The Secret Ingredient [F4A]

Getting your bee girlfriend off.
158 words
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Storyline: Owner of "Honey's Finest", life as a baker is great. What the town doesn't know is that you have a secret ingredient in making your sweet treats so delicious. Your girlfriend is also a bee. She makes all the honey for your personally. You've discovered if you give your girlfriend pleasure, the honey is sweeter. After the last of lunch rush, your girlfriend calls you back because she needs help making more honey...

Included: established relationship, bee girl, baker listener, monster anatomy, GFE, kissing, stinger (used as a pseudo-penis thing), handjob (giving), milking, humiliation, degradation, compliments, improper honey harvesting, orgasm control, listener, orgasm denial, narrator orgasm, begging (narrator), and getting back to work

~ Inclusivity Stuff ~

Pet Names: babe, sweetpea, baker, and honeyslut

Body Parts Mentioned: head, hips, neck, skin, fingers, hand, chin, and hand

Pronouns Used: You/Your

Misc: I do know how honey is actually made, I took liberties for the sake of this audio

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