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The Secret Admirer


It was her birthday, and Susan was spending it hiding in her corner office. At least here she no one would badger her to go out and do something to celebrate. She just wanted the day to pass without notice. It was a Saturday, so with any luck she could escape well meaning friends and co-workers. As the elevator opened to the floor of the office building where she worked, she hurried down the hall, smiling when she noticed that no one else had been so inclined to spend their weekend working. Good she thought to herself, I have the place all to myself. Smiling she stepped into her office and closed and locked the door anyway. Just in case. She thought as she turned toward her desk.

She was half way across the room when she stumbled to a surprised stop. There on her desk was a brightly colored gift bag. The tall thin kind that usually held wine. Susan looked around the room, expecting to see someone, only to find that she was indeed alone. Cautiously, she made her way over to the desk. There was a small card lying next to the bag. Susan reached out and gingerly picked it up as though it might bite her at any moment. Opening the card she read aloud to the empty room.

“ Happy Birthday. I hope you will enjoy the wine, “ Susan read.

The card was not signed. She turned it over searching for a hint of who was responsible. Nothing was there either. Shrugging her shoulders, she picked up the bag and withdrew the bottle of wine. Whistling between her teeth she found a bottle of Far Niente chardonnay. Well, whomever it was from had excellent taste. Susan thought to herself. She stood there holding the wine bottle alone in her office and debated with herself about whether or not she should save it for later, or open it now. “What the hell,” she mumbles to herself, “ Who is going to know?” She smiled to herself and left her office, closing the door behind her, and headed down to the conference room to borrow a glass.

After an hour or two Susan sat back and stretched the kinks out of her neck. Just under half of the bottle of wine remained on the corner of her desk and she smiled at the relaxed feeling that the wine had helped to course through her. Feeling languid, and having accomplished a good deal of work, Susan decided that she needed a quick break. She stood up and walked to the door. As she took a step out of her office her foot bumped into a box sitting on the floor, in front of her office. Again the box was brightly wrapped and there was a card on top with her name on it. Picking it up Susan looked up and down the hall to see if the person who had left it was anywhere in sight. She could detect no one and turned back into her office to inspect the package.

Opening the card, Susan tried to think of who could possibly be responsible for these gifts. Still drawing a blank, she read the card.

“ I hope you are willing to play. Please put this on.” Again the card was unsigned. Her curiosity peaked; Susan lifted the lid on the box. Reaching in she pulled out what was inside. Her mouth dropped in mild shock. There in her hand was something that she had seen and heard about, but had never thought she would ever have one in her possession. A blue, butterfly shaped, soft plastic pad with straps attached, hung from her fingers. Susan looked over her shoulder as though expecting someone to jump out and laugh at the practical joke they had played on her. No one was there. Susan looked back at the card lying on her desk, and sure enough her name was clearly printed on the outside. There must be some mistake. She thought. Who would dare to send this to me? Susan looked at the clitoral stimulator held in her hand, and then looked back inside the box as though the answer would be in there. Instead of an answer she saw instructions, and noticed that there was supposed to be a remote control. Looking back in the box all Susan found was another card with the words “please’ and “trust me” written on it.

. Susan stood and stared at the “gift” for a few minutes, her mind blank with shock and confusion. Finally, she snapped out of it. Looking around her once again her gaze rested on the bottle of wine. Remembering her earlier “ what the hell” attitude, Susan put the stimulator back in the box, picked the box up and headed for the ladies room. Once there, she pulled up the short, tight skirt she was wearing, and shimmied out of her panties. Pulling her present out of the box, she followed the directions that came with it, slid it on, and adjusted the straps so that it fit snugly and was positioned just right. Satisfied that she had it on right, Susan pulled down her skirt, and picked up her panties. Putting the panties in the box, Susan picked it up and left the restroom.

Half way down the hall heading back to her office, Susan stopped in her tracks as vibrations suddenly rocked her. “Oh, my God!” Susan put a hand out against the wall to steady herself. She squeezed her eyes shut and struggled to take in a deep breath. Just when she thought her knees would give out, the vibrations stopped. Susan straightened away from the wall and looked around her. There was still no one in sight. Finally able to drag air into her lungs, she started back to her office. She quickly ducked inside and turned and locked the door once again. She turned and leaned against it feeling safe for all of a moment, before the vibrations hit her again. Gasping, Susan stumbled awkwardly to her desk.

Susan blindly held onto the desk as she worked he way around it to her chair. Pulling the chair out she spied yet another package, as the vibrations against her clit stopped. Susan picked up the box, and dropped down into the chair before her knees gave out. She plucked the card off of the top of the box, and read, “ Thank you for trusting me. Please change into this.” Taking a deep breath and holding it, Susan opened the box. She released the air in a soft whoosh as she held up a black corset. Complete with garters and black silk stockings. Susan noticed that there were no panties included, and that the garters would easily fit over the straps of the stimulator she currently wore.

