed it down across both cheeks. The leather made an erotic sound as it slapped against her flesh, and Tracey let out an accompanying shriek.

"The hairbrush has prepared her nicely," said Michael. "I think ten good swaps with this strap will bring her to the point we want her."

Taking his time, Michael counted the swings as he applied the strap to Tracey's wiggling ass. She was crying now, and she struggled against the leash that held her pinned to the desk. But no matter which way she kicked or moved her feet, her ass was an easy target and the whip never missed its target. After ten good slaps, Michael stopped and handed the strap to Gwen.

"Your turn," he said, and he boldly reached out and fondled Gwen's breast through her tight fitting suit coat.

Gwen's eyes smoldered with excitement as she too took the lash, and she pushed her breast into Michael's hand, letting him know that she wanted more.

"I think I will apply this in a more tender spot," she announced. "Would you help me by pulling her legs apart just a little?"

"Oh no!" shrieked Tracey. But Michael simply kneeled down, and grabbing one shapely ankle, he pulled her leg to the side. Gwen then took the leather strap and began flicking it up so that the tip just licked against her pussy. Tracey's response was to wail and twist her body to try to avoid the sting. But with her arms pinned down and Michael holding her leg out an angle, she was helpless and exposed to Gwen's teasing attack.

"Look at that moisture," exclaimed Michael, "I think she is liking this."

"Why don't you check to see?" offered Gwen, and she let the whip dangle on the floor in position to come up again on target if she wished. Michael was already kneeling and close to Tracey's spread legs, so he merely continued to spread her by holding her ankle with one hand, while with the other he began to lightly feel around her pussy lips.

"No question," he reported. "She is wet and hot."

"Move your hand so I can heat her up a little more," ordered Gwen.

Michael smiled and moved to the side, pulling Tracey's leg to open her wider for Gwen, who wasted no time in bringing the little whip up smartly against the wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh," wailed Tracey. "Please no more!"

"Let me see now," said Gwen, and she placed her fingertips against Tracey's highly stimulated pussy lips. Slowly she ran her fingers over the wet flesh, teasing and testing her reaction. Tracey could not keep her hips from pushing back against Gwen's hand.

"I think this part of her is done for now," Gwen announced, "but I want to punish those saucy tits of hers."

"Yes, I was thinking the same thing," said Michael. "Let me get her into the proper position. I think that thick column will hold her nicely."

The column was a plaster-covered round post about a foot in diameter. Michael loosened the leash holding Tracey to the desk, and with Gwen's help, maneuvered her over to the column. Then he unclipped the hook holding her wrists together and pulled her arms behind her around the column. Reattaching the clip effectively tied her with her back to the column.

"There, not a bad position, but I don't want her to be able to slump forward and protect those delicious tits from whatever we might want to do to them," Michael said. Going back to his desk drawer, he retrieved another strap and returned to the column. He wrapped one end of the strap around one of Tracey's upper arms, and then passed the strap around the column and attached it to her other arm, pulling her back tight against the column in the process. Now she was held in an upright position, and by having her shoulders pulled back her breasts were thrust forward and pointed upward at a saucy angle.

Gwen's eyes were smoldering. "I like it," she said. "It looks like her tits are going to break through that tight blouse."

"Let's give them a little help," said Michael, and he began to unbutton the blouse. Tracey, who was already turned on, only moaned and moved her ass against the column. Her nipples were hard and wanting to be touched.

The blouse came open easily and Michael slid it down her back over her bound arms. Her tits seemed to be overflowing the bra and straining to be free. Gwen cupped her hand under one breast and lifted it slightly.

"Very nice, uh Michael," she said. "I have to admit this is one sexy sales girl. Feel how hard this nipple is." Gently she rubbed her finger tip on Tracey's nipple through the bra. "Ohh", moaned the helpless sales clerk. "I can't stand much more of this."

"You will stand a lot more," said Michael forcefully. "Now it's my turn to see how these little melons feel."

Michael used both hands to cup and squeeze the fruit that was held in position for his inspection. He rubbed her engorged nipples between his thumbs and index fingers and pulled them out from her body. Then he pinched them hard.

"Ahhhh, ohhhh", cried Tracey, but Michael's response was to close his hands and squeeze both tits until the flesh emerged from the bottom of her bra. Tracey's head shook from side to side and her hips began a slow rotation.

"Very good, Michael", said Gwen, "I think you are really getting to her. Let's get that bra off now so I can continue my tender punishment."

Michael stepped back and Gwen took over the task of removing the tight fitting bra. The clasp was in the back, and she had to put her body up against Tracey's to reach behind and undo it. She felt the heat of Tracey's skin and her lovely hour-glass shape. When she lingered in that position, Michael knew that Gwen was enjoying the feel of their bodies together, and he increased the sensation by putting his hand on the lower portion of her back and gently pushing her into Tracey.

"Ummm," sighed Gwen, "it may take me sometime to undo this clasp."

Michael took that as an invitation to continue using Tracey's body to stimulate Gwen, and he put his other hand on Gwen's ass and pushed her hips hard against Tracey. At the same time he squeezed her ass and let his hand feel around it. Now it was Gwen's hips that began a slow rotation.

"Oh Michael, you are working me into quite a state. But we have to finish our chastisement of this naughty girl." With that, Gwen pulled back and revealed that Tracey's bra was hanging loosely over her firm tits.

"We are going to have to cut that bra if we are going to get it off without untying her," observed Michael.

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