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The Secretary


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Jasmine was working at her desk one day when her boss Alison came over and placed her hand on her shoulder.

'How's it going?' she asked.

Jasmine stared at the computer screen and knew she was blushing. The hand was tender and soft and strayed back and forth from her shoulder to her neck. She could imagine the bodacious brunette staring at her, trying to see down her silky top. It was the third checkup of the day.

'Fine,' she said after a moment. 'I was having a bit of trouble with the spreadsheet before but I think it's alright now.'

'It can be tricky,' said Alison. 'Let me check.'

A scent of sweet flowers descended around Jasmine as the boss leaned over her shoulder and took over the mouse, not before there hands touched. Alison smiled at her, her face inches away and Jasmine wondered why the beautiful brunette liked so much. There were plenty of other good looking secretaries who were more sociable and easy going than her.

Jasmine was sure she didn't find the older woman attractive, but her body reacted differently, her pulse quickened and she felt like she was floating.

'This looks good,' said Alison. 'You are learning very quickly. How many weeks have you been here now?'

'Uh, two weeks,' said Jasmine, shifting her glasses.

'Is that all?' said Alison and stroked her shoulder a little more. She took her hand away from the mouse and resumed standing. 'You wouldn't mind doing some overtime tonight would you?'

Jasmine heart raced as she looked up at her. 'No I don't mind.'

Alison smiled down at her with a sexy expression. 'That's what I like to hear, a woman who isn't afraid of a little work.'

Alison gave her a lingering glance and then walked off, checking on the other staff. Jasmine turned back to her computer screen, but all she saw was Alison's face, like she just stared into the sun.

Jasmine knew Alison was a lesbian, or a bisexual or whatever they called it. She thought it was disgusting and crude. Then why do I keep think about it? she thought. I guess I am curious. She is older, mature, experienced. Sensual. Perhaps she just wants to talk? Your doing overtime, there's nothing to be afraid of. Then why does she keep touching me? Her hand touched my breast the other day. She won't leave me alone, she doesn't bother anyone else. I'll just tell her I'm not interested. What if she fires me? Could I sue her?

Jasmine's thoughts began to get away from her as she stared at the computer screen. Maybe I am pretty, she thought looking at her reflection. She wore glasses and standard boring dress, nothing sexy like the other secretaries. She hadn't had much attention from the guys, because was too shy to talk to anyone.

The rest of day she spent worrying and only half concentrating on her work. By five o'clock she was very nervous, the office was clearing out and pretty soon she was by herself. Her heart beat in her small chest and she worked hard, hoping to escape before Alison had time to see her alone. The office was strange at night, the tapping on her keyboard echoed around eerily and wished she was at home relaxing in the bathtub.

She concentrated on her work and by ten to six, she was almost done. A few more minutes and I'll be finished, she thought glad that she would be away from her bosses clutches. Then suddenly her phone rang, making her jump on the her chair. She looked at the phone, her heart racing. It was an in-house call.

Alison leaned back in her comfortable office chair and waited for Jasmine to pick up the phone. What's taking her so long? she thought, hoping she hadn't left already. Finally Jasmine answered and Alison instructed her to come into her office.

Was the girl frightened? Alison thought about it, she could hear tremors in her voice but she couldn't tell if she was nervous or excited. She was sure she was excited, all the other women had been. Jasmine liked her. She blushed when she was around and always looked at her so timidly.

The door opened and Jasmine came in and didn't say a word. She looked down at the desk in a very submissive manner, like she was about to receive a punishment.

'Have a seat,' smiled Alison and indicated the luxurious leather sofa by the window. Alison came over and sat close to her so that their thighs were touching and there faces were only inches apart. Jasmine let her long hair fall around her face so Alison couldn't see it. Alison reached out and smoothed in behind her ear, startling her.

'It's okay,' she said feeling aroused by the strange girl, her exotic scent and blue eyes. Jasmine was blushing again and was visibly tense. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, her jaw clenched and she squirmed in her seat. Alison thought she was beautiful. Everytime she looked at her she was more appealing, the blue eyes behind the glasses, the deep tan of her skin, her delicate nose and petite body, her small oval face and soft brown hair. It was all hidden behind ungainly clothes and an awkward manner.

'Did you finish up alright?' she asked, withdrawing her hand.

'Yes, thankyou,' said Jasmine, squirming in her seat.

'Am I making you uncomfortable?' asked Alison. Perhaps she had been wrong.

'No, not at all,' answered Jasmine.

Alison felt a flood of warmth in her waist and she leaned over and put her arm around Jasmine's waist and drew her close, her large breasts pushing into her back. She brushed her lips softly on her neck, enjoying the warmth of the secretaries body. She kissed and bit at her neck.

'I just don't think of you that way,' said Jasmine.

Alison stopped kissing her and turned her around so they were face to face. 'What? Why didn't you say so?'