Looking at the outfit, Susan felt herself grow warm, and her heart began to beat faster. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Who would do this? She hadn’t been seeing anyone for at least six months, and all of her free time lately had been mostly spent at work. Susan poured herself another glass of the wine, and drank it quickly, too agitated to appreciate the fine quality or taste. Setting her glass back down, she stood up and began to remove her clothing. As Susan stripped she began to smile. Never before had she felt so wicked. She realized that she was really turned on. As she fastened the stockings to the garters, Susan could resist reaching between her thighs and slipping her fingers beneath the butterfly. She could hardly believe how wet she was. Susan didn’t think she had ever been this hot. She quickly withdrew her hand as the vibrations began again. Just when Susan thought she would go over the edge, the vibrations stopped, and a knock sounded on her office door.

Slightly panicked Susan called out breathlessly. “ Who’s there? “ When there was no answer to her query, she got up and walked over to the door. She stood behind the door and opened it just enough for her to peek out. Nothing was there but an envelope on the floor. Quickly Susan bent and retrieved the envelope. Almost slamming the door shut she quickly locked it and made her way back to the desk chair. Susan tore the plain white envelope open and pulled out a folded letter. Leaning back in her desk chair Susan began to read.

I hope you have enjoyed your gifts. I have thought long and hard about what to get you for your birthday. For weeks I have been fantasizing about you. About seeing you with your beautiful blond hair down around your shoulders. Shoulders that are bare, showing your creamy white skin. I want to slowly kiss my way from your small delicate ear, down along your neck, nipping and licking along the way.

I want to see you dressed in that corset your breasts swelling upwards almost spilling over the top, your nipples hard and straining for my mouth. The movement of your excited breathing pushing your breasts against the lace that is holding them. The friction causing your nipples to harden even more. I want to watch you tremble, as I lightly brush my hand over first one and then t-he other. Would you touch yourself for me? Imagine that it is my hand you feel?

Unconsciously, Susan’s hand reached up and touched her breasts, as the letter had asked. She fondled her breasts, and as she continued to read the vibrations on her now sopping pussy, began again.

Oh, yes. Just like that. You can feel that in your pussy, can’t you? You are wet and hungry, and want so badly to be filled. But I want to admire my handiwork a little more. I want to watch as you squirm against the vibrations I have set off against your heat. I want to stroke your body and watch as the heat of my hand moves over you.

Susan’s hand began to shake. But she couldn’t stop reading if her life depended on it.

I know you want to come, but not yet. Not until I say so. First I want to see your thighs tremble as you stand before me. I want to look at you standing before me, your pussy framed by the black stockings and the garter belt. I want to watch your hips move as the vibrations that I control, hum through you. Stand for me, and let me see you.

Again, without thinking, Susan did as the words on the paper she held told her.

You know I am close by. You have known it since you opened your second gift. You know that I can see you now. You know that I want you. And, you know that you want me. Turn around and invite me in. I have so much more in store for you.

Susan let out a small gasp as she realized that the words were true. She had known that someone was near. Each time she received a gift she had felt the presence. And, how else could the clitoral stimulator be used by remote, if the control was not near? The question was, did Susan really want to turn and face her mysterious stranger?

Yes. Susan had to be honest with herself. She was indeed hungry, and she knew instinctively that only this man could fill her. Slowly she laid the letter on her desk and turned around. There outside her window her mystery was solved. The man that she had been flirting with for the past few Saturdays, stood on the platform used to suspend him as he washed the windows of the building. Jake. She knew his name was Jake. And she knew that she wanted him. As he watched her, the vibrations stopped. He quirked a dark brow upward and she smiled. Susan walked to the window, and opened it, allowing him inside her office.

“ Happy Birthday, “ he whispered lowly. His voice was gruff and washed over Susan in a heated wave.

“Thank you”, Susan answered a little breathlessly. “ Would care to finish what you have started?”

“ Oh, baby, you don’t know how much I’d like to do that.” Jake smiled, his teeth flashing through the mustache and goatee that covered the dark skin of his upper lip and chin.

“ But first,” Susan smiled as she stepped closer to him, “ I think I want to unwrap the this one last present.” Susan now stood directly in front of Jake, and had to look up at him as his muscular frame towered over her. His shoulders were wide, and his arms bulged with his strength.

The t-shirt he wore was stretched tightly across his chest.

Susan pulled the bottom of his shirt from his jeans. Sliding her hands beneath the material, she ran them slowly up the skin of his stomach and over his chest, bringing the shirt up with her. Jake grabbed hold of his shirt, pulled it off and flung it out of the way, to land somewhere on the floor behind Susan. Susan sighed in appreciation as she raked her gazed over the smooth ebony skin of his stomach, the hard muscles quivering under her touch. His large hands framed her face as he tilted her mouth up for his kiss.

