The School Assignment


Stephanie raised her head and brushed her hair back. Looking at me with my cock still in her hand, she asked, "How does that feel?"

I was barely able to nod my head and purr an "Ummm."

"Okay, but don't ejaculate when you're in my mouth. Understand?"

I nodded again.

Stephanie went back to her bobbing, and I could feel things progressing nicely. She shifted her body to get a better position on the bed and finally knelt so that her ass was pointed more toward the head of the bed.

Claire, who was waiting on the side with the camera for the shot, sneaked around the bed and, taking my hand, placed it against Stephanie's elevated private area. I didn't know what to do, so Claire extended my middle finger and rubbed it between Stephanie's lips.

Stephanie pulled my cock out of her mouth and moaned appreciatively. In apparent gratitude, she became more creative with what she was doing. She licked along the side of my cock, flicked the head with her tongue, and kissed up and down the shaft. As I increased the frequency of my rubbing, she did the same with her sucking.

With my fingertip, I tried to find the little nub that, for Claire, seemed to be a place of worthwhile attention, but Stephanie pre-empted me by grabbing my hand and inserting my finger deep inside her.

As I moved my finger in and out, Stephanie became distracted. She stopped sucking and began to whimper with each of my strokes. She tried to return to her work but, each time, had to break away.

Her hips began to rock against my hand. "More," she pleaded. What did she mean – more speed? I tried to go faster, but I couldn't work against her hip action. More width? I was about to insert a second finger when she looked down at my swollen cock and then back at me. With a quick scramble, she moved her hips around and straddled my stomach with her legs. Then with a slow push, she fed my rigid snake into her. "Ohhh... Fuuuccckkk!!!" she exhaled.

I was shocked and on a sensory high. My penis was completely surrounded by a wonderful warmth and wetness. Then she began to rock forward and back. I just lay there. With each lunge, she picked up momentum. Her breasts swayed deliciously in compensation to her movement. She continued to accelerate. I was not going to last much longer.

Suddenly, her eyes widened. "Oh my gawd!!!" she exclaimed as she stared off at the headboard above me. Her bumping went into a higher gear, and she inhaled forcefully. "Unghhh!!!" she gasped, finally righting herself on my vertical dick. "Ahhh!!!" Her arms shook in front of her, and her stomach quivered noticeably.

This was all too much for me. I shot and shot and shot inside her. Waves of pleasure rolled up and down my entire body. My calf muscles seized, followed by my thighs. I could feel myself getting light-headed.

When everything finally went still, Stephanie turned to Claire, and they shared a look of disbelief. "Jeez!" exclaimed Claire, and then the two of them began laughing uncontrollably.

I continued to lie perfectly still. I was going to mention the fact that I had ejaculated inside Stephanie, but I thought that she surely must know that already.

As the laughing subsided, Stephanie dismounted from me and flopped onto the bed beside me. "Now what?" she queried, looking up at Claire.

"Start again," announced Claire, who glanced at me, in time to see the eyes pop out of my head.

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