tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Saturday Shop Girl

The Saturday Shop Girl


She came one Saturday morning and spoke to my wife (Pam). She was in the middle of her A-levels and needed some spending money to help run her car. Our shop is your typical corner store, cigarettes, papers and hundreds of loose sweets and chocolate bars to lift the spirits of any local house wife. My wife opens up and runs the shop in the mornings, whilst I do the afternoon and evening shift, before locking up at 8pm.

I hadn't spoken or seen her, but my wife liked her fresh face and enthusiasm, and so took her on for the all day Saturday shift. She was called Helen. At 18 she had all the innocence of Bambi, long straight brown hair and a neat waist. The thing that did strike you immediately was how her breasts seemed to have out grown her, and left you wondering if perhaps one day the rest of her body might catch up. Me well I'm just your average Joe, 38, married for 15 years to a pleasant woman whose only vices were her 9 inch rabbit and a penchant for being taken from behind outdoors.

We immediately liked Helen she was efficient and punctual. Helen had that sweet clean smell about her that a blind man would detect from across the street. She certainly brightened my days up. I would however, spend far too much time thinking about her, of what it would be like to undress her, to unclip that heavy bra and see those breasts bounce as their support was removed, and how big would her nipples go when teased by my tongue. I don't think she ever noticed me but I couldn't help following her with my eyes every time she passed by.

She had started just after Easter and the weather was good enough to bring out the summer wear. Helen wasn't a prude at showing her figure, I'm sure her short skirts alone paid her wages in the extra customers we gained. After all I doubt that I was the only one noticing. In the shop Helen would have to stand on tippy toes to reach those higher shelves, lifting her skirt just above the crotch of her small panties. When she bent down onto all fours to put stock away under the counter, it was all I could do to resist the urge to kneel down behind her, pull those panties to one side and slip her the full length. As far as I could detect I couldn't see any evidence of any pubic hair despite spending hours of trying to see. Still it was entertaining to speculate as to whether she shaved her pussy or not.

It was a few weeks before I really noticed. She would disappear for 15 minutes at a time to the loo. Now if she had been 68 and not 18 I wouldn't have paid attention, but she had me drooling over her and I mentally stalked her all the time. 15 mins, at least twice a shift, and that was just in the afternoons. Did she have a problem that she couldn't talk about. I didn't mention anything to my wife but quietly took note. One afternoon when the shop had been slow I decided to go into the back store to restock the drinks. It had been hot and we'd been getting through quite a few. The bell would ring if anyone entered so I figured that I was safe for a while. Helen had disappeared for her regular appointment some 5 minutes earlier. She never asked, just slipped away when there was a lull.

As I went past the toilet I could hear a guttural low moan. I kept walking but on my way back I had the idea something was going on so I took my shoes off on my return and got up close to the door. Something was going on all right. I'd seen my wife jilling off in front of me enough to recognise the sound of wet pussy lips being whacked off urgently. She was getting close she was going hard then stopping then going hard again in spasms. My cock took off instantly. There was no disguising him. God I suddenly needed to empty my balls, it had been 4 days since I last fucked Pam. That had been a hurried affair after the kids both went out to play and we had 30 minutes to fuck each others brains out on the bed. Now I just had to shoot off, preferably over Helen, but anywhere would do. I crept back to the storeroom, got my cock out and stood there beating off like a 15 yrs old into an old dust rag. It didn't take 60 seconds to unload as Helen had primed me pretty well. I mopped up best I could and went back just in time to catch Helen exiting the washroom. She guiltily glanced at me, her face flushed with her efforts, before dashing into the shop and tidying some shelves.