'I don't know,' said Jasmine, intimidated by the brunette's powerful stare. 'I didn't want to offend you.'

'But you must like me,' Alison persisted. She hadn't let her go, her arms were still around her waist and her breath was hot on Jasmine's face. 'I've seen the way you look at me in the office. I always catch you looking at my body. Even now I can feel you trembling. You like me holding you don't you?'

'No,' said Jasmine. She didn't make any move to escape the older woman. She kept her eyes lowered.

Alison continued to hold her, the feel of the silky blouse and even silkier skin made her more daring than usual. She bit again at Jasmine's neck and then at her earlobes, sucking on the little globes of flesh. Jasmine didn't make a move to stop her, her breath was rapid and shallow, but quiet like she didn't want Alison to hear her breathing. Alison knew that Jasmine could be persuaded.

'Do you like my breasts? My big firm breasts,' Alison added and pressed them into Jasmine's back. She brushed her cheek against Jasmine's and then with both hands felt the young woman's small breast through the silk blouse. Jasmine stiffened, but didn't make a sound.

'Please stop,' said Jasmine in a weak voice.

'Convince me,' said Alison. 'I need to be convinced if you really want me to stop and I'll never bother you again.'

'Stop,' said Jasmine a little louder. Alison squeezed her breasts again, finding the delicate nipples through the fabric. They were rock hard.

'Say it like you mean it,' insisted Alison. 'Look me in the eye and tell me you want me to stop.'

Alison stopped feeling her breasts and turned her around so they could look at each other face to face. There breath was fast, the smell of perfume and woman's heat was overwhelming. Jasmine couldn't look her in the eye. Alison moved her face right in hers, so their noses touched and whispered, 'Tell me.'

Jasmine looked into her eyes finally and opened her mouth to speak. Alison leaned in and stuck her tongue in her mouth, grasping her hips and feeling along her thighs. She kissed her deep, playing her tongue and enjoying the warmth of the hot mouth. Jasmine clumsily kissed her back, opening her mouth awkwardly as the hot tongue invaded and swapped saliva.

Alison pulled back, her breath heavy. 'You kissed me back didn't you? You must want me.'

This time she waited for the secretary to speak. Jasmine looked confused, a little disgusted and turned on at the same time. She had enjoy the kiss. 'I don't know,' she said.

'You do,' said Alison and kissed her again on the lips. 'Lean back and open up your legs.'

Jasmine hesitated and then slowly did what she said, opening up her thighs and leaning against Alison's shoulder. Alison smiled at her and felt up her stockings to her inner thigh, rubbing the firm skin and approaching the panties. She felt along the silky fabric.

'You do like me,' she said, feeling the wetness. 'That test never fails.'

Jasmine gasped when the probing finger set aside the panties, exposing her swollen vagina lips to the air. Alison moaned and felt the hairy busy and played with the nether lips, enjoying the soft and wet feel of her most intimate little flower. She felt the bud of her hard clit and rubbed her finger around it. Jasmine cried out in pleasure.

'Do you want me to stop?' asked Alison, rubbing the little clit.

'No,' gasped Jasmine, her glasses falling off.

Alison continued and then felt the pubic hair, pinching and pulling at the delicate strands. Then she felt back towards the swollen lips and traced her finger along the crease, tucking her finger in between, trying to push her finger in the tight vagina. She pushed at the resistance and slid her middle finger deep into the young woman pussy, down to the knuckle. Jasmine cried out again and Alison began fingering the girl, enjoying the firm and tight pussy and the pressure around her finger.

Jasmine gyrated her hips on the long finger and cried out in astonishment as she approached orgasm. Alison fingered her mercilessly until her orgasm subsided, kissing her and feeling her breasts. Finally Jasmine calmed down and looked at her, not sure what to say.

'Don't tell me you didn't like that?' said Alison, her finger still inside her. She rotated it around and forced another finger inside. Jasmine gasped.

'It's disgusting,' said Jasmine. 'I must be sick.'

Alison smiled at her and withdrew her fingers and then stuck them in her own mouth, enjoying the fresh taste of pussy juice.

'Mmm,' she said. 'Very nice.'

Jasmine readjusted her panties and fixed her skirt and then smoothed out her hair, trying to regain her dignity after the wild orgasm.

'I have to go now,' said Jasmine, picking up her glasses. 'Can I go now?'

'You could have left before if you wanted, but you didn't,' said Alison and leaned forward and kissed her, forcing Jasmine to taste the juices on her lips. Jasmine accepted the kiss and then got to her feet.

'Same time tomorrow?' asked Alison and began lifting up her skirt. She pulled the skirt around her waist, revealing her creamy thighs and a pair of soaked black panties. She pulled them aside and played with her swollen clit.

Jasmine watched her from the door for a moment and then left, a strange look on her face.

Alison smiled. 'She'll be back.'

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