Susan opened her mouth to the hot probing of his tongue. His mouth ravaged hers, his tongue plunging deep. He moved one hand to bury it in the silkiness of her blond hair. The other hand swept down her side and around her back to press her up against his hard body. She moaned in frustration as she tried to rub against him, only to have the plastic butterfly block her. He reached down and deftly undid the belt that held it on, and dropped it to the floor as well. Susan moaned again as he hauled her back up to him, the hardness of his crotch pushing against her.

Jake shuddered as he moved his mouth from hers, and found her ear with his teeth. Like his letter had promised, he kissed, licked, and nibbled his way down the smooth column of her neck. He brought his hands up to cup and squeeze her breasts, as she frantically worked to unfasten, and tug his jeans down over his hips. Somewhere in the back of her mind she gave thanks that he wasn’t wearing any shorts under his jeans.

His cock sprang forth, and Susan grasped it her hands. He was so large, and heavy, and her excitement grew as she fondled him. The thumb of one hand circled the tip, and rubbed the fluid of his pre come around the ridge of his cock. With her other hand she reached back and took the weight of his balls in her palm, as her fingertips stroked the sensitive skin just behind them. She felt his penis twitch in reaction to her touch.

Jake broke the embrace and leaned down to untie the heavy work boots he wore, so that he could shed his jeans. In record time he reached for Susan once again, and grasping her waist with both hands, he lifted her so that her breasts were level with his hot mouth. He suckled her through the lace of the corset, and Susan wrapped her long legs around his waist. Her back was arched and her head thrown back as she wrapped both of her arms around his shoulders. Her hands went to the back of his head to hold him to her. She panted and moaned as she squirmed against him.

Jake moved his hands to grasp her ass and rub her steaming cunt against his stomach. Susan could feel the pressure building up inside of her. Her focus centered on the teeth and tongue that alternately bit, licked and flicked her tight nipples, and the pulsing need in her hot, wet pussy. “Please”, Susan gasped.

“Please what?” Jake’s voice was muffled as he continued to press his face to her breasts. “Tell me what you want.”

“ Oh, baby, I want you. I need you!” Susan pleaded.

Jake walked a few steps forward until he reached her desk. He let Susan slide down him until she sat on the edge of the desk. Jake stepped back and took his cock in his hand. “Suck me,” he demanded. Susan slid off of the desk, and dropped to the floor in front of him. He was so large she licked her lips in anticipation as she grasped the base of his cock in one hand. Gently squeezing, she pressed her tongue flat against the head of his dick, then she opened her mouth wide and took him inside. Creating a vacuum in her mouth, she began to suck him.

With her other hand she ran her fingernails lightly up the inside of his thigh, over his balls, to the small stretch of skin between his balls and his anus. Jake’s hips bucked and his hands came to rest on her head, more for support, that to hold her there. Susan rimmed his anus with her finger, and drew her hand back slowly toward his balls. At the same time she licked and sucked the tip of his cock, wrenching a low moan from him.

“That’s enough. I don’t want to shoot yet.” Jake pulled his hips back until his penis slid out of Susan’s mouth. He lifted her once again, and set her on the edge of her desk. Grabbing her desk chair he slid it over in front of her and sat down. Then Jake lifted Susan’s legs, bending her knees up and back, until her feet rested on the arms of the desk chair.

Smiling, Jake ran his hands up the smooth length of her silk clad legs and thighs. Susan leaned back on her hands, as Jake’s fingers found and spread her pussy lips open. “You are so wet, you juices are dripping down your cunt to your ass.” Jake blew a gentle stream of cool air over her open cunt. Susan’s hips bucked and she whimpered in reaction. Jake finally leaned forward and pressed his tongue to her swollen, hard clit. Licking and sucking he drove Susan higher and higher. He pushed first one, then two fingers into her hungry pussy. Susan began to shudder with the driving need pounding through her, as he worked his fingers in and out of her, stretching her making her ready for him. His tongue continued to flick back and forth over her clit.

Satisfied, Jake stood and rammed his hard, aching cock into Susan’s cunt. Buried deep, he asked her, “Is this what you’ve been wanting? What you’ve been waiting for?”

“Yesss!” Susan hissed between her clenched teeth. “Oh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, baby!”

Jake began to drive his engorged cock in and out of Susan’s pussy. The heat and feel of her inner muscles clenching him were spurring him on, faster and faster. Harder he pounded his cock in and out of her, over and over again. Knowing he was close, he reached down between them, and found her clit with his thumb, and began to rub it. “Come for me! Now!” Jake growled panting. Then he felt the walls of her cunt squeezing him sporadically as Susan screamed the release of her orgasm. Thrusting into her once, twice more Jake spurt his cum deep inside of her.

Catching his breath, Jake slid them both to the floor. Just as they were dozing off, Susan murmured, “Happy Birthday to me. Thank you Jake. For everything.”

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