Now I'm an old hand at this game and made an excuse to get close to her. Yes I could smell her. I could smell her hot wet love hole. It must have leaked into her panties like a old tap with all her slapping and probing. Ummm that sweet smell. I was thinking that she would probably taste even better. Now the other thing that was common with Helen was that she never took off her little bear back pack.. All day it would be on her back like a teenage fashion accessory. A little bear whose arms hugged her and which followed her even into that washroom. After the days episode I waited and waited for the next. I didn't have to wait long , 2 hours later she was there again, and so was I. I couldn't go straight away as someone needed serving but after they left I snook down to the door. She was definitely one horny young girl. She must be doing this 3 or 4 times a day!

I put my ear to the door and could hear her muttering what sounded like her telling an invisible partner 'to fuck her hard', 'fuck her deeper', 'fuck her asshole'. My cock was ready to go again but didn't want to miss anything. I had to risk it. I undid my flies and got him out. I gripped my 7 inches of throbbing cock and went for it. I stood leaning against the door while she orchestrated my orgasm with her dirty horny talk. I shot off quickly, thick white spunk going over the floor and up the wall. Hopefully she wouldn't notice unless her sense of smell is honed to semen. She was still in there getting closer and closer, her wetness making more and more sloppy noise. I stayed, figuring that she wouldn't come straight out after cumming, but would have to clean up some. She was there now, her orgasm erupting in her pussy, she gave a little squeak as she tried to hold her cry of ecstasy in. She panted hard and cursed. Then all went quiet until she got up. I ran off quickly and got back to my normal duties.

THE PLAN. I needed more. Wanking off on the other side of the door wasn't enough. I wanted Helen to join in. I devised a plan. The lock on the door was a simple slide bolt. I could stuff some paper in it so that it wouldn't insert fully when pushed and a gentle push from outside would force the door open. I tried it and it worked. Next I wanted evidence, my cell phone cam would do. I could have it filming out of a hole in my shirt top pocket as I entered the washroom leaving my hands free. Finally the timing. I would put a sign in the window saying gone to the bank for 10 mins, this was quite common and wouldn't alarm anyone finding the shop locked, then I could spring my trap.

The tension nearly made me burst. It was about 2pm when she disappeared to the washroom. She had been wearing a thin yellow top and a gym slip skirt. I'd already been treated to a yellow G-string, which confirmed once and for all that she was fully shaved as I'd looked up as she was filling some top shelves stood on the step ladders. The string had fallen between her pussy lips and left nothing to be imagined. She went in and I ran to the door putting the sign up and locking it. I went back to the restroom door taking my position. She built up slowly, what was she doing? Then it struck me that she was reading. I could hear her turning over pages occasionally. Then her muttering started and her pace picked up.

My cock was well ahead of her. He was ready the minute after she walked in and locked the door. She was close now, 'deeper', 'harder' she was demanding. Now or never I thought. My cock almost forced entry himself as he stuck out so far. Just as she was at her most frantic I pushed. OMG! a vision! A naked pink pussy spread so wide for me to see, and Helen forcing 4 fingers as far up her dripping cunt that only her thumb stopped her from fisting herself. There was pussy honey everywhere, over her thighs, hands and running down over her anus which was pulsating in expectation of an imminent orgasm. Her pussy was as smooth as a babies bottom, it wouldn't have taken much shaving at all. The pungent smell of hot cunt was everywhere. On the sink next to her was one of our porn magazines (Hard Anal) off the top shelf, opened on an illustrated story page where a middle aged librarian getting her ass filled by a young stud. I'd never thought about how those mags might be affect her. They were in sealed bags but she had obviously stolen at least one of them and kept it in her backpack.

After staring at her hand deep in her open pussy it was her face that I turned to next. The horror and embarrassment in it. She shut her thighs and pulled out her hand and started to apologies whilst getting up. I put my hand on her shoulder and stopped her from rising. I took control of the situation quickly.

'What's that matter Helen, you don't have to stop.'

'Sorry Mr Welsh it won't happen again.'

'Don't be in such a hurry Helen. What's this, a stolen magazine, Hard Anal, is that what you're into Helen?'

'Oh please don't tell on me Mr Welsh.'

'I have it on cam too Helen, your sweet dripping pussy and you masturbating on the loo to a porn mag?'. I said as I flash her the hidden phone cam in my pocket.

She started crying and pleading 'It's OK Helen we can easily sort this out...even enjoy sorting it out.'

'What do you mean Mr Welsh...what are you saying?'

'Well I don't really want to put this footage of you online. I'd rather keep it for my private viewing. But it hasn't got the ending I wanted.'

'What ending are you talking of Mr Welsh?' said Helen as she wiped her eyes with her very wet fingers.

'You are going to finish what you started in here while I watch and film you. Then you are going to empty out all the sperm in my heavy balls. Are you happy with that ending?'

Helen realised she had no way out. The only way was to go with the flow. She leant back again and parted her legs. She gave a little smile as she relaxed, and she using one hand to open her lips while she started to tease her clit with the other. Gently rubbing her nub till she shut her eyes and pushed 4 fingers up again with a wet squelch of her juices. I knelt down if front of her and checked my cam. She opened her eyes and turned a page of the mag. 'This picture I like cos you can see him stretching her old anus with his over sized cock and the woman is wincing when he goes too deep for her.', she told me as she pumped her wet cunt, and beat her inflamed clit. She flicked to another page and now the librarian has cum running out of her gaping anus and running down her thighs onto her desktop, she has a smug look on her face.

I undid my flies and start to stroke slowly, not too soon, this had to last, there is only one first time. She sped up getting more frantic. She started to talk to me as her horny partner, 'my fucking tight hole wants you Mr', 'My hand would go up better with your hot cum in my cunt', 'you want my ass don't you...you want my tight virgin anus'. She was right everything in me want to fuck all her holes. But her ass, well it was perfection itself. She was cumming she tensed and froze as the first wave was about to take her. It was then that I touched her, I couldn't stop myself, her anus was dripping with lube running down from her pussy and it was pulsing too. As she started to cum I pushed first one finger then forced two fingers into her exposed anus. She didn't have to hold back she could scream in delight.

'Fuck my ass bastard, don't stop, deeper, stretch it'. She was lost in her orgasm for a minute whilst I finger fucked her asshole and she slowly stopped pumping her pussy....her juices covering my hand and both hers. I'd managed to give my cock a bit of a workout but I concentrated on Helen.

'Ummm that was so good Mr Welsh...thank you for visiting me. Now your turn..your poor full balls must be sore now.....shall I help you Mr Welsh.....Don't worry I've emptied a few of them before a school, but none as big and thick.'

I stood up and she leant forward taking my cock in one hand and my balls in her other...she squeezed a little and milked some precum out of the tip. She flicked her tongue across it tasting its sweetness. 'Yum Mr Welsh I'm going to enjoy yours. Will there be a lot?'

'There sure will be but you're going to take the lot in your throat Helen aren't you?'. She let go and pulled her top off to give me the first full view of her tits. God they were worth waiting for. 'I don't want to get any drops of cum on my top Mr Welsh, just in case. Mum will notice, I don't swallow quick enough.' With that she pulled back on my foreskin talking the purple end fully in her mouth. She pumped and pumped, gagging at times but never loosing enthusiasm or rhythm. When he came, true to her word, she left my cock at the back of her throat and as each spasm brought forth a stream of cum she swallowed it as fast as she could. What she missed dipped down her chin and over her breasts and nipples. She pulled my head down and made me suck her creamed nipples.

'Well Mr Welsh what do we do next?' she asked as she closed her legs and put her top back on. Wiping her lips with a tissue to remove all evidence. 'By the way did you enjoy ogling my pussy up the ladders as much as I did showing you?'

She neatly tucked my spent cock into my trousers and zipped him up. She found her yellow g-string and put them on taking time to wash her hands.

'Well Mr Welsh I hope me meet again. Hopefully in another couple of hours.'

'Well I'll be only too happy to come and help out.'

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